Daily Racing from Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-03

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, J. R. Batty SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Marksman Marksman Marksman Marksman Marksman MARKSMAN 25 1 gojjaway Quatre Blanc Quatre Blanc Static .Chaser Static Chaser Static Chaser 5 Bully Gusher Donna L. Static Chaser Quatre Blanc Donna L. Quatre Blanc 5 2R. I*. LIGHT R. L. Light R.L. Light PereMarkette PereMarkette R. L. Light 21 Young Geordie Genies Mate Halcyon Cross R.L. Light R. L. Light PereMarkette 11 Pere Markette Halcyon Cross Crack Time Genies Mate Sunstorm Halcyon Cross 3 KeenOlo Infinotto Keen Olo Infinotto Keen Olo KeenOlo 17 3 Tetra Breeze KeenOlo Cake Walk Cake Walk Phantom Heels Infinotto 11 Cake Walk Tetra Breeze Atomic Energy Tetra Breeze Infinotto Cake Walk 5 4 Hyting Hyting False Move False Move Hyting Hvting 17 False Move False Move Hyting Donnas Ace Agrarian Son False Moove 15 Doug s Reward Agrarian Son Agrarian Son Chance Voyage False Move Agrarian Son 4 Vohenjr Vohenjr TACONY Safe at Home Safe at Home Vohenjr 15 5 Safe at Home Tacony Vohenjr Tacony Vohenjr Safe at Home 12 Tacony Market Tip Tax Lien Vohenjr Lutz Girl Tacony 5 Henny Penny Henny Penny Henny Penny Penniless Henny Penny Henny Penny 22 6 Johns Date Johns Date Junior Wolf Henny Penny Deep Fen Johns Date 9 Teegee Penniless Johns Date GusG. Johns Date Penniless 6 7S. McLaughlin S. McLAUGHLIN Mescara S. McLAUGHLIN MESCARA S. McLaughlin 21 geauired Mescara Born to Win Mescara S. McLaughlin Mescara 16 Born to Win Born to Win Required Janina Born to Win Born to Win 5 Beverly Burks Byja Copo Like A Breeze Like A Breeze WoodH. Like A Breeze 11 8 Siddons Hadamar Stammy Siddons BeverLv Burks Byja Copo 7 Like A Breeze Stammy Hadamar Byja Copo Cinder Foot Wood H. -_5 9Bunebella Golden Thorn Bimebella Beneelobe BenB. Bimebella 10 rwJrP™ Preootente Pharack Golden Thorn Darby Doodit Golden Thorn 9 | Golden Thorn Darby Doodit Darby Doodit Prepotente , Golden Thorn Darby Doodit 6 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Arls Bjte Mesabi Mesabi Mesabi Wetumka Mesabi 18 I Cash Money Wetumka Wetumka Gay Hunter Mesabi Wetumka 10 Mesabi Gay Hunter Gay Hunter Wetumka Fighting Back Arts Brig 5 Mismatch Winstay MikeEhret Torch Sickle Winstav Mike Ehret 10 2 Jean Dear MikeEhret Record Vote Record Vote MikeEhret Winstav 10 Torch Sickle Jean Dear Torch Sickle Mike Ehret Record Vote Torch Sickle 7 Tintina Sabson BosoxJr. Sabson Fly Out Sabson 10 3 Tranauil Tide Tintina Big Buster Lookout Dice Lookout Dice . Tintina 7 Cap Rock Fly Out Hal Seth . Fly Out Bosox Jr. Fly Out 7 MY MOM Copperstone American Plan Copperstone My Mom My Mom 17 4 American Plan My Mom My Mom American Plan- Copperstone Copperstone 14 Copperstone American Plan Copperstone My Mom American Plan American Plan 11 Jiminy Cricket Betsy Marie Jiminy Cricket Sky Ranger SKY RANGER Sky Ranger 17 5 Sky Ranger Sky Ranger Clear Day Betsy Marie Betsy Marie Jiminy Cricket 13 Mahratta Jiminy Cricket Sky Ranger Jiminy Cricket Jiminv Cricket Betsy Marie 9 VIGOROUS VIGOROUS VIGOROUS Vigorous VIGOROUS 26 6Mona Eyansten Evanstep Teapoy Evanstep Spizerinktom Evanstep 7 Clevelander Spizerinktom Clevelander Clevelander Evanstep Mona 5 ReighsGirl Blue Daze Luckey Al Blue Daze Reighs Girl Blue Haze 14 Lucky Al Lucky Al Blue Daze Prefer Troutt Blue Daze ReighsGirl 12 Prefer Troutt Reighs Girl Reighs Girl Lucky Al. Lucky Al Lucky Al 11 Cop Cop Signals Bloke Signals Bloke Signals Bloke Signals Bloke 15 8 Take Wing Bold Mate Opening Day Broad Back Broad Back Coo - 11 Opening Day Opening Day Old Iron Coo Night Crawler Opening Day 4 Trackman, J.J. Murphy JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Sunny Star Eternal Pop Eternal Pop Eternal Pop Eternal Pop Eternal Pop 21 1 Talltown Talltown Talltown Talltown Talltown Talltown 10 Eternal Pop Sunny Star Sunny Star Sunny Star Sunny Star Sunny Star 9 Cornish Knight Extinguisher Hornpipe Parliament Hornpipe Hornpipe 14 2 Magic Moment Hornpipe Cornish Knight Hornpipe Podner Cornish Knight 7 Extinguisher Podner Extinguisher Podner Algie Extinguisher 7 Odd Shot Joan Anne K. Odd Shot Odd Shot Odd Shot Odd Shot 22 3 Joan Anne K. Odd Shot Joan Anne K. Joan Anne K. Joan Anne K. Joan Anne K. 13 Mister J. Fred Fanborough Fanborough Fanborough Fanborough Fanborough 4 Sheilas Reward Erosion SHEILAS REWRD SHEILAS REWRD Sheilas Reward SHEILAS RARD 26 4 Oilomacy Sheilas Reward Oilomacy Oilomacy Oilomacy Oilomacy 9 Free and Equal Oilomacy Erosion . Promptness Erosion Erosion 7 Watch Union HOME FREE Home Free Broken Arches HOME FREE Home"Free 23 5 •Home Free Watch Union Watch Union Home Free Watch Union Watch Union 12 Broken Arches Broken Arches Kings Spur Watch Union Picador Broken Arches 7 NEXT MOVE Next Move Next Move Next Move Striking Next Move 23 6 Striking Honeys Gal Striking Rare Perfume Rare Perfume Striking 11 Honeys Gal Striking Honeys Gal Striking Next Move Rare Perfume 4 Brown Moat Coyote Pellicle LordGrillo Pellicle Pellicle 15 7 Pellicle LordGrillo Coyote Pellicle Coyote Coyote 11 Coyote Pellicle Brown Moat Coyote Brown Moat Lord Grillo 7 Jacopades Jacopades Eternal Day Eternal Day Brave Reward Jacopades 14 8 Brave Reward Brave Reward Jacopades Coinella Jacopades Eternal Day 10 Baby Pauley Coinella Brave Reward St. George St. George Brave Reward 10 Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Reward No Reward No Reward No Reward No Reward NO REWARD 25 INo -Kingridge Kingridge Princess June Master Showman Beech Hill Kingridge 4 Miss Hurricane Queens Ace Master Showman Queens Ace Master Showman Master Showman 4 New Fashion NEW FASHION New Fashion New Fashion New Fashion? 24 2UncIeMiItie New Fashion Sun Wave Sun Wave Uncle Miltie Sun Wave Uncle Miltie 8 Sun Wave Scotch Sour Panade Panade Uncle Miltie Sun Wave 7 Sir Bim Chalk SirBim SirBim SirBim 20 3SirBim Tagel Tagel Shifty Play Shifty Play Tagel Tagel 7 Fair Mark Quirt Fair Mark Tagel Shifty Play Chalk 5 Bold Challenge EXTORTIONIST Bold Challenge BOLD CHAXNGE Bold Challenge Bold Challenge 24 4 Beauty Treat Bold Challenge Sailing High Mr. Boots Extortionist Extoritiohist 9 College Queen Sailing High Mr. Boots Checkout Kalluki Mr. Boots 3 Dry Fly Flood Town Dry Fly Dry Fly DryFlv 15 5Bullow Flood Town Mickey Dazzler Damson Flood Town Air Patrol Flood Town 9 Junior Nurse Air Patrol Mint OMorn Junior Nurse Gallalad Bullow _5 Related Broken Crown Yarle Broken Crown Broken Crown Broken Crown 15 6 Sickle Flight . Ida C. Ida C. Yarle Yarle Yarle 10 Yarle Sickle Fight Wentworth Wentworth IdaC. Related 5 NAPANGO Danger Ahead DotBeiltro Napango NAPANGO Napango 22 7 Windy Napango Naval Base Naval Base Naval Base DotBeiltro 7 Dot Beiltro Naval Base . Napango Dot Beiltro Pomander Naval Base 7 San San Buckiegirl Buckiegirl Going Gone Buckiegirl Buckiegirl 19 8 Buckiegirl Going Gone San San Buckiegirl San San San San 9 Blue Hedda Heathers. View Going Gone Heathers View Going Gone Going Gone 9 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Narrator Narrator ~ Valdor Narrator Narrator Narrator 21 1 Valdor Valdor Little Hope Burning Ray Valdor Valdor 12 Roban Lordship Narrator Valdor Kist Little Hope 2 Brown Fox Vim Brown Fox Brown Fox BROWN FOX Brown Fox 24 2 Mary Ann Brown Fox Mary Ann Vim Mary Ann Vim 8 Sunny South Sunny South Vim Mary Ann Sunny South Mary Ann 7 Maryland Day Maryland Day Mongoose Maryland Day Maryland Day Maryland Day 20 3 Tacaro Tacaro Run Rosy Run Run Rosy Run Run-Rosy Run Run Rosy Run v 6 Imprint Orthopedic Positive Tacaro Tacaro Tacaro 6 Indus Cape Cod Jr. Trick Floco Indus Indus 16 4 Floco Indus Indus Indus Floco Floco 10 Best Trick Floco ..iBoy Cape Cod Jr. Best Trick Best Trick 7 Kinsman Kinsman KINSMAN Kinsman Kinsman Kinsman 27 5 Halter Halter Halter Prepared Prepared Halter 8 Prepared Prepared Honors . Halter Halter Prepared 6 DOUBLE BRANDY DOUBLE BRANDY Double Brandy. Double Brandy Double Brandv DOUBLE BRDY 29 ChiloeH. Ocean Front Midianite Midianite Magna Charta Midianite 7 Midianite Midianite Butler Ocean Front Midianite Ocean Front 3 MissCune Smoke Puff Smoke Puff MISS CUPE Brazil Miss Cupe 16 Smoke Puff MissCune Brazil Smoke Puff MissCupe Smoke Puff 15 Brazil Hiya Pop Great Hope Brazil Smoke Puff Brazil 9 Red Poppy Golden Reigh Red Poppy Peacelaw Peacelaw 12 8Peacelaw Ropley Peacelaw Tattler Wee Clootie Max Town Red Poppy 11 Red Poppy Golden Reigh Potato Cake Hunter F. Golden Reiah Golden Reich 7

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