Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-16

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS m Flenres In Consensus Show Comparative Battafs. Allowing 5 Points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d. 1 for 3d. Todays Best Id Black Type Trackman, J. R. Batty LI NCOLN Fl ELDS at Washqton Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS I Be Brief Yesnow Yesnow Yesnow YESNOW Yesnow 22 Gayheush Be Brief Be Brief Be Brief Be Brief Be Brief 13 Phantom Heels Phantom Heels Phantom Heels Phantom Heels Phantom Heels Phantom Heels 5 LAST BILL Last Bill Last Bill " Last Bill Last Bill LAST BILL 27 2 Bito Prose Percieve You Are You Atomic Energy Bit o* Prose Bit o Prose 5 Snaws Pride Atomic Energy Bit o Prose You Are You Percieve Percieve 3 Accusation Accusation Tricky Maud In Class Tricky Maud Tricky Maud 15 3 Tricky Maud In Class Musical Score Tricky Maud Accusation Accusation 13 Tiger Matt Tricky Maud Patmesir Accusation Musical Score In Class 7 4QueensChant Rune Ruhe Ruhe Rune Ruhe 20 Bill Bailey Queens Chant Queens Chant Fast Dancer Queens Chant Queens Chant 11 Krex Fast Dancer Fast Dancer Hunters Folly Lady of Time Fast Dancer 4 Whammo Sedulous Whammo Taconv Butte Whammo 12 5 Butte Butte Butte Whammo Swamp Son Butte 11 Swamp Son Leo P. McL. Tacony Sedulous Taconv Tacony 7 Provocative Provocative Provocative PROVOCATIVE Provocative Provocative 27 0 Seaward Gangway Seaward Seaward Seaward Seaward 9 Gangway Seaward Over Night Over Night Gangway . Gangway 4 Lextown Lextown LEXTOWN Lextown Lextown Lextown 27 7 HaPoy C. Happy C. Eagle River Blue Note Eagle River Eagle River 6 . Eagle River Witch Sir Happy C. Eagle River Happy C. Happy C. § Dr. Rush SUGAR BEET Bimont Bimont Sugar Beet Sugar Beet 18 8 Sugar Beet Dr. Rush Sugar Beet Sugar Beet Atoka Lad Bimont 11 Joe Valenti Bimont Joe Valenti Atoka Lad Dr. Rush Dr. Rush 8 KaMJeHouse Raffle House Joyce W. Raffle House Joyce W. Raffle House 17 S..L UD.RterCall Joyce W. Montana Bill Joyce W. Raffle House Joyce W. 14 °- K. Doak O. K. Doak Like A Breeze O.K. Doak . _ Star Call Star Call 3 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Chow Line Chow Line CHOW LINE Chow Line Chow Line Chow Line . 27 I Hi Danny Longleat Penaway Longleat Longleat Longleat 7 War Booty Hi Danny Longleat Hi Danny War Booty Hi Danny 4 Colonel Read Kindly Miss Kindly Miss Kindly Miss Kindly Miss Kindly Miss 20 2 Irene Sauint One Play Sauint RichwoodBov Colonel Read 7 No Leddie Colonel Read Sauint One Play Colonel Read Squint 5 • Steady Flyer BusySauaw Steady Flyer BusySauaw BusySauaw • 14 3Fairnic Maggie G. BusySauaw Pairoff BusySauaw Some Friend Steady Flyer 10 Briars Babv Fairpic Fairpic Lady Miss Fairpic Fairpic 8 Pass Key Kinfolks Kinfolks Kinfolks Pass Key Kinfolks • 15 4 Starsns tripes Mother Morris Pass Key Mother Morris Mother Morris Pass Key 14 Tres Jolle Pass Key Mother Morris Pass Key Hasty Blen Mother Morris 7 Talkie Walkie Talkie Walkie Talkie W ALKIE TALKIE Walkie Talkie Walkie Talkie 27 5Walkie Ballawee Ballawee Knights Cross Ballawee Cotton Joe Ballawee 7 Knights Cross Knights Cross Cotton Joe Knights Cross Ballawee Knights Cross 5 OLD TOM OLD TOM Old Tom Old Tom OLD TOM OLD TOM 31 6 Shadows Start Rodrigo Shadows Start Shrdows Start Rodrigo Shadows Start 7 Bully Boy Shadows Start Bully Boy Rodrigo Is There Rodrigo 5 Brain Sprain Autan Autan Autan " Autan Autan 20 7 BB Teddy Jonage BB Teddy Jonage BB Teddy Brain Sprain 7 Mrs. Kay Linda Jane Jonage Brain Sprain Brain Sprain BB Teddy 6 Applejack Jake Broad Back Broad Back Broad Back Scholar Time -Broad Back 9 8 .Broad Back Applejack Jake Scholar Time Scholar Time Broad Back Scholar Time 9 Calladico Temporary Temporary Temporary Applejack Jake Applejack Jake 8 Trackman, J.J. Murphy BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Cornish Knight Knights Hill Fast Mail Tomsive Copito Copito . 12 1 Copito Copito Copito Cornish Knight Rab Tomsive 9. Bombcase Tomsive Tomsive Copito Tomsive Cornish Knight 7 Never Forget Persiana Never Forget Poule dEau Connie 7 Never Forget 13 2 Manolita Never Forget Persiana Hawk Eye Persiana Persiana 9 Bluebonnet Gal Hawk Eve Hawk Eye Never Forget Mary Boniface Connie Rab 5 Homogenize Kipper Homogenize Kipper Kipper Kipper 18 3 Greek Flag Homogenize Kipper Homogenize Homogenize Homozenize 16 Kipper Greek Flag Repose Greek Flag Fall Guy Greek Flag 4 Steel Strike Chaldia Steel Strike LANDLORD Landlord Landlord 14 4 Magic Moment Steel Strike Landlord Chaldia By Heart Steel Strike 12 Orange Sun Maid of Oz Bill Howk Wise Friz Bill Howk Chaldia 7 Davids Chance Omissive Anshirl PlayReauest PlayReauest PlayReauest 15 5 PlayReauest Anshirl PlayReauest Omissive Anshirl Anshirl 10 Sams List Play Request Reighs Girl Anshirl Easy Chop Omissive 7 Admiral Drake Guillotine GUILLOTINE Starecase Guillotine Guillotine 20 6 Guillotine Admiral Drake Starecase Admiral Drake Starecase Starecase 11 Starecase Starecase Admiral Drake Guillotine Hyphasis" Admiral Drake 10 STUNTS STUNTS Sagittarius Stunts STUNTS STUNTS 28 7 Sagittarius Wine List Stunts Sagittarius Wine List Sagittarius 10 High Trend Sagittarius Wine List Brick Brick Wine List 5 Kidded Jacopades Cencerro Cencerro Cencerro 14 8Jacopades Deep Water Cencerro Poison Arrow Kidded Poison Arrow Jacopades 11 Cencerro Jacopades Cencerro Poison Arrow Kidded Kidded 8 Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Lucky Devil SirBim Tagel SirBim SirBim SirBim 17 1 Tagel Tagel SirBim Vineland Lucky Devil Tagel 11 Musician Lucky Devil Major Play Tagel Tagel Lucky Devil 8 Recoup Maekel Maekel Kontinu Maekel Maekel 19 2 Maekel Recoup Kontinu Maekel Recoup Recoup 10 Flattop Kontinu Billie Recoup Kontinu Kontinu 9 Park Lane Dayround Admirals Tune Dayround Park Lane Park Lane 13 3 Admirals Tune Park Lane NewRochelle Admirals Tune Attention Sir Dayround 10 Perion Admirals Tune Park Lane Swan Dive Big Shrew Admirals Tune 10 QUARTER BOOTS Bat Boy George Crump Bat Boy Aim Bat Boy 11 4 George Crump Aim Thunderjet George Crump Thunderjet George Crump 9 Hasty Count Quarter Boots . Quarter Boots Aim Bat Boy Quarter Boots 9 Selenite Blazing Blazing Kit Bag Blazing Blazing 17 5 Kit Bag Selenite Selenite Blazing • Selenite Salenite 12 Ida C. Carolina Miss Onilrac Selinite Kit Bag Kit Bag 8 Swap Out • Swap Out Swap Out SWAP OUT Swap Out Swap Out 27 6 Campanilleo Wide Margin Salhquelo Salliquelo Salliouelo Salliauelo 6 Arthur Pilate Arthur Pilate Arthur Pilate Arthur Pilate Near Thing Arthur Pilate 4 ROYAL HELIO ROYAL HELIO Royal Helio ROYAL HELIO ROYAL HELIO 31 7RoyalHelio San Justo Naval Base Minneapolis Halconero San Justo " San Justo 5 Dizzy Whirl Windy Halconero San Justo Windy Halconero 3 Miss Haste Miss Haste Alines Chance Dorada Combustion Miss Haste To 8 Compassion AUnes Chance Dorada Combustion Compassion Combustion 9 Dorada Combustion Galamilk Combustion Dorada Dorada 9

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