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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy ARLINGTON PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST . HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Carco Motoramic The Brass Carco Mr Redbird Caroo 19 1 WSPfR , Mr Redbird Arabs Promise Mr. Redbird Carco Mr Redbird - 10 Bold Attempt Vallou Mr. Redbird Corona Lark Corona Lark Motoramic 5 1 JL Wittedhre wictea Witted witti17- Witted wSftJh0re -Witted SL Nora Shore Nora Shore 16 - Witted Witted in Mrs.J.U. Nora Shore Letter Carrier Fullopep Letter Carrier Mrs J U. 6 Barbareba. Challcote Barbareba Barbareba Barbareba 17 3Wer Hugo You Go Agreed Barbareba Agreed Agreed Agreed 6 Scairt Rabbit Scairt Rabbit Alfred Boulder Hugo You Go Hugo You Go Alfred Boulder 6 Maid of Cotton Andrew J. Alcova ALCOVA Alcova 23 4ahXAt Andrew J. Alcova Alcova Maid of Cotton Andrew J Maid of Cotton 10 Maid of Cotton Johns Mable Maid of Cotton Johns Mable Maid of Cotton Andrew J 9 5m?!H?u ?T1mpi?ou sfn,ery OlympiaLou MissArlette OlympiaLou 17 fn1 MissArlette MissArlette MissArlette , Miss Energy MissArlette 13 Iwillifican Iwilhfican Qlympia Lou Amoret Olympia Lou Miss Energy 7 JUDY RULLAH JUDY RULLAH Pretty Plunger JudyRullah JUDY RULLAH 26 6JudyRullah etty Plunger Pretty Plunger Pretty Plunger JudyRullah" Pretty Plunger Pretty Plunger 13 Waikiki Miss Zami Requestette Waikiki Waikiki Waikiki 3 Tee J. H. TeeJ.H. TeeJ.H. TeeJ.H.; Tee J H Tee J H 25 7 Sky Hall SmugsyWugsy git Me Hit Me Sky Hall Hit Me 7 Hit Me Hit Me Bull OWoods Bull OWoods Hit Me Sky Hall 4 Mokatuck Lady Elect Mokatuck MOKATUCK JipiJapa Mokatuck 21 8 Lady Elect Mokatuck Doctor Heitz Sea Tale Mokatuck Lady Elect 9 Steady Jet Jumbo Lies Lady Elect Steady Jet Lady Elect Jipi Japa 5 Trackman, P. S. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Chinkapin Chinkapin GailR. Martial Song Sneak Easy Chinkapin 13 I Sneak Easy Sneak Easy Sneak Easy Lilac Chinkapin Sneak Easy 11 Tishie Gail R. Chinkapin Tishie Grand Evening Gail R. 6 Mr. Duty JohnB. , Mr. Duty Mr. Duty Mr. Duty Mr. Duty 22 2 Julie Busher Mr. Duty Gibson Julie Busher Alicentdny John B " 5 Valiant Step v Valiant Step Alicentony Gibson Siranas Julie Busher 4 Winter Book First Greek Winter Book First Greek Firey Imp Winter Book 13 3 Fireylmp Firey Imp Firey Imp Firey Imp Winter Book Firey Imp 13 Dan Pat Fancy-Deb First Greek Winter Book First Greek First Greek 12 Good Times Vandanell Gold Flash Just Barbara Vandanell Vandanell 14 4 Just Barbara Just Barbara Vandanell Vandanell Gold Flash Just Barbara 9 Teenabee Good Times Good Times Gold Flash Good Times Good Times 8 Tricky Homer Timely Story Rigolade Short Sis Short Sis Short Sis 16 5 Short Sis Short Sis Short Sis MissTolton Timely Story Tricky Homer 7 Pont Move Pont Move Tricky Homer Tricky Homer Rigolade Rigolade 7 KNIGHTS REWD KNIGHTS REWD KNIGHTS REWD Jilted Gob KNIGHTS REWD KNITS REWD 30 6 Foxie Jeanie Jilted Gob Jilted Gob Knights Reward Foxie Jeanie Jilted Gob 11 Jilted Gob Nocallula Foxie Jeanie Easy Paddy Jilted Gob Foxie Jeanie 5 Gifted Hazel TuffyDoe MissTidwell Julia Lynn" Pickmen Miss Tidwell H 7 MissTidwell Marks Engine Gifted Hazel MissTidwell MissTidwell Gifted Hazel 8 Marks Engine Flatrock Pickmen Gifted Hazel Tuffy Doe Tuffy Doe 6 Top News Miss Bobbin Truce Talk MISS BOBBIN Miss Bobbin Miss"Bobbin 21 Miss Bobbin Top News Miss Bobbin WarStim Truce Talk Truce Talk 7 Cojoc Cojoc Uncle Todd Uncle Todd High Living Top News 7 Trackman. J. S. Grant AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Omelet Souffle Pavlowa Cosmic Lass Cosmic Lass Cosmic Lass Cosmic Lass 18 1 Cosmic Lass Getthere Frank Pavlowa Pavlowa Getthere Frank Pavlowa 10 Pavlowa Cosmic Lass Getthere Frank Getthere Frank First Exit Getthere Frank 6 Smithtown Smithtown Hooter Time Smithtown Smithtown 22 2Smithtown Certain Lady Certain Lady Fighting Byrne Smithtown LeGusta Hooter Time 6 Golf Gal Le Gusta Hooter Time Certain Lady Great Arturo Certain Lady 5 Morpheus - Irish Double Irish Double Irish Double Irish Double Irish Double 20 3 Carthage Carthage Ring o Roses Ring o Roses Carthage Carthage 8 Ring o Roses Breakers Ahead Carthage Carthage Barclay Joe Morpheus 5 Irish Nest Bellow Irish Nest Irish Nest Irish Nest Irish Nest 22 4 Bellow Irish Nest Bellow Bellow Bellow Bellow 13 Gay Mink Bettys Pet St. Philomenia Gay Minx Dusky Maiden Gay Minx 2 Poloriot Lovely Lady Lustralice Lovely Lady Poloriot 11 5Bolette Poloriot Glamour Poloriot Glamour Poloriot Lovely Lady 11 Lovely Lady Lustralice Noors Image Bolette Glamour Lustralice 6 High Voltage HIGH VOLTAGE HIGH VOLTAGE HIGH VOLTAGE HIGH VOLTAGE HIGH VOLTAGE 33 6 Two J3tars Sometime Thing Bless Pat Sometime Thing Bless Pat Sometime Thing 5 Caustic Soya II. Smart Devil Minnie Moocher Sometime Thing Bless Pat 4 INDIAN FILE Mr. Turf Mr. Turf Mi. Turf Mr. Turf Mr Turf : 22 7 Mr. Turf By Jeepers Black Record Indian File Indian File Indian File 12 By Jeepers Indian File By Jeepers By-Jeepers By Jeepers By Jeepers 6 Look Alive Top That Top That -Press Press """"Press : 14 8 Unrest Press Press Big Break Top That Top That 13 Big Break Unrest Big Break Top That Unrest Look Alive 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP . CONSENSUS cpcn a i Bavaria Another Hyacinth Bavaria Bavaria Bavaria Bavaria 22 f .h. Another Hyacinth Bavaria Another Hyacinth Another Hyacinth Another Hyacinth Anothr Hyacinth 13 RACE Beau Sir Beau Sir Beau Sir Beau Sir Beau Sir . Beau Sir 5 The Spaniel The Spaniel TheSpaniel The Spaniel The Spaniel The Spaniel 25 I Chanter Bofus Nimble Lady 5fus Chanter Chanter 6 1 King Mowlee Juniors Fust Chanter Chanter Nimble Lady Bofus 4 Beauion Natchez Maid Cub Scout Cub Scout Cub Scout Cub Scout 17 Tunshen . Cub Scout . Short Bit Carolina Rex Tunshen Beauion fi Natchez Maid Beauion Tunshen Tunshen Carolina Rex Tunshen 6 Nahodah Gun Shot Nahodah NAHODAH Nahodah Nahodah 23 3 Thanks Anyhow Thanks Anyhow Thanks Anyhow Some Tan Some Tan Thanks Anyhow 7 Gun Shot Nahodah Hours Later Our Boy Bill Thanks Anyhow Gun Shot 6 First Peep Light Jean Four Jacks Four Jacks Four Jacks 16 - 4Juesbu Four Jacks . Four Jacks Four Jacks First Peep First Peep First Peep Light Jean Juesbu Juesbu Juesbu Light Jean Juesbu 8 TAHITI TAHITI TAHITI Tahiti TAHITI TATTTTT 5 War Tune War Tune . War Tune . bronze Warrior War Tune War -Tone . q Ros Clag Ros Clag Bronze Warrior War Tune Bronze Warrior Bronze Warrior 4 Rare Treat Fantine Busher Rare Treat Rare Treat Rare Treat Rare Treat 99 6 Fantine Busher Rare Treat Fantine Busher Hernia Fantine Busher Fantine Busher 11 Hibernia Fleet Fighter Hiberma " Witchery Fleet Fighter Hibemfa 4 Girl Crazy GirlCrazy . Girl Crazy Girl Crazy Girl Crazv "T Girl Crarv 9 7 Triple Bells Most Charming Duke o Hampton Triple Bells Duke o Hampton Duke oSmnfon i MostCharming Darling Daddy Most Charming Duke o Hampton Most Charming Srgy Allegretto Joe Judge. Allegretto Busy Phil Allegretto " Pat Again Balmarose Pat Again Allegretto Pat Again BusvPhi? Allegretto N ia Joe Judge Allegretto Busy Phil Pat Again Busy Phil Again n ? Trackman, J. R. Batty THISTLEDOWN Selections Made lor Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Z Dee Kay Dee Kav Special Blend Dee Kay Special Blend Dee Kav " v? I MissArgo Group Three g,eeay ssAr MissArgo Special Blend in 1 Flo Flo Eternal Flo Flo Royal Gloves Fan Flo Flo Miss-Argo 6 Boiling Spring Boiling Spring Pretty Cindy Little Falls . Boiling Spring Boiling Soring iq Little Falls Ontheball Boiling Spring Boiling Spring Galloping Gus UttleFalS ft Galloping Gus Little Falls Galloping Gus Where Now Pretty Cindy Pretfr Cinrlv 6 Liberty Top Dorothita Liberty Top Lena Shine Lena Shine Liberty Ton To Laura Donna Terrys Sue Laura Donna Laura Donna Liberty Top LenaShim? in Crystal Skies Amandmine Amandmme Amandmine Laura Donna Laura Donna Gifted Boots Overwhelm Radiola OVERWHELM Okeechobee Overwhelm Tfi Lavara Okeechobee Overwhelm .Gold Leaf Overwhelm OkeechoS Okeechobee Lavara Short Cable Green Sailor Radiola Radiola 6 a FIGHTING BARB Arlene Fighting Barb Pythfield Myrna Myrna Arlene Fighting Rarh T 5 New Angle New Angle Billie-Anne MargoLea Fighting Barb Myrm Arlene 11 Myrna Arlene Mr Gaughn New Angle Fighting Barb New Angle New Angle 6 7 Luciete LUCIETE Best Air Luciete- BEST AIR ltjpiftf To ft Euclid Haltom Luciete Brandys Last Burnt Child Best Air 19 U Haltom Euclid Burnt Child Burnt Child Haltom Haltom f Nice Try Vincent X. F. Southern Cookn Sly Wink Howdy Howdy Slv Wink TT 7 Sly Wink Ballyneety Sly Wink Howdy Howdy Sly Wink Howdv Howdv a Howdy Rowdy Lightspeed Nice Try Come On Rube Southern Cookn Nice Try 6 SandFly War Dauber TIMELY REWARD Sand Fly Sand Fly Sand Fly 19 War Dauber SandFly SandFly War Dauber Timely Reward War Dauber 10 Windsor Knot Timely Reward Windsor Knot Okamsel War Dauber Timely Reward 10

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