Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1942-05-11

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A Acrobat — 1st Bel Active — 4th CD Adroit— 4th Bel After Dinner — 1st Suf Agnes Knight— 9th C.T Air Beauty — 4th CD Air Current — 7th Bel Air Marshal— 3d Bel Airplane — 6th Spt Akrontown — 4th CD Aladale— 3d Bel Alamode— 6th C.T Allencaid— 5th C.T Almora — 3d Spt Amperage — 5th Bel Analogy— 7th C.T Andnow— 9th CD Anna Tino — 1st Beu Anne Deep — 2d Spt Annie Alone— 3d CD Anthonys Girl — 3d Beu Anxiety— 5 th CD Arabic — 1st Spt Armistice — 7th Suf Arnolds Actor — 8th Beu Arquero— 3d C.T Artful Dodger— 2d CD Askaris — 7th Beu Asperity — 2d Beu At Which— 5th Bel B Baby Talk— 7th Suf Bachelor Fred — 3d Spt Eank Me— 2d Beu Bar Ship— 8th C.T Batik— 4th Suf Bay Acre — 4th Suf Beauty Blen— 9th CD Beauty Time — 2d Beu Behave — 6th Beu Bell Tower— 6th Suf Best Quality — 7th Spt Beth B.— 4th CD Betnabar — 2d Beu Birch Rod— 6th Bel Bit OGreen — 1st Suf Black Beggar — 5th Beu Black Sue — 7th Spt Black Susie — 3d Beu Blazearound — 8th Spt Blazing Glory — 7th Bel Bleak Heights— 3d C.T Blenethel— 6th C.T Blue Gander— 3d C.T Bluebird — 2d Beu Bob Hi— 7th Beu Bob Junior— 6th C.T Bold Dan— 2d Suf Bonanza Lou — 1st Beu Bonified — 1st Suf Bookie Mc — 8th CD Boss Hoss — 5th CD Bossuet — 1st Bel Bostoff— 5th Bel Bottle Knight — 2d CD Bouncing — 5th Bel Braxton— 6th C.T Braxton Bell — 2d Spt Brave Up — 5 th CD Breeks— 2d Bel Bright Gallant— 2d Bel Brill— 8th Spt Brilliant Pal — 4th Beu Brokers Bud — 3d C.T Brown Ben — 7th Spt Brown Bomb — 5th Spt Brown Comet — 8th CD Brown Ray — 7th Beu Brown Street— 8th CD Buffalo— 1st CD Bull Reigh— 6th Bel Burman— 9th CD Burner— 6th C.T Busse Trumpet — 8th Spt Busy Fingers — 5th C.T Busy Man— 8th Suf Butsys Rose — 4th Spt Buyer Beware — 5th Spt c Cadet George — 1st Beu Call Us Too— 3d Beu Camille — 1st Bel Candle Ends — 3d C.T Captain Zac — 2d CD Card Game — 1st Bel Cautivo — 1st Spt Chain Break — 2d CD Challante— 3d Suf Chance Grey — 2d CD Chance Sord— 3d Suf Chance Tea— 8th Beu Chandera— 3d CD Charming — 7th Spt Charter Member — 2d CD Chatter Wrack— 7th Suf Cheery Rascal— 3d Suf Cherrys Child— 9th C.T Chestnut Bur— 4th C.T Chicony — 9th Beu Chief Teddy— 1st C.T City Judge— 6th C.T Clickety Clack— 4th Bel Clock Time— 2d Spt Cloudy Weather— 1st Spt College Widow— 2d C.T Comito — 1st C.T Commencement — 3d CD Conejo — 5th CD Connamista — 3d C.T Connie Ann — 8th Spt Cophetua — 2d Spt Cornwallis — 8th Spt Corora — 4th C.T Count Fickle— 2d CD Count Maurice — 8th Bel Country Lass — 7th Suf Cross Country — 2d Bel Crucibenna — 6th Spt Crumpet — 1st Spt Cuantos — 6th Bel Cushing— 4th Spt Custer— 4th C.T Cynthia Fair— 8th CD D Dabiton — 4th Spt Daisy — 4th Suf Daisy Seen — 1st Spt Danzig— 6th C.T Daphnis Girl — 3d Beu Darby Dague — 4th Suf Darby Delia — 5th Beu Darby Donna — 1st Beu Darby Draftee — 1st Beu Dazzlement — 8th CD Delhi Dan— 6th C.T Del-Tor Music— 9th CD Deposit — 5th Bel Derivative — 1st Bel Di Vernon — 6th Spt Dick Bray — 7th Beu Diego Red— 1st CD Dinah Did Play— 5th Bel Dispose — 6th Bel Dispurr — 4th C.T Distract — 6th Beu Doctors Nurse— 2d C.T Doctors Rose — 6th Spt Dodge Me — 2d Beu Dolly Val— 6th Suf Don Orlan— 7th C.T Dona Nutter— 5th Beu Dottie— 1st C.T Driven Snow — 4th Bel Ducah — 7th Spt Duchess Del— 4th C.T Duck Stans— 8th CD Dust Off— 9th Beu E Easter Gold— 2d Spt Ebonito — 4th CD Eire — 7th Bel Elcinap — 4th Spt Elder Jock— 1st Spt Electric Heels— 3d Beu Emdale— 8th Spt Emporium — 5th Spt English Harry— 6th Spt Epaminondus — 8th Bel Equalize — 2d Bel Equifox— 5th CD Equioval — 5th Spt Erins Sweep — 4th Beu Esta — 8th Suf Eugene — 4th CD Exemption — 1st Bel F Fair Haired— 4th C.T Fair Twink — 1st Suf Fair haired Boy — 1st Suf False Face — 2d Suf Fast Start— 9th CD Fay Mate— 3d Suf Ferryboat — 6th Spt Fire Engine — 4th Spt Fitzedward— 8th C.T Five o Four— 7th C.T Florian II.— 8th Beu Flushing — 7th Spt Flutterby— 7th Beu Flybalk— 4th Beu Flying Pretty — 6th Beu Franks Boy— 5th CD Free Money — 8th CD Free Ride— 2d C.T French Trap — 7th Suf Friars Scout — 6th Beu Fritter Sun— 9th CD Fountain Head — 1st CD Four Eyes— 8th Suf Four Rings — 9th CD Frozen North — 3d Bel G Gala Reigh— 5th Bel Gallant Play— 7th CD Galley Sweep— 8th CD Gambit — 5th Spt Gaona — 4th Beu Gay Balko — 1st Suf Gay Elf— 2d Spt Gay Nash— 9th CD Ghost Queen — 1st Suf Giggle Lee— 9th C.T Ginobi — 6th C.T Glad Eye— 8th Spt Glen Kenney— 8th CD Glen Valley — 1st Beu Glimmerlee — 5th Beu Gold Coin Miss — 8th Beu Golden Appeal— 2d CD Golden Man— 2d CD Good Battle — 7th Beu Gooseberry — 8th Bel Gounod — 9th Beu Grand Child— 7th Beu Grebe— 8th Bel Greenocks Hula — 4th Spt Grouchers Boy— 8th C.T Grouchy— 6th C.T Gulliver II.— 3d Bel Gypsy Lass — 1st Beu Gustavia— 8th Spt H Hada Star — 1st Suf Hadalad— 1st Spt Hals Pet— 2d Beu Haps Pal — 1st Spt Happy Hostess— 2d C.T Happy Lark— 2d Bel Happy Winner — 1st Spt Hard Biscuit — 1st Spt Harvard Square — 6th Bel Hastings view— 9th C.T Havaheart— 2d CD Hearth Brush— 6th C.T Heel Dust— 4th Beu Helen Agnes — 3d Spt Hello Cap— 9th CD Hello Zac— 1st CD Heiio Lion — 5th Spt Herods Pilate— 1st C.T Hes Tops — 1st C.T HiDiddle— 5th Bel Hi Murt— 4th CD Hicomb — 6th Suf Hidden Ace — 1st Bel High Blame— 5th C.T High Plume— 3d C.T High Vote— 1st CX Hijou — 8th CD Hi-Kip— 5th Bel Hill Sun— 2d CD Hillblond— 8th Bel Hilton— 8th Spt Hit It— 2d CD Home Folks — 9th CD Homeward Bound — 2d Bel Honey Crest — 1st Beu Hoosier — 4th CD Hot Man— 6th C.T Howard — 8th Suf Huriette — 4th Bel I Idle Lad— 5th Spt Igo Boom — 1st Beu Illinois Star— 6th Spt In Dutch— 1st Suf In Port— 2d C.T Indian Gift— 5th Bel Irish Lark — 7th Beu Invincible — 8th Suf J J. Hal— 7th C.T Jack Be Quick— 6th Beu Jay Stevens — 6th Suf Jean C— 2d C.T Jim j of or — 6th Beu Jimmie Tom — 7th Spt Jo Ann — 1st CD Jopier — 1st Bel Jubilate Boy — 1st Spt Jumelus— 4th C.T Jury Gal— 5th Bel Just Beans — 3d Spt K K. Dorko— 7th Bel Kates Silver — 4th Spt Kernelette— 1st CD Killarney Lass — 8th Beu Kings Error — 7th Spt L Lady All— 2d Beu Lady Infinity— 3d Spt Lady Mascara— 2d C.T Lady .Peepo— 9th CD Last Frontier — 1st Suf Lassator — 5th Suf Launsgo — 1st CD Legal Light— 9th C.T Le vena— 9th CD Liberty Jr.— 2d Suf Lil S— 1st Beu Little Beans— 6th Suf J Little Gay— 8th Spt Little Town — 4th Spt Lochinvar — 7th Bel Long Lane— 2d Spt Look High— 2d Spt Look Out Below — 8th Spt Lord Nelson — 7th Beu Lord Win— 2d CD Lor ton — 4 th C.T Love Mark— 5th C.T Love Note — 4th Suf Lure Saxon— 2d Spt Luroid— 2d CD Lustrous— 4th Suf Luzon — 1st Bel Lyner — 5th Spt Lynette O.— 5th Spt M Mad Crusader— 3d Suf Manhunt— 7th Spt Manymor— 7th Spt Marbold— 1st CD Marching Feet— 6th Beu Marfranc— 2d Suf Martlet— 3d Beu Masked Duke— 1st CD Matchless— 8th Spt Maydig— 1st Suf Mayfern— 2d C.T Max Forst— 8th Suf McGarvey— 6th CD Meadowbrook— 4th CD Mental Banker— 6th Spt Merry Mistake— 4th Suf Merry Saxon— 7th Spt Merrily San— 9th Beu Mesella— 3d Beu Midair— 7th Beu Michigan Token— 3d Spt Midall— 4th Spt Mighty Busy— 2d C.T Mighty Lucky— 4th Spt Milky Moon— 1st C.T Minotira — 2d Spt Mintson — 9th Beu Miss B. B.— 8th Bel Miss Beeville— 2d Beu Miss Grief— 6th Spt Miss Lancaster — 3d Beu Miss Merit— 1st Spt Miss Nadi— 9th CD Miss Nutmeg— 9th CD Miss Omega — 2d Beu Miss Persel — 9th Bev. Miss Pittypat— 5th Spt Miss Tree — 1st Beu Moisson — 5th Beu Mokananne— 2d Suf Molida— 5th Beu Monks Memo — 1st CD Moons Gone— 3d Beu Morocco E.— 2d Beu Mothers Girl— 3d CD Mr. Monk — 2d Beu Mr. Smith— 5th Spt Mucho Gusto — 6th CD Mud Dobber— 3d C.T Muscatine — 5th Spt My Bobby— 8th Spt My Crest — 8th Spt My Last Dollar — 4th Beu My Mommy — 1st Spt My One— 3d C.T Myrtle M.— 1st C.T N Nadine Omar — 6th Beu Nanahcub — 7th Beu Narghileh— 9th Beu Navy— 7th C.T : ett Wood— 6th C.T Nettie Bold— 1st Beu New Yorker — 1st C.T Nicogold— 9th CD Night Heron — 3d Bel Nijinsky — 5th Beu No Sir— 1st Suf rNoajean — 9th Beu Norman Nadi — 9th Beu Now Mandy — 4th Bel 0 Oak Park — 6th Spt Oakaleach — 4th C.T Ocean Blue — 6th Bel Ogma— 2d Suf Old Wizard— 1st Beu Omelet— 5th CD Omission — 6th Bel On the Cuff— 2d Suf One o One— 3d Suf One Only— 7th C.T One Tip— 7th CD Only Son— 7th Beu Opera Singer— 4th Bel Opoca — 7th Beu Optimism — 4th Bel Oust— 3d Spt Overdrawn — 6th Bel P Pajas— 9th CD Palkin— 4th C.T Paraboloid — 5th Bel Parasang — 6th Bel Par fait Amour — 1st Suf Pari-Ernest — 1st Suf Park City— 6th Spt Penobscot — 4th Suf Peppery— 8th C.T Peragra— 8th CD Perfect Rhyme— 7th CX Perohobo — 3d Spt Persian Queen — 5th C.T Petee Gene— 1st CD Peter Argo — 7th Suf Philadelphia— 2d CD Philcade— 3d Beu Filipino Valet — 2d Beu Pillorlad— 8th Beu Pimlico Lady— 2d C.T Pinch Hitter— 5th CD Bindy — 4th Beu Pink Gal— 6th CD Pittsburgh— 4th C.T Placement— 7th C.T Play Greenock — 3d Spt Play Play— 3d Beu Plucky Ray— 1st Bel Poet Laureate— 6th CD Polaris— 6th Beu Pomrose — 4th Bel Prairie Boy — 7th Beu Prefer Transit— 7th Spt Pretty Is— 2d Suf Prince Danny — 5th Beu Prince Dean — 6th Spt Princess Rug— 4th Spt Priority— 8th Suf Prognostic — 4 th CD Prominette— 4th Bel Prompto — 5th Spt Punta Final— 9th Beu Purple Dawn — 2d C.T Purport— 3d C.T Q Quaker town — 2d Bel Quero Greenock — 1st CD Quiz — 1st Bel I R. Dee— 3d Spt Handles Queen — 1st C.T Ranchos Girl — 3d C.T Razor Shan? — 8th CD React — 9th CD Red Berry— 8th Spt Red Coin — 1st Beu Red Go — 5th Beu Red Vulcan — 5th Suf Red Wrack— 7th C.T ■ Rejectable — 1st Spt Rejoinder — 3d Spt Repeller— 8th Suf Rex— 1st Bel Rex-Avis — 4th Spt Ribault — 3d Spt Richmond — 2d Bel Right Carla — 4th Spt Ring Up — 3d C.T Rodimic — 5th Bel Rock Call— 2d CD Rock High — 5th Beu Rockwick — 1st CD Rolls Rough— 1st C.T Roman Flag — 6th Bel Rosetown — 6th Bel Rosevo — 4th Beu Rough Command — 1st Suf Rough Doc— 2d Suf Rough Going — 5th C.T Rough Time — 5th Suf Royal Amethyst — 3d Beu Royal Broom — 9th Beu Royal Echo — 3d C.T Rubaiyat — 5th Beu Rurales — 1st Bel Rye Grass — 6th Beu s Saboteur— 2d CD Sakes Alive— 9th CD Saku— 7th Bel Salina O. — 4th Spt Sam Alexander — 8th CD San Ignacio — 2d Spt Sanctity— 2d Spt Satin Marvel — 5th Beu Saxonian — 7th Suf Scarlet Flame — 4th C.T Scolene — 1st Spt Sea Tack— 6th CD Second Best— 2d C.T See See— 1st Suf Semishoot — 3d Beu Semper Ego — 4th CD Sequoia — 9th Beu Shasta Man — 4th Suf Sheriff Eugene — 9th Beu Side Arm — 6th Suf Silver B.— 6th Spt Silver Wood— 7th Spt Sir Broadside— 9th C.T Sir Jimmy — 7th Beu Sir Kiev— 3d Spt Sir Livery — 8th Spt Sir Rex — 6th Spt Sir Time— 8th C.T Sleepy— 1st C.T Skitles— 1st C.T Sly Kitty— 2d Beu Snowcrystal— 2d Spt Soft Water— 1st Beu Solarium— 8th C.T Some Groucher— 7th C.T Song Spinner — 1st CD Song Master — 7th Spt Sonny John — 5th Beu Sonorous — 4th Bel South Border — 3d Spt • Spur King— 1st CD Stadium— 3d C.T Stairs — 5th Beu Stanislaus— 7th Beu Star Boarder — 5th Suf Stears— 4th C.T Steel Rod— 9th Beu Stefanita — 4th Bel Stitch Again — 1st Bel Stop II.— 9th CD Strawberry— 8th Bel Strombus— 8th CD Study Period— 3d CD Sudden Thought— 1st CD Sue Harpen — 6th Spt Summer Stock — 9th C.T Sun By — 8th CD Sunday Puzzle — 1st Bel Supreme Flag — 8th Suf Supreme Sir — 7th CD Susans Sally — 1st C.T Symphon — 1st CD T Take Wing— 7th CD Takitfrome — 5th Spt Talent — 1st CD Tall Oak— 2d Spt Tellmenow — 4th Bel Terry May — 1st C.T Theresa Gill — 1st Beu Third Degree — 6th Bel Thos — 8tli CD Time Please — 9th Beu Tony Weaver— 3d Suf Top Note— 3d Spt Top Staff— 7th Suf Torantal— 1st CD Town Boy — 5th Suf Town Lace — 1st Spt Tra-La-La— 9th CD Travel Agent— 2d Beu Treemontian — 2d CD Tricia-Jean — 4th Suf Trimuless — 1st Bel Tropical Sun — 3d Beu Trostar— 5th C.T True Star— 6th CD Truda— 7th Spt Trump — 7th Beu Try Flight — 5th Beu Tureen — 8th Beu Twin Lakes — 4th Bel Two Ways— 4th Suf Tyro Lad — 3d Beu Tyrone— 3d Suf u Uncle Barb— 2d CD Uncle Mose— 7th CD V Vacuum Cleaner — 1st Bel Vignette — 7th Beu Vain Prince — 2d Bel Valdina Boss — 6th Spt Valdina Kate— 4th Spt Valdina Knight — 2d Suf Valdina Rebel— 2d Spt Valdina Rex — 4th Spt Valdina Ria— 3d Spt Vallejo— 2d Beu Veiled Prophet— 8th CD Victory Bound — 3d Suf Victory Drink— 7 th CD Vote Boy — 5th Beu w Wahcoo— 8th CD Wake Robin— 3d Suf Wapan — 1st Bel War Glen— 1st C.T War Grand — 4th Beu War Joe— 7th Spt War Smoke— 2d C.T War Story— 8th C.T Water Pearl— 1st Bel Wayriel— 5th Spt Waza Sweep — 3d Beu Well Allright— 7th C.T Welsh Lad— 4th Beu West Sea— 9th C.T Westerns Son— 8th CD Whit— 9th Beu Who Reigh— 5th C.T Wicked— 8th CD Wildmute— 8th C.T William Palmer— 6th CD Windoka— 6th Beu Windsor Chief— 6th C.T Winlette— 2d Spt Wise Dean— 3d CD Wise Paisano— 2d CD Worthowning— 9th C.T z Zac— 1st Bel Zaltowna — 7th Suf

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