Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-01

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS, ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE1 2 TWO FOR «ECOND ONE FOR THIRD. BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS I Trockmon, W. A. Willig Lincoln Fields at Hawthorne Selections Made for Good Track jtACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST*"" PHAR LAP SWEEP "CXHfjJKNgtjjj 1 £iehTa.lent High Talent High Talent High Talent HIGH TALENT HIGH TALENT 27 f Maihigh Silver Ace Plavante Silver Ace Silver Ace Silver Ace 6 Kavante Plavante Maihigh Plavante Plavante Plavante 6 Grand Rush Imperial Jones Imperial Jones Imperial Jones Imperial Jones Imperial Jones 22 2 Imperial Jones Fergies Ariel Grand Rush Fergies Ariel Grand Rush Grand Rush * 11 Fergie s Ariel Grand Rush Gay Thorne Grand Rush Fergies Ariel Fergies Count _6 Trim Stepper £zizi Azizi Bolo Fancy Trim Stepper Aziz! Ti 3 Bolo Fancv Private Howie Brown Mask Azizi Azizi Trim Stepper EyerJPlving Ever Flving Ever Flying Trim Stepper Bolo Fancy Bolo Fancv I In the Bag IN THE BAG In the Bag CORNDODGER In the Bag In the Bag 24 4 Ru£hi=aS?et £?rn r SSPWSff In the Bag CornDod-er Corn Dodger 13 ChapeiBells Chapel Bells Chapel Bells Chapel Bells Tough Target Chapel Bells 4 Dimit Whvso DIMIT Dimit Dimit Di"mit 24 5 g°vtig Dimit Bolo Miss Whvso Rovtig Whvso 8 Donna Brand Day Rovtig Day Whvso Rovtig 5 6HidEiK!ter «and£andand !and£and?! Mv Night My Night - My Night 22 My Night Midnighter Midnighter Kona Wind Kona Wind Midnighter 1 1 Kona Wind Kona Wind Kona Wind Midnighter Midnighter Kona Wind 7 7 £°?PiP£AY Seventeen Guns Good Plav Good Plav Good Plav Good Play 22 / Bashful Duck Dr. Bones Bashful Duck Bashful Duck Seventeen Guns Seventeen Guns 8 _§eventeen Guns Toms Ladd Tom s Ladd Dr. Bones Bashful Duck Bashful Duck 7 Shin Plaster Burnine Sands Shin Plaster Shin Plaster Shin Plaster Shin Plaster 22 8 Hardwrack Shin Plaster Burning Sands West-Ho Burning Sands Burning Sands 10 I Tov Top Setose West-Ho Burning Sands Lactose West-Ho 3 Trackman, G. Peterson Churchill Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACETRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 12a»,Jav Epawav Epaway Epaway Minedda Epaway ~ 20 EdM EdM. Wonder Witch Ed M. Ed M. EdM 9 WonderWitch Minedda EdM. Orlando Girl Orlando Girl Minedda 6 Goblin Goblin Goblin Goblin Gadola Goblin 21 2 Fair Dreamer Advance Roll Fair Dreamer Gadola Fair Dreamer Gadola 8 Advance Roll . Jingle Jangle Gadola Jingle Jangle Goblin Fair Dreamer 6 Sun By SUN BY SUN BY Sun Bv SUN BY SUNBY~ 31 3 Hughie L. Early n Smart Spare the Rod Spare the Rod Court Flash Spare the Rod b Spare the Rod Spare the Rod Early n Smart Court Flash Moselem Court Flash 3 Teddy Junior Boat Man Teddy Junior Best Man Little Nip TeddvJunior 15 4 Boat Man TeddvJunior Boat Man TeddvJunior Boat Man Boat Man 11 Watch Andy Watch Andy Little Nip Miss Marianna Teddy Junior Little Nip 6 On-Your-Toes On-Your-Toes On-Your-Toes ON-YOUR-TOES On-Your-Toes On-Your-Toes 27 5 Sugar Chest Sugar Chest Drum Fire Sugar Chest Sugar Chest Sugar Chest 9 Darby Duluth Drum Fire Sugar Chest Drum Fire Darby Duluth Drum Fire 4 Be Faithful Be Faithful Be Faithful Be Faithful Be Faithful Be Faithful 25 6 Sandslinger Lady Kentucky Halcvette Lady Kentucky Ladv Kentucky Ladv Kentuckv 8 Ladv Kentucky Sandslinger Lady Kentucky Sandslinger Sandslinger Sandslinger 4 Fire Engine Fire Engine Fire Engine Fire Engine Fire Engine Fire Engine 25 7 Brown Mate Choppy Sea Choppy Sea Brown Mate Choppv Sea Brown Mate 7 Hopeful Reward Brown Mate Brown Mate Choppy Sea Brown Mate Choppy Sea 7 Sweepnack Sweepnack Sweeonack Sweepnack Sweepnack 27 8SWEEPNACK Expose Onemore Onemore Onemore Onemore Onemore 9 Onemore Expose Unbeliever Expose Expose Expose 5 Trackman, C J. Connors Jamaica Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENT IS 1/ Pretty Tiger Wise Sun Pretty Tiger Prettv Tiger Cabourg PrettvTigir- "~ilii 1 VViseSun Prettv Tiger Wise Sun Gallant Son Gallant Son Wise Sun 9 Gallant Son Cabourg Gallant Son Cabourg PrettyTiger Cabourg 7 Nanoo LuckvB. Turf R. Turf R. Liquid Lunch Turf R. 13 2 Gusher The Thane Napoo Liauid Lunch Turf R. Napoo 7 Lucky B. Turf R. TheThane Lucky Bud Reformatory Liquid Lunch 7 Stargazer Stargazer Georgie V. Stargazer Stargazer Stargazer " 22 3 Georgie V. Muv Triste Stargazer Georgie V. Georgie V. Georgie V. 12 Svengah Georgie iV. Muv Triste MuvTriste Muv Triste Muy Triste 5 Tambo Still Blue Tambo SKIN DEEP SkirfDeep Skin Deep 16 4 Ravenala Skin Deep Skin Deep Ravenala Tanjbo Tambo 13 Still Blue Tambo Still Blue Sirlette Ravenala Still Blue 7 One Ripple SUN LADY Sun Ladv Sun Ladv SUN LADY Sun Ladv 25 5 Segula Mahmoudess Segula Night Class Segula Segula 8 Sun Ladv Segula Night Class Segula Mahmoudess One Ripple 5 MOTIE BRAND Mountaineer Challenging Mountaineer Mountaineer Mountaineer 18 6 Challenging Challenging Mountaineer Challenging Challenging- Challenging 13 Mountaineer Motie Brand Thor Our Candidate Motie Brand Motie Brand 1 7 glazing Glory Blazing Glorv BLAZING GLORY Blazing Glory Blazing Glorv BLAZG GLORY 27 / Star of Padula Allessandro Allessandro Star of Padula Allessandro Allessandro 7 Honfleur Honfleur Star of Padula Allessandro Star of Padula Star of Padula 6 „ Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Good Track K__JTRACKMAN HAMMCaF ANALYST PHAR LAP - SWEEP_J CONSENSUS 1 Gene Chance High Priority High Priority High Priority High Priority High Priority 20 I Gali,een- Sir Bogie Galleen Galleen Galleen Galleen 8 Sir Bogie Gene Chance Shove Off Sir Bogie Sir Bogie Gene Chance 6 " 1 otoDwn WVr£"Dvl!n S,01??1 Hot Night Hot Night Hot Night f8 * nandSwhf Hot Night Wars-Dun Wars-Dun Mamve W. Wars-Dun 15 Hot Night Prince Rex Builder Builder Wars-Dun Mamve W. 4 3Abiel £bie* . Abiel Bob OSullivan ABIEL Abie~l 24 Pendragon Bob O Sullivan „. Bob OSullivan Abiel Bob OSullivan Bob OSullivan 11 Tintrel Pendragon Pendragon Tintrel Tintrel Pendragon 4 4?ica . 9ica . Gica Ararat Gica Gica - 0 Ararat Ararat Key Miss Key Miss Ararat Ararat Transfer Petes Best Ararat Transfire Transfer KeTMiss 4 PELOPS Pelops March Chick Peloos PELOPS 26 5PELOPS I Conquer I Conquer I Conquer Peloos I Conquer IConouer Friend or Foe March Chick Dancing Fire Dancing Fire Dancing Fire March Chick 6 Galactic Hornblende Hornblende Viva Teddy Galactic Hornblende Ifi 6 Hornblende Galactic Galactic Hornblende Hornblende Galactic 4 Viva Teddy _ Valdivia Viva Teddy Milcave Phantom Player Viva Teddy 7 7 l1??,,00131111 yaldj?a GobIin Valdina Goblin Valdina Goblin Valdina Haven Valdina Goblin" 22 / Flight Man Flight Man Valdina Haven Flight Man Valdina Gobi m ValdSI Haven 16 Valdina Haven Valdina Haven___FhgmMan Maryknoll Flight Man FlightMan 8 8 RKrSncXhere Ri£nW,here S* SOMEWHERE Risanda Some WheTi j~9 O iysa, naa ,, Risanda Some Where Risanda Some Where Risanda is Madame Mamie Pinna Care Janegri Janegri Pinna Care Pinna Care 2 Trackman, D. S. Fair Narragansett Park Selections Made for Fast Track jMCJEJTRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS British Warm British Warm Over Ice Over Ice Overlr Rvitish wa,-m T« 1 Sa,mHn? p1Rl Flaming High British Warm British Warm Britten Warm Overlce | Brandon Point Over Ice Flaming High Maeline FlajrhngHigh Flaming High 6 2Piamond Back Diamond Back Ebro Diego Red niPtm t?7h f»iorv7 r»„„i Ta Post £2*J3£?g War Style , Macks Dream Diego Red DiamondBack B ImondVk D efoRed f 2 Alfhangner Postwar Stvle Anna Mullen Alfhangrier Ebro 5 Mv Willow Gay Lighter Mv Willow Mv Willow Gav Lighter -Willow Mv 3 roxscene Fone slZn™ Gay Lighter Mv Willow" Ga Tighter VQ 6 5£!Pan Woodmere Foxscene Foxscene Foxscene 3 Tiny Sis Tinv Sis Tinv Sis Super Foot Runt* Pnot Tinv 5i = To 4 Back to Back Taking Ways Super Foot Tinv Sis TmvSis Suoei Foot 13 TalangWavs Super Foot Taking Ways Back to Back Taking Wavs Taking Wavs 5 WAR PAGE Evelyn Rolls War Page War Page War Pace War Pto %k 5 Evelyn Rolls . War Page Evelvn Rolls Evelyn Rolls Evelvn Rolls Evelvn Rolls Leo McLaughlin Dansation Leo McLaughlin Shoot to Boot Vim Leo McLaughlin 2 A ??rVl£noeJri* BOY ANGLER BOY ANGLER BOY ANGLER BOY ANGLER BOYANGLER 32 0 i„Bt?ode Air Brigade Air Brigade Roziante Air Brigade Air Brigade ■ CavatorU Roziante Henry Knight Double Feature Henry Knight Roziante 3 Brocade Fleet Oueen Fleet Oueen Fleet Oueen Fleet Oueen Fleet Oueen 20 7 Neaa1tK°emmUniQUe ££ Communique War Communique NeatKee Wa? Communique wlrCommunique 8 JNeat Kee Neat Kee Brocade Mouette Brocade Brocade 7 8Knitetta Dorothys Boy Conqueror IIT. Conqueror III Conoueror III Pononprnr ttt ~~ Dorothys Boy Maechance Alimony Kid Dorothys Boy Kmtetta KntteUa 9 Maechance Conqueror III. Knitetta Knitetta Maechance Dorothys Boy 9

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1940s/drf1945060101/drf1945060101_6_3
Local Identifier: drf1945060101_6_3
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