Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1953-05-13

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I : , _ Alphabetical Index to Entries A Donoglen— 1st Bel Hi-Rock — 1st Bel Abbe Boy— 3d Spt Dorienne — 4th G.S His Duchess — 5th Bel Abuse — lstG.S Dotty Byrne — 3d Pirn His Image— 2d Spt Ace Scholar— 8th CD Doubl Again— 1st Bel Hod Crown— 3d Suf Aconite— 1st Bel Double Barrel — 6th Spt Homestake — 5th Pirn Adaption — 6th Spt Double Header H. — 7th Suf Honey Jar — 2d Suf Adar— 2d Bel Dove Tint— 5th G.S Hoop Gano— 2d CD Agrippa— 3d GJS Dover Coast— 3d G.S Humphrey— 8th Spt Ahnighito — 8th Pim Duff in— 5th Suf Hunters Blow— 1st G.S Aileens Pride— 8th Suf Duke K.— 5th Bel Air Count— 1st Bel Duketown— 1st Bel J. _ . Ala-Flash— 8th Bel Dynamite B— 1st Pim Ida C.— 6th Spt Allocation-2d .D E Iffl ? Suf Alonzo B.— 3d Spt Eabani— 6th Suf " i, tL Always Home— 8th Bel Eagle Eye— 2d Pim " „neZ ~l J m t - If allswell— Ilxn Amafox— 7th CJ3 Eastcell— 3d Bel -3d illicit— 1st aei American Pilot— 2d Bel Easter Hour— 5th Suf Andromeda-5th Suf Easy Chop— 9th Suf ™!E ? t, i~f Anovas— 8th Spt Easy Coin— 1st Spt ™j "f tf~i "J ~u* c A-Pacopep— 6th CD Ed-Ells Gal— 4th Pim £22? T?7, Archibaldo— 3d Spt Edierose— 4th Pim £!22rii 52*. c Arrogant-9thSuf Efcee-2dBel wSSZStlfiS? Ashenden— 6th Bel El Arabi— 3d Bel - SSTSE~?liri£l# Assistance— 5 th Pim Elevenpoint— 7th Spt Irishforluck-lst ™*r* ,e"T n + Bel i Atom Age-lst G.S Eliho-lst Bel Atom Buster— 9th Spt Elisann— 1st Suf 2£f!5*IiK«w- *™nh Pim Auction-lstBel Eperc-9thSpt eaT3d Avacado— 7th Pim Errolf ord— 3d Bel 3H#iZi2irf. Isle of Bond— 4Sth ■■- Pirn Avon Lady— 8th G.S Estuary— 8th G.S B Eternal Henry — 5th Suf J Ballarina Star— 5th Spt Eternalment— 1st CD jacfc Pusano— 3d Spt Bamboo— 4th Bel Everest— 1st Pim Jack Linder— 2d Pim Barneys Joy— 5th Suf Evicted— 7th G.S Jack the Great— 7th Pim Barrage— 9th Suf Excursion— 4th Pim Jackie Van— 7th Spt Beachcomber— 7th Bel Exploitation— 7th CD Jacks Banner— 8th CD Beau-Beau— 9th Suf Extinguisher— 2d Suf Jakablom— 9th Suf Bee Jay— 5th Spt Eye Catcher— 3d Suf Jamie K.— 5th Bel Bellunc— 8th Suf F Janlo— 4th Suf Benjomike — 1st Suf pair Bit — 4th Pim Jazzanita — 3d Suf Bertarrow — 5th CD Fair Fight 5th Suf Jeeperscreeper — 8th G.S Bertie — 6th Bel Fair Triad — 4th G.S Jeepstress — 4th Pim Bidandmade — 3d Suf Faiths Prince — 2d Pim Jet Ace — 6th CD Big Night — 5th Pim Fan Song — 6th Pim Jet Action — 6th Bel Big Stretch — 6th CD Fiery Var — 8th Pim John Alden — 6th Spt Bill Boy — 8th Spt Fight a Little — 8th Suf John Barlycorn— 7th Bel Bill Twig — 2d Spt Fighter Up — 5th G.S Johns Ex — 2d Pim Bills Sun — 8th Pim Fighting Home — 2d Suf Journey — 3d Bel Birdie Lulley — 3d Suf Fighting Thru — 4th Suf Judge Lane — 4th CD Black Bantam — 7th C JO Fine Fiddle — 7th Spt Jungle Jag — 7th G.S Black Coffee — 6th Pim Finest Hour H. — 3d Bel Junior— 2d CD Blacktype — 8th Bel First Nighter— 2d Suf Justaswell— 5th CD Blazing— 2d GS First Shannon— 4th CD K Blue Caboose— 1st G.S First Wing — 8th Bel Kabyle— 6th Bel Blue Jack— 8th GS Fleet Factor— 3d CD Kays Children— 2d GS Bobsled— 3d Pun Fleeting By— 2d Suf Kentucky Home— 8th Suf Bogalusa — 8th Spt Fleur de Joie — 3d Bel King For All 3d Pim Bogie Man— 3d G.S Flight Cloud — 4th Bel King Taos 9th Suf Bold Myth — 1st G.S Floor Boss — 1st Suf Kings Park 1st Bel Boling Polly— 8th CD Floral Parade— 5th Spt Kitty Ann— 5th Spt Bomb Cave— 3d Pim Flying Away— 4th Bel Knocks Twice— 3d Bel Bombast8th Bel Flying Mile— 2d Suf Knotty Jack— 6th Pim Bon Jour Alice — 6th G.S Four Night — 7th Suf Boots Haven— 2d G.S Foxy V.— 1st Spt . . L Boot? Image— 6th CX Foxy Star— 8th Spt Lady „ Roxana— 3d Bel Boston Hero— 8th Spt Frankfort King— 1st Pim Amour— 5th oD Bourre— 3d G.S Lanark— 1st G.b Fresh Tonic— 2d Bel Briefcase— 1st G.S Friendly Sands— 9th Suf ™** J7T?la Brooketta— 7th Suf Full Flight— 6th Bel Lebanon Lad— 8th GS Brown Adobe — 3d Bel Furry Friend — 8th Pim Leinad — 3d Spt Brown Booter — 5th Bel Furthermore — 3d Bel Leterna — 1st C JO Brown Warrior— 1st Pim G Libbys First— 3d Pim Bruce— 2d Bel Liebeskind— 2d CX Gadwall— 1st Pim XSS-M Ukely story-3d Pim Bull Shoals-2d CD Suf Button Shoes-3d CD Gall T4th Sot Uttle Opener-5th G.S Bye and Bye-6th G.S Gallant D-8thSPt Lois Cheer-3d Suf Byng Bvne— 3d 3d Bel Bel Gallybird-3d , , ?• JTTTS Suf # Lonoke Flash— 7th CD Lorilia-5th Pim - Ganymede H.— 1st Pun Trinean ktBrf Cadence Count— 1st Bel Garalorter— 1st G.S KSfS-SShifc* Can Pac-3d Pim Gay Gallant-2d G.S SSSSSS Lower the Boom-4th r GS q Cannot-lst Bel Gay Lee-2d Spt Carrier Girl — 5th Pim Gay Senorita — 3d Spt - M 2dG.S Mad Marie 1st Pim CarysHope — Gay Ten — 2dCJD — 7th Bel Madame Arcati 6th G.S Catalpa — Gee Whiz — 2d Suf — Catalyst — 1st Bel Gentle Star — 3d Bel Mah Heavens — 4th G.S Catspaw — 6th Bel Get Busy— 1st Bel Mail From Home — 7th CD Cedar Jungle — 6th G.S Giacomo — 9th Suf Main Speaker — 4th Pim Cellini — 8th Bel Gin Tonic — 5th Pim Mar — 1st Pim Celtic Play — 4th CD Glare — 9th Spt Mar Pompey — 2d Spt Challa Rock — 2d Pim Glib — 1st Bel Marine Charger — 1st Suf Chalova — 2d Pim Glorious Emma — 7th Bel Marked Game — 7th G.S Chance Cloud — 2d CD Go a Bit — 2d Bel Martin Whelan — 1st Spt Chancescript — 3d Spt Go Go Go — 7th Suf Marvina K. — 3d Bel Charing Rock — 2d Suf Gold Flash — 5th C JD Marwood — 5th Spt Chic Queen — 5th Suf Golden Choice — 4th Suf Merry Mount — 7th G.S Choc Soda — 4th Spt Golden City — 1st Spt Mid Stream — 4th Pim Chombro — 6th CD Gottadance — 1st Suf Midchannel — 2d G.S Christmas Morn — 2d Pim Gov. Browning — 1st CD Midland Trail — 1st CD Clear Day — 7th Spt Graduation — 1st Pim Militant Miss — 5th Pim Click — 9th Suf Grand K. — 1st CD Milk Baron — 1st Bel Click-Click — 7th CD Granite Flyn — 7th CD Mill Boy — 2d CD Clint 1st Bel Mirabeau 8th G.S McCray — Grass Fire — 7th Spt — Clowness — 8th Spt Gray Desert — 5th CD Miss C Sue — 9th Suf Coastal Gold — 1st CD Great Fun — 8th Bel Miss Cross — 1st Suf Colonel Jett — 1st CD Great Guy — 1st G5 Miss Edinburg — 2d CD Colony Page — 8th Pim Great Shuffle — 1st Suf Miss Flosilda — 5th Suf Columbus Bound — 5th Spt Green Soap — 3d Pim Miss Gretchen — 5th G.S Conf ucious — 1st Bel - Grey Arrow — 8th G.S Miss Shadow — 6th,G.S Connies Pal — 6th Bel Grixdale — 1st CD Miss Stone — 3d Suf Coonamasset — 2d Bel Guard of Honor — 7th G.S Mister Kaw — 1st Bel Conquerant — 1st Suf H Money Call — 4th Suf Cookina — 4th Spt Hadnt Orter 6th Suf Montenegrin — 7th Suf Coruscate— 2d Suf Halcyon Bird— 7th Bel Motiger— 2d Bel Cotton Ginny — 4th G.S Half Shell 6th Bel Mr- Dink— 7th Spt Count Turf— 7th G.S Halley 3d Bel Mr- Doit — 8tn Pim Craigie— 8th CD Halorette— 3d G S Mr- Lcoknow— 6th Bel Curtain Raiser — 7th CD Hals Chick 2d Spt Mr- Sawdee — 4th Suf D Handy Man— 2d Pim Mrs-Mac_ 1?LPn, Dance Band— 1st Suf Happy Bound— 6th Suf Munnings— 4th Bel Dangerous Alp— 1st Bel Hapy ! Gander— 7th Spt My dividend— 7th Spt DehraDun— 2d Pim Happy Victor— 2d G.S My Nell— 7th Pim Delgada5th CD Harry D.— 9th Spt N Deliberate — 1st Bel Hasty Bee — 5th CD Narcisse — 5th Spt Dells Cheer — 5th Suf Hatties Gift — 9th Suf Natousa — 6th G.S Desert Witch — 3d Suf Havoc — 4th Bel Nicodem — 2d Pim Deux-Moulins — 8th Bel Helwan — 7th CD Night Fighter — 4th Spt Dinewisely — 7th G.S Her Chance — 2d Bel Night Man — 1st Suf Direct Time — 2d Pim Hey Wait — 1st Bel Nimble Myth — 2d G.S Direct Tint — 4th Pim Hi Gail — 1st GS Nine Gees — 2d Suf Dixie Prince — 4th Pim Hi Georgie — 1st Suf Not Joe — 2d CD Doc Wolfe— 5th CD High Descent — 8th G.S Notts Forest — 1st Suf Doll Ram — 1st Pim High Flavor — 3d Spt Numerical — 1st CD Domage— 5th Suf Highquillo — 8th G.S Nutmeg Lad — 5th Suf Donnadoon— 9th Suf Hill Boots — 5th CD Nylon Crepe — 4th CD 0 Ruche— 2d Bel Sweet Pickings— 5th Suf O. G. Sister— 1st G.S Rugged Boy— 3d G.S Swift Sword— 6th Bel Old Rocky — 6th Bel Rumor Has It — 4th Spt Sycamore Lane — 5th CD i On Speck— 7th Suf Ruth— 4th Suf j One Twelve— 1st Spt Ruth Hanson-8th G.S Tactful Pilot-5th Suf Open and Shut5th Pim $ Talfourd— 8th G.S SESSSTiSJ1 BCl Saf ari Boy-4th Spt Tall Tree-4th Bel OrtEZtthM Sailors Delite-6th Spt Tarport Kid-2d G.S Outlaw— 4th Spt Task— 8th CD 5aivotrpH Qth Suf Overwhelmed CD SffiEfcSSd Teddys Heir_4th CD rc,.0 Sams Bride— 8th Spt Telbras— 4th Suf Panting— 5th G.S Sandtop— 7th G S Terrebonne— 6th Bel Papa Bear— 3d Spt Santow— 2dCD Terry B.— 8th Pim Paramode— 4th Pim scarlet Clover— 4th Pim Texas Oil— 7th CD Pass— 1st Bel Scomber— 1st Bel The Pheasant— 8th Suf Pearl Diver— 6th GS Scotch Bush— 5th G.S The Trooper— 4th Bel Penocc— 7thPim Sea Lure— 3d Pim Thistle War— 3d CD Permian— 6th Bel Seaflash— 6th Suf Tiger Flame— 1st CD Peter Barton— 2d Suf Seco Girl— 1st G S Time For Speed— 7th Suf Peter Jo— 2d GS Second Story— 1st CD To Stay— 9th Spt Petite Lassie— 2d Bel Sedgegood— 2d Spt To toe Front— 2d Bel Phantom Heels — 2d Spt Seven Ems— 1st G S Tod Manley — 3d Pim Pharos Dream— 8th CD Shane— 3d CD Tom A Bomb— 2d CD Pilates Star— 1st Pim Sharp Mark— 3d Pim Top Again— Is CD Piping Good— 1st GS sheer Worth 4th Bel T°P Stockings — 4th Spt Plucky Star— 1st Suf Shelby Lane— 3d CD Tordar— 6th Spt Sfttd? Bel Shifting Way— 9th Suf Treada Boy— 8th CD Polo— 2d Bel Shy Guy— 6th CD Triumphant7th Suf Popadaris— IstBel Sickles Sound— 5th Bel Troic— 7th Bel Powhatan— 5th Bel Siege— 3d G S Tunesmith— 8th G.S Prandium— 5thCD Silver Arrow— 5th Pim Tuosix— 1st CD Prefect— 2d G.S silver Fiush_8th G.S Twig Lee— 8th Suf Press K— 8th Suf Singing Beauty— 7th Pim - U PrimordialthPim Sir Helios— 2d Pim U Asked Forit-2d Suf Prince Charlie— 7th Bel uKear-ora-asui QirTardv ?H Pim Prize Money-4th Spt mtSSEZ-MsZt £ * 52Efc2? £? Problem Lad-3d GS XStSSiSl SSSSsKS? Protagonist-4thBel 1m Jk d BeT ¥E£Ez£*2?L Smock— 2d Bel Uncles Gift-9th Suf , •Piirfriw 9H Ptei Puddler— 2d Bel Smooth Finish— 7th Spt up the River— 3d G.S , So Easy— 8th Pim U-Will— 9th Spt « .,T • oiu« Quick Imperial— 8th Pun So Fair— 2d CD v • Quick Lunch— 6th Bel So There— 8th Spt ._* R Sodatore— 6th G.S Velvet Express— 8th Suf Radiant Fox— 1st CD Something— 3d Pim Ve!?a iJo Pim Radical— 7th Pim Son Fen— 8th Bel Vertrees— 8th Bel Raffy— 2d Bel Song of Italy— 2d CD Very Special— 7th Spt Raintree— 6th CD Song-Stylist— 6th Bel Jr * , ? o 7 Ramillion— 3d Bel Sparkling Rock— 1st Pim vmrate— 1st Spt Rare Knave— 7th Pim Spartan Queen— 5th Pim Virginia Cane— 1st G.S Real Gone— 4th Suf Special Nurse— 6th Suf JW-JB [ ™" Real Treat— 5th CD Speedy Jet— 5th Spt volute— 7tn Bel Rebel Raider — 9th Spt Spluey — 6th G.S W Rebel Spy— 8th Pim Spring Grove— 6th Pim w*r Dollar— 5th C.D Red Card— 2d Pim Spunky— 6th CD War Rhodes— 3d Bel Red Cardinal— 3d Pim Stand Off— 2d Suf Waravid— 4th CD Red Poppy— 2d G.S Star Alpha— 7th Bel Wardril— 1st Suf Reinspect-4th CD Star Borjean— 8th Pim Weird Music— 4th G.S Reno Red— 1st Spt Star Hoofer— 4th Bel Welcome Wink— 1st Pim Repartee— 9th Spt Star K.— 5th CD West Milton— 3d G.S Replys Image— 1st Bel Star Nymph— 2d Bel What A Peach— 2d Spt Rhodes Pe13d Spt Star Z.— 3d G.S Where Are We— 6th G.S Ribbed— 1st Suf Steak Bone— 7th CD Whirl Home— 8th Spt Rissan— 1st Suf Steamboat Bill— 2d Spt Whirling Home— 7th Bel Rissas Son— 3d GS Stop and Look— 7th G.S Whirls Bell— 8th Pim Rob Crusoe— 2d G.S Strada— 9th Spt Whisk-Of f— 8th GS Rocket Light— 7th Bel Strike Em Dead— 1st Spt White Bones— 3d Suf Rolling Boy— 1st Pim Sugar Dad— 6th Bel W Sure— 5th G.S Roman Law— 7th G.S Sulmari— 3d G.S Wichita Lass— 1st Spt Roman March— 5th G.S Sun Bud— 2d Pim Wilful— 4th Pim Roman Orgy— 6th Pim Sun Jeep— 7th Suf Wilks Loss— 8th Pim Rose Beauty— 4th Suf Sun Roamer— 8th G.S Wise Doge— 5th Suf Rough Night-2d Bel Super Lunar— 5th G.S Wrack Play— 4th Spt Round Top — 3d Bel Super Sign — 3d GS X Royal Castle — 8th Bel Suze Sin — 3d G.S Xmas Chimes — 1st Spt Royal Crispie — 5th CD Swamp Son — 3d C.D Z Royal Luck — 2d Spt Sweep the Sky — 3d Suf Zipper — 3d G.S

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