Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1957-06-25

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1 Alphabetical Index to Entries A Admiral Deal— 4th Suf Advancement— 3d A.P Afton King— 6th Del Air Colonel— 5th Del Air Party— 8th Del Angel Belle— 3d Suf Annie Bob— 1st H.P Announcing— 3d A.P Antagonizer— 3d Del Apophasis— 9th Suf Argold-2d Suf Argufy— 2dA.P Astolfo— 5th Del Atom Rocket— 1st Bel B B. Danahy— 2d H.P Baby Oh— 3d A.P Babys Delight— 4th Suf Balique— 2d Del-Banned— 7th Del Battlement— 8th Del Bayco— 1st H.P Be Swayed— 8th H.P Beau Daumier— 2d Mth . Behavior— 7th Bel Bell Lap— 1st Bel Belle Epoque— 6th Bel Bells Range— 8th Del Big Bad W.— 1st Bel Big Finale— 2d Bel Big Ideas— 1st Bel Big Sweep— 5th H.P Big Youth— 4th Del Birch Hills — 4th H.P Bishbash— 6th Del Black Goffee— 7th Mth Black Depth— 2d Suf Black Derby— 2d H.P Black Deuce— 2d Suf Blen Gold— 8th Suf Blen Sand— 1st Suf Bobbelle— 2d A. P Bobby My Boy— 6th Suf Bold Splashes— 5th Bel Bonne Santee— 1st H.P Bonnet— 6th Bel Boone Blaze— 5th A.P Bomastar— 8th A.P Boul Mich— 4th A.P Bravely Waving— 3d Be! Breezy Hazel— 2d Del Bridal Wreath— 1st Del Bright Charge— 7th Suf Bright Mike— 1st Mth Bright.Sal— 1st A.P Broadcaster— 7th Mth Bruce— 9th Suf 4 Bubble Fame— 4th Bel Bull Strength— 5th A.P Bull X.— 7th Mth Bussola— 1st A.P Butchs Dream— 4th A.P Buxom— 8th H.P Buying Time— 2d H.P Buzzie— 6tffSuf By Far-6th H.P c Cable Lead— 6th Suf Cableon-4th H.P . Candle Wood— 4th Mth Cannonize— 1st Mth Captain Flash— 3d A.P Carolina Rex— 5th Suf Challenir— 3d Suf Charlies Alibi — 5th Bel Chas Rosett— 3d Suf Chiffcnard— 2d Bel Chimney— 5th Mth Christie Adele— 1st H.P Clean Fox— 2d Suf Clear Crystal— 2d Suf Cliffs o Dover— 2d Mth Closed Book— 3d Suf Cloud Nine— 7th Del • Clouter— 6th Suf Colonel Drew— 2d Suf Colonel Ken-2d A.P Colony Menu— 7th Del Cols Chile— 1st H.P Cols Daughter— 1st A.P Combahee— 4th A.P Comets Glow— 2d Bel Contraction— 2d Suf Coronel— 2d Mth Corpy— 5th Del Correlator— 1s"t Bel Count Pose— 3d H.P Cow Town— 6th H.P Craigwcod— 8th A.P D Dalliance— 5th Suf Dance-a-Bit— 5th Del Dancing Boy— 7th H.P Dark Continent— 1st Suf Dark Destroyer— 1st Suf Darubini— 3d Del Dawney— 5th H.P Deack Duncan— 2d Mth Debbies Cat— 6th Suf Delicious— 2d Del * Democles— 3d Del Destined Hour— 8th Bel Dia San Juan— 2d Suf Diction— 2d Suf Disarmed— 2d Del Djeddah Fox— 4th Del Doctors Order— 1st Mth Dordis Queen— 1st Mth Dorislee— 1st Mth Double Melody— 4th Del Double Royal— 8th Del Duntreath Miss— 4th Suf E . East-West— 6th Suf El Bernardo— 2d Suf Engage— 8th Bel Envite— 1st Bel Erased— 2d H.P F Fair Question— 4th Del Fallow— 4th Del Fan Dancer— 4th Bel Farullah— 5th Mth Fiddlers Girl— 7th Suf Fideles— 5th A.P Fighting Cock— 8th Mth Flarespur— 7th Suf Florence— 5th Mth Flying Lyric— 8th A.P Foilsman— 4th Del. Fortunes Fcol— 2d H.P Foxy Moss— 8th A.P FraD-Homme— 5th Bel Frank Again — 4th DeL Frosty Mr.— 6th A.P G Gain a Girl— 5th Del Galatian— 3d Del Game Conqueror— 1st Mth Gee Lin— 1st Del Gem Path— 7th H.P Gilded Lily— 1st Bel Gold Key— 7th A.P Golden Crown— 3d Mth Golden Host— 1st Bel Gomango— 8th H.P Good for Mike— 1st A.P Greek Brother— 3d Del Greek Deb— 2d Del Greek Sword— 6th H.P H Ham Bone— 2d Bel Hama— 4th A.P Happys Sam— 8th H.P Hard Booter— 1st Mth Harvard Tom— 3d A.P Hasseyampa— 6th A.P Hastewood— 2d Del Head Dancer— 4th Del Heaven H5Tpus— 2d Del Heleman— 1st Bel Heliaurora— 5th Mth Helio Sun— 2d Del Hellanicus— 3d Del Hero Hour— 1st Bel Herbs Prince— 5th Del Herpit— 2d Del Highbrow Gal— 4th Bel Highland Brigade— 4th Del Hillside Miss— 1st Del His Proof— 1st Mth Hit the Bit— 2d H.P Homeplace— 6th H.P Hoop Ring— 8thAP Hottentot— 8th H.P Howdy Man— 5th H.P Hungry Dream— 3d H.P I I Dare— 2d Bel I Double— 8th Del In Shape— 7th A.P Inahmoud— 7th H.P Innercups— 2d H.P -Invalidate— 5th H.P Isle of Shine— 6th Bel Its an Impulse— 1st Mth J Ja Ja— 6th A.P Jackie Van— 4th Suf Jay Dee Jay— 8th Suf JayneV.— 3d H.P Jeffrey J. S.— 7th H.P Jesper— 8th Bel Jet Set— 2d Bel Jimo— 2d A.P John B.— 4th H.P Johns Pal— 5th Suf Jolis Choice— 8th H.P Jo-Ma-Be — 4th A.P Judge Ray K.-5th H.P K Karen W.-3d Bel Kathy Girl— 8th H.P Keelhaul— 3d Del Kind Moud— 1st Suf Kind Reception— 9th Suf King Bruce II.— 8th A.P King Red— 7th Mth King Shannon— 5th H.P Kings Ore— 7th Del Korestes— 6th Bel Ky. Rainbow— 7th H.P L Lady Gail— 3d Suf Lady Hotspur— 2d H.P Lady Jonage— 3d H.P Lady Sarah— 4th A.P Landseair— 6th Del Lark Glo— 4th Suf Last Jacopo— 8th Mth Le Sabre— 2d A.P Leather Kid— 8th A.P Lebkuchen— 7th Bel Leftalone— 4th Del Lenny G.— 6th Mth -Leonard S.— 3d A.P Lickety Split II. — 3d Del Light Step— 7th Mth Lily B.— 5th Del Little J. P.— 1st Bel Little Kathy— 8th Suf Long Beam— 1st Bel Long Pray— 8th Bel Lord Busher— 4th Del Lord Fairfield— 4th Del Lord Gregor— 3d Mth Lord Johnny— 8th H.P Lorenzo— 5th Del Lotasmoke— 1st Suf Lucie Manette— 6th Bel . Lucienne— 4th Bel Lucky Trine— 3d Del Lundys Bobby— 1st Del M Mabe Cee— 6th Bel Maggie McGraw— 3d A.P Mahyee— 2d Del Mandy Ann— 3d A.P Maphis M.— 6th Del Marcia W.— 4th Bel Marian Belle— 6th Del Marius— 3d Del • Mark Klaine— 7th H.P Marked Action— 1st A.P Marketer— 2d Del Mensen Ernst— 8th Del Mi T. Miche-6th Suf Miche Colleen— 3d Mth Mid River— 7th Del Midland Man— 2d Bel Mighty Kiss— 2d A.P Miji Bull— 1st A.P Mikes Request— 3d A.P Miss Equity— 4th Mth Miss June— 2d Del Miss Hazel— 1st Suf Miss Shea— 4th A.P Miss Telephone— 3d H.P Misty Style— 1st A.P Mixforsome— 3d Mth Model Ace— 1st A.P Mojado— 8th Suf Mon Coeur— 2d H.P Money Money— 1st H.P Montana— 5th Suf Moon Love— 4th H.P Moria Cline— 1st Del Morse Flash — 4th H.P Motoramic— 1st A.P Mowleesha— 4th H.P Mr. Anchor— 2d Bel Mr. August-8th H.P Mr. Gunner— 8th H.P Mr. Lampasas— 1st Suf Mrs. Fritzie— 1st Suf Mrs. Mark— 4th Mth Mt. Carmel— 5th Bel Munchausen— 8th A.P My Affinity— 8th H.P My Liebling— 6th Suf My Sweetie=*2d H.P My Toots— 1st Bel N Nabbs-7th Suf Nancys Ballet— 8th Suf Natural Speed— 9th Suf Naval Strategy— 8th Suf Nells Boy— 1st A.P Next Page— 6th H.P Noble Birth— 7th H.P Noble Chip— 3d Suf Noble Landing— 1st Suf Noble Song— 4th Mth Non Stop— 3d Bel None Barred— 1st H.P None Such— 1st Bel Norsemaid— 3d Bel Not To-jiite— 2d Del Notation— 4th Bel a O.K.-Bud-8th Bel Off We Go— 5th Suf Oiled— 4th H.P Old Bull— 4th H.P Old Roman— 4th Mth One to Go— 5th Mth Onekama— 3d A.P Onmyway— 6th Suf Orchid— 6th H.P Oregay— 4th Suf Our Dance— 6th Mth Our Holiday— 6th A.P Our Light— 3d Suf Our Valdina— 3d Bel Outer Space— 7th Bel P P. T. William— 5th Suf Paideia— 1st Del Painted Porch— 3d Suf Palee— 3d Suf Papa Ed— 3d Mth Party News— 2d Bel Pats Duke— 8th Suf - Peggys Brandy— 5th H.P Pemberton— 3d A.P Perman— 9th Suf ~ Pharlbu— 8th Del Pheasant Boots— 1st Suf .Picks Choice— 3d H.P PilotJet— 2d Bel Pioneeress— 7th Bel Pirate Princess— 3d A.P Pit Away— 4th H.P Pleasant Time— 6th Del Plegonit— 2d Bel Ponder Lea— 7th A.P Powder Cap— 8th Mth Precious Lady— 6th Bel Preemptor— 8tlTTJel Presented— 5th Bel Prince Eustis— 1st Del Prince Torch— 5th A.P Princetonian— 1st A.P Proud Errard— 2d Mth Proud Uncle— 3d A.P Psychic Daze— 1st H.P Pursuer— 8th Mth Q Quite Nice— 8th Suf R Racetracker— 6th Mth Radar Clipper— 1st H.P Radiator— 8th Mth Ragtime Cowboy— 3d Mth Rare Genius— 2d Suf Ratheram— 6th A.P Realy Fancy— 8th Bel Rebel Bandito— 1st-H.P Red Ridinghood— 5th Bel Red Rythm-4th A.P Red Sail— 3d H.P Red Wool— 8th Suf Redamber— 4th A.P Regal Gesture— 3d H.P Reparation— 5th Bel Requa— 8th Del Requesting— 1st Suf Rico Vino— 4th H.P Rip Through— 5th Del % Ripopic— 8th Suf Robando— 1st Bel Rock Dozer— 1st A.P Rohan— 6th Mth Rollick— 5th Bel Roman Eddie— 5th H.P Roman Gem— 3d Suf Ron Way— 2d Suf Rose Capital— 1st Suf Royal Beacon II.— 6th Mth Royal Devon— 9th Suf Royal Morse— 6th Del Royal Radiance— 4th H.P Royal Sting— 8th A.P Royal Witch-8th H.P Rudy Could— 1st H.P Rumson Hill— 2d A.P Rush for Gold— 2d Suf Ruthie May-2d H.P s Sagmon— 1st A.P Sailors Return— 8th Mth Sal Star— 4th A.P •Saminth— 3d A.P Sand Shark— 7th A.P Sanders Road— 2d A.P Sary— 7th Suf Say So-4th Bel Scholarly Lass— 1st Del Scintilla— 7th Mth Scramble— 1st Del Scuffle— 6th Del SeaTest— 1st Del Seapoise— 5th Mth Senorifa Rica— 1st Del Sercial— 5th A.P Set Shot— 5th H.P Sharpsburg— 5th A.P Shiny Dime— 3d Del Ship to Shore— 2d Del Shrill Note— 2d Suf Shush Baby-4th H.P Sickles Sound— 7th Mth Side Bar— 2d Suf Singing Bush— 8th Del Sinn Feiner— 5th Mth Six Bob— 7th Suf Skippys Joy— 3d H.P Slight Go-4th A.P Smart Set— 1st Del Smileytown— 4th A.P Smokelore— 8th A.P Sneak Preview— 2d H.P Snobby Cuantos— 3d Suf Some Score— 8th Del Sophies Joy— 7th Del Soundproof— 7th Suf Southern Skies— 1st A.P Speed o Light— 6th H.P Speedy Foot— 1st Suf Speedy Irv— 8th Mth Spunk— 6th Suf Stalwart Steed— 1st Bel Stansway— 4th A.P Star Dancer— 4th H.P Star Fleet— 3d A.P Stipend— 7th H.P Stoningtcn— 8th Mth Story Wanted— 1st Bel Sunny Air-r4st Del Superb— 5th Bel Sure Me— 8th Suf Sure Welcome— 6th Mth Susie J— 1st Del Sweet Buddy— 1st Bel Sweet Revelation — 4th Bel Sweet Wendy G.— 3d Bel Swift Wind— 8th Del T Take It Easy— 2d A.P Talent Crop— 3d H.P Taltail— 3d Del Tarzan— 5th Del Teanecker— 2d A.P Tennessee AH — 4th A.P Tense— 1st Del Terrebone — 4th Suf Testing Jet— 2d Mth Tharmall— 3d A.P The Axe— 8th Bel The Box 1 1. -7th A.P The Claw— 1st Suf The Trooper— 2d A.P The Warrior— 6th A.P Thespis— 2d Mth This Day— 4th Del Tien Shan— 5th Suf Toddle Ram— 2d Del Toms Song— 7th A.P Tonys Chance— 6th Mth Top Award— 7th A.P Top em Easy— 1st H.P Top-Lation— 4th Suf Tossed Coin— 2d Suf Trace— 5th Mth Trireme— 8th Bel Trouble Me— 1st Bel Tuscanaway— 4th Del Twirlalong— 6th Suf Two Fisted— 6th A.P u Uncle Pete— 4th H.P Untamed— 7th Bel v- V. S. 0. P.— 7th Del Vagabond King— 8th A.P Valcarie— 3d Bel Valle Cauca-2d H.P Valtist— 1st Suf Victory Chance— 2d H.P Ville dEste— 1st Del w Wana-7th Bel War King— 2d A.P War Tune— 4th Mth Warbler— 8th A.P Warriors Stand— 8th Del Water Town— 2d H.P Way-Lady-3d A.P Wedding Ring— 5th Del Wee Solera— 4th H.P Well Spotted— 2d Mth Wellfleet— 9th Suf Whisk Tru— 1st Bel White Crest— 5th Mth Wilco— 5th A.P Windstream— 3d Mth Wine Glass— 3d A.P Winning Wings— 6th Suf-Wise Pop— 4th H.P Wise Tention— 2d Del Wisemar— 2d Bel Words Eternal— 3d Mth Worrion— 1st H.P X Xalapa Boy— 3d H.P Y Yama— 7th H.P Young Howley— 4th Del z Zacadoge— 8th Bel Zed-8th Suf Zipper— 1st Suf

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