Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1955-05-02

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A I phd bet i call n d ex t o E n t r i e s A Abesbus — 4th Suf Acefull— 6 th Bel Advice — 5th Lrl Affrighted— 6th Bel Agrah— 9th Suf Ahsa Beauty— 1st Spt Air Colonel — 7th Lrl Air Pine — 7th CD Airpe — 6th CD Allf prever — 1st CD Andrew J. — 4th Spt Angel Slipper — 8th Suf Angels Doll— 3d Spt Anivram — 1st CD Annjowett — 1st CD Apasay — 7th Spt Ardennes — 5th Bel Ardette — 1st Lrl Argufy — 1st Spt Ariel Sweep — 1st Suf Aris Setup — 2d Spt Armed Bandit — 1st Suf Armored Jet — 4th Lrl Atomic Kiss — 1st Suf Attention Sir — 8th Suf B Babcba — 1st CD Bakers Raider — 1st Lrl Balas Gem — 7th CD Bardasue — 4th Suf Baritone Bob — 8th Bel Barlboud — 4th Suf Barrington — 3d CD Barshoe — 7 th CD Battle Oath— 1st Bel Battle Wave— 7th Lrl Bayou Rose — 2d Spt Beadah — 3d CD Beautiful Vine — 2d CD Bee Lee Tee — 6th CD Beebeedashea — 9th Lrl Belboots— 1st CD Bermuda Lily — 5th Suf Bete Noir— 8th Lrl i *Betsann — 5th Bel Betey Ann— 2d Suf Bettys Beauty — 6th Spt Big Force— 4th Lrl Big Question— 1st Spt Big Result— 7th CD Bismarck-— 2d C JD Black Homburg — 3d Suf BJackabout — 5th Bel i Blackamoor — 2d Spt Blenmint — 8th Lrl Blue Award — 5th Spt Blue Jack— 8th Lrl Blue Licks — 5th Spt Blue Scamp — 8th Lrl Blue Skies — 4th CJD Blue Whiz Kid— 9th Lrl Bobs Cash — 3d Spt Bofaye — 1st Spt Bogan — 8th CJD Bold Man— 6th Bel Boling Polly— 8th CJD Bolo Flyer— 2d C JD BonZevial — 3d Spt Bonnie Inez — 1st Spt Bookmobile — 2d C JD Bootlet — 2dBel Bouncing Bern — 2d Spt Brisuet — 6th Bel Brooky— 5th Spt Brother Ghost — 1st Lrl Bubola Mowlee — 9th Lrl Buck n Gee — 7th Lrl Bunker— 8th CD Burnt Throat — 2d Suf Burstin Bubble — 1st Spt Buster Jim— 7th Spt Busy Evening — 8th Suf Buy Bookie — 2d CJD • Buzz A Bit— 8th Suf C Cadence Count — 3d Lrl Call the King — 4th Lrl Campesino — 1st Spt Cant Resist — 8th Spt Carlo C— 2d CD Carolyn L. — 1st CD Cebette— 5th CD Charing Ray — 9th Lrl Charon — 2d CJD Che Rica — 1st Bel Cherry Nell— 3d Suf - Chips Floppy — 5th Spt Cocoa Al — 7th Spt Codomo — 4th Bel Cold Command — 6th Bel Colonels Lady — 3d CD Colorado Fox — 8th Spt Comets Glow — 6th Bel Coosawatchie — 5th Bel Corpy— 3d CD Could Surprise — 5th Suf County Cal — 2d Spt Cousin George— 3d Suf Cow Catcher— 5th Suf Cribbage— 4th Suf Cullerton — 6th Spt Cupola Cast — 1st Spt Curtain Raiser — 5th CD D Dainty Dancer — 3d Suf DAmaso— 2d Bel Damelot— 6th Bel Dandy Dan — 2d Bel Darcy— 3d Lrl Dark Destroyer — 5th Lrl Dark Embassy— 7th CD Darlin Wife— 5th Bel Dawty— 1st Suf Dear Sandy — 2d Spt December King — 3d Lrl • Dee Mee Dee— 4th Spt Dello — 2d Spt Demosth enes II. — 7th Spt Deodend— 4 th Spt Desesong — 4 th Lrl Devils ATerso-r-Sth Dai . i Direct Tint— 5ilr8pt £* 0Os Dixie Spy — 6th Spt Doctor Dick — 2d Lrl Dog Goya— 8th CD Double Prophet — 3d CD Dream of Glory — 6th Bel Driving Easy— 3d Suf Dry Martini— 4th Suf Dutch Gal — 4th Bel Dynamite B. — 1st Lrl E. Eagle Bound— 3d Suf Eland— 1st Lrl En Rapport — 6th Lrl . Equableu — 7th Bel Equimore — 6th Spt Errolford— 3d Bel Espedeco — 7th CD Eternal Fan — 2d Suf Eternal Moon — 7th Spt Eternal Quest — 5th Lrl. Eternal Shock— 5th CD Eternal Son— 3d Bel Evelyn Miss — 4th Lrl F Faces East— 8th CD • Fair Bet — 1st Lrl Fairiam — 1st Lrl - ~— Faithliner— 4th Spt Fan Flight— 7th Spt Far Sail— 5th CD Farcuerette — 6th CD Fast Charger — 7th Suf Feb— 3d Spt Fiddlin Mac— 2d Spt Fierce — 6th Lrl Fighting Low — 1st Suf Fighting Whiz— 4th. CD First Aid— 6th Bel First One — 8th Suf Five Aucs — 2d Suf Fleet Chief— 1st CD Flo D.— 2d Spt Flying Bry— 5th Spt Flying Pole — 8th Bel Flying Redbird — 3d CD Forever More — 2d CD Four Chances — 5th Lrl Free Will— 9th Suf Freedom Won — 5th Lrl French Brew — 4th Lrl Frimaco — 5th Suf Fullopep — 3d Spt Futuresque — 7th Suf G Gaidar— 6th Bel Galligaskin — 2d CD Gallito— 7th Lrl Gammaw — 6th Spt Garb— 7th Bel Gay Broadway — 4th Spt Gay Spree — 1st Suf Gefion — 2d Spt General Goya — 3d Suf Geneva — 5th Spt Genie Boy — 9th Suf Get Lost— 9th Lrl Ghibli— 1st Suf Ginger Boots — 9th Suf Ginny Gande — 2d Suf Giorgetti — 5th Lrl Gleaming Doll — 2d Spt Golden Blade — 1st Bel Golden Vale — 2d Lrl Goldnose — 2d CD Good Times — 4th CD Gravy Boat— 5th Spt Gray Desert — 5th CD Great Arturo — 1st Bel Grecian Queen — 7th Bel Greek Heir — 3d Lrl Grey Slipper — 5th Bel H Happy Rhythm — 2d Lrl Hardwicke — 2d CD Harlan Town — 1st CD Hasty Hank — 2d Spt Hatfield— 6th Suf Hearts Content — 1st Spt Here Me— 2d Lrl Heros Queen — 2d Suf Hidi-Ann — 1st Bel High Traffic— 2d Lrl Hit Me— 3d Spt Home First— 5th Suf Home Fleet— 6th Suf Homely Duchess — 1st Bel Hot Penny— 9th Lrl Hula Hula— 5th Bel I Im Expectin — 8th Bel Imp in Rompers — 1st Lrl . In the Market — 1st Lrl Indictment — 4th Lrl Informer — 6th Suf Inneskillen — 3d Lrl Intencion — 7th Bel Interval— 2d Bel Intheswim— 1st Lrl J Jack Kenny — 8th Lrl Janes Gal — 8th Spt Jazerant— 2d Lrl Jersey Devil — 2d Lrl Jet Fleet— 7th CD Joanns Boots — 1st Lrl Jofield— 2d Lrl Jump Tune — 7th Spt Just Barbara — 4th CD K Kentucky Kid— 5th CD King Mustang— 1st CD King-Ak— 2d Spt Know able — 5 th Spt Ky. Gold— 3d CD L Lacey Heart— 5th Suf Ladyinwaiting — 4th Lrl Lagoon — 5th Bel Langholm — 1st Bel Lanky John — 1st Spt i LarChall— 5th Bel i * * 1 1 * j £ iJustiPlinplstrBei* ** ■ Laura Donna — 1st CD Lets Forget — 1st Suf Lewis A. D. — 5th Spt Light Brick — 6th Spt Little Colleen — 1st Suf Little Cub— 4th CD Little Josie — 1st CD Little Van— 3d C JO Lockstitch — 1st Suf Loco — 2d C JD Long Lick — 1st Bel Lons Choice — 5th Spt Lord Marmion— 1st CD Loringail — 9th Lrl Louisville Lou— 2d Suf Lovely Eadie — 2d Bel Lovely Gem — 1st CJD Loyal Sir — 2d Lrl Lustre Gal— 3d C JD Lydia A.— 6th Suf M Mackey Boy — 3d C JD Magic Lamp — 7th Lrl Magic Motion — 2d Spt Magic Request — 1st Bel Make a Play — 7th Bel March Chick — 1st Lrl Mark Klaine — 7th C JD Martial Song— 2d Spt Mary Jo Roman — 3d CJD Marzipan — 5 th Bel Mas Importante — 1st Bel May Surprise — 3d Lrl Maybe Mabel — 3d Spt Mellow Miss — 1st CJD Melpet — 3d Suf Merman — 2d Bel Metaxa — 5th Lrl Michael T. W.— 7th CD Michikee — 7th 3el Milady Mowlee — 5th Lrl Milan Boy — 1st Suf Mims — 5th Bel Mink Gal— 5th CD Miss Night— 7th Spt Miss Stifle— 8th Bel Mission Road — 4th Bel Misstate — 8th Bel Mile. Arletty— 3d CD Montauk — 1st Bel Motoramic — 1st CD Mountain Holly — 6th Suf Mr. Grove— 3d CD Mr. Herb A.— 4th Bel Mr. Lampasas — 1st CJD Mr. Looknow— 6th Suf Mr. Skip— 7th Lrl My Cut— 5 th Lrl Mystic Gold — 1st Suf N Nara Visa— 5th Suf Navy Brat — 4th Suf Nearways Flash — 2d Suf Neji— 3d Bel Night Owl— 2d Suf No Contest — 2d Bel No Peeky— 3d Spt " No Tricks— 6thSpt Noble Sign— 5th Lrl Nomad — 1st Suf O Oak River — 8th Spt Obtain — 8th Spt OlieB.— 4th Lrl On Duty— 2d Lrl On Stanley On— 3d CJD One Throw — 7th Lrl ? Our Francine — 1st Bel P Papagayo — 4th Spt Parnassus — 7th Suf Party King— 8th Spt Pashpie — 5 th Lrl Patois— 8th Lrl Pauls Pal — 4th Spt Peach Blossom— 7th Spt Pearl Diver — 5th CD" Pennsy Flier— 3d Lrl PepitoM.— 4 th Bel Periclean — 1st Bel PerionLarid — 4th Suf Permian — 3d Bel Pet Camp — 8th Spt Petes Folly— 3d CD Phalene — 3d Bel Phantom Eye — 4th Suf Pip Loch — 4th Lrl Pipe of Peace — 7th Suf Platterette — 1st Suf Pooch — 1st Lrl . Pop-Bottle — 8th Suf Portage Boy— 4th Spt Power Rider— 8th Bel Practical — 6th Spt Prince Hill — 6th Bel Prince Rival — 7th Spt Princess Janet — 2d CJD Pris — 5th Suf Privacy— 6th Bel Pryness — 8th.Bel Puddin Tane — 5th Suf j Puppet— 9th Lrl i . Q Quiturwury — 4th Spt R Rainy Day — 2d Lrl Rare Treat — 5th Bel Rays Surprise — 6th CJD Rebounder — 5th Spt Red Sultan — 6th CD Red Wagon— 6th Spt Reddy Ro — 6th Lrl Reedy Creek — 9th Suf Reighs Lass — 6th Spt Ressa Bob — 1st CD Rickey Ray — 4th Spt Ridge Echo — 3d Lrl Riel Heather— 3d Lrl Roaming Oscar — 1st Spt Robairioo— 4th Lrl •Robert Ei Wl-4~4thi5pt i- .1 MRocfcCottageW7th3Lrl *.* Rockets Away — 1st CJD Rocky Ridge — 1st Bel Roman Jean — 6th Suf Rough Night — 9th Lrl Royal Coyness — 9th Suf Royal Indian — 6th Lrl Rush Along — 5th r .-J Rush Street — 8th Suf Russel TS— 7th Spt S Saddle Saga— 2d Suf Sailor Lad — 1st Lrl Sakr-El-Bahr— 2d Lrl Sam Park — 1st Bel Sanf oin — 2d Bel Sans Egal— 5th Lrl Saracen Devil — 9th Suf Sara-Chana — 6th Suf Say Baby— 1st CJD Scairt Rabbit — 1st Spt Scarlet Jr. — 7th CJD Schmetna — 4th Lrl Secant — 3d Bel Second Barrel — 8th Lrl Seven Pillars — 1st Suf Seven Sevens — 3d Spt Shaitani — 2d CJD Shannon Sound — 1st Bel Shillelah Mike— 2d CJD Shotral— 3th Spt Sidara — 2d CJD Sids Pride— 7th CJD Silent One — 5 th Bel Sir Country — 6th CD Sister II.— 1st Bel Sixty Two--3d Spt Skippys First — 4th Spt Sib Moe — 8th Spt Small Coffee— 6th Lrl Small Favor — 7th Bel Sneak Easy— 8th Suf So Mild— 1st Lrl Soft Reward — 4th Suf Sonny Mars — 8th Bel Special Choice— 3d CD . Speedman — 3d Suf Spintail-r-Sth Suf Springlike — 4th Spt Star Actor — 4th. CD Star Powder— 2d Suf Step and Take — 3d Suf Step Forward — 8th Suf Stevies Pal — 2d Bel Straight Argo — 2d Lrl Streamliner — 8th Spt Stroller— 3d Spt Strongplay — 2d Lrl Summer Blues — 3d CJD Sun Diver — 8th CD Sun Fame — 4th Lrl Sunson II. — 5th Lrl Super Time — 3d Suf Suppressor — 2d Lrl Surprise Lady — 8th Spt Sussie Belle — 6th Lrl Suydam=-4th Bel Swamp Theatre — 6th Suf Swanees Penny — 8th CD Sweet Nell— 7th Bel T Tactical — 4th Bel Take All— 7th Spt Talora — 7th Bel Tanbark— 6th Spt Taos Cross — 7th Spt Tarcill — 4th Bel Tarquilla— 5th Bel Tecomate — 5th Suf Tenzing — 8th Bel Texamilo— 2d Spt Texas Till — 1st Spt - T-Formation— 2d Lrl The Eagle— 7th Suf The Prince — 4th CD The Zebrine — 8 th Lrl Third Lady— 8th Spt Thistle War— 1st Spt Thorny— 4th Lrl Thrust — 1st Bel Tiger Wander— 3d CJD Tipoquill— 2d CD Tomi Blue — 7th CD Top-Lation— 9th Lrl Tosca — 5th Lrl Touch of Or— 5th Spt. Transmuer — 3d Suf Tripping — 1st Spt Trojan Spear — 3d CD Turf Sun— 6th Bel U TJdo Reinach — 7th Spt Ultimatum — 1st Spt Uncle Don — 9th Suf . » Uncle Mim — 4 th Lrl Urbanite — 8th Spt V Vain Vixen — 6th Spt Valaire — 2d CD - Valor Lass — 8th Spt Vanhill— 5th Suf Vaults Ration — 3d CD Vezlark — 8th Spt Vierra — 1st Bel Vinita Toney— 8th CD Vivid— 8th Bel w Wabash Moon — 7th Suf War Tycoon — 2d CJD Warehouseman — 4th CJD Watch Casey — 4th Lrl Watch It Grow— 5th Spt Weber J.— 8th Lrl Wedding Gown — 4th Suf Weep and Wail— 6th CJD Wellfleet— 3d Suf Westover — 5th Lrl Wheen n Deal — 7th Spt Why Step— 1st CJD Wild Tip— 1st Lrl Wisenheimer— 8th Spt Witchery— 6th Lrl Woodside — 8th CJD Worry Manana — 8th Bel X Xapatter— 8th CJD Y Yasuo — 2d Suf Yazen — 3d Lrl You Say— 6th CD Youll Learn — 1st Suf Z Zaca Prize — 8th Suf

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