Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1946-06-06

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, L. S. Meen Lincoln Fields at Hawthorne Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Marie Olvmpia Marie Olvmnia Marie Olvmoia Mordecai As Bold Marie Olvmuia 15 1 Lucky Ann Grand Ladv Grand Ladv As Bold Luckv Ann Mordecai 8 GrandLadv Mordecai Mordecai Grand Ladv Mordecai As Bold 7 BIG CASINO BIG CASINO Bitt Casino Bie Casino Bit? Casino BIG CASINO 29 2 Masico Lad Masico Lad Masico Lad Masico Lad Masico Lad Masico Lad 10 ■ Mayor Leo Mayor Leo Mayor Leo Some Horse Mayor Leo Mayor Leo 4 Intrieuinar Comelately INTRIGUING Suffice Intrieuine 19 3IntrUruinsr Comelatelv Comelatelv Aerial Gunner Comelatelv Intriguine Comelatelv 12 Suffice Suce Suffice Aerial Gunner Comelatelv Suffice 8 Ranahead Captain Abbot Ranahead Wevnot Al Ranahead 18 4Ranahead De Brand Wevnot Al Wevnot Al Wevnot Al Ranahead Wevnot Al 12 Wevnot Al De Brand Ranahead Liteco Captain Abbot Captain Abbot 6 Suoerwolf Superwolf Superwolf Suoerwolf Superwolf 25 5Superwolf Disdomo CidPlav Manneauin Eternal Reward Manneauin Manneauin 6 Manneauin Manneauin Disdomo Disdomo Disdomo Disdomo 5 Handy Lad HandvLad HANDY LAD HandvLad HANDY LAD HandvLad 27 6 Rush Act Valdina Date Valdina Date Valdina Date Valdina Date Valdina Date 9 Valdina Date Rush Act Old Silk Old Silk Old Silk Rush Act 3 Real Short Real Short Devalue Ouizzle Devalue Real Short 14 7 What Nisrht Lost and Found Real Short Devalue Real Short Devalue 13 Pink Devil Devalue Sugar Man Sugar Man Sugar Chest Quizzle 5 Red Ted Fighting Mac Fighting Mac Latent Fighting Mac Fighting Mac 17 8 Rose Cave Rose Cave Red Ted Red Ted Echo Beach Red Ted 10 Fighting Mac Red Ted Echo Beach Fighting Mac Bolo Fancv Latent 5_ Trackman, D. S. Fair Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Snaopy Verse Fly Whisk Notforme Snappy Verse Notforme 13 INotforme Ecomodate Notforme Ecomodate Snaopv Verse Flv Whisk Snappy Verse 13 Fannie Mac Fly Whisk Snappy Verse Fly Whisk Notforme Fly Whisk 9 Regularity Mv Margie Regularity Regularity Regularity Regularity 22 2 My Margie Regularity Holiday Humor Mv Margie Mv Margie Mv Margie 12 Miss Pietv Miss Pietv My Margie Bull Dog Miss Miss Piety Miss Pietv 3 First Charles Brvce Charles Brvce Charles Brvce Charles Brvce Charles Brvce 21 3Mandas Dot O Dash Astound Mandas First Mandas First Mandas First Mandas First 12 Charles Bryce Mandas First Dot O Dash Dot O Dash Astound Dot O Dash 4 Royal Red RovalRed RovalRed Roval Red Roval Red 25 4RovalRed BillG. FavFoo BillG. BillG. Bill G. BillG. 9 Vice Admiral Bill G. Cvclorama Cvclorama Fay Foo FavFoo 3 Tiger Express Niecesue Tiger Express CindvLee Red Torch Tiger Express 12 5 Red Torch Cindv Lee Riskaire Tiger Express Riskaire Red Torch 10 Cindy Lee Red Torch Red Torch Red Torch Gypsy Lea Cindy Lee 8 Ariel Ace ARIEL ACE ARIEL ACE ARIEL ACE ARIEL ACE ARIEL ACE 33 6 Gregalach Gregalach Gregalach High Ego River Pat Gregalach 8 High Ego High Ego High Ego Gregalach Gregalach High Ego 5 SEE D. See D. See D. Anthem Tit Tat Toe See D. 20 7 TuevTov Tit Tat Toe Anthem Tit Tat Toe SeeD. Tit Tat Toe 9 Anthem Valdina Stvle Memphis Bud See P. Anthem Anthem 9 Hefti Harris HarvAethel Donafel Graustark Harv Aethel 10 8HarvAethel Ski Dad Donafel Javakav Graustark Hefti Harris Donafel 10 Donafel Graustark Donafel Ski Dad Donafel Graustark 8 Trackman, C. J. Connors Aaueduct at Belmont Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Butchie Butchie Butchie BUTCHIE BUTCHIE 27 IButchie Run Ladv Run Ladv MonTeak Marseilles Run Ladv Run Ladv 6 Mon Teak Honour Student Swift Town MonTeak Mon Teak MonTeak 5 rset SURIBACHI Dollv Zac Suribachi Ladv Dell Suribachi 14 2C" r - Zac Transair Suribachi Colorset Fames Bid Colorset 10 Dell Colorset Colorset Dollv Zac Colorset Dolly Zac 8 3r -d Shirt Black Ned Fieldfare Boiled Shirt Black Ned Black Ned 13 School Fieldfare Abidale Black Ned Fieldfare Fieldfare 11 are Night Porter Black Ned Fieldfare Abidale Boiled Shirt 10 vsGirl Frank Hunter Frank Hunter JudvsGirl Jet Plane Frank Hunter 11 4 Rinarose Ice Ladv Ice Ladv Rinarose Isatin JudvsGirl 10 Chance Morn Cold Rav Chance Morn Ice Ladv Frank Hunter Jet Plane 5 Pelure Pelure Pelure Pelure Pelure Pelure 25 5 Viola Singsong Imperil Viola Singsong Viola 4 Bee Ann Mac Stage Mother Stage Mother Jonell C. Bee Ann Mac Singsong 4 SEA BEES Burning Dream Terse Sea Bees Burning Dream Burning Dream 15 6 Harvard Sauare Terse Burning Dream Burning Dream Harvard Sauare Sea Bees 9 Burning Dream Harvard Sauare Harvard Sauare Harvard Sauare Terse Terse 8 Uncle Mac Daralet DARALET FIRST PEBBLE Daralet Daralet 20 7 Daralet First Pebble Meltonian Uncle Mac Uncle Mac Uncle Mac 10 GaJlayant Uncle Mac Prop Girl Daralet Prop Girl First Pebble 9 Sea Convov Rath Ronan Rath Ronan Rath Ronan Sea Convov Rath Ronan 15 8 Babv Edith Babv Edith Chance Mate Sea Convov Babv Edith Sea Convov 12 Ronrev Ronrev Precious Years Babv Edith Precious Years Babv Edith 7 Trackman, A. E. Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Sunshade Haopv Pat Happy Pat Happy Pat On March Happy Pat 19 1 Happv Pat Xcitable Johnstown Kid Sunshade HappvPat Sunshade 7 Xcitable On March Gay Marine On March Sure Sleepy On March 7 Best Model Ladv Caids Best Caids Best Blue Wise Caids Best 15 2Caids Blue Wise Blue Wise Freebov Freebov Neat Kee Blue Wise 10 Maeline Neat Kee Royal Silver Blue Wise Royal Silver Model Ladv 5 Mac Fetchit Mac Fetchit Mac Fetchit Mac Fetchit Mac Fetchit 22 3Aghadee Mac Fetchit Romanticist Boxie Aghadee Little Soookv Aghadee 7 Little Spooky Little Spooky Little Spooky Little Spooky Romanticist Little Soookv 6 Chance Sord Maximont Maximont Ladvs Orphan Ladys Orphan Ladvs Orphan 14 4 Maximont Chance Sord Ladvs Orphan Shoot to Boot Maximont Maximont 14 Ladvs Orphan Ladvs Orphan Tyrone Tyrone Shoot to Boot Chance Sord 7 Heatwave Can Double Can Double Heat Wave HEATWAVE Heat Wave 21 5 Can Double Heat Wave Heat Wave Decision Ouillon Can Double 13 Four Queens Ouillon Quillon Lost Gold Can Double Ouillon 4 Spangled Game SPANGLED GAME Spangled Game SPANGLED GAME Spangled Game SPGLED GAME 29 6 Adonis Float Me Float Me St. Jock Adonis Adonis 5 Gothic Adonis Gothic Chuck Gothic Float Me 4 Discouraged HER REPLY Speed Up Speed Ud Her Reply 15 7HerRenlv Ho Hum Ho Hum Ho Hum Discouraged Her Reply Speed Up 10 Discouraged Her Reply Discouraged Ho Hum Discouraged Discouraged 10 TURNTABLE Turntable Turntable Turntable Turntable Turntable 27 8 Sweeonack Roman Abbot Crab Apple Texalite Roman Abbot Roman Abbot 5 Texalite Sweeonack Roman Abbot Crab Apple Crab Apple Crab Apple 4 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Tintarv Tintary Tintarv Tintarv Tintarv 25 ITintary DamionsMaid DamionsMaid Mar.iorieT. DamionsMaid DamionsMaid DamionsMaid 9 Spanish Point Mar.iorie T. DamionsMaid Mar.iorieT. Mar.iorie T. Mar.iorieT. 5 0berod Oberod Princess Eire Oberod Oberod Oberod 22 2 Devil Mav Care Devil May Care Oberod Devil Mav Care Devil May Care Devil Mav Care 8 Our Louise Princess Eire Roses Are Red Annieopsauotch Princess Eire Princess Eire 7 Lad Arden Lad Sunset Bay Rough Ordv Rough Ordv Rough Ordv 14 3Arden Rough Ordy Rough Ordy Arden Lad Static Sunset Bay Arden Lad 13 Sunset Bay O. K. Ruby Good Cross Arden Lad O. K. Ruby Sunset Bav 8 Easy Chair Easy Chair Tumble Boy Tumble Bov Tumble Bov Tumble Bov 18 4 Tumble Boy Mend Easy Chair Easv Chair Easy Chair Easy Chair 16 Sea Pilot Tumble Bov Sir Echo Sir Echo Sir Echo Sir Echo 3 Beaus Nurse LadvHairan Pelops LadvHairan Pelops LadvHairan 15 5 LadvHairan Pelops Blue Cross Blue Cross LadvHairan Pelops 12 Nita Jean Beaus Nurse Lady Hairan Beaus Nurse Blue Cross Beauts Nurse 7 WAR TROPHY WAR TROPHY WAR TROPHY WAR TROPHlr WAR TROPHY WAR TROPHY 35 6 Prefect Service Pilot Service Pilot Prefect Prefect Prefect 8 Zax Prefect Prefect Zax Zax Service Pilot 4 Midnight Oil Hippodrome Midnight Oil Midnight Oil Midnight Oil Midnight Oil 21 7 Lion Rampant Lion Rampant Flash Burn Lion Rampant Lion Rampant Lion Rampant 9 Battle Born Midnight Oil Lion Rampant Battle Born Battle Born Hippodrome 5 Connachta Connachta Walloon Connachta Connachta Connachta 22 8 Court Blenheim Walloon Connachta Walloon Walloon Walloon 11 OurBlen Court Blenheim OurBlen Court Blenheim OurBlen Court Blenheim 4

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