Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1957-05-17

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Shew Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points. 2 points * * 2d. 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type Trackman, J. J. Murphy BALMORAL AT WASHINGTON Selections Made for Fast Track RACE~~ TRACKMAN- HANDICAP"- ANALYST ~HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS- Solution Upper Echelon Solution Solution Solution Solution 22 1 Shoerullah Solution Catskill Catskill Catskill Upper Echelon 8 Upper Echelon Catskill Upper Echelon Risk Again Upper. Echelon Catskill 7 Royal Witch Muscles Royal Witch Royal Witch Morse Flash Royal Witch 18 2 Muscles Pappa-Gee Sir Taw Muscles Royal Witch Muscles 10 Flaming Blue Royal Witch Pappa-Gee Argufy Muscles Morse Flash 5 Laura B. W. Bold and Blue Negate Laura B. W. Negate Laura B. W. 14 3 Balmacara Laura B. W. Heres a Miss Bold and Blue Balmacara Negate 10 - Sweet Jennie Heres a Mis Laura B. W. Heres a Miss Laura B. W- Bold and Blue 7 Sanders Road Sanders Road Sanders Road Man of Quest Spanish Trail Sanders Road 16 4 Swivet Johns Hope Johns Hope Swivet Swivet Swivet 8 Man of Quest Swivet Swivet Johns Hope Sanders Road Man of Quest 6 THE WARRIOR THE WARRIOR THE WARRIOR The Warrior The Warrior THE WARRIOR 31 5 Deep Breath Vici Admiral Vici Admiral Vici Admiral Vici Admiral Vici Admiral 9 Vici Admiral Tommys Jet Tommys Jet Deep Breath Tommys Jet Deep Breath 3 Hood Ring Hoop Ring Ebony Beauty Hoop Ring HOOP RING Hoop Ring 24 6 Doc Moorman Ebony Beauty Hoop Ring Country Bumkin Country Bumkin Ebony Beauty 7 Country Bumkin Country Bumkin Our Boy Bill Niral Our Boy Bill Country Bjimkin 6 Witch-English Mektoub Mektoub Witch-English Crimson King Witch-English 15 7 Shannons Leap Witch-English Witch -English Crimson King Re Re Po Mektoub 11 Re Re Po Industrious Shannons Leap Mektoub Witch-English Crimson King 7 Sticks Intencion Intencion INTENCION Intencion Intencion 24 8, Intencion Sticks Sticks Lebanon Lad Lebanon Lad Sticks 11 Lebanon Lad Lebanon Lad Lebanon Lad Sticks Sticks Lebanon Lad 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections M?de for Fast Track ~RACE"~" ~~TRACKMAN~ HANDICAP- -ANALYST- _H_ERM!S_ SWEEP """CONSENSUS- Black Hannah Puddin Black Hannah Black Hannah Black Hannah IS IPuddin Black Hannah Crystal Sandal Commocall Puddin Puddin Puddin 14 Strak oRed Streak o Red Black Hannah Streak o Red Crystal Sandal Crystal Sandal 2 QUEENSWARE Queensware Queensware Queensware Queensware 27 2Queensware Luciete Miss J. B. Luciete Luciete Luciete . Luciete 8 Raggylug Miss Melody Raggylug get Butler Bet Butler BeJBjjtler 2 Red Baby Serenata Boy Hash Supreme Hash Surprise Red Baby Hash Supreme 16 3 Hash Supreme Hash Supreme Red Baby Pemberton Hash Supreme Red Baby 12 Pemberton Healthy More Trouble Homewood Homewood Serenata Boy 5 Aveneg Eternalness Commotion Aveneg Aveneg 17 4Aveneg Worrion Worrion Untimely Aveneg Lucky Lena Eternalness 6 Diogenes Commotion Lucky Lena Worrion Eternalness Commotion 6 Morning Ray Morning Ray Black Bikini My Affinity My Affinity My Affinity 12 5 Wise Paul Miss Dip My Affinity Morning Ray Wise Paul Morning Rav 12 Miss Dip Garden Hani -Wise_Paul Wise Paul Black Bikini . Black Bikini 6 RoysieR. ROYSIE R. ROYSIE R. ROYSIE R. ROYSIE R. 33 6ROYSIER. Leo Howard County Leo Mighty Warrior Leo Leo 6 Mighty Warrior Rollicker Mighty Warrior Rollicker Model Ace Mighty Warrior 4 Thievery Goldnose Yield Thievery Thievery Thievery 19 7 Yield Thievery Thievery By Far Goldnose Yield 9 Goldnose Dru Away Goldnose Yj?id Xi?ld Goldnose 9 Cold Wave Old Milton Old Milton Cold Wave Old Milton Old Milton 18 8 Petrina Cold Wave Kanawha Old Milton Cold Wave Cold Wave 15 Old Milton Kanawha Cold Wave Danger Martin Pastoral Kanawha 3 Trackman, J. N. Lyon JAMAICA Selections Mad" for Fast Track RACE ~~TRACKMAN HANDICAP-" ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Blue Glade Blue Glade Ellen Faith Blue Glade BLUE GLADE Blue Glade 22 1 Ellen Faith Ellen Faith Sabertooth Ellen Faith Ellen Faith Ellen Faith 13 Remus Remus Peter Spice Remus Landagoal Remus 3 Admiral Brush Admiral Brush Admiral Brush Admiral Brush Trainer Bill Admiral Brush 21 2 Path of Gold War Eagle Trainer Bill Path of Gold Bay Bull Trainer Bill 8 War Eagle Trainer Bill Path of Gold War Eagle Admiral Brush Path of Gold 5 Native Son Metaquest Metaquest Native Son Native Son Native Son 17 3 Irish Love Native Son Irish Love Metaquest Metaquest Metaquest 15 Metaquest Irish Love Ezio Showers End Irish Love Irish Love 6 ATOM ROCKET ATOM ROCKET Atom Rocket Hung Up Colo Colo Atom Rocket 23 4 Cut and Run Hung Up Dolma Atom Rocket Atom Rocket Hung Up 10 Hung Up Colo Colo Hung Up Cut and Run Hung Up Colo Colo 6 Jedgar Ruler Jedgar Ruler Jedgar Ruler Jedgar Ruler Jedgar Ruler 22 5ElHawa Jedgar Ruler El Hawa Gavel Gavel El Hawa El Hawa 10 Lucky Fifteen Gavel Hildrix El Hawa Gavel Gavel 6 Mr. Hawlev Mr. Hawley Millden Mr. Hawley Mr. Hawley Mr. Hawley 22 6 Millden Millden Mr. Hawley Octagonal Millden Millden " 12 Octagonal Octagonal Octagonal Millden Octagonal Octagonal 6 Pioneeress PIONEERESS Pioneeress Pioneeress Pioneeress 23 7Nearala Teleran Teleran Teleran Untamed Teleran Nearala 8 Pioneeress Nearala Nearala Nearala Untamed Teleran 8 By Jeepers By Jeepers By Jeepers BY JEEPERS By Jeepers BY JEEPERS- 27 8 True Butts Devils Image South Point Vets Boy Vets Bov Vets Boy 6 Vets Boy True Butts Vets Boy South Point True Butts True Butts 4 Trackman, E. P. Heafferty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track "RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST ~~HERMIS SWEEP~ ""CONSENSUS Star Dancer Cleves Dream Cleves Dream Cleves Dream Blazing Comet Cleves Dream 11 1 Corny Miss Star Dancer Trappers Treat Star Dancer Cleves Dream Star Dancer Irishforluck Trappers Treat Star Dancer Trappers Treat Star Dancer Blazing Comet 5 Easy Seen Tin Tigress Questron TFN TIGRESS Tin Tigress Tin Tigress 21 2 Tin Tigress Smart Rose Tin Tigress Sneak Preview Questron Questron 8 Questron Blenta Smart Rose Blenta . Smart Rose Easy Seen 5 Naughty Katie Naughty Katie Naughty Katie Naughty Katie Mr. Fritz Naughty Katie T 3 Marksman Jr. Mr. Fritz Marksman Jr. Marksman Jr. Naughty Katie Mr Fritz 8 Rival Hunter Marksman Jj Rival Hunter Mr. Fritz Marksman Jr. Alarksman 8 PHAR LOU PHARLOU Phar Lou Phar Lou PharLou PHAR LOU 29 4 Smart Set • Golden Mood Smart Set Smart Set Smart Set Smart Set *9 Achievement Smart Set Knockabout Golden Mood Star Orbit Golden Mood 3 Columcille COLUMCILLE Columcille Columcille Columcille ~ 27 5Columcille Ladd Ladd Mr. Motion Ladd Ladd Ladd 9 Lady Balladier Suncast Ladd Stacka way Worth A Bit Mr. Motion 2 Thinking Can Freedom Parley Thinking Cap Thinking Cap THINKING CAP Thinking~Cap 24 6 Freedom Parley Thinking Cap Freedom Parley River Jordan River Jordan Freedom Parley 1 1 Momus Ace Show Ace Show Freedom Parley Freedom Parley River Jordan 4 Tavi Ricci Tavi Ricci Tavi Ricci Tavi Ricci Tavi . Ricci Tavi 25 7Ricci Gray Phantom Akbar Khan Gray Phantom Cedrus Gray Phantom Gray Phantom 7 Cedrus Cedrus Cedrus Gray Phantom Cedrus Cedrus 6 Party Punch Midway Point Midway Point Midway Point Midway Point Midway Point ~20 8 Invoked Invoked Singing Bush Inthewood Party Punch Party Punch 10 Inthewood Party Punch Party Punch Party Punch Singing Bush Invoked 4 Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE ~TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST ~ HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Chaplips Kensington Kensington Kensington Kensington T~8 IChaplips Re Joli Kensington Chaplips Re Joli Re Joli Chaplips 14 Kensington Re Joli Re Joli Chaplips Chaplips Re Joli 8 Allen G. Stonington New Cut Stonington Noble Bullet Stonington 15 2 Heirloom King Flush Stonington Heirloom Stonington New Cut 6 Stonington Billies Beam King Flush Noble Bullet New Cut -Noble Bullet 6 D ARK MAHOG NY Dark Mahogany Star Master Dark Mahogany DarkMahoganv Dark Mahogany 24 3 Dorislee Stay Smoochie Dark Mahogany Stay Smoochie StaySmoochie Stay Smoochie 7 Rinflo Star Master Stay Smoochie m Dorislee Rinflo Star Master 6 Scub SCUB Scub SCUB SCUB 29 4Scub Comes a Tide Specified Comes a Tide Comes a Tide Comes a Tide Comes a Tide 8 Specified Lady Nelson Specified Specified Specified Specified 6 Burros Boy Glenkirk Red Abbey Burros Boy Burros Boy 10 5Lateish Maloge 1*lwiand Johnnie Glenn NanK. 9* Lateish Lateish Lateish 10 Red Abbey Red Abbey Lateish Maloge Maloge Red Abbey 7 Lucky Dip Lucky Dip Lucky Dip Lucky Dip Lucky Dip 20 6Revelationist Briny Deep Briny Deep Air Wonder Lucky George Lucky George Reveiationist 6 Commodore Curt Lucky George Reveiationist Navy Jet Air Wonder Lucky George 5 Star Spangle MISS ARLETTE Star Spangle COMBAT FLEET Combat Fleet Combat Fleet 16 7 Combat Fleet Rarco Saul Combat Fleet Combustion II. Star Spangle Star Spangle 14 Rarco Saul Star Spangle Dark Peter Star Spangle Rarco Saul Miss Arlette 7 Moon Jet ._ Moon Jet Moon Jet Moon Jet Moon Jet Moon Jet 25 8 Tempo *Qfc£ Arietta MP Tempo Tempo Concord * Tempo 7 Concord Tempo Northquest Northquest Telepost Concord 3

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