Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1952-05-21

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A A. Lady— 1st LP Abbys Rhymer — 1st Suf Ada C— 1st Bel Aileens Pride — 4th Suf Alot o Laker-4th Suf Althor— 3d Suf Always Argue — 3d G.S Always Home — 8th G.S Annar — 2d Suf Anxious — 2d L J? Apache Lady — 5th Suf Apachio — 8th G.S A-Pacopep — 4th G.S Armagh — 5th Bel Atom Ride— 6th Suf Atomic Energy — 10th LP Assignment — 6th Bel Avonwood — 3d Bel Aware — 8th Bel B Baby Rounders — 1st G.S Bakers Raider — 1st G.S Balsa — 7th Suf Banned Baby — 5th G.S Bargain Buyer — 2d Suf Basis — 6th Suf Bat Girl— 8th LJ1 Beaming Light— 6th Suf Beautiful Jane — 5th Suf Beda Bull — 6th Suf Bella Figurar— 7th LP Benjomike — 3d Suf Bentrovato — 7th Bel Besita — 7th Bel Best Array — 1st LP Best Doings — 4th LP Biddy Jane — 6th G.S Big Buster — 10th LP Big Elm— 9th.LP Bigdome — 7th G.S Bill Twig— 1st LP Bloom— 6th LP Blue Josie — 4 th G.S Bold Brennan — 2d Suf Bold Leader— 3d Suf Bombazine — 3d G.S Bon Victoire — 7th Suf Boo Boo Shoo — 4th LP Boomer — 5 th LP Boss Bennie — 3d Suf Boss H. — 9th Suf Brave Bim — 2d Bel Break Thru— 1st LP Brown Hazel — 1st Bel Bull Miss— 7th Bel Bully Bunting— 2d Bel Burts Reward— 8th G.S Byng — 3d Bel C Cajole — 6th G.S Can Locate — 8th LP Chaitrick — 3d Suf Champion Buddy — 2d Suf Charm Prince — 9th Suf Chicle H.— 7th G.S Chief Anderson — 1st LP ChinaDoll— 6th G.S Closed Door— 5th Bel Cloudy— 5th Suf Cobber — 4th G.S Coincident — -lth Suf Colymbuand — 5th Bel Comeallye-— 1st Suf Common Cause — 5th Bel Convert— 2d G.S Copete — 10th LP Corsican Lass — 1st G.S Countess Jane — 6th G.S Cross Wise — 6th Suf Cuddlesome — 10th LP Custody — 2d Suf Cyclist— 8th Suf D Dance Band — 6th Suf Dance Nsing— 5th LP Dans Chance — 3d Bel Dark Peter — 6th Bel Dawn o Peace — 9th Suf Delegate — 6th Bel Demon — 1st Suf Direct Mister — 7th Bel Docedoe — 1st Bel Dont Argue — 6th G.S Dot H.— 2d Suf Dress Affair— 2d Bel Dry Run — 8th LP E Eagles Gold — 3d Bel East Bay— 3d G.S Easter Island — 5 th Suf Effie W.— 6th LP Emardee — 6th G.S Enthused— 8th Suf Eraser — 7th Bel Eternal Great — 2d G.S Eternal Moon— 7th LP Experimental — 8th LP Experimentum — 1st Suf F F. O. Bee — 3d LP Fair Self— 7th Bel Fancy Flyer — 4th Bel -Fancy Step — 7th LP Fast Buck— 3d LP Fenelow — 6th Suf Fern Gold— 2d G.S Ferry Pilok-9th LP Fiddlers Choice — 3d Bel Fighting Fleet — 7th G.S Fighting Home — 5th Suf Fighting Lark— 4th G.S Fighting Marge — 10th LP Fighting Tiger— 2d LP First Glance— 6th Bel First Security — 1st LP First Spur — 1st G.S Flash of Light — 1st Suf -Flirtatious — 6th G.S. Fox Run— 5th G.S Foxlets — 3d Suf Fraud— 5th Suf Fred G. — 9th Suf Free and Equal — 8th LP Free Camp— 2d Bel French Room — 6th G.S Friendly Sands — 3d Suf G Gallalad— 2d G.S Gee Whiz— 2d Suf Giggle — 5th G.S Gigolo — 5th G.S Give — 6th G.S Gifted Boots— 4th Suf Gillie Young — 4th Bel Glen Esk— 5th G.S Go Between — 7th G.S Golden Meteor — lstG.S . Gondolier— 7th Bel Gosh OMighty — 6th LP Graduate--lst G.S Gray Chief — 3d Suf Great Whirl— 2d G.S Grumpito — 7th Bel H Hadapast — 3d Bel Hair Stylist— 9th Suf Haltom— 5th LP Happy East — 4th LP Harbil— 4th LP Haywbrthy — 2d Bel Heavenly Hash— 8th LP Hedgebill— 6thLP Hero— 3d Bel •High Hunch— 1st Suf Highest Star— 1st Suf Highquillo — 8th Bel Hiya-Sailor — 4th Bel Hobad— 2d LP Hopeful Sue — 1st G.S Hopeido— 6th LP Hunter F.— 9th LP Hybpolis — 9th Suf I I Salute— 6th G.S Ice Cap— 3d Suf Icy Ethel— 2d G.S Imperial Rock — 10th LP Insinuation— 8th Suf Insist — 10th LP Ispahan — 1st Suf J Jack Fusano — 1st LP Janes Gal — 2d LP Jet Raider — 1st G.S Jimmy Vincent — 10th LP Joannys Jill— 1st G.S Joggins — 9th LP John Joseph — 4th Bel Johns Admiral— 2d G.S Joseph Brant— 3d Bel Jumbo — 6 th Bel Just Eight — 1st LP K Kadikoi — 1st G.S Katama— 5 th LP Kays Children— 4th Bel King Clover — 7th G.S King Jolie — 5th Bel L Lady Like — 1st G.S Last Brigade — 2d G.S Late Model— 6th GJ5 Le Faune — 3d Bel Lets Run — 1st LP Linky thorn — 8th Bel Little Aud — 2d Suf Little Hope — 9th Suf Long Bow — 7th G.S Lot OHoney— 6th G.S Luckey Bull— 5th Bel Lucky Lady — 2d G.S Lumena — 10th LP Lunation — 7th Suf Lustrino — 4th Suf M Mad Again — 6th Suf Mae West— 1st Bel Mah Heavens — 2dG.S Mais Boy— 8th LP March Again — 3d G.S Marie Eileen— 5th LP Marine Charger — 3d Suf Marked Game — 1st G.S Marthas Wave— 7th Suf Mattafor— 2d LP McGrathiana — 7th LP Mello Jack— 3d LP Mesl— 2dSuf Methuselah — 1st Bel Militant Lady— 2d G.S Mio Isle — 1st LP Miss Edinburg— 6th LP Miss O. J. B.— 10th LP Mirthful-lstBel Mission — 7th Bel Mixture — 5 th Bel Mona J. — 3d Suf Moola — 1st LP Moseid — 7th Bel Mr.Dude— 5th LP Mr. F. — 4th Suf Mr. Nealie — 4th LP Mucho Manana — 10th LP Muily S.— 7th G.S Muzzle — 8th G.S My Henny— 6th LP My Ruthie — 6th Suf Myeerah — 3d Suf N Nante-Glo— 6th LP Narcissus — 9th LP New Stream— 3d LP Nicely Nicely— 4th Suf Nobility— 5th LP Nola Hash— 7th Suf North Clark — 1st Suf Northern Star — 6th Bel Not Rushin — 6th LP Novel Request — 8th Bel Nullify— 6th Bel O Ocean Play — 1st Suf OGive— 9th LP mi -I Ji 11 fi 1 2 t * r Orbit— 2d Suf Oriental — 3d G.S Osculady— 9th LP Our Beauty— 7th LP Our John Wm. — 7th Bel Our Town— 3d G.S P Pacific Bound — 7th Suf Pacol— 7th Suf Paddock Kitten — 1st G.S Paddy Lane — 6th Suf Paralyte — 3d LP Peach Bud — 4th Suf Peneleos— -1st G.S Perfect Bahram — 3d Suf Petite Lassie— 6th G.S Pharas Beauty— 4th G.S Pines of Rome — 7th LP Pink Gin— 5th Suf Pirate Jean--8th Suf Plucky Prince — 1st LP Plucky Willie— 8th Suf Poignancy — 10th LP Polhill— 9th LP Prescott — 10th LP Prince Chalkie— 7th Suf Princess Ann — 6th LP Princess Hope— 6th Suf Prompt Boy — 3d Suf Pueblo Pride--9th Suf Punster— 1st LP Q Question Eight — 8th G.S Quiz Master — 5th G.S R Ranch House— 7th Suf Rare.Devil — 4 th Suf Raton — 1st Suf Red Charger— 7th LP Reduce— 3d Bel Riccb — 2d G.S Ringgoldian— 2d Bel Rissas Son— 2d G.S Rodger Joe — 6th Suf Rose King — 8th Suf Royal Castle — 8th Bel Rozs Star— 2d Bel Roundeleer— 1st LP Roy O. — 1st LP S Saxon Charm — 6th LP Seabrook— 4th Suf Seamans Pal — 10th LP Shine Moon — 8th Suf Shotral— 4th LP Signior — 10th LP Silver Skipper — 1st Suf Sir Flint— 2d Suf Six-Three-Four— 3d LP Sky Tiger— 2d LP Sleek Hand — 1st LP Snatched — 9th LP So There— 2d LP Some Bid— 9th LP Sonatine — 3d Bel Square Dancer— 3d GJS Squared Away — 6th Bel Spring Morn— 1st G.S Spudder — 6th Suf Star Prince — 3d Suf Star Z.— 2d G.S Stepf ar— 1st Bel Sticker — 2d Suf Stradivarius — 3d Bel Stuyvesant — 7th LP Subjective— 3d LP Sun Halo — 5th Suf Sun Rusher — 6th Suf Sweet Butter— 2d G.S Sweet Naomi — 4th Bel Sweet Seeley— 2d LP Sweet Sigrid — 8 th Suf T Tangent— 10th LP Taran — 8th Bel Tarport Kid— 8 th G.S Tea-Maker— 6th Bel Thank You Sir— 8th LP Thaxter— 3d LP The Eagle— 5th G.S The Wench— 1st Bel Theo — 1st LP Thief— 3d Bel Thru Way— 3d G.S Tiger Jay — 1st G.S Tom Ferris — 2d Suf Top Honors— 2d Suf Toquila— 2d Bel -Town Sheik— 8th G.S Tus One— 8th G.S Tubby B. — 2d Suf Tuned Up — 1st Suf Twintone — 7th Suf y TJla— 2dG.S Unequal — 10th LP Unification— 7th G.S , Usual — 5th Suf V Valdor— 7th Bel Versatile-i-10th LP Virginia R. W. — 2d Suf W War-Aster — 1st Bel War Blues— 1st Suf War Raider— 1st LP Warup— 5th G.S, Waif camp — 7th Suf Warpath— 5 th Bel Warrens Gray — 5th Suf Whilaron — 4thG.S Wise Idea— 4th G.S Wise Mike— 8th G.S Wise Scholar— 6th G.S X Xmas Chimes — 2d LP j Z Zanella — 1st Suf 1 if 1 . cr-u 6 U A « ili I

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