Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-06-04

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS7 SELECTIONS figures in consensus snow comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d, 1 for 3d. Days .Best In Black Type. Trackman, J. S. Grant LINCOLN FIELDS at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP - SWEEP CONSENSUS Royal Luck Royal Luck Patmiboy Shaffie Patmiboy Patmiboy 16 1 Patmiboy Patmiboy Bit o Prose Patmiboy Royal Luck Royal Luck 13 Shaffie Shaffie Royal Luck Johns Date Plucky Prince Shaffie __7 Star Pigeon Star Pigeon Merriest Poignancy Poignancy Poignancy 16 2 Poignancy Poignancy Poignancy Fair Porter Star Pigeon Star Pigeon 13 Atomic Energy Star Call Atomic Energy Star Pigeon Star Call Merriest 5 Our Beauty Mr. Wiggins Eperc Eperc Our Beauty Eperc 12 3 Kens Star Eperc Wondrous Wise Merry Thought ChoChoSan Our Beauty 10 Misselect Heres Jack Kens Star Cho Cho San Heres Jack Mr. Wiggins 5 Sky Music Fashioned G. I. Josie Fashioned Fashioned Fashioned 15 4 Like A Breeze Sky Music Like A Breeze Sky Music Sky Music Sky Music 11 Kilayr Chicks Delight Kilayr Chicks Delight Like A Breeze G. I. Josie 5 Red Frances Vinina Vinina Red Frances Vinina Vinina 19 5 Vinina " Woodstone. Woodstone Vinina Red Frances Red Frances , 13 Gail R. Red Frances Ruth Murphy That Aint Hay GailR. Woodstone 4 SHAWNEE SQUAWShawnee Squaw SHAWNEE SQUAWShawnee Squaw SHAWNEE SQUAW SHNEE SQUAW 31 6 Fleeterthan Lyceum Lyceum Fleeterthan Fleeterthan Fleeterthan 6 On Velvet Staggering In On Velvet Pensive Lady Lyceum Lyceum 5 Miss Black Coincident -VinitaToney VinitaToney VinitaToney 14 /Hairstylist VinitaToney VinitaToney Fire Up Grand Isle Grand Isle Miss Black 6 Fire Up Grand Isle Weep No More Miss Black Hairstylist Hair Stylist 6 Trumpeter TRUMPETER Trumpeter TRUMPETER Trumpeter Trumpeter 29 8 BethsBomb Miss Nap North Shore Miss Nap Smart Eddie Miss Nap • 4 Spring Gal North Shore Smart Eddie North Shore Beths Bomb North Shore 4 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP, ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Clay Pigeon Acme Acme Acme Clay Pigeon Acme 17 1 Steady Beau Air Arm Clay Pigeon Clay Pigeon Acme Clay Pigeon 15 Air Arm Clay Pigeon . Little Zac Liberty A. Grey Scout Air Arm 3 Bucks Fancy Hurstlahd Third Oval Bucks Fancy Bucks Fancy 14 2Hurstland Noble Idea Noble Idea Bucks Fancy Bucks Fancy Hurstland • Hurstland 12 Lullaby Time Bon Lynn East Hill East Hill East Hill . Third Oval 3 Western Front Monfalon Monfalon Toleca TOLECA Toleca 16 3 Toleca Delighted Jumpy John Rebate Minnesota Monfalon 11 Monfalon Toleca Toleca Minnesota Jumpy John Western Front 5 Signals Bloke Partridge Partridge Signals Bloke Signals Bloke 15 4Jatak Signals Bloke Partridge Signals Bloke Major Action Partridge Partridge 14 Flares Durbar Bimont Flares Durbar Signals Bloke Bimont Jatak 5 Sororitv " Whammo Whammo Whammo Nightlife Whammo 15 5 Nightlife Leading Man Leading Man Nightlife Leading Man Nightlife 10 Miarieljoe Nightlife Sorority Leading Man Brownstown Leading Man 7 Sir Cobo GOOD QUESTION Good Question GOOD QUESTION Good Question Good Question 22 6 Tiger Matt Dear Tint Biddy Bid Tiger Matt Tiger Matt Tiger Matt 7 Biddy Bid Tiger Matt Dear Tint Biddy Bid Dear Tint Sir Cobo 5 Zero Glorys Chance ZERO Zero Zero ZERO 24 7 Billy Bumps Zero Princess Pine . Princess Pine Glorys Chance Glorys Chance 8 Montcalm Princess Pine Glorys Chance Montcalm Princess Pine Princess Pine 6 GRANDMAS DAY Arpege Arpege Arpege Arpege Arpege 20 Little Danny Mad Again Grandmas Day Little Bookie Mad Again Grandmas Dav 11 Chow Line Grandmas Boy Sveltos Little Danny Grandmas Day Mad Again 4 Trackman, J. R. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Second Look Tut-Tut-Tootie June Kaye Tut-Tut-Tootie June Kaye Tut-Tut-Tootie 15 1 Pamaris Second Look Tut-Tut-Tootie June Kaye Tut-Tut-Tootie June Kaye 13 Tut-Tut-Tootie June Kaye Second Look Pamaris • Second Look Second Look 9 The Reef MissLyonors Ham Bone Miss Topic Miss Topic Miss Topic 10 2 Ham Bone Bedazzle Bedazzle Bedazzle The Reef The Reef 9 Fairys Gem The Reef The Reef Ham Bone Fairys Gem . Ham Bone 8 Titienll. TitienH. [ TitienH. TITIEN II. TitienH. 23 3Hyvania HHour Hyvania Swiggle Swiggle HHour Hyvania 7 Titien U. Emergency Hour r Roman Way HHour Swiggle H Hour 5 Blue Gallant , Scrappy Niobe Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy ia 4 Niobe Coveted Scrappy Niobe Niobe Niobe 11 Scrappy Blue Gallant Coveted Blue Gallant Blue Gallant Blue Gallant 8 ALL IS WELL * Knowitall Knowitall Away Away Knowitall Knowitall 17 5 Knowitall MyBebby Away Away MyBebby All Is Well All Is Well 11 Gray Matter " All Is Well All Is Well Jet Fleet Easy Whirl Away Away 7 Cigar Maid Risque Ma, RISQUE MA RISQUE MA Risque Ma RISQUE MA 26 Risque Ma Gallies Pride Cigar Maid Aesthete Aesthete Cigar Maid 10 . Gallies Pride Cigar Maid Aesthete Cigar Maid Cigar Maid Aesthete 5 Thirty Love STONE AGE Stone Age Stone Age Stone Age Stone Age 24 7 Stone Age Quick Fire Quick Fire MuchoMas MuchoMas Thirty Love 5 MuchoMas High Bracket High Bracket High Bracket High Bracket Mucho Mas 5 Connie Rab Connie Rab New Wonder New Wonder New Wonder New Wonder 17 8 Tedlin Tedlin Tedlin Connie Rab Tedlin Connie Rab 13 New Wonder New Wonder Stars Tedlin Connie Rab Tedlin ** 9 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP . CONSENSUS Cap Sea Cap Sea Cap . Gee O Gee, Sea Cap Sea Cap 20 ISea Kiss Me Quick Dainty Dish Dainty Dish Dainty Dish Hummy DaintvDish 7 Christie Helen More Cheers Christie Helen Wmter Land Dainty Dish Gee O Gee 5 Box Kings Lane Blue Socks Columcile Paddock Gold Conservation 6 2Battersea Merry Sizzle Conservation Conservation Buffalo Gap Conservation Paddock Gold 5 BuffaloGap Gold Script Merry Sizzle , Gold Script Buffalo Gap BlueSockT 5 Sea Magic Disky Bright Bones Capriole Capriole Capriole 12 3 Ballet Bright Bones Capriole Bright Bones . Bright Bones Bright Bones *11 Disky Turnpike Last Venture Ernie O. Sea Magic Disky e NELLS BOY Tides Tides Nells Boy NELLS BOY -Nells Boy 22 4 Tides Penocc Nells Boy Tides Tides Tides H Penocc Nells Boy Penocc Penocc Penocc Penocc . 6 Jazerant • JAZERANT Jazerant Jazerant Jazerant Jazerant 97 Boy BlSe Petes Vigil Dorothys Miss SocNme Sandhurst sKSStae 2 Socks Nine Socks Nine Hattie R. Hattie R. Hattie R. Hattie R. 3 Seaflash Seaflash SEAFLASH Seaflash Seaflash SEAFLASH 27 Koritza WarPhar WarPhar WarJPhar AlaMowlee WarPhar 7 Ala Mowlee Koritza Koritza AlaMowlee WarPhar Ala Mowlee 4 Pollys Delay Pollys Delay Seven League Pollys Delay Pollys Delay Follys Delay 21 Seven League Yes You Yes You Vagrant Cloud Yes You Seven league 9 Yes You Seven League Pollys Delay Yes You Seven League Yes You j Bold Warrior Killer Mac Killer Mac KILLER MAC Killer Mac Killer Mac 22 Mt.Alto Blazing Pomp Jitters Bold Warrior Bold Warrior Bold Warrior 9 Blazing Pomp Reunion Up Grade Reunion Mt.Alto Mt Alto 3 Trackman, A. E Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS _ War Champ Tintina Tintina War Champ War Champ War Chamn 17 1 U.S. Mary War Champ Coronet Star Pharalus Tintina Tintina 13 1 Tintina Coronet Star Gerham U. S. Mary Omar Boy U. S. Mary J Jean Meter Good Sweep Jean Meter Jean Meter Jean Meter 17 2Feefifofum Jean Meter Pitfall Feefifofum Pitfall Pitfall Feefifofum 7 Suprograph Fiesta Pitfall Tree Town Suprograph Pitfall 7 Exemplar Mestiza ChallWind Exemplar Exemplar Exemplar 19 3 Fiorentina Exemplar Exemplar Mestiza Mestiza Mestiza 10 Seemly Talltown Mestiza Talltown Talltown ChallWind 5 Gav Prince Fighting Back FIGHTING BACK War Token Gay Prince Gav Prince 16 Go Between Gay Prince Gay Prince Gay Prince Chaltrick Fighting Back 12 War Token Edward T. Galycidon Theatre Pass - War Token War Token 7 HARD HELD Column Shotral SHPi? , Shotral Column 13 5 Ariels Mark Hard Held, Golden Clover Hard Held . Column Hard Held 13 Column Ariels Mark Hard Held Golden Clover Hard Held Shotral 10 Andys Glory ANDYS GLORY Peace Mfcsion ANDYS GLORY ANDYS GLORY ANDYS GLORY 28 6 Fair Appraisal Fair Appraisal Andys Glory Fair Appraisal Fair Appraisal Fair Appraisal 8 Peace Mission Suffazon Suffazon Suffazon Suffazon PeaceMission 6 Pegasus H. VinitaRev Jade Lad Thousand Ships Black Disc . Pegasus U. 28 7 Beau-Beau Black Disc Pegasus II. Jade Lad Pegasus U. Jade Lad 9 Jade Lad Pegasus II. Andantino Rodney R. Jade Lad Black Disc 7 Dinnerparty Dinnerparty Belrate Fulgura Dinner Party Dinnerparty 19 8 Colorset Fulgura Dinner Party Dinner Party Fulgura Fulgura 10 Bachelor Boy Ballast Fulgura Belrate Ballast Belrate _6 Reynolds Jr. Flying Mile RayK. Reynolds Jr. Reynolds Jr. 14 9RayK. MonTorqhy.v/ o . giving Mjle Reynolds Jr. a z x s ©ol?s Acex , t . • .Flying Mile RayK. . 11 .» Reynolds Jr. rKayK. Mon Torch Reynolds Jr. Mon Torch Flying Mile 9

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