Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1957-06-25

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DAI LY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings. Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best-7 points. 2 points for 2d. 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy ARLINGTON PARK Selections Made for Fast Track * RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP » CONSENSUS - Rock Dozer Rock Dozer Marked Action Rock Dozer Rock Dozer - Rock Dozer 20 1 Nells Boy Nells Boy Bright Sal Southern Skies Bright Sal Bright Sal 6 * Bright Sal Southern Skies Southern Skies Bright Sal Nells Boy Marked Action 5 - r% War Kins Colonel Ken Sanders Road War King Sanders Road War King 16 / Bobelle War King War King Sanders Road War King Sanders Road 13 Sanders Road L§.Sabre Le Sabre Bobbelle Bobbelle Colonel Ken 5 Maggie McGraw Baby Oh Advancement Baby Oh Baby Oh Baby Oh 16 3 Proud Uncle Harvard Tom Harvard Tom Maggie McGraw Proud "Uncle Maggie McGraw 7 Pemberton Proud Uncle Baby Oh Pemberton Advancement Advancement 6 Smiley town Smiley town Smiley town Smiley town Smiley town Smiley town 25 4 RedRvthm Jo-Ma-Be Lady Sarah Slight Go Slight Go Slight Go 6 Combahee Slight Go Slight Go Red Rythm Red Rythm RedJRythm 4 SHARPSBURG SHARPSBURG Sharpsburg Sharpsburg Sharpsburg SHARPSBURG 29 5 Bull Strength Bull Strength Boone Blaze Bull Strength Bull Strength Bull Strength 8 Fideles Boone Blaze Fideles Boone Blaze Boone JBlaze Boone Blaze 5 The Warrior The Warrior The Warrior The Warrior THE WARRIOR The Warrior 27 6 JaJa Hasseyampa Hasseyampa Hasseyampa Hasseyampa Hasseyampa 8 Ratheram Our Holiday Our Holiday JaJa , Our Holiday Our Holiday 3 Gold Key Toms Song IN SHAPE TOP AWARD Top Award Top Award 16 7 In Shape Gold Key Top Award Toms Song In Shape In Shape 11 Top Award Top Award Ponder Lea Gold Key Gold Key Gold Key 9 King Bruce H. Vagabond King Munchausen Munchausen King Bruce II. • Munchausen 15 8 Munchausen King Bruce TJ. Vagabond King King Bruce II. Munchausen King Bruce II. 14 Royal Sting Munchausen Royal Sting Craigwood Leather Kid Vagabond King 7 Trackman, J. N. Lyon* HAZEL PARK Selection- Made for Fast Track ~ RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Bayco Worrion Rebel Bandito Worrion Money Money Worrion 10 1 Annie Bob Bayco Top em Easy Money Money Bayco Bayco 9 Rebel Bandito Psychic Daze MpjyMpney Rebel Bandito Rebel Bandito Money_Money 8 Fortunes Fool BUYING TIME Fortunes Fool Buying Time Buying Time Buying Time 20 2 Buying Time Fortunes Fool Innercups Fortunes Fool Fortunes Fool Fortunes Fool 16 Black Derby Hit the Bit Buying Time Sneak Preview _ Sneak Preview Sneak Preview 2 HUNGRY DREAM Xalapa Boy LadyJonage REGAL GESTURE Miss Telephone Regal Gesture 10 3 Regal Gesture Hungry Dream Miss Telephone JayneV. JayneV. Hungry Dream 9 MisandTelephonc Regal Gesture Jayne V. Picks Choice Lady Jonage Miss Telephone 8 Royal Radiance Cableon v Wise Pop Rico Vino Moon Love Moon Love 7 4 Oiled Uncle Pete Moon Love Cabelon Wise Pop Wise Pop 7- Mowleesha Mowleesha Oiled Star Dancer Mowleesha Cableon 7 Peggvs Brandy Judge Ray K* Dawney Invalidate Invalidate Invalidate 13 5 Set Shot Peggys Brandy Invalidate Big Sweep "Big Sweep - Peggys Brandy 8 Big Sweep Invalidate Judge Ray K. King Shannon Peggys Brandy Judge Ray K. 6 By Far BY FAR ByFar BY FAR BY FAR 29 6BvFar Homeplace Homeplace Cow Town Speed o Light Homeplace Homeplace 7 Cow Town Cow Town Homeplace Cow Town Cow Town Cow Town 6 Gem Path Ky. Rainbow Gem Path Gem Path Dancing Boy Gem Path 19 7 Yama Gem Path Inahmoud Inahmoud Gem Path Dancing Boy 6 Noble Birth .Mark Klaine JDancing Boy Y ama_. Yama Ky. Rainbow 5 Happys Sam Happys Sam Mr. Gunner Mr. Gunner Jolis Choice Mr. Gunner 14 8 Mr. Gunner Mr. Gunner Mr. August Buxom My Affinity Happys Sam 10 My Affinity Lord Johnny Buxom Jolis Choice - Mr. August Jolis Choice 6 Trackman, D. S. Fair BELMONT PARK Selections M?de, for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN " HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Atom Rocket Robando Robando Atom Rocket Robando Robando 18 Gilded Lily Sweet Buddy Gilded Lily Robando - Gilded Lily Atom Rocket 10 Robando GildedLily Sweet Buddy Gilded Lily Sw_eet Buddy Gilded Lilv _8 Mr. Anchor Mr. Anchor Mr. Anchor Midland Man Mr. Anchor Mr. Anchor 22 2 Ham Bone Jet Set Comets Glow Mr. Anchor Ham Bone Ham Bone 6 Big Finale Ham Bone Jet Set , Ham Bone Comets Glow Midland Man 5 Valcarie Valcarie Norsemaid Valcarie Sweet Wendy G. Valcarie 17 3 Sweet Wendy G. Sweet Wendy G. Sweet Wendy G. Sweet Wendy G. Bravely Waving Sweet Wendy G. 13 Norsemaid Bravely Waving Valcarie Bravely Waving Valcarie Norsemaid 6 Notation Notation Sweet Revelation Notation Notation Notation 21 4 Lucienne Sweet Revelation Say So Fan Dance Sweet Revelation Sweet Revelation 9 Say So Say So Notation Say So Say So Say So 6 Bold Splashes Bold Splashes Bold Splashes Bold Splashes Bold Splashes Bold Splashes 25 5 Red Ridinghood Red Ridinghood Red Ridinghood Superb Red Ridinghood Red Ridinghood 9 Superb Mt. Carmel Charlies Alibi Red Ridinghood Presented Superb 3 BONNET Bonnet BONNET" Mabe Cee Bonnet Bonnet 26 6 Korestes Mabe Cee Precious Lady Bonnet Precious Lady Mabe Cee 9 Precious Lady LucieManette Mabe Cee Precious Lady Mabe Cee .. Precious Lady J 6 Behavior OUTER SPACE Outer Space OUTER SPACE OUTER SPACE OUTER SPACE 26 7 Wana Untamed Untamed Untamed Untamed Untamed 8 Pioneeress Wana Wana Wana Pioneeress Wana 5 The Axe The Axe Jesper Jesper Jesper 19 8Jesper The Axe Jesper Jesper The Axe The Axe The Axe 16 Trireme Engage Long Pray Trireme Real Fancy Trireme 2 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP . CONSENSUS Rica Sunny Air Hillside Miss Smart Set • Sunny Air SenoritaRica 12 ISenorita Sea Test SenoritaRica SenoritaRica SenoritaRica Hillside Miss Sunny Air 11 Sunny Air - Smart Set Sea Test Prince Eustis Senorita Rica Hillside Miss 7 Ship to Shore Wise Tention DISARMED - DISARMED Disarmed Disarmed 21 2 Disarmed Heaven Helpus Ship to Shore Ship to Shore Ship to Shore Ship to Shore 11 Wise Tention Herpit. Wise Tention Hastewood Wise Tention Wise Tention 8 Hellanicus Greek Brother Hellanicus Hellanicus Hellanicus Hellanicus 22 3 Galatian Hellanicus Galatian Galatian Galatian Galatian 8 Marius Lucky Trine Darubini Lickety Split H. Antagonizer Greek Brother 5 Highland Brigade Young Howley Tuscanaway Highland Brigade Young Howlev Young Howlev 13 4 Young Howley Lord Fairfield DjeddahFox Tuscanaway Highland Brigade Highland Brigade 12 Tuscanaway Leftalbne Lord Busher Young Howley Tuscanaway Tuscanaway 9 Dance-A-Bit Dance-A-Bit Dance-A-Bit DANCE-A-BIT DANCE -A~BIT 27 5Dance-A-Bit Gain a Girl Gain a Girl Gain a Girl Gain a Girl Gain a Girl Gain a Girl 10 Tarzan . Tarzan Astolfo Astolfo Astolfo Astolfo 3 Royal Morse Maphis M. Royal Morse Royal Morse Royal Morse Royal Morse ~~20 6 MaphisM. Scuffle Pleasant Time Maphis M. Maphis M. Maphis M 12 Pleasant Time Bishbash MaphisM. Pleasant Time Pleasant Time Pleasant Time ■ 5 Cloud-Nine V.S.O.P. V.S.O.P. V.S.O.P. * V.S.O.P. VSOP 24 7 V.S.O.P. Cloud Nine Sophies Joy Banned Cloud Nine Cloud Nine 10 Mid River Sophies Joy Cloud Nine Sophies Joy Sophies Joy Sophies Joy 5 WARRIORS STND Warriors Stand Battlement Warriors Stand Warriors Stand Warriors stand 23 8 PharLou Battlement Requa Battlement Battlement Battlement 12 Battlement Double Royal Warriors Stand Requa Singing Bush Requa 3 " Trackman, W. C. Phillips . MONMOUTH PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS " ~m HARD BOOTER Hard Booter Hard Booter Hard Booter Hard Booter HARD BOOTER 27 I Game Conqueror Game Conqueror Game Conqueror Game Conqueror Game Conqueror Game Conqueror 10 Bright Mike Dordis Queen Its an Impulse Its an Impulse Its an Impulse Its an Impulse 3 Testing Jet BEAU DAUMIER Proud Errard Beau Daumier Beau Daumier BeauDaumier 19 2 BeauDaumier Testing Jet Cliff s 0 Dover Testing Jet Testing Jet Testing Jet 11 Well Spotted Well Spotted Deack Duncan Deack Duncan Deack Duncan Proud Errard 5 Mixforsome Windstream Windstream Windstream Windstream Windstream 21 Words Eternal Mixforsome Ragtime Cowboy Ragtime Cowboy Ragtime Cowboy Mixforsome 9 Windstream Ragtime Cowboy Lord Gregor Mixforsome Mixforsome • Ragtime Cowboy 7 Noble Song Candle Wood Candle Wocd Noble Song Candle Wood 19 4Candlewood Mrs. Mark Candle Wood Noble Song Mrs.Snark • Candle Wood Noble Song 13 Old Roman Mrs. Mark Mrs. Mark Noble Song Miss Equity Mrs. Mark 6 SinnFeiner SinnFeiner Chimney SinnFeiner SinnFeiner SinnFeiner 22 5 White Crest White Crest SinnFeiner White Crest White Crest White Crest 9 Trace Trace White Crest Heliaurora Farullah Chimney 5 Our Dance Royal Beacon IL OUR DANCE Our Dance Royal Beacon II. Our Dance 17 6 Royal Beacon H. Rohan Tonys Chance Tonys Chance • Rohan Royal Beacon II 13 Racetracker Tonys Chance Sure Welcome Royal Beacon H. Sure Welcome Tonys Chance 5 "7 IF"1*.?16 Sickles Sound Light Step SICKLES SOUND LIGHT STEP Light Step 16 / Broadcaster Light Step BullX. Light Step Black Coffee Sickles Sound 12 Bull X. Scintilla Broadcaster King Red King Red King Red 7 • Pursuer Radiator u Powder Cap Powder Cap Powder Cap 12 8Stonington Radiator Powder Cap Sailors Return Pursuer Pursuer Pursuer 10 LastJacopo Speedy Irv Pursuer Radiator Speedy Iry Radiator 8

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