Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1955-06-07

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points. 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy BALMORAL AT WASHINGTON Selections Made for Heavy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS T H/ APache Menown Menown Dotty Noble Mels Glory Mels Glory 12 I Mels Glory Mels Glory Ace Talon Menown " Annjowett Menown 12 Ace Talon Motoramic Many Faults Annjowett Motoramic Hy Apache 5 Sixty Two Pirates Alley Pirates Alley Sixty Two Sixty Two Sixty Two 15 2 Beldic Spiriam Spiriam Spiriam Spiriam Pirates Alley 10 Spiriam Careful Devil Baileys Pride Careful Devil, Nora Shore Spiriam 9 Flying First Playoff Hedgewood Miss Hedgewood Miss Playoff Hedeewood Miss 14 Little Errard Flying First yoff Flying First Hedgewood Miss andaVOff° 12 Hedgewood Miss Hedgewood Miss Flying First Hardwicke Plying First Flying First 11 Guard Rail Guard Rail GrecianAyr Guard Rail Hasty Queen Guard Rail 18 Grecian Ayr GrecianAyr Guard Rail GrecianAyr GrecianAyr GrecianAyr 13 Melon Beadah Beadah Hasty Queen -Guard Rail Hasty Queen 6 Drafting Room SUPER SUE Bully Bolero Mrs. Sweenie Super Sue Super Sue 14 5 Mrs.Sweenie Mahmoud Relic Bull OWoods Super Sue Mrs. Sweenie Mrs Sweenie. 10 Dream Pattern Laurel King Mrs. Sweenie Dream Pattern Bully Bolero Bully Bolero 6 BLUE CHOIR Blue Choir BLUE CHOIR BLUE CHOIR BLUE CHOIR BLUE CHOIR 33 6 Dance Nsing Nance Nsmg Nance Nsmg Sir Tribal Dance Nsing Dance Nsing 9 Guy Sir Tribal Oriental Spring Dance Nsing Sir Tribal Sir Tribal _4 Mayo Lady Billtown Si"*0™11 Childers • Billtown Billtown 15 7 Stroller Restraint Childers Mayo Lady Restraint Childers 8 Bobs Pamela Stroller Restraint • Stroller Childers Mayo Lady *7 Elevehpoint Elevenpoint Amphiblen Kays Children Dont Orest Kays Children 12 8" Kays Children Kays Children Kay s Children Dont Orest Hasty Freedoms Elevenpoint 10 Amphiblen . Don t Orest Dont Orest Hasty Freedoms Kays Children Dont Orest 9 Russell TS Russell TS LovinLady Russell TS Tattenham Russell TS 18 9 Barbara L Pickled Pine Judy Rounders Judy Rounders Russell TS Tattenham 5 Perfect Mister Edenite Russell TS Barbara L. Barbara L. Lovin Lady 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for" Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Fair Bit Bold Bandit Bully Bunting BOLD BANDIT Warm Ace Bold Bandit id 1 1 Eternal Shock Warm Ace Warm Ace Sustained Bully Bunting WarrnArS % Bold Bandit : Aglare Bold Bandit Bully Bunting SisBolo BifllyHunting 8 So Grand Bona Eternal Denbru Denbru ~Dpnbrii v? 2Denbru MissNaylor Royce. Denbru Billies Ann So Grand So Grand « So Grand Miss Naylor Royce Depth Rocket Billies Ann Bona Eternal 5 Firey Imp Firey Imp Destino Miss Firey Imp : Eck-Heart Fierv Tmn Tq Winter Book Retu Firey Imp Destino Miss Firey Imp Destino Mi q ; a Eck-Heart Winter Book - Tetu Nicks Gal Destino Miss Eck-Heart 6 Fraluxe Fraluxe Ressa Bob FRALUXE FRALTJAF 24 4Fraluxe Ray n Jay Royal Swan Ray n Jay Fraluxe Yeorii RSaKnh £ Allforever Winged Devil Winged Devil Allforever Rayn Jay Rayn Jay 5 Bonsand Celtic Spirit : Mighty Roan Bonsand Bonsand 17 5Bonsand Nepal Celtic Spirit Bonsand Nepal Mighty Roan MiehtvRnan o Mighty Roan Nepal Mighty Roan Celtic Spirit Nepal Celtic Spirit 8 DONT MOVE BIDDY SUE DONT MOVE Tiger Trip Tiger Trip DontMove Tfi Tiger Trip Tiger Trip . Tiger Trip Willy Nilly Dont Move tSS 16 , Biddy Sue Dancing Marjie Willy Nilly Biddy Sue Biddy Sue Biddy Sue 10 Chinkapin Chinkapin Calm Bay Fifty Carat Calm Bay Calm Rav Tn TJtarum Whirls Bell WarStim Johns Admiral Fifty Carat ChJnkaSin in Fifty Carat J ohns Admiral Fifty Carat War Stim First Grandson Fifty Carat 9 Pry Pat Pry Pat _ Maidens Reward - Starborough Scarborough" starhnrnnph Scotch Bim Scotch Bim Starborough Tishie Maidens Reward PrvPat i? Tishie Starborough Scotch Bim Pry Pat Pry Pat Maidens Reward 7 Trackman, J. S. Grant BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Trick RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS " — Prize Ring Gascony Prize Ring Cedar Jungle Gascony Gasconv "7* Ferd Prize Ring Gascony Gascony. Sir Sidney Prize Rinsr Gascony Ferd ~ Sir Sidney Sir Sidney Prize Ring Cedar Jungle «f Button Bill Fisherfolk Button Bill Fisherfolk Fisherfolk Fishprfnik- 17 2" PepitoM. Story Teller Story Teller Story Teller Story Teller Button Bill in Fisherfolk Ban Fisherfolk Poor John PepitoM; ~" StoryTeUer 8 Hyrcan Hyrcan Hyrcan Dulat Dulat Hvrnan "To Breakers Ahead Espantoon Xapcourt Hyrcan Hyrcan Dulat in Morpheus Xapcourt Espantoon Xapcourt . ~ Xapcourt Xapcourt 5 " RENEGED Reneged Reneged Reneged Reneeed 9 4Espea Affable Affable -Wild Chorus Espea Espea EsSfa in Reneged Dans Dance Espea Dans Dance Spin Affable" 4 Out of Reach Jim Dandy Jim Dandy Out of Reach , JimDandv Jim rianriv Tn Waric Out of Reach Out of Reach Jim Dandy Out of Reach OutofRpLh Tr Mr.Phal Sweet Chariot Sweet Chariot Sweet Chariot Sweet Chariot swLtChaffnt. 4 Decimal Dark Ruler DARK RULER DARK RULER Dark Ruler Dark pi,iPp 7 6 Georgian Georgian Blue Quest Blue Quest Laugh Blue Sit r Laugh Blue Quest Georgian Decimal Blue Quest Decimal 6 King Jolie KingJolie War Command King Jolie King Jolie TCimr wi« 7 7 Sickles Sound Sickles Souna Rush Prince War Command War Command SSL o Rush Prince ContyBay KingJolie Rush Prince Rush PrincI £sh S d 5 OPEN AND SHUT Open and Shut Open and Shut Open and Shut OPEN AND shttt hpm Avrr ctt,™ o» 8 Sweet Wendy G. Dry Vermouth Teds Jeep/ • Winning Fleet Sweet Wendy G WwSh!pT 25 - Semolina Mordigan Winning Fleet Semolina- sBirla 1 winning Fleet 3 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Mad. r„r RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Celeriter Celeriter Celeriter Celeriter Cpteritw ICeleriter Delove Fox Castle Fox Castle Fox Castle Fox Castle Fox Calf 1 2 a Fox Castle Truxton Truxton Truxton Truxton T?uxton 4 : Changeling Bogie Man Changeling Four Jacks Bogie Man Bogie Man : Four Jacks Four Jacks Bogie Man Monocoan Monacoan chlmrpw 1? Bogie Man Monacoan Four Jacks . Changeling Mongoote FcSrJack? 10 Sakr-El-Bahr Sakr-El-Bahr Sakr-El-Bahr ■ SAKR-EL-BAHR -rc 3Sakr-El-Bahr Sea island kK°yal Dark Royal Dark Royal DarkRandal dSro! Sairr 1 on Possess Third Ace Possess. Sea Island Sea Island Sealsland 4 8 Heir of Pines Admiral John Heart of Pines Admiral John Heir of Pines Hpir nf PinPC 75 Barrow Heir of Pines Admiral John Barrow Admiral John Admirli™™ if Admiral John Keelhaul Barrow Heir of Pines Barrow BaSow | Flower Picture Sun Fame Butterbur Sun Fame Sun Fame 5„n Pom1 7 Wheel Road Noble Maje Flower Picture Di-ore-model Flower Picture Sr Wrf,,™ ?n Butterbur -Butterbur Di-ore-model Flower Picture Wheel Road Butterbur 7 MY BLUE SKY MY BLUE SKY My Blue Sky MY BLUE SKY My Blue Sky MY BITTF stcv si Petitioner Petitioner Falcula Petitioner Petitioner PeHfSS? I Falcula Falcula Grey Slipper Falcula Falcula Falrffia 6 Cover Off Bonnie Gem DIXIE PRINCE Cover Of f Dixie Prince jww 777 7 Bonnie Gem Greens Folly Cover Off Dixie Prince Bofus Sr nff 10 Dixie Prince Dixie Prince Greens Folly Bonnie Gem Batch BonnieGem - 8 Browse Browse War Phar Browse War Phar -Rrnw„_ tz War Phar Air Colonel Air Colonel War Phar Air Colonel ffiphur Yl , AirCol6nel War Phar Browse Air Colonel Browse Ai? Colonel 8 Trackman, J. R. Batty . • THISTLEDOWN Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP - ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Bobnjack Why Bill Bobnjack Bobnjack Sirs Pride Bobnisrk ~7n Triple Honors Quick Shower Quick Shower Sirs Pride - Bobnjack Sirs Pride « Double Prophet Double Prophet Sirs Pride • Janna Lea Quick Shower Quick Shower 5 King Cameron Pretty Cindy Sly Wink My Pastime My Pastime MvPastimp r? 2 My Pastime Bad News Cuna Cuna King Cameron KmeCamprnn a Pretty Cindy My Pastime King Cameron Southern Cookn SlyWJnk Slffwink? 6 NOTHER SPEECH Turf Money Npther Speech Spindanny Nother Speech Nother Speech 18 Spindanny CardmalHill Black Homburg Polly Chance -Spindanny Spmdanny 10 Royaldina Spindanny Polly Chance Nother Speech Black Homburg Turf Money 5 . Blue Quail Elkchester ELKCHESTER Blue Quail ELKCHESTER ELKCHESTER 19 A TJndelv Carols. Bilhe-Anne Ariels First FoxieKins BlnpOimii in 4 Chief Charmer FoxieKing FoxieKing Undely Biml-Anne Rofie Kfng 4 Star Z. Fanelis Alley glorys Crown STAR SHOW Brookhaven StarZ. 9 5 Our Tops Brookhaven Brookhaven My Preference StarZ. Brookhaven 9 Fanelis Alley Mr. Alside starZ. Star Z. Glorys Crown Star Show 7 , Reterita COBURNS WISH Our Only One Our Only One Figging Barb Our Only One 14 A Our Only One I Love Betty Cobum sWish Fighting Barb Our Only One CoburnsWish 11 v CoburnsWish Fighting Barb Reterita Reterita Coburns Wish Fighting Barb 8 Beau Black Oreo frH,? Grove Spring Grove Spring Grove Spring Grove 15 7 YeaBama YeaBama Euclid WoodviewAce Euclid Oreo 6 Oreo. Euclid Nickey W. Haltom Beau Black Beau Black 6 Andys Dream Andys Dream Andys Dream Bless Me Too Bless Me Too Andys Dream 17 8 Rockbridge Bless Me Too Rockbridge Gentle Gal Andys Dream Bless Me Too 13 Tourlanx Telbras Bless Me .Too Rockbridge Rockbridge- Rockbridge 6

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