Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-02

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Alphabetical Index to Entries! i A Abbes First — 1st Suf Abim — 1st Suf Above Normal — 7th G.S •Ace Scholar — 7th G.S Admirals Tune — 4th G.S Alan C— 3d G.S All Blue — 6th CD AlliesPal— 6th G.S Alrad — 2d Jam Als Play— 1st Spt Angling — 1st Jam Anns Pigeon— 2d CD April Duke — 3d Suf Aralak — 1st Jam Aristotle — 5th Spt Arkmo — 7th Suf Arthur Pilate— 6th G.S Athlete— 6th Suf Attic Girl— 2d Spt August — 2d CD Auto Message — 5th Spt Avona — 8th Jam Azora — 7th G.S B Baby Jeanne — 4th Jam Babs Whey— 7th G.S Bachelor Boy — 8th Suf Baciagaloop — 2d Spt Baltimore Jim — 5th Jam Bank Club — 2d Spt Bannerday — 5th Jam Bari— 2d GJS Barbie B.— 5th Spt Battalia — 4 th Jam Be Brief — 4th CD Beach Beauty — 5th G.S Beau-Beau — 4th G.S Bediate — 8th CJD Bee and Bee — 3d CJD Bens Pride — 8th CD Bentbrook — 1st Spt Berkeley— 1st CD Best Punch — 4th Suf Bham Ala — 1st CD Bidseven — 8th Jam Big Atom— 7th Suf Big Buster — 4th CJD Big T. O.— 2d G.S Big Time — 3d Jam Billman — 6th Suf Bilronette — 2d CD Bimebella — 2d Spt Bird Shot— 1st Spt Bit o Light — 4th Jam Black George — 6th CD Blenlin— 2d Suf Blue AgenW6th Spt Blue Falcon — 5th Suf Blue Fox — 5th CJD Bright Midas— 8th CD Bobs Ace — 7th Spt Bombcase — 8th Jam Borden Vintage — 3d Spt Born-A-Lady— 1st CD Boston Babette — 1st Jam Breachopromise — 3d CJD Bright Player— 1st G.S Brown Bourbon — 1st Spt Brown Gravy — 5th Spt Browns town — 7th CD Bubble World— 7th Suf Bull— 6th GJS Bull Lead— 3d GJS Bullhead— 2d Suf Bunchie — 1st GJS By Road — 4th Suf C Calladico — 2d CD. Cambett — 2d G.S Campanilleo — 6th G.S Careless Lips — 3d Suf Carolina Miss — 4th G.S Car-Par— 4th CD Catnip Hill— 2d CD Catchweista — 2d Spt Cautivadora — 3d Spt Chance Bea — 3d Spot Cherokee V. — 8th Spt Cherry Ripple — 3d Spt Childeric— 7th CD Cock Crow — 1st Spt Cockofthewalk — 3d G.S Coffee Money — 7th Jam Colonel Mike — 6th Jam Comanche Peak — 1st Suf Comedy Boy — 7th Suf Compassion — 8th G.S Concrete — 7th CD Co-Pennant — 1st Suf Countess Ruth— 4th CD Courage — 3d CD Courts Maude — 1st Spt Covey Ridge— 5th CJD Crack the Whip — 7th Suf Cravache — 8th G.S Criss Cross — 4th Spt Croupier — 1st Jam Crystal Boot — 6th G.S Curler — 8th Spt Curtain Time — 6th GJS D Dada — 4th Suf Daring Maid — 4th Jam Daring Mate — 5th Suf Dark Favorite — 5th Jam Dayround — 5th G.S Dealer — 5 th G.S Deanna — 7th CD Deck Talk — 2d Spt Deep Star— 4th G.S Deflation — 7th Jam Deltoid— 8th Spt Diamond Lake — 5th Spt Dicks Gal— 7th CD Doby — 1st Jam Donna L. — 1st Spt Double B. — 4th Jam Dougs Pride — 7th Spt Drag— 8th GJS Dreamer — 1st Suf Dream Champ — 7th CD Dreamy Karen — 5th CD Dry— 8th Suf Duplicator — 5th Jam Dusky Tiger — 4th CD E Eb — 8th Jam El Dorado Pass — 8th Spt Elmodore — 1st G.S Empty Talk — 4th Jam Equisun — 4th Spt Eternal Dream — 1st Spt Eternal Herb — 2d Jam Eternal Sickle— 4th GJS Eugarp — 8th Jam Evans Mountain — 7th Jam Excel — 3d Jam Excise Tax — 5th G.S F Fair Game — 3d Suf Fair Porter — 4th Spt Fandango — 8th G.S Fanfaron— 2d GJS Feff ie— 2d Spt Feint — 7th Jam Ficklerose — 4th G.S Fighting Hard — 1st Suf Fif ille — 4th Jam Fille dAlait— 8th G.S Final Leave— 5 th Spt First Pal— 4th CJD Flagler — 4th CD Flight Gal— 8th Suf Flussy— 8th Spt Fly Out— 4th CD Fortuitous— 4th CD Fred Burrell— 5th Spt French Admiral— 6th CJD Frenchtown — 3d Jam Frontiersman — 4 th G.S Fuel — 2d Jam Fun Quest — 7th Sp.t G Gaby Haugh— 8th CD Gallant Bull— 3d Jam Galoot— 5th G.S _ Ganado— 8th Spt Garrett C— 6th Spt GaryLeslie— 3d GJS Gauntlet— 2d G.S Gay Patty— 8th GJS Gemco — 1st CD George Crump — 7th G.S Georgia — 1st Suf Geronimo — 8th Suf Ghazala— 1st GJS Glowing— 3d G.S Go Devil — 1st G.S Gold Denarius — 5th CD Golden Thorn — 8th Spt Goldton— 8th G.S Good Hostess — 4th Spt Great Issue — 1st Jam Greek Ship— 6th CD H Halcyon Duke — 6th Spt Halorette— 6th Suf Hand Finished — 4th CD Handle — 4th G.S Happy Pat— 4th CD Happy Victor — 5th Jam Hard Facts— 1st Jam Hard Hitter— 2d CX Hard Work— 3d Jam Hasten On — 1st Jam Hasty Blen— 5th CD Hasty Count — 5th G.S Hawthorn — 1st CD Hay Elsie— 3d Suf Heim Home — 7th Suf Helen May — 4th G.S Hi Ante — 4th GJS Hi Bunty— 1st Suf High Ego— 3d Spt Highland Buzzer — 2d. G.S Hilds Liberty— 6th Spt Hill Flight— 8th Suf Hillbrook Miss— 8th CJD Hitherto — 1st Jam Hold the Dice— 2d Spt Honest Knave — 4th Spt Hornpipe — 3d Jam Hot Chocolate— 4th CJD I Im Don — 7th Spt Impact — 8th Jam Infinity K. — 1st Spt In A Spin — 1st CX Inaugural — 8th Spt Infirst— 6th Suf Inscroll — 8th Spt Insider— 2d G.S Instanter — 8th Suf Invercork — 2d CD Irene — 2d CD Irish Mist — 7th Jam Istan— 6th GJS J Jacaranda — 7th Suf Jacks Banner — 4th Suf Jacks Town — 5th Jam Jacopades — 8th Jam Jade Lad — 3d G.S Jean Dear — 2d CD Jean Meter — 1st Jam Jeep Supply — 7th G.S Jerry Nash — 1st CD. Joan Again — 5th CD Jobie — 5th Suf Joie de Vivre — 1st Jam John A Dreams — 3d G.S Jonage — 8th CD Joyce W.— 2d Spt Juana — 4 th Suf Julibee — 8th Jam June Sun — 5th CJD Juniors Hobby — 2d CD K Keep Happy — 2d Spt Kings Motive— 4th CD Kistan — 8th Spt Kitty Kat— 1st Spt L Lady Ben — 8th CD Lady Jacsun — 4th Suf Lady Midas— 4th CD Lady Stephine — 1st G.S Last Bill— 4th Spt Late Ship— 8th G.S Last Stride— 2d Suf Leading Home — 5th Jam Lets Dance — 3d Jam Liberate — 1st Spt Light Moon — 1st CJD Lilac Lady— 8th G.S Lilbond— 2d Jam Lismore Liz — 4th Spt Little L.— 1st Spt Little Red Hen— 5th Spt Lot O Luck — 6th CJD Lovely Hardie — 2d Jam M Mackies Pall— 2d GJS Maid of Kent — 1st G.S Majalis — 1st GJS Many Gifts— 5th CJD Market OuW5th Suf Markight— 2d Spt Maruca — 8th Suf Mattie Girl— 8th GJS Medina Boy — 2d CJD Melodious— 4th Jam Mestiza— 3d Suf Middleground— 6th CJD Milks tone — 8th Suf Mislead— 7th Jam Mon Speed— 7th CJD Moon Blue — 8th Spt Moon Night— 4th Suf Mossy Face — 3d Jam Mother Morris — 3d CJD Mr. Chap — 8th Jam Mr. Twist — 7th Spt Musical Kid— 3d Spt Musician— 1st GJS My Freedom — 4th Suf N Nallys First — 3d Suf Nedford— 3d Spt Never Stop — 3d CJD New Leaf — 4th Jam New Oxford — 6th G.S Newtown — 1st GJS Nickel— 3d Spt No Leddie — 4th CJD Nowadays — 1st Spt O Ocean Clipper — 1st CJD Ocean Hi— 5th CJD Old Guard— 3d Suf Onceuponatime— 8th CJD One Hitter— 6th Jam Opinionated — 5th CD Our Best— 4th Spt Our John Wm. — 6th Jam Our Yonkela — 1st CJD Ourberra — 4th CJD Out Bound Jr. — 1st Spt Overpower — 2d Suf Overexposed — 6th G.S P Park Pigeon— 7th CJD Pass Key— 3d CJD Penson — 6th G.S Pepper Lou— 2d G.S Percivale— 3d GJS Peripatic — 4th Jam Permanence — 3d CJD Pet Face— 3d Spt Peter Barton — 4th Suf Phaltup — 8th Spt Piper — 7th CJD Picadelia — 4th Suf Plunder — 5th Jam Plymouth Maid — 5th Spt Poignancy — 1st G.S Politics— 2d Spt Polly Blitzen— 5th Spt Pop Bottle — 7th Jam Pops Pigeon— 2d CJD Possessive — 4th Jam Possingworth — 1st G.S Powells Out — 8th CJD Pretty Trick— 1st CJD Prince Joy — 4th Spt Prince Tread — 1st G.S Princely — 7th Jam Proud Jack— 2d C JD-Psychic Lad— 1st CJD Pur Sang — 1st CJD Pussy Willow— 7th CJD Q Quarter Boots — 7th G.S Quickset— 2d GJS Quiz Lady — 5th Spt R Rappel— 5 th Suf Rat-Tat — 1st GJS Raton— 7th Suf Ray K.— 2d Suf Red Pompon — 2d G.S Record Vote — 2d CJD Referendum — 1st CJD Reflexion— 3d G.S Reigh Jane — 6th Suf Reklaw — 3d Spt Rembird— 2d Suf Reno Uptart — 2d CJD Republican — 8th Suf Restless Waves— 5th G.S Richavoo — 6th Spt Richwood Boy— 2d CJD Riot — 6th Spt Rockwood Argo — 8th G.S Rockwood Lou — 8th GJS. Rodney R. — 7th Suf Roll Clean — 5th CJD Roman Grace — 2d Spt Roman Jobe — 2d CJD Roman Victory — 7th Spt Royal Born — 3d Spt Royalong — 3d Spt S Sad Zac — 2d Jam Salty Dog — 7th Spt Schottlsche — 2d Jam Scoop — 4th Suf Second Avenue — 6th C J? See Bit — 7th Jam Semi Time — 5th Spt Senate — 4th CJD Senoril— 3d G.S Shoes— 8 th Jam Shorty — 1st CJD Shorty P. — 4th Jam Siamese — 3d CJD Sierra — 5th CJD Silver Sail— 5th Spt Silver Skipper— 1st Suf Silverware — 8th G.S Sir Flint— 3d Jam Sir Sweep — 3d GJS Sir Wash— 1st Spt Skywave — 8th Spt Slam Bang — 6th G.S Slow Flash— 7th Spt Small Stuff— 8th Suf Smoky Bill— 1st Spt Snatched— 7th CJD Sons Style— 3d Spt Speedy Baby — 2d Suf Spiteful Sue — 5th Suf Spring Song — 8th GJS Stand Of f— 3d Suf Star Conquest — 7th G.S Static Chaser— 2d Spt Stranded — 6th CJD Sub — 6th Jam Sun Bud — 3d GJS Sun Call— 5th Suf Sun Vigil— 2d Spt Sunglow — 6th CJD Sunny Hook— 8th G.S Surpassrr-4th GJS Sweep Bolt — 7th Spt Sweep the Sky — ith Jam Sweep Tiger — 1st CJD Sweeping Jo — 1st CJD Sweet Butter — 4th G.S Symposium — 5th GJS T Tacaro Milkman — 2d Suf Tap the Till— 3d Suf Task— 8th Jam Ted M. — 6th Jam Tetra Breeze — 2d Spt The Blue Hen— 5th Spt The Eye — 5 th Suf Theory— 6th CJD Third Oval — 1st CJD Third Spin — 3d Spt Thousand Ships— 8th Suf Tides End— 1st CJD Tom Ferris — 1st Suf Tomsive — 1st GJS Town Hall — 8th Spt Trala Boy — 2d CJD Transatlantic — 8th Jam Treasure Key — 2d Suf Tres Jolie — 3d CJD Trucha — 3d Suf Trumpet King — 6th CD Trumpeter — 8th Jam Try Ike— 7th CJD Tubby B.— 6th Suf Tuned Up — 6th Spt U Uncle Edgar — 6th Jam Uncle Otho— 7th CJD Under .Pressure; — 5th CJD Y Valdina Perion— 8th Suf Vanflag— 8th Spt Varodi — 8th Jam Vinita War— 5th Spt Viscount Gino — 5th Spt Vivante— 8th CJD V-Jet — 1st Jam W Watch Andy— 2d CJD Water Buffalo— 1st G.S War Gift— 1st CJD Western Front — 4th CD Websmed— 3d CJD Whatanurse — 2d CJD Wheelerin— 3d Spt Whif fenpoof— 6th GJS White Chance— 4th CJD Widdleford— 7th Jam Wilful Maid— 3d Spt Wily Willie— 6th Suf Woodside — 7th GJS " World Empress — 4th G.S Wynford II. — 6th Jam Y Yankee Captain — 8th Spt Yankee Queen — 4th CJD Yellmantown — 3d CJD Yoicks — 3d CJD

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