Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1952-06-09

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A Advance-Cross— 8th Det Aguacate — 8th Det Aim — 4th Det Air Service — 6th Bel • Ala-Flash — 1st Li1 Aldale— 4th Del Aldenson — 3d LP Alt A Mo— 2d Del Alie-Ed— 2d Det All is Well— 2d Bel All Yen— 10th LP Allah-Vhy— 1st Bel Alma B. — 5th LP Alma Joe — 4th Del Alphara — 5th Suf Ancestor — 5th Bel Andy Handy — 6th Det Andy Joe— 8th Det -Annette— 2d Del Anns Step — 5th Suf Arabita — 4th Del Arkmo — 2d Suf Arletod— 4th Bel Assassinator — 9th Suf Asteroide — 2d Suf Astronomical — 2d Del Avonwood — 3d Bel B Babys Delight— 6th LP Baked Indian— 2d Del Banovina — 6th Suf Beautiful Lass — 1st Del Beep Beep — 5th Det Belcon— 2d LP Belcount— 3d LP Bella Figura — 7th LJP Bernie Moose — 6th Suf Betsy Marie — 7th Del Big Match — 1st Del Bills Hygro — 5th Det Bimover — 4 th Det Birdie Lulley — 1st Suf Bit o Glow — 1st Suf Black Bay— 7th Suf Blended— 4th Bel Blendid Music — 8th Det Blue Bar— 10th L.F Blue Dare — 7th L P Blue Falcon — 1st Det Blue Nancy — 1st Del Blue Sickle — 8th Det Bold Gold— 5th Det Bold Knot— 9th LP Bolo Boy — 2d Del Bolo Howie — 10th LP Boricua — 2d Del Boston Gray— 8th Del Bother — 1st Det Boy Genius — 4th Suf Brahman — 3d Det Brassfield — 1st L.F Brassy — 8th L.F Brechin — 6th Del Bright Pass — 7th Bel Broad Cross — 6th Det Brooketta — 2d Det Brown Ariel — 6th LJP Brown Hazel — 8th Suf Brown Pirate — 4th LJP Brown Smoke — 2d LJP Brownstown — 3d Det Bullish— 8th LJP Bullow — 4th Del Bumper Crop — 4th Bel Buongiorino — 1st L.F Busy Indian — 4th Suf Busy Lad— 2d Det Butler— 8th Del Byronic — 6th Det C Caillou Rouge — 10th L.F Cajac — 5th LJP Canterbury — 8th Bel Cap-a-Pie — 5th Del Capt. Hitzig — 4th Bel Caramba — 4th Det Cardinal Lady — 8th Del Careless Jones — 7th Del Cariduro — 5 th Del Caroga — 8th Suf Cattaragus — 2d Det Chance Design — 4th Del Chancescript — 6th Suf Chanter — 7th Del Clear Sweep — 3d LJP Coachie — 3d LJP Cockahoop — 1st Bel Coincident — 1st Suf Cold Nose — 4th Bel Concrete — 8th LJP Convert — 3d Del Convicted — 6th Det Cookie Baby — 1st Suf Corktown — 3d Det Count Twenty— 3d Suf Country Boy H. — 8th LJP Court Ethel — 4th Suf Creme-De-Cocoa — 3d LJP Crystal Pass — 7th Suf Custody — 2d Suf D Dada — 3d Del Dadon— 3d Bel Dannas Pensive — 5 th Suf Daring Mate — 9th Suf Dateline — 7th Suf Dead Duck — 5th Bel Demi-Heure — 7th Bel Descentive — 5th Suf Desert Witch— 5th Suf Devilwood — 4th Bel Diamond Lane — 6th Det Domquil— 3d Suf Donquest— 1st Det Dr. Cricket — 8th Del Dr. Stanley— 4th Bel Dreams — 7th Bel Duchess Aumar — 3d Suf Duke E. — 10th LJP E Eastcell— 3d Bel Easy Paddy— 4th Suf El Pacho— 5th LJP Eland — 5th Suf Elected — 3d Del Eljay— 7th LJP Emerald Belle — 2d Suf Empty Pockets — 6th Suf Errards Guide— 7th LJP Esbirro — 1st Suf Espinos Image — 7th LP Eternal Sir — 6th LP Evelyn L. — 6th Det Experimentum — 9th Suf F Fair Porter — 10th LP Family Man — 2d Bel Far Echo — 4th Bel Fashioned — 2d LP Fast Break — 1st Det Fast Buck — 3d LP Fast Slave— 9th LP Fathom — 3d Bel Faygray — 4th Suf Fearful Odds — 4th Bel Fenny Poppers — 3d Del Ferro Fox — 5th Suf Feudin Fightin — 5 th LP Fiddlers Choice — 3d Bel Fighting John— 1st Det First Verse — 4th LP First Whirl — 8th Bel Flag Drill — 3d Det Fleet Argo — 7th Del Flight Admiral — 8th Del Flying Boots — 8th Bel Flying Fleet — 3d Suf Flying Jib — 7th Bel Floral Trail — 1st Det Florizan Sam— 3d Det Fondest Hope — 7th Det For Rent — 4th LP Fred B. — 2d Det Freddie Fish — 4th Bel Frolic — 5th Del Frost Bitten — 8th Bel G Gallant Dolly— 5th Det Gallant G. I.— 7th Det Game Miss — 4th Suf Gates Mills — 1st Det Gay Larkspur — 3d Bel Ginny Gal — 3d Del Ginhy Win — 1st LP Gloryo — 5th Bel Go Girl— 4th LP Going Places — 2d LP Gold Boots — 10th LP Gold Mist H.— 2d Bel. Gold Script — 4th Del Golden Boy II. — 3d Bel Golden Gloves — 6th Bel Goliath— 4th Bel Graces Lady — 5th Det Gracious Heart — 7th Det Grain Market — 1st Det Grand Juror — 1st LP Grass Skirt — 7th Del Greensboro — 4 th Bel Grey Mike — 5th LP Ground Fog — 8th Bel Guard of Honor — 6th Bel Guarnerius — 1st Del H Halcyon Cross — 1st Det Half Gigger — 4th Suf Happy Carrier — 6th LP Happy West — 2d LP Hay Elsie — 1st Det Hexton — 7th Det Hibernian — 9th Suf High Boss — 1st Det High Descent — 5th Del High Hatter— 2d Del High Head— 5th Suf High Scud— 6th Del Hilarious — 4th Bel Hill Hawk— 3d Bel Holly Sweet— 5th LP Homing Pigeon — 6th Det Hoopson — 2d Det Hopeido — 4th LP Horsey — 5 th Det Hot Chocolate — 4th Det Hot Time — 1st Suf Hy Girinis — 1st Suf Hypalong — 2d Bel Hypostyle— 6th Suf I Ilk— 3d LP Im Don — 7th Det Im Keen — 2d Del Imperialist — 5th Bel Imphal — 5 th Del In Deep — 3d Suf Inaname — 4th Del Indelibly— 3d Det Indus — 3d Del Insist— 10th LP Isocrates — 7th Det Isograde — 6th Bel J Jack Fusano — 9th LP Jackie Pat — 10th LP Jackies Idol — 5th Det Jacross — 1st Det Jamal — 5 th LP Jane Bull — 1st Del Jay Edward — 10th LP Je Suis Pret — 7th Bel Jean the Joker— 3d Det Jeep Supply — 1st Suf Jerrys Best — 7th Del Jet A Dandy — 5th Bel Jiminy Cricket — 10th LP Joe Mandell — 8 th Del Jofield— 7th Del John A. S. — 5th Det Ji dge J. B.— 3d LP Judge M. — 2d Del Judy R. — 2d Suf Just Eight — 2d LP Just A Bird— 7th Det — — — — K Keen Step — 8th Det Keep Busy — 7th Del Kensington Ted — 6th Del Kenwood — 9th LP King-Pomp — 8th Del Klimie — 5 th Suf Knights Reward — 6th Del Kunwari — 2d Del L Lady Alexandra — 5th Suf Lady Fairfield— 3d Bel Lady Jacsun— 2d Suf Lambent — 2d Bel Lammergeyer — 3d Det Landlord— 8th Bel Lauderdale — 1st LP Lead On— 2d Del Leavemealone — 8th Det Lefty Jim — 2d Suf Legs — 2d LP Lenny-Lew — 1st Del Lets Think — 2d Det Lifter— 8th Bel Like A Breeze — 10th LP Little Danny — 6th Det Little Lige— 2d Det Local Corner — 3d LP Look Here — 5 th LP Lord Ivor — 5th Bel Lord Pathmate — 1st Stff Lotopep — 7th Bel Loudoun Lass — 1st Del Low Flyer — 3d Bel Lucky Dog— 1st Suf Lucky Guess — 2d Det Lucky Lick — 2d Del M Many Islands — 5th Del Marcato — 4th Bel March Chick — 8th Del Marie Eileen — 4th LP Marimba — 1st Del Marinikin — 3d Del Marlee King— 8th Suf Marse Robert — 3d Det Martha Martin — 1st Del Mary Ann— 3d Del Mattie Girl— 4th Det Mighty Moment — 6th LP Mighty Mousse — 8th Det Militant Lady — 3d Del Minnesinger — 1st Det Mirosie — 3d Det Miss Bellevue — 2d Det Miss Black — 9th LP Miss Colony — 1st Del Miss Croma — 3d Det Miss Foray — 1st LP Miss Hubbard — 1st Del Miss Pidgeon — 4th Del Mister Perfect — 6th Det Mival — 6th Det Mixture — 5th Bel Model Quest — 5th Bel Mohduma — 5 th Bel More Cheers — 1st LP Morning Line — 7th Bel Murat — 5th Bel My Dream Marie — 8th Suf Mythological— 2d Suf N Natural Gas — 5th Del Neddies Doll— 4th Del New Stream — 3d LP Nice Tint— 6th Det Nine Bells— 5th Det Nirvana — 1st Suf No Disgrace — 3d Del Nonpareil— 9th Suf Nosun — 6th Bel O Odds Advance — 5th Det Oh Leo— 7th LP Old Fiddle— 7th LP On Wings — 8th LP One Twelve — 5th LP Orana — 4th Suf Orb— 7th Del Orf ero — 4th Bel * Ornament — 7th Bel OutPoint— 6th Bel P Pacoy — 4 th Bel Papa Charlie — 3d Suf Patrol Wagon — 1st Bel Pegasus LT. — Id Suf Pencell — 2d Suf Pensive Lady — 5th LP Perfidy— 3d Det Percivale — 2d LP Petite Bayou — 3d Det Phil G. — 4th Suf Pintor— 6th Del Pirate Jean — 8th Suf Pleasure — 7th Bel Pleiades — 4th Bel Plopso — 9th LP Plucky Willie— 4th Suf Polyvixen — 5th Bel Pomola — 3d Del Port Beaumont — 3d Det Power Plant — 1st Bel Powwow — 2d Bel Preposterous — 6 th LP Prescott — 10th LP Pretender — 3d Bel Prince Charlie — 4th Bel Princess Ann — 7th LP Princess Trace — 5th Det Prissy Boy — 1st Det Prize Ticket — 3d Suf Promising — 4th Suf PryPat-4thLP Pueblo Pride — 9th Suf Punster — 10th LP Pussy Cat — 2d Del Q Queens Taste— 5th Suf Quentin — 5th Del Quesabe — 1st Del R Ram o War — 4th Bel Rapid Mail — 1st LP Red Charger — 7th LP Red Comet — 1st Bel Red Tag— 1st Suf Requisition — 5th Bel Revel-On — 5th Del Rexissa — 1st Bel Richard A. — 3d Bel Right Metal— 8th Del Riot — 4th Det River Jordan — 5th Bel Roll Call H.— 3d Bel Rosalie K. — 1st Del Rough Candy — 4th Del Royal Date — 1st Bel Royce" — 6th Det Rulers Girl— 2d Del S Sails — 5th LP Saint Georges — 1st Suf SamH. — 7th Suf Satterley— 6th LP Scimitar — 2d Del Seaflash — 2d Bel Second Look — 5th Bel Senator C M. — 2d Det Set Me Free — 1st Del Seven League — 7th Del Seven Pillars — 2d Suf -Seventy-Seven — 8th Del Shane — 4th LP. Sharon E. — 8th Det Siddons — 10th LP Sids Pride— 3d LP Siege — 5th Bel Sir Mango — 6th LP Sir Walter R.— 6th Det Sir White — 2d Suf Sky Heels— 2d LP Skyolater — 8th LP Smart Bettor — 1st Bel Smartjax— 4th LP Son Charlie — 9th LP Space Ship — 2d Suf Speedrite— 6th LP SpicyDame — 1st LP Spring tale — 2d Bel Square Cut — 1st Del Sgt. Abe— 7th Det St. Quill— 4th Bel Stabilizer — 4th Bel Stag— 6th Suf Star Dash — 10th LP Star Delight— 7th LP Star Wish— 4th LP Station Agent — 9th LP Stepping Up — 4th LP Storm Ridden — 4th Det Stroll— 2d Suf Stubborn — 3d Det Stubur— 5th LP Sun Bound — 7th Det Sun Halo — 4th Suf Sun Idol Boy — 1st Det Sunshade — 2d Suf Suptela— 4th Del Swamp Guide — 9th LP Sweet Pick — 2d Bel Sweet Sigrid — 8th Suf Sweet Vermouth — 6th Del Syndicate — 2d LP T Tacaro — 8th Del Tanneke — 9th Suf Tel-Aviv — 9th Suf Test Pattern— 7th Del Thaxter — 6th LP The Diver — 6th Bel The Minor — 5th Bel The Peer — 6th Det The Slip — 5 th Del The Teller— 5th Del The Prophet— 2d Suf Thief — 3d Bel Third Ace — 7th Del Thwarted— 8th Bel Tilenny — 7th Suf Time Honored — 5 th Del Time Roll— 2d Suf Torch of War — 4th Bel Tordar — 5th LP Tortilla— 4th Bel Tourelay — 3d Bel Tribal Fire — 2d Del Triple Flight — 2d Det Tropical — 1st Bel Tune Time — 2d Det Tuned Up — 1st Suf Twirling Girl— 8th LP U Ultimatum — 4th Suf Upright— 8th Det Usual — 8th Suf Utopia Lass — 10th LP V Vieni — 6th Del Virginia Duke — 3 d Det Virginia R. W.— 1st Suf Vis Pride — 1st Det Visional — 7th Suf W Wac— 5 th Del Warup — 8th Del Waynes Pal — 10th LP Wedding Band — 1st Bel "Wee Raider — 9th LP Whirl Awhile — 5th LP Whirlahead — 5 th Del Wide Margin — 8th Del With Luck— 1st Del Woodside — 2d LP Worcester — 8th LP Y You And Me— 5th Suf Z Zanella — 9th Suf

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