Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-21

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, W A. Willig Lincoln Fields at Hawthorne Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Country Butter Country Butter Flirtv Flirty Country Butter Country Butter 16 1 Narialet MobobMemo MobobMemo La Marie Flirty Flirtv 12 La Marie La Marie La Marie Country Butter La Marie La Marie 7 Judge Davey Little Bengy Judse Davey Little Bengy Caeright Judge Davev 14 2 Little Grif Kee-Ho Little Bengy Magna Ray Judge Davey Little Bengy 12 Sailin Judge Davey Magna Ray Judge Davey Sailin Caeright 5 Ilefetchit Silver Toy Gav Franka Ilefetchit GavFranka 13 3GayFranka Silver Toy Silver Toy GavFranka Silver Toy Valdina Bright Ilefetchit 11 Rose Cave Valdina Bright Snow Apple Ilefetchit Gay Franka Silver Toy 11 GemW. CRIMSON TIDE Gem W. GEM W. GEM W. 23 4GemW. Vinum Crimson Tide Vinum Crimson Tide Crimson Tide Crimson Tide 14 Crimson Tide Damie Gem W. Damie Vinum Vinum 5 David B. Jr. Hour Al HAVAHEART Fair Sand Havaheart 19 5HAVAHEART Fair Sand Havaheart David B. Jr. David B. Jr. Havaheart Fair Sand Liberty Pan Fair Sand Havaheart Fair Sand K. C. Gal David B. Jr. 9 Four Deep Four Deep Four Deep Four Deep Four Deep 21 6Diderod Fire Dust Fetchings Bar Diderod Diderod Fire Dust Diderod 10 Four Deep Fire Dust Fire Dust Valdina Maiden Diderod Fire Dust 6 DR. BONES Private Howie Dr. Bones Greville Dr. Bones 16 7Greville Dr. Bones Giant Princess Giant Princess Giant Princess Tensleep Greville 12 Tensleep Greville Dr. Bones Greville Dr. Bones Giant Princess 6 Nostradamus Big Brands Son New Glory Big Brands Son Sweet Helen Big Brands Son 12 8 Big Brands Son Nostradamus Valnor Lactose Nostradamus Nostradamus Valnor Lactose Sweet Helen Sweet Helen Valnor Sweet Helen j_ Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS LOVE PACT Above All Kona Wind Kona Wind Kona Wind Kona Wind 17 1 My Zaca Kona Wind Mr. Pharned Above All Above All Above All 9 Vinita Jack Love Pact Love Pact Mv Zaca My Zaca Love Pact 7 Scots Bill Scots Bill BOUNDRY LIGHT Diamond Dick Diamond Dick Scots Bill 14 2 Bayridge Diamond Dick Diamond Dick Scots Bill Scots Bill Diamond Dick 14 Wishihadagal Bayridge Bayridge Bayridge Bayridge Boundary Light 7 Markette Pere Markette Zaca Bill Zaca Bill Late Advice Zaca Bill 14 3Pere Late Advice Zaca Bill Bill Ross Late Advice Zaca Bill Late Advice 1 1 John Sabo Late Advice Late Advice Pere Markette Hyperhelio Pere Markette 11 Miss Flyer Yankee Notions BudB. Yankee Notions YAKEE NOTIONS YKEE NOTINS 20 4 Yankee Notions Ebony Bee Miss Flyer Miss Flyer Miss Fiver Miss Fiver 1 1 Routed Routed Yankee Notions Ebony Bee Red Meadow BudB. 5 Travel TRAVEL Tie Plate Odd Pair Odd Pair Travel 15 5 Odd Pair Tie Plate Travel Brushwood Boy Vinita Harvest Odd Pair 13 Vinita Harvest Odd Pair Vinita Harvest Travel Zora J. Tie Plate 7 Bold Question Alfhangrier Migration Bold Question Bold Question Bold Question 17 6 Alfhangrier Bold Question Alfhangrier Sweep Torch Gallant Hour . Alfhangrier 9 Sweep Torch Wise Chance Four Tens Four Tens Uhhuh Migration 5 Saku Saku Blenweed Blenweed Blenweed 16 7Blenweed Helen Ann Van Helen Ann Van Snappy Verse Valdina Rocket Snappy Verse Saku 10 Walloon Super Blenweed Super Super Helen Ann Van 4 Good Daughter Bonnie Andrew Kelsoride ELRAY Bonnie Andrew Bonnie Andrew 14 8 Bonnie Andrew Satin Nose Elrav Bonnie Andrew Satin Nose Elrav 7 Satin Nose Hopeful Reward Hopeful Reward Kelspride Good Daughter Good Daughter 6 Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSLS Menace Menace Grand World Menace Menace Menace 22 1 Break It Up Break It Up Menace Grand World Grand World Grand World 11 Grand World Grand World My Juliet Ben Hur Break It Up Break It Up 5 Gusher Reformatory Wise Bob Wise Bob Reformatory Wise Bob 12 2 War Dressing Gusher Gusher Gusher Wise Bob Gusher 1 1 Picket Line War Dressing Picket Line Reformatory War Dressing Reformatory 11 SirBluesteel Nordmeer Rollo Rollo Rollo 14 3Mateson Nordmere Rollo ■ Rollo Nordmeer Mateson Nordmeer 9 Fieldfare Mateson Sir Bluesteel Fieldfare Fieldfare Mateson 8 Grandpa Max Grandpa Max Grandpa Max GRANDPA MAX Grandpa Max GRANDPA MAX 27 4 Leeway Ruling Time Ruling Time Ruling Time Ruling Time Ruling Time 9 Ruling Time Dual Purpose Leeway Leeway Leeway Leeway 5 Mahmoudess MAHMOUDESS Psvchist Surosa Mahmoudess 14 5SUROSA Psvchist Turnplate Fire Eater Mahmoudess Psvchist Surosa 10 Callmenow Singing Bid Turnplate Come East Come East Psvchist 9 First Stage BAIL BOND First Stage Bail Bond BAIL BOND Bail Bond 20 6 War Trophy Thor Gallantry Hal War Trophy First Stage 10 Bail Bond Hal Thor Thor Hal War Trophy 4 Lucky B. Lucky B. Brenner Pass Lucky B. Rekrab Luckv B. 16 7 Rekrab Rekrab Rekrab Landslide Brenner Pass Rekrab 11 Landslide Brenner Pass Landslide Brenner Pass Lucky B. Brenner Pass 9 Peace Dust Peace Dust Sirlette Sirlette Still Blue Peace Dust 14 8 Sirlette Blustering Peace Dust Peace Dust Blustering Sirlette 12 Peppy Miss Still Blue Miss Winks Still Blue Peppy Miss Still Blue 7 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS" Cross Gene Chance Tiger Age Blue Cross Blue Cross Blue Cross 15 IBlue Jack Madigan Tiger Age Johns Galla Tiger Age Jeanavie Gene Chance 6 Stormy Bill Jack Madigan Valdina Haven Valdina Haven Gene Chance Tiger Age 6 Spin Along Gay Brigadier Caesar B. Caesar B. Caesar B. Caesar B. 11 2 Gay Brigadier Caesar B. MamveW. Tennessee Maid TenneseeMaid Gay Brigadier 8 Tennessee Maid Tennessee Maid Amperage Spin Along Gay Brigadier Spin Along 6 Big Party Tro.ian Fleet Sheltie Big Party Big Party Big Party 17 3 Tro.ian Fleet Burning Twig Big Party Tro.ian Fleet Tro.ian Fleet Tro.ian Fleet 12 Burning Twig High Boss Troian Fleet Sea Raft Burning Twig Sheltie 5 We Hail Neat and Tidy Neat and Tidy We Hail We Hail We Hail 15 4 Well Repaid DollvVarden Cellarette Neat and Tidy Neat and Tidy Neat and Tidy 14 Big Three Pelops Big Three East Cellarette Cellarette 3 New Moon New Moon Hasteville New Moon New Moon New Moon 20 5 George Case Skvtracer Black Gang Black Gang Black Gang Black Gang 7 Hasteville Black Gang Quarter Moon Skvtracer Nances Ace Hasteville 6 Legend Bearer Legend Bearer LEGEND BEARER LEGEND BEARER Legend Bearer LEGEND BEAR 29 6 Silver Smoke Silver Smoke Bertie S. Silver Smoke Silver Smoke Silver Smoke 8 Bertie S. Bertie S. Dare Me Bertie S. Bertie S. Bertie S. 7 JOHNNIE J. JOHNNIE J. Flemingsburg Johnnie J. JOHNNIE J. Johnnie J. 27 Guerrilla Satin Cap Satin Cap Son of Heels Satin Can Satin Cap 8 Satin Cap Guerrilla Johnny J. Satin Cap Son of Heels Flemingsburg 5 Lad v Divine Court Blenheim Court Blenheim Court Blenheim Morocco Sir Court Blenheim 19 Court Blenheim Morocco Sir Traction Morocco Sir Court Blenheim Morocco Sir 9 Traction Sea Command Miss Lovable Lady Divine Sea Command Lady Divine 6 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS S. Grier S. S. Grier Noahvale S. S. Grier S. S.Grier S. S. Grier 20 IS. Wise Father Wise Father Wise Father Wise Father Jack Rubens Wise Father 9 Noahvale Jack Rubens Supreme Ideal Supreme Ideal Wise Father Noahvale 6 Dibber Dibber Dibber Dibber Dibber DIBBER 25 Reclamation Nats Reward Reclamation Nats Reward Reclamation Reclamation 7 Night Wave Night Wave Curlev Ace Reclamation Nats Reward Nats Reward 5 Banish Ruth Turkey Feather Turkey Feather Turkey Feather Light Tyrant Turkey Feather 18 3 Turkey Feather Light Tyrant Banish Ruth Light Tyrant Banish Ruth Banish Ruth 11 Light Tyrant Banish Ruth Bridle Bar Banish Ruth Turkey Feather Light Tyrant 10 SHIPS CAPTAIN Ships Captain Harrier Ships Captain Ships Captain Ships Captain 24 4 Danny J. Harrier Ships Captain Danny J. Harrier Harrier 11 Harrier Danny J. Ramoiac Harrier Danny J. Danny J. 6 Leo McLaughlin LEO McLAUGHLIN LEO McLAUGHLIN EBRO Leo McLaughlin Leo McLaughlin 25 5 Ebro Templet Gypster La Scala Ebro Ebro 12 Templet Ebro Templet Leo McLaughlin Templet Templet 5 Windward Isle Stargoo Credentials Stargoo Ksar of Audley Stargoo 14 6 Ksar of Audley Cake Gravy Stargoo Cake Gravy Stargoo Ksar of Audlev 9 Credentials Ksar of Audley Cake Gravy Ksar of Audley Cake Gravy Credentials 6 Chow Chow YGun Chow Val Victory Chow 16 7 Single Up Val Victory Val Victory Daisy Lee Daisy Lee Val Victory 11 Val Victory Single Up Daisy Lee Val Victory Chow Daisy Lee 5 Pumpgun Pumpgun High Plaid Pumpgun PUMPGUN Pumpgun 22 I0 X Valdina Joe Valdina Joe Rose-Red Valdina Joe Valdina Joe Valdina Joe 8| Affair Affair Kates Silver Materialize Affair High Plaid 5

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