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Would you ? EXCHANGE KNOWLEDGE FOR LUCK AT LATONIA, THURSDAY, JUNE 12? Lack usually succumbs to knowledge whenever they meet, regardless of the difference In weights, and jou are relying on luck and the breaks whenever you make a wager without information. I mean, real inside information. I want to ask you a point-blank question. If you knew that the shrewdest and probably the brainiest people in the racing game had knowledge of a "good thing," which you are in entire ignorance of, and that they were going to level and bet all that they can get down on Thursday, June 12, wouldnt you say that it would be worth a considerable sum to you to be in the deal? You know that your answer would be yes. Well, 1 know that this horse will be started Thursday, and I also know that the principals, as well as myself, will probably lose five hundred times as much as you, if we should get beat. But every precaution known to brains and shrewd horsemanship is being put into this and failure rarely visits this combination. One of the best money riders in America will ride and the horse is everything that is required. No comment of mine could adequately express the condition, gameness and ability of Thursdays probable winner. You frequently notice winners at Latonia that pay juicy prices and whieh you could have played, had you inside knowledge of what was being done. THURSDAYS horse Is one you could play with information as well as one you could not play without information. I AM GAME to prove that I know something you want and ought to know, realizing that many men are reluctant and averse to paying what this information is really worth, because they dont know me and because they have failed to secure winning information from others, I am making you the fairest offer any man could make another. Bet five dollars .06 for me Thursday and agree to increase your play for me an additional five dollars .06 after each winner as I will have others after Thursday. Bet five dollars .00 for me on Thursdays horse, increase your play for me five dollars .00, vihich would be a ten dollar 0.00 play for me on my second winner and an increase of an additional five dollar .00 play for me after each winner. I am willing to sink or swim on THURSDAYS result. I am fully aware of everything that is happening behind the scenes and am so confident of the complete success of this horse that I am investing a huge sum in advertising. I dont want any of your money until I have caused you to make money. All I ask of vou is to be on the level with me and faithfully adhere to my terms. I am sure you will agree these terms could not be fairer. I am a much greater loser tnan you, should the while the majority should win, the unexpected unexpected happen on any play I hare, and, sometimes happens. Now if you really want good information, here it is. You have the opportunity of participating in one of the biggest wagers of the meeting. If you are game and desirous of waning some good bets, then wire me immediately, promising to comply with the above that 1 telegraph you Wednesday night. terms. Give your correct address so may Cincinnati and Covington readers need not reply as no information will be released In either city in order to protect our price in the machines. RUSSELL ST. CLAIR •:• CINCINNATI, OHIO BUILDLNU .08 LYRIC THEATRE SHIELDS Strictly One Horse Daily. 0.00 WEEKLY— .00 DAILY Yesterdays 0.03 Occasional: Rockland Princess. .20- Won Results of .00 Track Wire unknown at time of wiring this ad. Thursdays .00 Track Wire: Annie Jordan 0.40- Won The kind that makes the layers weep. 0- TODAY and that is just what my sure shot .00 Latonia track wire should pay today. Terms, .00, and a winner for your moey. ANOTHER WINNING BIG 0.00 OCCASIONAL TODAY And it comes from the same source as Repeater 2.70- Won TERMS: 0.00 FOR THIS HORSE. Wire or call. _ 287 Bioadway, Room 500 HEW YORK CITY THE ADMIRAL SYSTEM A FLAT STRAIGHT BET ONLY. A FLAT BET means safety. No progression mea=s no b/.e-rtbreaking runs into big capital. The Admiral System has shown wonderful results in the past on small capital. It is not the old stuf rc-hashed or rearranged. It is an absolutely NEW IDEA. WON 01.00 it New York and Kentucky week ending-Kay 31. For full details and tabulated actual past results address THE ADMIRAL COMPANY 306 Stewart Bldg. BALTIMORE, MD. LATONIA RACES COLJ.J.SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER 30 Years Experience as Clocker YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS You will find me to he just ten years ahead of the present-day people in my line. Rush your subscription. Doat fail to send your address. From me yen get track conditions and no scratched horses, but fit horses. My many clients will vouch for my marvelous success at Kentucky tracks. Consult a specialist of the game. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Telegraph remittances or remit by express order in letter. Propositions not considered. Strictly cash only. HAVLIN HOTEL CINCINNATI, OHIO FREE I How a tclegTaph operator discovered m the secret of making money on the races. H For details, mail this ad. with a two- B cent stamp to 5 J. K. WILLIS, m 225 30th St., Miami Beach. Florida B NAUGHTY NISBA .40-?-- WON was yestcrdavs best. MAKE LP 0.10- WON was yesterdays long shot. Remember, we absolutely give only 2 a day. Get the best. For sale at office and newsstands. 60c— DAILY— 50c NATIONAL 0. K. RACING LETTER 411 Baltimore Bldg., CHICAGO, ILL. GARS FREE CODE CANADA: ♦ Wyoming-Bo-i-Dark -Boy. LATONIA: i Maine -Pink- Black -Ses* HARVEY AMES EARLE BUILDING BROADWAY AT 62D STREET NEW YORK CITY "Harvey Transaction" TODAY Todays "Harvey Transaction" should prove a repetition of last Saturdays success when the only horse advised, LADY BELLE, WON at 5 to 1. The information emanates from the same sources and our new connections have assured us that it will more than compensate for yesterdays horse, which sulked and would not extend himself, although having worked sensationally for the race. Subscription, 00, must be telegraphed early and positively no service will be given to any one unless subscription is received here. Each "Harvey Transaction" is a separate proposition. Although occasional setbacks have reduced the net amount of the profits, a 50 investment on each of the last ten "Harvey Transactions," after deduction of losses and cost of the information, shows | ,700 | S 8 on the right of the ledger over a period of the last eleven days. The popularity of "Harvey Transactions" has not been gained overnight; their distinction has been achieved not merely by being different, but by being better. TELEPHONES— CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 BOBBY ALLEN ONLY ONE HORSE DAILY ?2.00 DAILY— 0.00 WEEKLY Yesterdays .00 Star Money Horse: Rockland Princess .20- Won Wednesday I gave: Rkrd Prs 4.80-.40- 2nd Just necked out. Tuesdays .00 Ocacsional: Wrangler 0.70- Won Mondays Occasional: C. J. Craigmlle. .1.60- Won Saturdays .00 Occasional: Beau Nash 7.95- Won Fridays .00 Occasional: Sunny Ducrow .9.50- Won Thursdays .00 Occasional: Llewellyn 6.90- Won Wednesdays .00 Occasional. Abstract 2.20- Won My .00 Track Wire Today: w0 to t Remember. I do not deal in favorites and my three or four long shot -winners each week should surely put you away ahead of the game. TERMS: .00 DAILY OR 0 WEEKLY Sheets mailed in plain sealed envelopes overnight. STAR MONEY HORSE GOES TODAY This one goes for a group of shrewd turf manipulators. Remember, this kind does not go every day, and I advise all Bobby Allen followers that have cleaned up on my one horse daily .00 Occa-sionals to get my big star money horse today and plunge. Terms, .00. Call at office or wire. BOBBY ALLEN 23 Duane St., Room 605 NEW YORK CITY OH, BOYS, LOOK ! This system is still picking the long shots. Here are a few: Moorfield 6.90- Lugs 2.40- | Mit 5.85- Folycarp 7-1 Jakie Hay 1.70- Master Hand 10-1 Commo Ci 6.65- Ncdana 7-1 Leaside 3.75- Gad 7-1 Brother John . 3 80 Opperman 528 30 Welgi 3.40 Balsam Lake. .0.10- and a large number of others. SYSTEM NO. 2. This wonderful system only had 11 losers in the last meeting at Belmont Park and tha first 14 days at Louisville combined. Lirt meetings at Lexington. Thorncliffe and Blue Bonnets ocmbined only had 4 losers; best bet only had 2 losers in 24 days. In 31 days at Latonia same system only had 11 losers out of 88 bets; best bet only had 2 los:rs. Get these systems and pick your own winners. Can be played at or away from the track. Price in full for both only 0.00. Then, after you get them, and if they have not done just as I advertise, I will gladly return your money. J. H. CROSMAN BOX 26 PALMYRA, INO. [ CHAS. RAYMOND COMMISSIONER .00 DAILY— 0.00 WEEKLY YOU CANT BEAT ME Yesterdays Commission Special: BALLOT BRUSH .20- WON I Just like old times, day after day winners and I winners. 00 A WEEK PROFIT On a 0 daily investment. Not a system. Just ONE HOR£E EACH BAY. How can anyone over- look this chance to BEAT THE RACES? I handle horses that are being played for thousands and feel that anyone is safe in risking a small play on my wires. TERMS— DALLY— 0 WEEKLY Wire W. U. or Postal. Send 0 money order for a weeks information. Below you see what I did during the last three weeks: Thursdays Commission Special: ANNIE JORDAN 0.40- WON Wednesdays Commiss en Special: ROCKLAND PRINCESS 4.83. .40- 2ND Tuesdays Commission Special: CLARENCE 2.20- WON Mondays Commission Special: MARIE MAXIM .25- WON Week of May 26th: WINDING THROUGH 2.80- WON MODNA THIRD SUNNY DUCROW 9.50- WON i PRINCESS DOREEN 2.60- WON Week of May 19th: PRIVILEGE .90- WON HUBB AND PUDD 4.60- WON I OPULENT .90- WON SWAY 1 83 WON TODAY A 0 FOR RELEASE One that yon will long remember. You will thank me for this and many more you will get. Address | communications to Room 338, 206 Broadway NEW YORK CITY [arch b. odomI j I have successfully played the horses for I twenty -six years and I am in a position i to make you beat tho game. INTRODUCTORY OFFER 0 for six days service; 5 for meeting, 27 days. I will telegraph you one good play daily at 10 a. m. TO PROVE MY IDENTITY I want you to require of tho Western Union or Postal Teelgraph Co. personal identification when you remit. I know of several ready to be cut loose and should win at fair prices. I am not promising 100 to 1 shots, but fair-priced WINNERS. Address — Latonia. Ky. Rush subscriptions. Flat play must make you winner or subscription continued. H. and H. Service 17 Foresthill Bldg. 13523 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio BOYS, WE CAN HELP YOU SAVE YOUR ROLL AND MAKE IT LA.IGER Winners that pay. If you are honest and will promise to make a .00 STRAIGHT PLAT for us in aocordance with our pla., we will forward same together with our code at once upon receipt of your correct name and address. DONT DELAY— TIME IS MONEY This is one tima you got a run for your money. See what we have under cover. Make this coming season a success in your investments. We are looking forward tj many good things this month. Get in line. Nuff said. Remember, the horse must pay 2-1 or better before we claim our allowance. ADVERTISE IN RACING FORMSubscribe for Daily Racing Form

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