Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-28

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS. ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE ; TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD, BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman, W A. Willig Arlington at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Lord Caprice Lord Caprice Good Bun tin* Lord Caprice Lord Caprice Lord CaDrice 21 1 Good Bunting Dinner Guest Gav Tune Dinner Guest Good Bunting Good Bunting 10 _ Dinner Guest GavTjine Lord Caprice Good Bunting Dinner Guest Dinner Guest 6 CIRIO Bottle Knight Cirio Drawbv Cirio 21 2Cirio Drawbv Drawbv Cirio Drawbv Cirio Drawbv 11 Blossom Oueen Blossom Queen Light Tack BottleKnight Detroit Bull Bottle Knight 6 Isaiah Girl Alvan Meshach Isaiah Girl Isaiah Girl Isaiah Girl 18 3 Alvan Isaiah Girl Elmos Cloud Elmos Cloud Alvan Alvan 10 Eva Lillian Elmos Cloud Isaiah Girl Alvan Elmos Cloud Elmos Cloud 6 MattsGirl Matts Girl Flv Of f FLY OFF Flv Of f 21 4FlvOff Skin Level Flv Of f Flv Of f Tav Tav MattsGirl 11 _ BlueGrail Blue Grail Tav Blue Grail Matfs Girl Tav 5 Leavenworth Leavenworth RUDITAFRFS Gem W. Juke Box Leavenworth 13 5 Juke Box Juke Box Juke Box Leavenworth Ruditaurus Juke Box 12 Ruditaurus Alar Likeable Juke Box Leavenworth Ruditaurus 10 ~ FIGHTING DON Fighting Don Rockwood Sonnv FIGHTING DON Fighting Don FIGHTING DON 26 6 Darien Rockwood Sonnv Fighting Don Coi ina Lark Bergolater Rockwod Sonnv 8 Corina Lark Bergolater In the Bag Darien Rockwood Sonnv Darien 3 Legislator Libertv Pan Legislator Legislator Legislator 22 /Legislator Santa Claus Leos Brandv Legislator Santa Claus Santa Claus Santa Claus 6 Putitthere, Robert F. Robert F. Leos Brandv Putitthere Libertv Pan 5 Hauov Pilot Jamerica Jamerica Haopv Pilot Haoov Pilot 14 8Alaflag War Struggle Alaflag Happv Pilot Alaflag Jamerica Jamerica Happy Pilot Five A.M. Alaflag Happy Pilot Alaflag Alaflag H Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS COMMANDO TOM Teulight Commando Tom Commando Tom Commando Tom 17 ICelestiF. Teulight CelestiF. CelestiF. Quick Bubble Celesti F. CelestiF. 12 Camp Libertv Quick Bubble Quick Bubble Celesti F. Quick Bubble Teulight 7 Sir Jimmv Bright Count Sir Jimmv Sir Jimmv SIR JIMMY 19 2Levena Sir Jimmv Bright Count Sir Jimmv Maechance Miss Fiver Levena 7 Miss Fiver Levena Miss Fiver Miss Fiver Levena Bright Count 7 First Kendor Gvpsv Actress Kendor Miss Walker Kendor 11 3Mandas Be Gone Be Gone Mandas First Be Gone Be Gone Mandas First 9 Cat Like Gvpsv Actress Kendor Mandas First Mandas First Be Gone 8 Bright Trace Bright Trace Saku Erin Torch Bright Trace Bright Trace 16 4 Harv Aethel Ackwell Witchwork Witchwork Erin Torch Erin Torch 8 Ackwell Erin Torch Ackwell Bright Trace Saku Saku 6 GALLANT HOI R Columbus Dav Fold Under Gallant Hour COLUMBUS DAY Columbus Dav 18 5 Columbus Dav Fourth Estate Columbus Dav Columbus Dav Ladv Stardust Gallant Hour 13 Defense Man Gallant Hour Ladv Stardust Soarker Fold Under Fold Under 6 Bob Bold Question Bold Question HOPEFUL REWADTetros Jr. Bold Question 11 6Plav Meneither Afghanistan Blenweed Plav Bob Blenweed Hopeful Reward 8 Nod B lenweed Hopeful Reward Bold Question Afghanistan Plav Bob 7 Vestibula BIG ALBERT Vestibula Marie J. Vestibula 14 7PrettvPlane Valdina Hiker Prettv Plane Vestibula Everplavful Vestibula Big Albert 9 Big Albert Big Albert Turkey Foot Marie J. Everplavful Prettv Plane 7 Must Go Swav Grouchers Bov Timelv Flight Swav Swav 15 8 Swav Prince Govans Timelv Flight Swav Timelv Flight Timelv Flight 9 Vinita Jack Grouchers Bov Swav Grouchers Bov Prince Govans Grouchers Bov 7 Trackman, C. J. Connors Aqueduct Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Contortionist Contortionist Stargazer Contortionist Stargazer Contortionist 20 1 Stargazer Stargazer Golden Warbler Kav Scout Contortionist Stargazer 12 Johnstown Kid Golden Warbler Easy Spell Stargazer Ringoes Golden Warbler 3 Terse Terse Terse Terse TERSE Terse 27 2 Purple Heart Reformatory Johnstown Bov Wise Bob Wise Bob Wise Bob 5 Reformatory Wise Bob Purple Heart Gusher Gusher Purple Heart 3 Wise Sun Wise Sun Big Bid Valdina Decov Wood Alcohol Wise Sun 14 3 Ace Star Valdina Decov Single Bliss Wise Sun Valdina Decov Valdina Decov 9 Wise Rebus Wise Rebus Wise Sun Which Cup Wise Sun Wood Alcohol 5 Twenty-Six TWENTY-SIX Hippodrome TWENTY-SIX Twentv-Six Twentv-Six 24 4 Darbv Darius Georgie V. Mountain Roar Mountain Roar Darbv Darius Georgie V. 6 Georgie V. Hippodrome Georgie V. Georgie V. Georgie V. Hippodrome 6 " SEGULA Segula SEGULA Segula Segula SEGULA 29 5 Psvchist Mahmoudess Brevithorn Psvchist Psvchist Psvchist 8 ValdinaAngel Psvchist Psvchist Mahmoudess Mahmoudess Mahmoudess 4 Paul Gabe Paul Oatmeal Oatmeal All Talk Gabe Paul 14 6Gabe All Talk War Master All Talk Gabe Paul Gabe Paul Oatmeal 10 Chance Mate Chance Mate Brenner Pass Brenner Pass War Master All Talk 9 Millo Accord Millo Millo Millo 17 7Ballotant Flash Over Millo Flash Mad Anthonv Ballotant 5 Over Bettvs Bobby Over Bettvs Bobby Over Accord 5 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS "~ Natchez Sgt. Abe Natchez Natchez Natchez 20 INachez Sgt. Abe Sgt. Abe Bill Cogswell Sgt. Abe Sgt. Abe Sgt. Abe 11 BillCogswell Bossinev Bossinev Bossinev Bossinev Bossinev 4 Gombeen Man Abiel Selectee Abiel Abiel Ariel 17 2 Tiger Age Devils Bit Abiel Pincknev Pincknev Gombeen Man 7 Devils Bit High Priority High Priority Gombeen Man Gombeen Man Selectee 5 Prefect Prefect Prefect Cellarette Cellarette Prefect 17 3 Cellarette Post Bov Cellarette BillvF. Billv F. Cellarette 15 Post Bov Cellarette Post Boy Prefect Prefect Post Bov 5 Blustering Hadawin Pomoion Blustering Hadawin Hadawin 16 4 Hadawin Pomoion Hadawin Hadawin Pomoion Blustering n Ariel Mission Ariel Mission Ariel Mission Cherrvdale Blustering Pomoion 9 BURR A PEG Cherrv Poo Manadru Cherry Poo Cherry Poo Cherrv Poo 17 5 Manadru Manadru Cherrv Poo Zax Zax Manadru 9 Milkfloat Zax Zax Beloast Belpast Buna Peg 7 Monsoon MONSOON MONSOON Gallorette GALLORETTE Monsoon 23 6 Gallorette Elois Gallorette Monsoon Monsoon Gallorette 17 Elois Gallorette Elois Elpis Elpis Elpis 6 George Case George Case Lord Calvert George Case George Case George Case 2 1 7 Lord Calvert Pressure George Case Lord Calvert Lord Calvert Lord Calvert 12 Theseus Lord Calvert Red Cin Red Cin Red Cin Red Cin 3 Smoke Puff Smoke Puff Smoke Puff SMOKE PUFF Smoke Puff SMOKEUFT 27 8 Nora Belle Nora Belle Jaconda Jaconda Refresh Jaconda 6 Gullah Jaconda Refresh Refresh Jaconda Nora Belle 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Double Bourbon Jes Love Me Ringmaster Double Bourbon Noahvale Double Bourbon Tl 1 Jes Love Me Noahvale Senior Prom Noahvale Jes Lov Me Noahvale 10 Noahvale First Family Weapons Pride Jes Lov Me Double Bourbon Jes Lov Me 10 Helen of Paris Helen of Paris Buck Thirteen Helen of Paris Helen of Paris Hefen of Paris 21 2 Buck Thirteen Good Show . Creamv Rough Feathers Rough Feathers Buck Thirteen 7 Elmo T. ElmoT. Helen of Paris Yavapai Elmo T. Rough Feathers 4 Air Brigade AIR BRIGADE Jack Reaoer Air Brigade Air Brigade Air Brigade 24 3 Old Whitev Old Whitev Air Brigade Old Whitev Wise Decision Old Whitev 7 Mokuo Jack Reaper Prettv Is Wise Decision Old Whitev Jack Reaoer 6 Dark Morning Dark Morning Reclamation Dark Morning Linda M. Dark Morning 19 4 Reclamation . Reclamation Dark Morning Linda M. Dark Morning Reclamation 10 Linda M. Ballvrag Quality Jane Ballvrag Reclamation Linda M. 8 ~ Windmill Coovwright Windmill WINDMILL Windmill 19 5Hi-Charlie Windmill Hv-Charlie Hv-Charlie Hv-Charlie Do-Reigh-Mi Hv-Charlie 12 Strolling Easy Darbv Ducat Strolling Easy Strolling Easy Hv-Charlie Coovwright 5 Momo Flag MOMO FLAG MomoFlag Westminster MOMO FLAG 23 6MOMOFLAG Dinner Party Boot and Sour Dinner Party Dinner Partv Boot and Sour Dinner Partv 7 Cavatorta Dinner Partv Westminister Cavatorta Momo Flag Westmins ter 6 A. One Plantagenet Gvpster Plantagenet Gvpster 12 7Gvoster A. One BuenaVentura A. One Plantagenet A. One Plantaaanet 12 Buena Ventura Gvpster Gvpster Scarlet Pansy Buena Ventura A. One 11 Total Eclipse Chicona Alimony Kid TOTAL ECLIPSE Alimony Kid Total Ecliose 17 8 Chicona Alcmous Total Ecliose Chicona Total Eclipse Alimonv Kid 10 Strawberry Total Ecliose Realman Realman Chicona Chicona 10

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