Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1942-05-11

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS. ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE, TWO FOR SECOND, ONE FOR THIRD. BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS RACE IPetee Gene High Vote High Vote High Vote High Vote High Vote HIGH VOTE 27 II High Vote Petee Gene Ouero Greenock Diego Red Song Spinner Torantal Petee Gene 8 I Svmphon Torantal Svmphon Svmphon Ouero Greenock Petee Gene Torantal 3 2 Captain Zac Captain Zac Chance Grev Captain Zac . Captain Zac Captain Zac Captain Zac 25 *» Golden Man Golden Man Wise Paisano Golden Man Golden Man Artful Dodger Golden Man 9 Z Havaheart Philadelphia Golden Man Wise Paisano Wise Paisano Wise Paisano Chance Grev 5 3 ANNIE ALONE Annie Alone Commencement Annie Alone Wise Dean Annie Alone Annie Alone 26 Study Period Chandera Annie Alone Commencement Annie Alone Wise Dean Commencement 9 t D __ Commencement _ Studv Period Wise Dean Wise Dean __ Commencement Study Period Wise Dean 9 4 Active Active ACTIVE Hoosier Hoosier Active Active 26 ~ A ~~ Hoosier Hoosier Air Beauty Active Active Hoosier Hoosier 16 T" Akrontown Eugene Eugene Eugene BethB. Eugene Eugene 4 5 Anxietv Equifox Equifox Equifox EOUIFOX Equifox Equifox 27 r Omelet Anxietv Boss Hoss Boss Hoss Anxietv Boss Hoss Anxietv 10 J n Franks Boy Omelet Anxietv Omelet Omelet Franks Bov Boss Hoss 6 6 Poet Laureate POET LAUREATE Poet Laureate PINK GAL Pink Gal Poet Laureate Poet Laureate 24 ~~£~~ Mucho Gusto Pink Gal William Palmer Mucho Gusto Poet Laureate Pink Gal Pink Gal 17 U , Pink Gal Mucho Gusto Mucho Gusto William Palmer Mucho Gusto Mucho Gusto Mucho Gusto 8 7 Supreme Sir Perfect Rhvme Take Wing Perfect Rhyme Perfect Rhyme One Tip Perfect Rhvme 18 "7 One Tip Gallant Play Gallant Plav One Tip Gallant Plav Perfect Rhyme One Tip 11 / Take Wing One Tip Perfect Rhvme Gallant Plav One Tip Take Wing Take Wing 1 7 8Strombus Strombus Wicked Wicked Strombus WICKED Wicked 23 O Wicked Wicked Razor Sharp Strombus Wicked Dazzlement Strombus 18 O Dazzlement Razor Sham Thos Veiled Prophet Thos Strombus Dazzlement 3 Trackman, C. Lindeman SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES _ ANALYST ~~ PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS RACE 1 Cloudy Weather CLOUDY WTHER Cloudy Weather Cautivo Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather ~~ Cloud v Weather 27 "" l I Resectable Resectable Hanoy Winner Happy Winner Hadalad Reiectable Rei?ctable 6 I Crumpet Happy Winner Hadalad Hadalad Hard Biscuit Happy Winner Haonv WinnerJ6 2GavElf Snowcrvstal Gav Elf Snowcivstal Braxton Bell Sanctity Snowcrvstal 15 " -%~ Snowcrvstal Sanctity San Ignacio Braxton Bell San Ignacio Braxton Bell Gav Elf 10 » Z . Long Lane San Ignacio Snowcrvstal San Ignacio Snowcrvstal Snowcrvstal Braxton Bell 9 3 Top Note Michigan Token Perhobo Michigan Token Perhobo Michigan Token Michigan Token 21 " ~~3 Michigan Token Sir Kiev Michigan Token Perhobo Michigan Token Perhobo Perhobo 15 D . Sir Kiev Perhobo Top Note Top Note Top Note Top Note Too Note 8 1 4 FIRE ENGINE Fire Engine Valdina Kate Fire Engine Fire Engine FIRE ENGINE Fire Engine 27 A Right Carla Right Caiia Elcinap Elcinap Midall Elcinap Elcirap6 T" SalinaO. Mightv Lucky Butsvs Rose Right Carla SalinaO. Valdina Kate Valdina Kate J6 5 Brown Bomb Brown Bomb Wavriel Mr. Smith WAYRIEL Wavriel Wavriel 21 ~ C~ " Equioval Wavriel Mr. Smith Wavriel Mr. Smith Brown Bomb Brown Bomb 14 J _ Mr. Smith Gambit Lvner Brown Bomb Brown Bomb Heno Lion Mr. Smith 10 6 Silver B. Silver B. SILVER B. Silver B. Silver B. Silver B. SIT VER B 32 f " English Harry English Harry Illinois Star Miss Grief Mental Banker Miss Grief English Harrv 5 O Valdina Bess Airplane Mental Banker English Harry Doctors Rose Mental Banker Miss Grief 4 7 Kings Error Best Quality Truda Jimmie Tom Best Quality Truda Best Quality 14 ~H Prefer Transit Kings Error Kings Error Best Quality Prefer Transit Best Quality Truda* 11 / Brown Bomb Merrv Saxon Prefer Transit Prefer Transit Truda Merrv Saxon Kings Error 9 8 Little Gav Matchless Little Gav CONNIE ANN Matchless Connie Ann Connie Ann 18~ O Red Berry Connie Ann Connie Ann Red Berry Connie Ann Red Berry Matchless * 13 O Mt. Crest Red Berry Matchless Matchless Blazearound Matchless Little Gav 10 Trackman, C. J. Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES _ ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS RACE IBossuet Bossuet Bossuet Camille Bossuet Jooier Rnssnet ?** ■■" Jopier Plucky Ray Hidden Ace Bossuet Camille Camifle ?Sill 1 — Wapan Water Pearl Rex Water Pearl _Water Pearl S£S Jo5Sm7? 2Quakertown Breeks Breeks RICHMOND BREEKS RICHMOND Breeks 22 *% Breeks Richmond HappvLark Breeks Richmond HappvLark Richmond 18 2 Crosscountry _ Happy Lark _._ Homeward Bound Happy Lark HappvLark ■_ Breeks Happ? Laik 7 3 Air Marshal Night Heron Night Heron Gulliver II. Gulliver n Frozen North Nieht Heron MS — Gulliver II. Air Marshal Gulliver II. Frozen North Night Heron Stent He?on Gulliver II ? 14? 3 Frozen North __ Aladale Air Marshal _ Night Heron Frozen North Air MaVshaf Air Marshal 9» TWIN LAKES Prominette Sonorous ~~ 4 Optimism NowMandv Pomrose Twin Ta1o« m m Optimism Twin Lakes Driven Snow Hurriette Optimism TwTnlkes oStfmim 10 4 Hurriette __ Adroit _Adroit Pomrose Driven Snow Qottatem pSSJS?6 5 Hi Diddle Dinah Did Plav Hi Diddle Hi Diddle Hi Diddle Hi Diddle HT DTDDT F 97 r- Dinah Did Plav Hi Diddle Gala Reigh At Which Deposit Bostoff Dinah Did Plav 8 5 J GalaReigh At Which Hi-Kip _ Dinah Did Play _ Indian Gift Gala Reigh Gala Reigh Jf 6 Overdrawn ROSETOWN Harvard Square Third Degree Third Degree Ocean Blue ~ Third Dppp iai — Ocean Blue Harvard Square Third Degree Harvard Square Omission Harvard Square Harvard Square 12 6 Parasang Omission Overdrawn Overdrawn Harvard Square Third Dejree _ Overdrawn 7 7 Air Current K. Dorko LOCHINVAR Lochinvar Air Current Air Current Air Torrent 9fi ~~ Lochinvar Lochinvar Air Current Air Current K. Dorko Lochinvlr Lochmvl?,i8 7 K. Dorko Air Current K. Dorko __K. Dorko Eire K?Do?k? K Do?k" 11 _ 8 Epaminondus MissB.B. Eoaminondus Hillblond Hillblond Epaminondus Eoaminondus 17 O Gooseberry Hillblond llbi?n Miss B. B. Gooseberry Gooseberry Hillblond 15 O Strawberry Epaminondus MissB.B. Epaminondus MissB. B. Hillblond Miss B. B. 9 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS RACE 1 Ghost Queen GavBalko GavBalko Ghost Queen Hada Star Hada Star"" "Ghost Queen 14 l I Last Frontier Mavdis Last Frontier Last Frontier GavBalko Ghost Queen Hada Star 12 ! Mavdig Ghost Queen Hada Star Hada Star Ghost Queen Rough Command GavBalko 12 Liberty Jr. Valdina Knight Liberty Jr. Ogma Liberty Jr. Ogma Libertv 2 Tr 20 «% Valdina Knight Liberty Jr. £and** False Face Ogma Liberty Jr. oSSr W 2 False Face False Face _ False Face Libertv Jr. _PrettvIs False Face Valdina Knight 7 3 CHALLANTE Wake Robin CHALLANTE Victory Bound Challante Victory Bound " Challante 23 -» 3 Victory Bound Victory Bound Tyrone Challante Victory Bound Tyrone V ctnrv Rn inri d7i 3 Tonv Weaver Challante Victory Bound Tyrone Wake Robin __ ChaUante Wae Robm 6 Penobscot Two Ways Batik Daisy Daisy Daisv 4 Daisv 2n a Daisv Penobscot Daisy Two Ways Two Ways Two Ways Two Ways ID 4 _ Batik Daisv Shasta Man Shasta Man Shasta Man Love Note Penobscot 6 5 Red Vulcan Red Vulcan Rough Time Red Vulcan Rough Time Red Vulcan Rpd Vnimn 9V— r-Lassator Lassator Star Boarder Rough Time Red Vulcan Rough Time RouehTimp list S Star Boarder Rough Time _Red Vulcan _ Lassator _ Lassator Lassator ESSortt Little Beans LITTLE BEANS Hicomb LITTLE BEANS LITTLE BEANS LITTLE BEANS 6 LITTLE BEANS 33 S Hicomb S1?,0 Little Beans Hicomb Side Arm Hicomb Hicomb 14 » 6 Side Arm . Bell Tower Side Arm Side Arm Hicomb Bell Tower Side Arm 5 7 SrenT/ap Saxonian Saxonian French Trap French Trap Armistice ~ French TraD 20 "7 I Top Staff Peter Argo French Trap Saxonian Saxonian French Trap Saxonian 14 / Peter Argo French Trap Country Lass BabvTalk Babv Talk Peter Argo Armistice 5 8Prioritv £[i°ritv IT/r0ur£yefi Esta Four Eves Four Eves Four Eves 17 O BusvMan Esta Max Forst Four Eyes Busy Man Busy Man Esta 1 10 O Howard Busy Man Esta BusvMan Esta Esta Bus" Man 8

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