Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1939-05-08

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DAILY RACING FORM SELECTIONS BEST OF THE DAY CHURCHILL 1st BIJDDIE TREACY I NARRAGANSETT lit m BROOK I Outstanding selections appear In bold type. FIMLICO 8th . . . ; LADY DEMOCRAT | JAMAICA * 2nd . .SANDY BILL J Trackman: L. G. PLATJT. CHURCHILL DOWNS Weather clear; track fast. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO ★ » ★ ★ " dTcKWELLES SWEEP ANALYST ANALYST Buddie Treacy Buddie Treacy Buddie Treacjr Buddie Treacy Buddie Treacy Buddie Treacy Buddie Trcacy 52 1 Fly Time Prince Torch Juraboy Pharaboo Fly Time Pharaboo Fly Time 8 Lifelike Golden Ariel Flying Watch Prince Torch Prince Torch Golden Ariel Prince Torch 8 Broomian Golden Cargo Broomian Valdina Miss Broomian Broomian38 2Broomian Golden Cargo Golden Cargo Broomian Golden Cargo Golden Cargo Golden Cargo Golden Cargo 32 Check Girl Valdina Miss Check Girl Valdina Miss Broomian Valdina Miss Valdina Miss 14 Naadja Exvolo Ours Exvolo Fanfun Naadja22 3Chicharra Ours Fanfun Ours Naadja Naadja Naadja Exvolo 18 Naadja Exvolo Bilboquet Chicharra Ours Glad Francis Ours 18 MalindaB. MalindaB. MalindaB. Alice Highland Sweeping Dame MalindaB. 24 4Sheknows Naughty Naughty Sheknows Frozen Mask MissBalko Naughty Naughty 16 Sweeping Dame Wowo Naughty Sheknows Naughty Frozen Mask Sheknows 14 Candescent Cherovan Lady Flash, Cherovan Threadneedle Grey Streak Cherovan24 5 Lady Flash Bacon Cherovan Candescent Cherovan Bacon Candescent 20 Grey Streak Jean Lee Candescent Lady Flash Candescent Candescent Lady Flash 16 Janice Squaw Lady Janice Janice Squaw Lady DiavoloBoy Janice 30 6 Squaw Lady DiavoloBoy Dusky Prince DiavoloBoy DiavoloBoy Janice Squaw Lady 26 Eagle Pass Ridge Squaw Lady Squaw Lady Janice Squaw Lady Diavolo Boy 20 Windshield Dunvegan Distillation Windshield Dunvegan "Whichaway Windshield 32 7 Dunvegan Windshield Dunvegan Dunvegan Windshield Windshield Dunvegan 20 Distillation Whichaway Windshield All Lady Whichaway All Lady Whichaway 12 Ebony Parasol U Demon Verakee U Demon U Demon U Demon U Demon 34 8 Imperial Jean Hermosillo Ebony Parasol BelEspoir Hermosillo BelEspoir Ebony Parasol 14 U Demon Valvesta Catchem Hermosillo Ebony Parasol Imperial Jean Hermosillo 10 CUD iss Lizzie Miss Lizzie Union -Merry Pete Miss Lizzie Solar Hawk Miss Lizzie 28 ijUD stairs Chauvenet Isolene Solar Hawk Merry Pete Miss Lizzie Merry Pete 14 Burr Hickman Merry Pete Stairs Isolene Isolene Natalie Alice Solar Hawk 12 Trackman: G. SNOW! PIMLICO Weather clear -"track fast. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO ★ ★ ★ ★ DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS „ Hugood Ariel Cape Hugood Turkey Hash Hugood Din Hugood 28 1 Expelled Expelled Din Lisco Din Hugood Din 18 Ariel Cape Lisco Refreshing Din Refreshing - Turkey Hash Turkey Hash 10 Burner Cackle .Time Burner AnnMowlee AnnMowlee Cackle Time Cackle, Time 26 2 Maewhisk Puzzle Dance Ann Mowlee Burner Cackle Time Ann Mowlee Ann Mowlee 22 Cackle Time Ann Mowlee Cackle Time Cackle Time Maewhisk Maewhisk Burner 20 Trolight Lateral Pass Guatemala Trolight Slievereigh Trolight 30 3Trolight Slievereigh Lateral Pass Grumpy Hop Slievereigh Trolight Slievereigh 18 Grumpy Slievereigh Trolight Grumpy Jacamar Jacamar Lateral Pass 12 Lady Mowlee Race On Snobbish Lady Shenuit Snobbish Lady Baby Lamb Snobbish Lady 24 4 Snobbish Lady Baby Lamb Canterup Baby Lamb Aster Lady Snobbish Lady Baby Lamb 16 Race On Wild Mute Aster Lady Aster Lady Lady Mowlee Canterup Lady Mowlee 10 Royal Teddy Rose Baby. Robespierre Royal Teddy Blazing Heat Blazing Heat Royal Teddy 28 5 Robespierre Suzanne Peck Blazing Heat Suzanne Peck Royal Teddy Suzanne Peck BlazingHeat 24 Rose Baby Royal Teddy Balloter Blazing Heat Robespierre Royal Teddy Robespierre 16 Sun Egret Rough Time Sun Egret Old Rosebush Sun Egret Sun Egret Sun Egret 38 6 Old Rosebush Salamis Preeminent Sun Egret Old Rosebush Old Rosebush Old Rosebush 20 • Rough Time Sun Egret Accolade Rough Time Rough Time Rough Time Rough Time 16 Combatant Patient Saint Combatant Combatant Playmore Lone Gallant Combatant 24~ 7 Playmore Lone Gallant Taunton Spartan Lady Lone Gallant Playmore Playmore 20 Patient Saint Playmore Patient Saint Playmore Spartan Lady Spartan Lady Lone Gallant 16 Lady Democrat Lady Democrat Miss Selection Lady Democrat Lady Democrat Mantagna Lady Democrat 38 8 Miss Selection Mantagna Golden X. Turkish Brand Mantagna Turkish Brand Mantagna 18 Turkish Brand Miss Selection Lady Democrat Mantagna Turkish Brand Lady Democrat Miss Selection 14 Trackman: R. N. CHARLTON. NARRAGANSETT PARK Weather clear; track fast. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO ★ ★ ★ ★ DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Mr. Brook Six Flags Mr. Brook Mr. Brook Arabic Mr. Brook Mr. Brook 36 1 Cordate Maestrung Charming Cordate Mr. Brook Esprit Arabic 14 Maestrung Arabic Wise Hildred Arabic Esprit Arabic Six Flags 8 Jessie V. L. Blackbirder Metaurus Mixed Weather Jessie V. L. Blackbirder Jessie V. L. 24 2 Metaurus Jessie V. L. Jessie V. L. Jessie V. L. Metaurus Mr. Deeds Metaurus 22 Mixed Weather Metaurus Miney Myerson Metaurus Mixed Weather Metaurus Blackbirder 16 Ghost Train Epitaph Pay Rack Epitaph Cobe Cobe " Epitaph 26 3 Epitaph Fredrick Cobe n Pay Rack Pay Rack Epitaph Cobe 22 Ball-O-Fire Ghost Train Gala Star Gala Star Gala Star GhostJTrain Pay Rack 16 Thor Sun Pharos Five o Five Five o Five Five o Five Noon Step Five o Five 32 4Gino Five o Five Gino Thor Oddsbodkin Noon Step Oddsbodkin Hard Lu Noon Step 12 Oddsbodkin Five o Five Satin Rolls Satin Rolls Satin Rolls Five o Five Gino Thor 12 Pharaboy Float Away Gr,isette Float Away Peter Argo Pharaboy Pharaboy26 5 Mystery Miss Pharaboy. Donna Lopez Pharaboy Pharaboy Peter Argo Float Away 22 Float Away Donna Lopez Float Away Peter Argo Grisette Float Away Peter Argo 14 Time Beater Country Jim Pharo Warrior Country Jim Pharo Warrior Flaming Petee Pharo Warrior 22 6 Country Jim Flaming Petee Time Beater Pharo Warrior Flaming Petee Time Beater Country Jim 22 Flaming Petee Our Laddie Country Jim Time Beater Time Beater PhartfWarrior Time Beater 20 7 Phalasan Terpsichore Dinner Jacket Trickwick Terpsichore Terpsichore Terpsichore 32 Terpsichore Pumpgun Notice Me Terpsichore Phalasan Trickwick Phalasan 14 Chancer Notice Me Chancer Pumpgun Trickwick Phalasan Trickwick 14 Ramrod Ramrod Ramrod Silent Shot Silent Shot Ramrod 32 "" 8Furfiber Silent Shot Prince Dean Silent Shot Paddys Sister Ramrod Furfiber Silent Shot 28 Ramrod Le Miserable Prince Dean Silent Shot Prince Dean Prince Dean Furfiber 12 OITD Stavka Stavka Light Cruiser Stavka Stavka Stavka Stavka44 IK Light Cruiser Cambreeze Stavka Miss Hollywood Miss Hollywood Light Cruiser Light Cruiser 16 * Cambreeze Miss Hollywood Cambreeze Izaak Walton Izaak Walton Cambreeze Miss Hollywood 10 Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. JAMAICA Weather clear; track fast" RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO ★ ★ ★ ★ DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Marion W. Maechance Whoosh Maechance Maechance Whoosh Maechance 34 1 Maechance Baby Booties Maechance Marion W. Marion W. Marion W. Marion W 22 Baby Booties Marion W. AtumRe Whoosh Whoosh Maechance Whoosh 20 Sandy Bill Mintson Riccadonna Sandy Bill Sandy Bill Sandy Bill Sandy Bill 44 Early Evening Sandy Bill Mintson Early Evening Mintson Mintson Mintson 22 Dorothy Owsley Izar Zuri Early Evening Mintson Early Evening Bright and Early Early Evening 12 Dini Dini Jacopobelle Dini Dini Dini Dini 40 Modest Queen Ebony Fly Bee Bright Ebony Fly Ebony Fly Ebony Fly Ebony Fly 18 Ebony Fly Bee Bright Egress Egress Egress Modest Queen Jacopobelle 8 Early Morn Book Plate Johns Heir Rock Maker Book Plate Book Plate Book Plate 24 " 4 Rock Maker Sassy Lady Early Morn Early Morn Sassy Lady Pontius Early Morn 18 Sassy Lady Johns Heir Rock Maker Johns Heir Early Morn Johns Heir Johns Heir 16 Unheralded Unheralded Unheralded Unheralded Pastry Unheralded Unheralded 44 Pastry Black Look Pastry Pastry Unheralded Pastry Pasti-y26 Black Look Pastry Black Look May R. La Charite Black Look Black Look 10 Phenomenal Henryels Pick City Judge Henryels Pick Henryels Pick Henryels Pick Henryels Pick 42 6 HenryelsPick City Judge Henryels Pick Broad Tail Phenomenal Broad Tail City Judge 16 Broad Tail , Phenomenal Broad Tail City Judge Broad Tail City Judge Phenomenal 14

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