Delaware: Study Weights for Richest Filly-Mare Race Princess, Attica, Bayou Top Probables Parlo Deserves, Daily Racing Form, 1957-06-25


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--. — ~™ — *— ■mi-* **?*xKrt Delaware By Charles Hatton • Study Weights for Richest Filly-Mare Race Princess/ Attica, Bayou-Top Probables Parlo. Deserves Rank Among Dels Big Ten DELAWARE PARK, Stanton, Del., June 24.— Trainers of the Delaware Handicap eligibles, partially blinded by tears, are analyzing Gil Haus weight as- --. — ~™ — *— signments signments for for Saturdays Saturdays third third signments signments for for Saturdays Saturdays third third act of the clubs "spectacular," the "Distaff Big Three." This event affords a golden opportunity to become vulgar rich in 10 furlongs and two minutes, with an estimated value of 5,0,000, and it is expected to have an irresistible appeal for a dozen or perhaps 15 of the 118 nominees. From here, it seems the field may include Amoret at 125, Levee 122, Princess prinCeSS Turia Turia 119, 119, Little Little Pache Pache . . ■mi-* **?*xKrt Princess prinCeSS Turia Turia 119, 119, Little Little Pache Pache . . 119, Rare Treat 119, Manotick 118, Kings Mistake 117, Nasrina 116 Attica 115, Floral Park 115, and the brilliant three-year-old Bayou with 111. She is the second highweight on the scale. Some of these met in the New Castle last week end. Haus did not write the script for that one, which is a stakes, with the entrants more or less weighting themselves. Mrs. Gene Markeys glorious cripple, Princess Turia, and "Uncle Price" Headleys Attica, who is only just coming to form, achieved a finish such as the minister of weights and measures doubtless dreams about. It had all the elements of high drama. The Princess cooperated gladly with Hartack, and is unyielding in a drive, but Attica took the overland and just missed, creating an impression she will fancy the added three-sixteenths of the Delaware. Back when we wer.e a cub reporter, Oaks were run at classic distances, and nearly everybody was still young, Headley had a chestnut filly called Alcibiades who cleaned up. Her daughter Salaminia won the Alabama, Salaminias daughter Athenia won the Ladies, and Athenias daughter Attica is carrying on in the best tradition of the family. A robust chestnut, balanced perfectly as a teeter-totter, with legs like an end girls, she is "the most improved mare in training," as a blanching Jimmy Jones said when linally they hung up Princess Turias number over hers. CCA Oaks Result Shocks Hayes We do not speak of the showing of Rare Treat, Little Pache and Amoret in the New Castle. As for Manotick, somebody handed "Casey" Hayes a white slip with the CCA Oaks result on it, and a marginal note, "You are at the wrong race track." He almost jumped out of the stand when he learned that Willamette, last in the Acorn, had beaten Bayou, who won that stakes. The Doswell fillys coquettish form has no relevance to the Delaware, for she is not eligible, but "Bull" Hancock, who cooled out somewhat less readily than Bayou, says: "Ive got to take a chance for that money. Look for us Friday." In the light of her record, it is a redundancy to say she will stay the distance. From here it appears the Calumets will be the favorites. Princess Turia is the greatest tax collector since the elder Pitt, having been the favorite in 11 of her last 12 starts. Though the Princess wears bandages and is sometimes shook-up by dry tracks, foreman Dee Brooks was able to tell us this morning, without violating medical confidence, that she is none the worse for her race. Chronicling the, careers, mores and amours of the female of the equine species is our special province, by editorial decree and a natural curiosity abouthat they will do next. Frankly, we have not the wit to outguess them. The female of any species has certain inviolable prerogatives and divine rights,. We are a fascinted audience when these privileges, are invoked. Thus, the Distaff Big Threes entertainment value here. There was a discussion of the Big Three, past, present and present indicative, in Vice-President Bryan Fields offices just now. And, of course, the talk got around to the duly elected "ten greatest race mares." Some time ago, Delaware sent out a questionnaire to members of the American Trainers Association, asking their choice of the contemporary fillies and mares, and if the voters considered their selection worthy of inclusion in the list of the "ten greatest": Gallorette, Twilight Tear, Regret, Top Flight, Miss Woodford, Busher, Beldame, Princess Doreen, Bewitch, Imp, displacing one of these! .A Vote for duPonts Mare This observer is not a card-carrying trainer though we may apply for membership in the Jockeys Guild if • they win tax exemptions. But Field politely asked if we had a candidate. We certainly do — Willie duPont Jr.s Parlo. We covered races run by Gallorette, Twilight Tear, Top Flight, Busher, Princess Doreen and Bewitch. And without naming names, we can think of a couple who did not go around carrying 128 pounds, contemptuously making big weight concessions, and winning at a mile and a quarter or a mile and a half. Parlos feet left something to be desired, which is why she was supposed to be partial to soft tracks, but if anybody thinks he can name a better mare of the past decade or so, we respectfully refer him to the " chart of the Delaware Handicap of 1955. It is a cachet of a great ability that flickered like a thread of gold woven into a burlap bag throughout her career, elusive as it was shining, but there for all who looked to see. Challenging as Assaults Butler. Our compliments to Ray Bryson, Don Christmas, Alan Clarke, Dick Hand-len, T. J. Kearns, Ed Kelly, Charles Lewis, Ike Mourar, Bert Mulholland, George Odom, Charlie Raynor and Don Yates, who voted to include Parlo among the "ten greatest."

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