Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1949-06-07

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3 Alphabetical Index to Entries A Ace Away — 6th Oma Adamant — 4th Del on Al Cheers — 3d Det Alan C— 4th Del Alibarrie — 5th Bel All Business — 8th LP All in Fun— 5th Del m Z All White— 8th Oma Z Allied Risk— 4th Oma ~* Alonary — 1st Suf AlsabsDay — 5th L P Amateur Boy — 8th Oma 5 Amber Doll— 7th Oma uj Amen — 5th Suf p Anako — 1st Suf Anna Christie— 3d Del Annedda — 7th Del oc. Apple River — 7th Del O Apropiado — 7th L P Arabs Fancy — 2d LP V Armelle— 2d Bel ?z Ataman — 8th Del U Atrebla— 2d LP S Attention Miss — 9th Suf Au Phil— 4th Suf S B Ball Hawk— 4th Bel Q BallaFlightlstLP Ballyrag — 1st Det Banovina — 5 th Det Barade — 8 th Oma Barbed Heels — 5th Oma Baruna — 7th Suf Bay Acre — 8th Det * Bea Right — 6th Det Beaus First — 1st Del Beautiful Time — 1st Suf Beetlebomb — 1st Bel Bengal — 4th Bel Benny F.— 7th Oma Bentbrook— 3d Oma Besita— 2d Bel Best Prospect — 6th LP Bestemor — 1st Oma Better Buy— 3d LP Big Albert— 8th LP Big Reward— 6th Suf Big Wash— 4th LP Bill G.— 1st Det Bill Ross — 7th Det Bimebella — 4th Oma Bindo — 8th Bel Black Beggar — 2d Oma Black Chiffon— 7th Bel .Black Fox H.— 7th Bel Black Lead — 4th Del Blank Dismay — 2d Det Blaze Past — 6th Del Blue Clover — 3d Det Blue Grip— 6th.Det Blue Hedda — 1st Del Blunt — 3d Suf Bob Mann— 2d Suf Bold Copper-Td Oma Bold Mouse— «th Del Bolhard— 2d Oma Boniboyle — 2d Bel Bonnie B. — 9th Suf Bonnie Sandra — 1st Bel Bonrilla — 3d LP Boob — 3d Oma Boss B. — 5th Suf Boss Foot — 6th Del Boss Well— 5th Suf Boss Yam — 4th Bel Boston Man — 5th Del Boxie — 6th Suf Bracket — 1st Det Brass Cannon — 8th Det Brief Whirl— 2d Del Brillgal — 6th Oma Brother Henry — 5 th Det Brown Appell — 1st Suf Brown Box — 2d Oma Brown Fox — 3d Del Buckiegirl — 2d Bel Bug Juice — 6th Bel Bull Tar— 1st Suf Bullet Bill— 8th Oma Bullish— 6th LP Bunchie — 2d Del Buran — 5 th Suf Buster Maedic — 5 th Oma C Cab Sir— 8th Del Cabbagetown — 5th Oma Cabdrivers Nod — 6th Del Camargo — 5 th Del Camp Play — 7th Del Candid Queen — 2d Oma Captain Buzz — 1st Oma Cartas Pride — 2d Oma Carole Louise — 1st LP Carolina Frank— 2d Det Carolina Miss — 3d Suf Casting Couch — 1st Del Cavalier Trim — 2d Del Censured — 5 th Suf Center Piece — 6th Del Chall Amaze — 5 th LP Chance o Mine — 1st Del Char-Law— 9 th LP Chicken Ann — 9th LP Chickie Beans — 3d Suf China Colleen — 8th Bel Chips Up — 4th Oma Choice Cut — 4th Del Cid Play— 7th Det Clevelander — 6th LP Cloonshee— 3d Bel Clytie— 2d Bel Coalybay — 8th Oma Cock Feather— 3d Del Cockof thewalk — 4th Del Code Mentor — 1st Oma Coiffeur — 1st Det Colo Springs — 9th Suf Combatore — 7th Bel Cornea tchme — 5 th Oma Compatriot — 2d LP Concho Blitz — 8th Oma Connies Boy— 5th Det Contract1— 4th Bel Cool Judgment — 1st Det Coronet Star — 4th Suf Corydon— 8th LP Cossack Boy — 8th Oma Count Quick — 8th LP Country Town — 5th Bel Criss Cross — 6th Del CrystalJay — 5 th Oma Cudiddle — 2d Oma Culver Co-Ed — 9th LP D Danada Capt. — 6th LP Dark Favorite — 5th Bel Dark Glasses-5th Bel Dark Tiny — 1st LP Deep Sea Tale — 7th Bel Deltoid — 1st LP Demavend — 7th Bel Detective — 4th Bel Devils Breath — 3d Det Dicks Agent — 7th Oma Dielle— 5 th LP Ding — 2d Del Doc McGrail — 4th Bel Doctor L. E. — 3d Det Doctor Roy — 2d Oma Dollys Image — 4th Det Donna Boorse — 3d Del Donna L. — 7th LP Doots— 5th Oma Dorothy N. Lee — 2d Bel Double Blitzen — 1st LP Double Moose — 1st LP Dover Road — 4th Det Duke E.— 2d LP Duskys First — 6th Oma E Easy Did It— 2d Oma Easy Twist— 7th LP Eddie Leonard — 4th Del Eddieow— 3d Del Eireann— 8th Det Equipoisette — 2d Bel Ettenan S.— 7th LP EternalDanger — 7th Del Eternal Sickle — 3d Suf Eva T.— 4th Det Everplayful — 7th Suf F Fair Mint — 1st Oma Fair Strike — 9th Suf Fair Vision — 2d Del Fairanf it — 8th Suf Fanash — 4th Det Fancy Answer — 6th Suf Fancy Fun— 2d Suf Fanf aron — 7th Del Fantom Venture — 8th Suf Faultfinder— 1st Del Fearless Ken — 5th Oma Fertile Lands — 7th Det Fibster— 2d Del Fightin Clever — 7th Del Fighting Fairy — 4th Bel Fighting Mac — 8th LP Final Touch — 5th Del Fire Raider — 4th Suf First Command — 4th Suf First Degree — 7th Det First Whirl— 6th LP Five A.M.— 7th LP Flag Isis — 1st Bel Flaming Dance — 7th Suf Fleet Factor — 3d Det Fleet Vixen— 7th Bel Flipras — 1st Bel Floco — 2d Del Flood Town — 3d Del Florida Amigo — 9th LP Fly Out — 2d LP Flying Nun — 7th Del Foray Vina — 5th Det Fosters Pride — 3d LP Fourth Watch— 8th LP Foxey Rose — 3d LP Foxie Ted— 2d Suf Frankie D. — 4th Oma Fraternal — 8th Bel Free Transit — 2d LP French Lure — 4th Suf Friar Gene — 8th Oma Frosted— 5thBel Fullblasf-4th Bel G Gallant Bull— 3d Del Garden Week — 2d Bel Gauntlet — 8th Del Gay B. — 1st Oma Gay Weed— 2d Bel Gee Vee Lee — 3d Oma Gentle Kay— 5th Suf Geronimo — 1st Suf Gerrys Bud — 1st Det Ginnas War — 8th Bel Goldbart — 1st Suf Golden Bolt— 5th Det Golden Vixen — 8th Bel Good Wishing — 9th LP Goody Gumdrop — 1st Suf Gothic — 8th Det Grandma G. — 5th Bel Grandrun — 4th Oma Grey Haste — 4th Oma Grey town — 4th LP Grian — 4th Suf Grim Magic — 8th Oma H Hair Stylist— 7th LP Halcyon Duke — 3d LP Handy Man — 4th Del Hard Work— 1st Bel Hash Night— 5 th Del Hasher— 2d Suf Hattie Star — 3d Oma Here Today — 8th Bel Hi Landing — 5th Suf Hi Neighbor— 8th Det Hibernian — 8th Suf Hi-Etta— 1st LP High Agent — 5th Oma High Shine — 6th LP High Trend— 6th Bel Highest— 2d Bel Hike— 8th Det Hitherto— 3d LP Holly Mac— 9th Suf Honey Ethel — 2d Del Hook Up— 7th LP Hooperville — 4th Bel Hyblaze — 6th Bel Hyhustle — 6th Suf Hyp Home — 5th Bel Hypertension — 2d Del Hypothesis — 3d Oma I Idle Tale— 1st Del In Vogue — 4th Suf Indian Brook — 1st LP Indique — 6th Bel Indus — 4 th Del Inlight — 5th Oma Intercept— 1st Del Irish Wash — 7th Oma Irish Witch— 5th Bel Isochino — 8th Bel J Jacks Niece — 1st LP Jersey Day — 8th Bel Jess D. — 5 th Oma Jet Assist — 6th Del Jet Job — 1st Del Jetrose — 5 th LP Jimjack — 5 th Det Jimmie — 2d Det Jock Clark — 7th Del Joeval — 5th Suf Jolly Gremlin— 2d Suf Journal — 7 th LP Joyce W.— 2d LP Juana — 3d Suf Junior Wolf —4th LP K Kankeekee — 1st Suf Kansas Koed — 4th Oma Kapi — 3d Oma Kay Damion— 2d Oma Keenie Kan— 8th Oma Kels Love — 3d Del Khaygram — 8th LP Kilayr — 6th Suf Kindly Miss— 4th Det King Alia— 1st LP King Chico — 4th Del King Willow— 2d Suf Kingsf ield— 3d Bel Knight Cappy — 8th LP KitnKat— 9th Suf Kopes Toy — 3d Det L La Ganadora — 2d Bel Lady Eva — 8th Oma Lady Janice — 8th Del Lakeview T. — 1st Oma Lambent — 5 th Det Larky Day— 3d Bel Laroc — 2d Det Lass Quest — 4th LP Last Show— 5th Det Laurel Road — 3d Del Lazy Shoes — 5th Oma Lee Summit — 2d Det Lennie Boy — 7th Suf Lerners Girl — 4th LP Lets Run — 5th Det Like A Breeze— 9th LP Limestone — 2d Oma Little Aud— 3d LP Little Captain — 3d Suf Little Fair— 3d Oma Little Milly— 4th LP Little Stick— 8th Det Local Option — 1st Del Lock and Key— 3d Bel Lock Like — 1st Bel Low Tension — 1st Det Lucky Al — 3d Det Lucky Champ — 2d Det Lucky Lass— 8th Oma Lucky Pair — 3d Oma Lumpuckerow — 6th Del Lydia M.— 1st Del M M. Longeine — 6th Suf M. Luck Out — 1st Bel Magic Touch — 8th LP Maid of Af ton— 6th Del Mamaloi — 4 th Det Maneen — 8th Det Mantagris — 7th Suf Marblehead — 2d Suf Marie Egret — 9th Suf Mark the Spot — 7th Oma Marltown — 8th Suf Martin Whelan— 3d LP Master Bird — 5th Oma Maximont — 2d Suf Medina Boy — 4th Oma Mels Bells— 2d Bel Merrick Belle — 2d Suf Merry Zac — 4th LP Mescara — 7th Det Mighty Falcon — 1st Suf Mignonette — 5 th Bel Mill Cat— 1st LP Minrab — 3d Oma Mint OMorn — 3d Del Mintlock — 2d Det Mio Lips— 8th Det Miss Buster — 4th Oma Miss Carolina — 8th Bel Miss Hettie — 3d Oma Miss Lena — 1st Suf Miss Meliss — 3d Suf Miss Nina S. — 8th Bel Miss Stone — 5th LP Miss Sun Beau — 1st Suf Miss Tartan — 4th LP Monfalon — 4th LP Morleys Baby — 1st Oma Morphil — 3d Oma Mountain Time — 4th Suf Mr. Champ — 2d Oma Mr. Dodo — 8th Suf Mr. Flynn — 5th Oma Mr. Jay — 6th Det Mrs. Almac— 6th Del Mudinyoureye — 2d Oma Mumbo Jumbo — 7th Suf My Future — 1st LP My Grace — 8th LP My Sister — 6th LP My War Dog — 1st Det Mystry Mark — 4th Suf N Nathaniel — 6th Bel Naval Base — 3d Del Near Miss — 8th Suf Near Thing — 7th Bel Nephisto— 3d Det Night Clown— 7th Del No Hit— 2d Del Nobody — 1st Bel Normanair — 8th Oma Nowadays — 4th LP O Oceania — 6th Suf Old Iron— 7th LP Olos Star — 2d Det On the Wing— 7th Del Onward March — 2d Bel Dr. LP Oswego — -7th Our Best — 8th LP Oxford Don — 8th Det P Pair H. — 8th Oma Pamlico — 2d Del Patmiboy-— 4 th LP Penny Dreadful — 2d Del Persian Kitten — 4th Suf Petrose Girl — 2d LP Phiblant— 3d Bel Phil Harris— 4th Bel Pick It Up— 2d Bel Play Eda— 7th LP Pleasemenow — 4th LP Plenty Action — 9th Suf Polar Battle — 2d Det Potato Cake — 7th Del Pouting Mac— 4th Suf Prancing Ted — 8th Del Pre War Time-r-lst Bel Prediction — 1st Del Prim Pupil — 5th Bel Private Joe — 2d LP Promptness — 4th Bel Psychoanalyst— 2d Oma Pussy Willow— 4th Det Q Questus — 4th Bel R Ramilly — 2d Bel Ramona— 9th LP Rapid Robert — 3d Det Rapier — 3d Bel Rare Jewel— 6th Bel Red Flare— 1st Suf Reflexion — 5 th LP Regal Maid— 7th Det Relic Daze — 9th LP Reposition — 3d LP Rey El Tierra-th Oma Rey Louie — 1st Oma Rippling Hit— 2d Bel Riskaire — 7th Suf Risking — 2d Bel River Boyne — 1st Suf -RoseHairan — 2d Suf Rosily — 1st LP Round View — 6th Bel Royal Ransom — 1st Del Royal Risk— 2d LP Royal Tulip — 6th Oma Russian Action — 8th LP S Sagittaire — 7th Suf Sala Lou— 2d LP Sally CHerron — 6th Del-Salprince— 6th Oma Sam Street — 1st LP Sangone — 4th LP Satin Blue— 2d Del Saxon Door — 6th Oma Scat Cat — 3d Oma Scotch Bim — 7th Det Scotch Plains — 8th Del Scrimmage — 1st Del Scuttleman — 3d Bel Semidios — 2d Oma Shadowed — 1st LP Shakeme — 6th Det Shes Got It— 4th Del Showy— 2d Del Sightseer — 8th Del Sign Egret — 5 th Suf Silver Mine — 1st Det Silver Reward — 1st Bel Sir Nitro — 1st Oma Sir Tony — 1st Oma Sister Cora — 5th LP Sky Ginger — 8th Oma Skylighter— 6th Bel Skyup — 4th Oma Sohelpme — 2d LP Sparrow — 1st Del Splash— 6th Bel Sprightly— 1st Bel Spring Gal— 8th LP Spring Fiesta — 2d Det Spring Folly — 4th Det Spring Thaw — 2d Det Spuds — 4th Bel Spurchase — 3d Det Startle Me— 9th Suf Sticktome — 8th Det Still Champ— 2d Suf , Stormy McCabe — 9th LP Straeth— 7th LP Stroll— 7th Del Structure — 1st Bel Strutin— 6th Bel Studying — 9th LP Subscriber — 4th LP Sugar Beet — 2d LP Summond — 6th Det Sun It— 5th Suf Sunhelio — 6th Suf Sunstorm— 5th Oma Supreme Moment — 4th Suf Surita Hall— 1st Del Survey— 5 th Suf Sweep Bolt — 3d Det Sweet Ida — 1st Oma Swell Chance — 8th LP Swift Town— 1st Det Sybils Baby— 2d Oma T Tangower Lee — 8thOma Taters — 4th LP Tea-Maker— 6th Bel Teddyata— 2d Del Tellanrun — 6th Del Tempest Streak— 9th Suf Ten Forty— 6th Oma Tetradan — 8th Oma Thank You Sir— 3d LP The Maid— 1st Del Theo— 2d Bel Thin Dime— 2d Del Third Division — 4th Del Third War— 4th Bel Thriller— 8th Bel Thumhili— 1st Del Thurston Lad — 1st Oma Tilenny — 4th Suf Tillerette— 2d Suf Time OWar — 3d Oma Timeltel — 6th Det Tintary — 2d Oma Tink— 2d Del Tip-A-Toe — 5th Bel Tom Ferris — 8th Suf Tony Leo — 3d Oma Top Foot — 6th Suf Top Soldier — 9th LP Top Valley — 2d Det Topnotch — 3d Oma Town Hall— 8th LP Treasure Key — 5th Suf Tribal II. — 1st Det Trisha — 3d Suf Try Ike— 6th Def Twilight Trail— 7th Bel Two Day Air — 2d Suf Two Deuce — 7th Suf Two Gs — 4th Del Two Score — 8th Oma U TJla— 1st Bel Uncle Doc — 8th Suf Uncle Rob — 7th Oma Under Down — 1st Oma Unknown Reward — 7th Suf Upcetera — 6th Oma Upton — 8th LP V V. Bomb — 1st Det Valdina Tyrant — 8th LP Vallejo Girl — 3d Oma Vardell— 1st Del Victory Blue — 2d Det Village Beau — 2d Suf Vincette— 8th Bel Vinita Boy— 5th Oma Vital— 2d Del Viva Teddy— 8th Del Vivian C— 7th Oma Volcanic — 6th LP W Wagel— 2d Bel War Dauber — 3d Del Warmelia — 4 th LP Warship — 5th Del Warsick— 5th LP Wary Flight— 8th Del Wasp Waist — 3d Oma Water Melon — 7th Del Waterclock — 1st Det Wayne S. — 2d Oma Wherrie — 2d Suf Wide Margin — 7th Del Wilful Maid— 4th Oma Willis E.— 2d LP Win the Peace — 8th Bel Wise Don — 2d Oma Wise Dottie — 1st Oma Wise Listo — 4th LP Withastar — 3d Del Wont Talk— 2d LP Woodsman— 8th LP Wye Care— 6th Del Y Yankee Raider — 1st Det 2 Zest— 6th Del

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