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V "■»• . . , ....... , DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points. 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best w Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy t. BALMORAL AT WASHINGTON Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Another Page- Token Tune Another Page Another Page Token Tune Another Page 16 1y Carco Tiffany Road Carco Carco Tiffany Road Token Tune 11 Coach Jack Carco Shano Token Tune Another Page Carco 7 Nells Boy Nells Boy Nells Boy Nells Boy % Texamilo Nells Bov 22 2 Texamilp Scratchin Off Pass Ritas Flyer- Nells Boy Texamilo 7 Witch Way Pass Ritas Flyer Witch Way Witch Way , Witch Way 3 Miss Quibu Mr. Redbird Miss Quibu . Miss Quibu Miss Quibii Miss Quibu 22 3 Know All Miss Quibu Five Hundred Know All Know All Know All 8 Normas Fn-st Know All Know All Five Hundred J. R. Jones Mr. Redbird 5 Market Tip KING CHARLES Bonnie Inez King Charles King Charles King Charles 20 4 King Charles Bonnie Inez Market Tip Market Tip AhunyOne , Market Tip 10 Medina County Medina County King Charles Anuny One Market Tip Bonnie Inez 7 Vidi Printers Devil Lady Elliott Lady Elliott Printers Devil Lady Elliott 13 5 m Lady Elliott Duke of Chi. Duke of Chi. Vidi Vidi Printers Devil 11 Ignition Vidi Vidi Printers Devil Lady Elliott Vidi 1L BREAKERS Alsab Ace BREAKERS BREAKERS Breakers BREAKERS 26 6 Spring Khal Happy Age Spring Khal Alsab Ace Alsab Ace Alsab Ace 11 . Alsab Ace Spring Khal Alsab Ace Spring Khal Spring Khal Spring Khal 7 Heart Flash Quick Imp, • Heart Flash Quick Imp Heart Flash Heart Flash 17 7 Songlet Cedaresque Amawalk Heart Flash Songlet Quick Imp 11 Sky Maid Sky Maid Songlet Songlet Quick Imp Songlet ji Chicle II - Just Judy Chicle H. Chicle n. CHICLE II. Chicle TJ. 24 8 Mock Battle Chicle H. Just Judy Just Judy Shell Diver JustJudv 11 Just Judy Go Between Go Between Mock Battle Just Judy Mock Battle 3 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Haveness . Sigs Acorn Wise Penny Sigs Acorn Haveness Haveness 14 1 T?«A£orn Rays Connie Haveness . Haveness Vickeys Image Sigs Acorn 14 Dumhn Dumplm Creek Sigs Acorn Dumplin Creek . Sigs Acorn Wise Penny 5 Harvest Time Harvest Time Royal Bones SMART EVE HARVEST TIME HARVEST TIME 21 2 Melody Air Hasty Sun Harvest Time Harvest Time Royal Bones Smart Eve 8 Incidental Melody Air Smart Eve Royal Bones Jackie Van Royal Bones 8 1 SaUa,vi??n Galla Vixen Diamond Laddie Anaconda Buy Bookie * Galla Vixen 15 3 wXBoPk4ri. Diamond Laddie Galla Vixen Diamond Laddie Galla Vixen * Diamond Laddie 9 Want-A-Bit Buy Bookie Buy Bookie Galla Vixen Anaconda Buy Bookie 9 4Su-Jay Just Barbara Su-Jay Marys Frank Just Barbara Just Barbara 13 Merry Sweeper MarkKlaine Just Barbara Exotic Girl Su-Jav - Su-Jav 12 -Just Barbara Merry Sweeper Dick Junior Miss Melody Courtesy Boy MarysFrank 5 Bonsand Black Boy BRIEF BRAND Black Boy Fixed Charge - Black Boy 10 5 Slcf£?ti?e I°?,s£nd , S?lo5aFox " Colorado Fox - Bonsand BonTand 10 Miss Kirk Bull Hierocles Fixed Charge Bonsand Colorado Fox Brief Brand 7 Miss Bobbin SECOND BARREL Top Guy Miss Bobbin Miss Bobbin Miss Bobbin 19 6 Second Barrel Miss Bobbin Miss Bobbin Lucky Sweep Tiger Flame Second Barrel 11 Lucky Sweep Lucky Sweep . Second Barrel Tiger Flame Second Barrel Top Guy 5 Landmark Gal Landmark Gal Geoffrey G. Pry Pat Billcella Landmark On l 11 7 °/RelRn, Greatoak Flare Billcella Geoffrey G." OReigh Biffceut 7 ™ Greatoak Flare Cherrystone OReigh Cherrystone Landmark Gal Geoffrey G. 7 NORMANS WEED Normans Weed Julia Lynn TuffyDoe Normans Weed Normans Weed 19 8 GrayelBm Gravel Bin TuffyDoe Boston Mon TuffyDoe TuffyDoe 8 " ~~~ Tuffy Doe Boston Mon Normans Weed Normans Weed- Julia Lynn Julia Lynn 6 ! " ■ : IS Trackman, J. S. Grant . dftfc BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP W ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP » . CONSENSUS - Trillion Curly Top Little Hut Curly Top OurValdina Curly Top 11 I Paris Rabble OurValdina Pans Rabble OurValdina Little Hut OurValdir/a 9 Glimmerglass Greek Day Curly Top Paris Rabble Fighting Byrne Little Hut 7 Smoked Ham Pipe Dream Hidi-Ann Dry Spell : Polly Pep Smoked Ham 8 2 Ricodee. Polly Pep . Pipe Dream Smoked Ham Hidi-Ann Pipe Dream * 7 Baratana Rose Ring Smoked Ham Langholm - Rose Ring Polly Pep 7 River Jordan £amee Coveted • River Jordan River Jordan River Jordan 17 3 Bavaria . Coveted . River Jordan Coveted Coveted Coveted 11 Prince Glorieux Cammell Laird Bavaria Bavaria Cammell Laird Camee * 5 4KJ5?!l««£e B-e£no*T Little Notice Mine Stone Key Star Little Notice 12 Mine Stone Little Notice Swagger Berno Berno Berno 9 Arietta Key Star Key Star Arietta Arietta Key Star _7 Caustic Ca,istic, PU,LA HULA Hula Hula Caustic Caustic 18 5 Huahine Mohawk „ Valley „ Mohawk Valley Caustic — Hula Hula Hula Hula 15 Sonny Mars Hula Hula Caustic Mohawk Valley Mohawk Valley Mohawk Valley 6 6DandRIP£TER PfSgfcj ffr,iKed DARK PETER DARK PETER DARK PETER 28 Affrighted Affrighted Dark Peter Bradley Affrighted Affrighted 11 ByJeepers ByJeepers ByJeepers ByJeepers • ByJeepers ByJeepers 5 Brown Warbler BUSHERS QUEEN Bushers Queen Hurry By HurrvBy Bushers Queen 14 7 Bushers Queen Fashion Page Fashion Page Brown Warbler Gallair HmryBv 12 Stepping Jan Hurry By Hurry By Gallair Brown Warbler Brown Warbler 8 Power Rider Power Rider Baritone Bob Baritone Bob Fusion Bomb Baritone Bob 14 8 Baritone Bob Fusion Bomb Circline Power Rider Circline Power Rider 12 Fusion Bomb Baritone Bob Tenzing Circline Baritone Bob Fusion Bomb 8 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS 1landte -t, Milanza P,orina Boorse Donna Boorse Milanza Donna Boorse 15 Donna Boorse DonnaOBoorse Monte Milanza Monte Milanza 13 Pennsy Flier Shore Line Milanza Monte Donna Boorse Monte 10 Carolina Rex Song o Aces TowsonTown TowsonTown TowsonTown TowsonTown 17 2 i°rS£uA*e Towson Town Still Hoping Carolina Rex Joe Judge Carotoa Rex 8 Point Quest * Allegretto Pendra Joe Judge Carolina Rex Joe Judge 5 Caddys Pat Eljaka Caddys Pat Caddys Pat • CADDYS PAT CaddvsPat 24 3 KingMowlee Caddys Pat First Peep First Peep First Peep- First Peep 8 First Peep First Peep Folderol Jazerant KingMowfee Eliaka 5 Dromond Hite Star Spangle Dromond Star Spangle - StarSoanele 14 4 Star Spangle Star Spangle Pearly King Pearly . King Pearly King Dromond 11 P te Aughill Ihte Ilite Dromond Hite _8 Small Coffee SMALL COFFEE Hibernia HIBERNIA Hibernia Hibernia 20 5 • Hibernia . Witchery gRsy Small Coffee Small Coffee Small Coffee 17 Joes Jeannie. Hibernia Small Coffee Snooty Witchery Witchery 3 BIGDOME Bigdome BIGDOME Bigdome Bigdome BIGDOME 9 6 Home Boy Wise Market Wise Market Wise Market Wise Market Wise Market 8 Grand Graphen Grand Graphen Grand Graphen Grand Graphen Home Boy Grand Graphen 4 Vals Kid .Ganymede II. Vals Kid In the Market ValsKid Vals Kid 19 7 In the Market Vals Kid Ganymede H. ValsKid GanvmedeH. Ganymede U 10 Ganymede n. Achilles In the Market Achilles Achilles . andtheMarket 8 Tunshen Tunshen Tunshen Tunshen Noble Partner Tunshen 20 8 PatAgauv Sei [tons Pick Pat Again Sef tons Pick Pat Again Pat Again 6 Dance-A-Bit Noble Partner One Tear Dance-A-Bit Seftons Pick Noble Partner 6 Trackman, J. R. Batty THISTLEDOWN Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Sister Peg . Summer Blues Summer Blues Summer Blues Summer Blues Summer Blues 22 1 Summer Blues MeloBim MeloBim Rebel Bell Noble Prize MeloBim 6 Mel o Bun Sister Peg Living High Noble Prize Mel o Bim Sister Peg 6 Judge M. Judge M. Judge M. Saxair Judge M. Judge M. 20 2 Saxan- Saxair Lees Unknown Firey One Firey One Saxair • 9 Concentrate Firey One Concentrate Concentrate Lees Unknown " Firey One 5 Flips Joy Alamo City Carolling Southern Cookn Southern Cookn Southern Cookn 14 3 Southern Cookn Southern Cookn Gold Locket Box Trade Lacuna Carolling 6 Box Trade Bars of Time Jett-Belle Judicate Carolling Alamo City 5 Pashpie Mighty Rip Pinelet Shackelette PINELET Pashpie 12 Shackelette Pashpie Pashpie Private Affair Pashpie Pinelet - 12 Eternal Mike Hot Cakes Shacklette Pashpie Hot Cakes Shackelette 8 Lightspeed Star Maraue Bet Happy STAR MARQUE Bet Happy Bet Happy 12 Bet Happy Castles Best Ontheball The Veep Mighty Son Star Marque 12 Decapolis Decapolis Lightspeed Kentucky Flame Ontheball Lightspeed 6 Texas Flash Bit o Bim PHANTOM GOLD Usual Phantom Gold Phantom Gold 13 Four to Go - Four to Go Ferro . Texas Flash Ferro Texas Flash 9 Miss Andrews " Texas Flash Four to Go Phantom Gold Texas Flash Four to Go -5 Bumpsy Up BUMPSY UP Bumpsy Up Bumpsy Up Kates Rebel BUMPSY UP 23 Kates Rebel Cassia Kates Rebel Kates Rebel Sports Play Kates Rebel 11 Collins Road Collins Road Collins Road Collins Road Bumpsy Up Collins Road 4 WAR DAUBER War Dauber War Dauber Roadrunner Bold King War Dauber 19 8 Bold King Great Fun Great Fun Summer Duck War Dauber Bold King 8 _ Roadrunner Bunker Bunker Bold King Great Fun Roadrunner 6

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