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Clocker Leslie Blair IT HE BELL Two-Horse Wire Last-Minute Information by Telephone One Horse Daily Direct Track Connections DAILY — AT ALL NEWSSTANDS yesterdays belli investment: THURSDAY, I FILED: Ulf C IV Sister Zoe 498 Won :, mIUIVI sJVw* W/ JL A*9/Vy« If VM* connections, ~-i!=====L-i. and again more firmly establishing the fact that we deal only in j * * first hand track information. J Disturb, $ 8.96, " Won Todays BeU Investment ■ comes from sources that gave us the last three -winners, and our new rr-presen- ] _,. , . . „ tative advised this office over long distance telephone that everything is in I - - - - -- - » iijx.iTx. • ■ „»• *t. + These releases certainly, should demonstrate to everybody that I have information - that readiness, all precautions have been taken to safeguard our clients. No mistakes Is worth many times the price I am asking. win be made Early subscription is advised. MY SHEET WILL BE ON SALE TOMORROW SATURDAY Subscribe Personally at Office, or by Telegraph and if you miss the two good things that I am releasing on that day you will certainly nr- riAll v *•« oc lA/CCIM V regret it. These horses will be placed in the softest spots imaginable, and the public has yZD LJAIL.T JplZD Wfc.fc.M_Y no line on them. The odds should be juicy, to say the least. . T¥ ¥ ¥*!* T IT* ¥ ¥ North Clark Street Slllte 1102 *_m»»i REMEMBER. THERE ARE NO RELEASES ON MY DAILY SHEET. The sheet contains coded entries and phone numbers, To be called in your city lor my two horses after I »""fl w* Bh H k 5 Telephones: RANdolph 522S and 6229 12 oclock noon. MY SHEET IS NOT ONE OP THOSE COLD-DOPE, OVERNIGHT X _L J-JL-1 a M S -■ aU a fLjiArr n i HANDICAPPING PROPOSITIONS. IT IS REAL DIRECT TRACK INFORMATION OnlLAllU, ILL. WITH ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF THE LAST-MINUTE O. K. Subscriptions are now being accepted at the weekly rate of ?15 for my sheet at this i — — ; Office. Wire your remittance at once, or call at the office. /%»__r_?T_ »_%/~iT_rr«*X CENTRAL NEWS COMPANY J _1M «■« WM-Tw B m, ■ /k% Exclusive Acents locker . B"fe ff" PH fftt H B BB|« 180 West Washington Street Chicago, III. *€pi. Ljf k f§ hI Im Phones: STAte 3182-3183 and~f ]fc$|b? wLwP 0 Wkw B B B Vk IHB II IH #%r SENSATIONAL MONEY- RIDER* STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY— TERMS, DAILY A lT W"X L fpjjf" V JTN I J A C=J BREAKING ALL RECORDS— THE TALK OF THE COUNTRY YESTERDAYS STIRLING RELEASE: RECOGNIZED AND RESPECTED TURF KING FOR LIMITED PERIOD OKL- DAILY 3 |« J *% • ■• d* 1 O ffc W7 oh, folks? rMAwA"i«YnGoiMc crazy! r earne s Liirlie, .Ub, Won I fairlv beeced vou yesterday Stirling followers cleaned up again yesterday, when yesterdays strictly one horse just Jia wmm* romped home an easy winner at handsome odds. All clients of this service are in a position to make plenty of money by confining yourself exclusively to this service. ff3r PARLAY PAID 0- SX ~ — £™= «»«- GUEST 2.60, Won YESTERDAYS JOCKEY SPECIAL: Mondays Stirling Release: Saturdays Stirling Release : JEFF °NE,L 6.56, Won WHIZZING CLOUD. 0.46, Won lrMMV Ml C A llf] JP By I B I W BW W 1 1 B t£/ I Wl/ I 1 I W Is there any wonder that thousands of new clients are enrolling on my books daily? ■ K UliMl V P •!* e E «.»J?B VI mjtl My service is the talk of the country, but you have seen nothing yet. It is no feat • *# * »** 1* 7 - T • V »• ■ ■ * ■ for me to put over ten 10 straight long shot winners. yesterdays two horses: ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY AWAITS YOU TODAY! Lucky Drift, .34, Won Today-15-i-Today * « ■ »-k •/•• #t» A S*S* WT Todays horse shows absolutely nothing on past performances, the true form of this fvllltn Rllfrin Tkl KK yy/ri horse has been withheld from the RACING PUBLIC. In order to obtain this exclusive AtaUIH iXUllllIj *P~«J/, I? Vli information for the benefit of all my clients I have guaranteed these horsemen, in order to this information, the sum of get YOU WILL GET WISE AS TO WHO IS WHO ! fTf3 926 CLIENTS HAPPY I ijQl 200 F0R T0DAYS INFORMATION "" """"" ™ """"" "" """ "~ " """""" " BEST TURFMAN IN THIS COUNTRY— BAR NONE! Dy TODAY SURPRISE SPECIAL *"W2i Service Is Always Rendered Immediately Upon Receipt I have been telling you about it all week. Please dont miss it. Put in a probable win °T YOUr OUDSCriptlOn parlay with my daily horses. Price of this probable clean-up is 0. Please wire in the ■ morning. SERVICE GUARANTEED— PROBABLE 00- PARLAY MF* __ TELEPHONES: BRYANT 1526-1527 "*m ___». Clients, Wire as Per Message Yesterday. Wire five ?5.00 dollars immediately. City clients, call. Make all remittances to—* JOCKEY SPECIALS— FREE JOCKEY D. STIRLING ANDY, 6 Varick St., Suite 1004, New York, N. Y. 160 West 45th Street Sujte 38 New York City JOOil lViC/Ullli6 0£ -/0« I DAILY-TWO HORSES DAILY I I You Have Subscribed to the Rest— Now Subscribe FOB THE BEST1 I I DAILY — STRICTLY TWO HORSES DAILY -do business with people on the square" I RACING PUBLIC BEWARE— IMITATORS I HAVE PLENTY. BUT COMPETITORS NONE mmmm mmmm~—" YESTERDAYS TRANSACTIONS: * " "*" WB RELEASE STRICTLY TWO HORSES EACH DAY TO ALL OUR CLIENTS. THESE TWO HORSES ARE ADVERTISED IN THIS PUBLICATION, WIN OR LOdE. HONEST. WRF~ MEDLEY $ 3.62, WON "K legitimate turf information. VALENCE 0.72, $ 5.78, 3RD-« YESTERDAYS TWO IloRSES. _ —-— -_-—---_.——_«— ___ ___-_. _— -. BLACK DARLING $ 4.82, WON "tSiSSSStVS US SUSSSP MUM RUFFIN $ 4.66, WON The twn horses that you receive are the horses that are advertised— win or lose. If you are seeking bona fide, legitimate turf information, subscribe. One days trial will If you want to subscribe to a legitimate concern, where you receive HONEST TURF INFOR- convince you. Once a client, always a client. MATION, SUBSCRIBE TO JOHN McAULIFFE and COMPANY. A FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL Out-of-town clients receive the advertised two horses within an hour after their money Is TO EVERYBODY. received. No waiting for my service. MT SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR THIS BIG PARLAY ! ! ! ~M A giilSlffoffiiandf %SBB%aTD0DT Office Open Today 8 A. M. to 6 1*. M. Wire Tia Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses . . . , Immediately. Service six days a week. We have a special department to handle out-of-town subscriptions exclusively to insure ,,,, •• J- BMUMUMm, nFS„ftNTl J l- «HrtATlWAV UKUAllWAI, «TTTTF Still. 201 3V1, StW ktw YrtKTC lUUIi till rWI immediate service. Under no consideration should you miss our information. It makes no difference bow small or bow big a bettor you may be, you cannot afford to miss our two-horse ______ ____ „___ ___ «___a _»__ aaaoaMa parlays. ____________.__________ SUBSCRIBE TO A LEGITIMATE CONCERN. HONEST TURF INFORMATION. AN HONEST, FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL IS ASSURED TO ALL OUR CLIENTS. EVERYBODY IS TREA1ED ALIKE. NO PARTIALITY— NO DISCRIMINATION. BONA FIDE, LEGITIMATE ... 1-. _ — TURF INFORMATION— NO GUESSWORK OR HANDICAPPING. " 1 fl iV ft . A. *ww 1 I A, a««av.« 1— f J TVT "| BTO Remit jr via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses Sf •*«* A a.%A,m, s£ *N ■ d£ M.K 1/11 PPJg within an hour. "Mv Same Speaks Aoiumes" "Tnrf Information of the Better Kind" .... 26 West 27th Street S3 DAILY— TWO HORSES DAILY— NEW YORK CITY -. .__-,_ J m / I -* 1AI1„ 0 ~~ nrn n York JOHN McAULIFFE and CO., 200 Broadway, New City ._--------------___-_------________-_.___. «, _ .. __»___„.a«_______». . —_—«__ _ Each and every person snbscrihing must receive a winuinc iay or their S3 or subscription will be continned. Horse re- "~~~ ______________m——-m_——mm——m—m—,—m.—m—m— ~~ mmm "** "* """ — leased must not be favorite, otherwise it will be counted as losing day. This is one place where you receive your service via ____________ ""— **""""**"*""""*"**"""— * "~~ "~"* "~" ~*— — — fast rush messages, either via Western Union or Postal Tele graph, one Lour after money arrives. tr~r VALENCE 0.72, .78, 3RD «rtl |H2l TALEQUA $ 7.56, .76, 2ND »Ch| | « |tt Lif -V /~* •% fU fl"V m -g -f -g #1/ SV DO WOT MISS TODAYS UIG PARLAY— EXPECT LIMIT PRICES -*■ M%A MaT 1 WV I I t -■■ I ■ % m * *. L W T A i| A ■- CL V 1 and. VI.VjV.V JL 1 jO lZ. * positively have no connections with any other firm in this line of business. SUBSCRIBE ! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! Out-of-town subscribers, go to your Western Union or Postal Telegraph office and rush your subscription. You have my word of honor to receive my service by telegram one hour after your money is received. Wire for a winning day. Office open all day. Address all communications to V7 L JACK CALLAHAN, 26 West 27th Street, Xew Tort City h, g 1tiript*C QIIPRFMF PI AM CLOCKER N. ROGERS OUrnCIYIL. ILrl-ll K0r Raie At An Newsstarids. For Sale At All Newsstands. TODAYS FREE COMB: ■ TODAYS EXTRA FREE CODE: FAIRMOUNT — Cuba -Wood -Wood. ■■■■■■■■■■HHBHHHnHnHBHnHHHi CHURCHILL DOWNS — June-17-12-23-12. THORNCLITFE— Asia-Balt-Rie*.

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