Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-02

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Fleurrs In Consensus Show Comparative B»tinr , Allowing 5 Polnu tor 1st Todays Best 7 Points. 2 for 2d. 1 for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type rracKhian, J75. Gmnt SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Mode for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 lwnri Bentbrook Bentbrook Nowadays Bentbrook " Bentbrook 18 1 andauayJ SH? Bentbrook Nowadays Nowadays 11 Bentbrook "tbrook Infinity K. Bird Shot Cock Crow Infinity K. Infinity K 9 2feeIh B£?C3.ub l???111. Joyce W. Bank Club Bank Club 17 rfS.hSito v»?neW- Hold the Dice Feffie Hold the Dice Joyce W. 14 Catchwelsta Feffie Joyce W. Hold the Dice Joyce W. Hold the Dice 5 3££?£C4tB£a S?J?SfBiea ChanceBea Chance Bea Chance Bea Chance Bea 25 faonsbtyle Sons Style Third Spin Third Span Nedford Sons Stvlp a. Cherry Ripple Musical Kid Nedford MusicalKid MusicalKid ThfrdSpin 4 Last Bill Last Bill Last Bill Last Bill Last Bill Last BUI 25 4 ™trKt Fair Porter Honest Knave Fair Porter Fat? Porter Fatr Porter 9 Good Hostess Equisun Fair Porter Good Hostess Good Hostess Good [Hostess 3 SSi1?3, FinalLeaye Final Leave The Blue Hen Barbie B. Final Leave 15 amKJ?™ 3P1r,3?luSHen The Blue Hen Final Leave The Blue Hen BarbieB. 11 Auto Message Quiz Lady Silver Sail BarbieB. Final Leave The Blue Hen 11 C S££XPand RSSfcP0 %CHjy°° KICHAVOO RICHAVOO RICHAVOO 33 « R?n7 % Tuned Up Garrett C. Riot Garrett C. 6 Rlot Riot Riot . Tuned Up Tuned Up Riot 5 7 nSSrtF*01™ nnTnt0ry J5,00*, Roman Victory Sweep Bolt Roman Victory 18 Ii Don rmefandBolfc MrTwtll Sweep Bolt Bobs Ace Sweep Bolt 10 imDon ImDon Sweep Bolt Bobs Ace Roman Victory Bobs Ace 8 Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado 25 8 CherokelV SandiS0"1 Golden Thorn GoldenThorn GowS Thorn GridenThorn 8 ! Cherokee V. Moon Blue Inaugural Cherokee V. Cherokee V. Cherokee V. 3 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 ™SnlUim Jerry Nash Jerry Nas"h Referendum Jerry Nash Jerry Nash 17 1 Sando™??1 Referendum Hawthorn Jerry Nash BhamAla Referendum 13 BhamAla Bham Ala Shorty BhamAla Referendum BhamAla 5 Invercork Catnip Hill Invercork Invercork - Invercork Invercork 22 2 WatchAndy Invercork August August August Catnip Hill 6 TralaBoy Whatanurse Catnip Hill Hard Hitter Whatanurse August 6 Courage Never Stop Courage COURAGE Courage Courage 24 3 PassKeL c-°KraRet Pass Key Bee and Bee Bee and Bee Bee and Bee .6 Bee and Bee Yellmantown Bee and Bee Yellmantown Pass Key Never Stop 5 First Pal YtoOut Be Brief Be Brief Be Brief Be Brief 15 4 NoLeddie NoLeddie First Pal Fly Out First Pal First Pal 11 Ourberra First Pal Western Front FirstPal Weltera Front Fly Out *7 Sierra Opinionated . Blue Fox Sierra Sierra sierra 15 5 Opinionated Joan Again Opinionated Opinionated Opinionated Opinionated 13 Ocean Hi Many Gifts Joan Again Many Gifts ManyGifts BlueFox 5 2D™GROUND Sl2F Middleground Middleground MIDDLEGROUND Middleground 26 6 Sunglow Middleground Theory Theory Theory Theory 12 Theory Greek Ship Sunglow Greek Ship Sunglow Sunglow X Try Ike TRY IKE TRY IKE Try Ike Try Ike TRY IKE 29 7 Concrete Dicks Gal Brownstown Uncle Otho Concrete Concrete 5 Park Pigeon Brownstown Pussywillow Concrete Dicks Gal Brownstown 3 GabyHaugh Mediate Onceuponatime Mediate Mediate Mediate 16 8 SiiSvw. GabyHaugh Vivante Vivante GabyHaugh GabyHaugh 10 HillbrookMiss Vivante Mediate GabyHaugh Vivante Vivante 8 Trackman, J. J. Murphy JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST . PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Hitherto JeanMeter JpiedeViyre Joie de Vivre Hard Facts Joie deVivre 10 1 Yr~J. Hard Facts Hard Facts JeanMeter Hitherto Hard I Facts 10 » Hard Facts Angling Great Issue Doby JeanMeter JeanMeter 8 2JandY£L£,?!AKIIE |!?yEIJHARDIE ?J0ieandHi£die Lovely Hardie LOVELY HARDIE LOVELY HRDIE 31 Schottische Eternal Herb Schottische Eternal Herb Alrad Eternal Herb 5 SadZac SadZac Eternal Herb Alrad Schottische Scnttche • 5 Gallant Bull Hornpipe Big Time Hornpipe Hornpipe Hornpipe 16 3 Big Time Lets Dance Gallant Bull Gallant Bull Big Time BiglSne 10 Lets Dance Big Time Hornpipe Lets Dance Lets Dance GallantBull 9 Melodious Melodious Melodious Fifille Fifille Melodious 15 4 New Leaf Perinatic Sweep the Sky Sweep the Sky Sweep the Sky FifiSe 10 Battalia Sweep the Sky Perinatic Peripatic Peripatic Sweep the Sky 7 Baltimore Jim Baltimore Jim LEADING HOME Baltimore Jim Baltimore Jim Baltimore Jim 20 5 Bannerday Leading Home Dark Favorite Leading Home Bannerdav LeadmgHome 12 Dark Favorite Bannerday Plunder Bannerday LeadingHome Bannerday 6 Our John Wm. Our John Wm. Wynfordn. OUR JOHN WM. Our John Wm. Our John Wm 24 6 Uncle Edgar WvnfordH. Our John Wm. One Hitter Uncle Edgar Wrofordll 8 TedM. Uncle Edgar One Hitter Colonel Mike Wynfordn. Uncle Bdgar 5 Mislead Coffee Money Evans Mountain Coffee Money. Coffee Money Coffee Monev 19 7 #feney Mislead, . • Coffee Money Evans Mountain Mislead E?am Mountain 9 Widdeford Evans Mountam Seebit Princely Evans Mountains Mislead 9 Avona Jacopades Avona Eb Eb a vona T7 8 Transatlantic Avona Eb Eugarn Avona Eb 12 . Task Eugarp Shoes Impact Shoes Jacopades 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS T Musician Poignancy Poignancy Bright Player Bright Player Bright Flivpr v? 1 Tomsive Musician Bright Player Tomsive Tomsive Poienanov Poignancy Bright Player Water Buffalo Poignancy Poignancy Musician 7 Highland Buzzer RedPompon RED POMPON Red Pompon RED POMPON RED pompon — 9R 2 Red Pompon Highland Buzzer Quickset Highland Buzzer Highland Buzzer Highland Buzzer 11 Gauntlet Mackies Pall Pepper Lou Pepper Lou Cambett Quickset £ Cockofthewalk PERCIVALE Percivale Senoril Cockofthewalk Percivale 13 3 Ala?rc- Sir Sweep Gary Leslie Bull Lead Gary Leslie Cockof thewalk 10 Bull Lead Gary Leslie Jade Lad Percivale BullLead SenorU 5 Eternal Sickle Handle Hi Ante Ficklerose Eternal Sickle Eternal Sirkip 4 Handle Eternal Sickle Carolina Miss Carolina Miss Ficklerose Ficklerose 10 Ficklerose Ficklerose Ficklerose Eternal Sickle Admirals Tune Handle _7 DEALER Symposium" Dealer Symposium Dealer Dealer 20 5 Symposium Dealer Symposium Galoot Galoot Symposium 14 Restless Waves Restless Waves Restless Waves Dealer Beach Beauty Galoot 4 Slam Bang i?terU , Istoii ALLIENS PAL Istan Istan 19 6 i?tan~ , , New Oxford J Arthur Pilate Istan Slam Bang AlliesPal 7 New Oxford Arthur Pilate Overexposed New Oxford Whiffenpoof slam Bang 7 7 Wnnriri5ey p,eraml Babs Whey Babs Whey George Crump BabVWhey 19 Star SoSnH.. Conquest f l?b Woodside 5wiey i?eP Supply George Crump Babs Whey George Crump 12 Woodside Azora Woodside Woodside 5 a£2mi£f?lon JA0 JShip Compassion Compassion Compassion 16 RaiH?ty Gay Patty poldtpn Gay Patty RockwoodArgo Late Ship 10 | Goldton Compassion Lilac Lady Goldton Gay Patty GayPatty 7 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS T HBuntvHard SITINGHARD Fighting Hard Fighting Hard Fighting Hard Fighting Hard 27 ■ Abbes aiwJwL First «. A?™1 . HiBunty HiBunty Georgia HiBuntv k HiBunty Silver Skipper Comanche Peak HiBunty Georgia 2 2 Tacaro Milkman Speedy Baby Tacaro Milkman Tacaro Milkman Speedy Baby Tacaro Milkman 19 Rtmbird Sf»CMilkman SayK- Rembird Tacaro Milkman Speedy Baby 10 rembird Blenlm T, Treasure Key Overpower Rembird RayK. 4 3MMr?7liard ™%siAza- Old Guard Old GuaTd Mestiza Old Guard 19 11 SSm1 gldG,Vard * Mestiza . Fair Game Old Guard Mestfza 15 air Game Hay Elsie Nallys First Mestiza Fair Game Fair Game 4 4MomNight Dada Scoop Dada Dada Dada Th Jacks dJaUn ficadtelia Moon Night Soop ScTop 8 Banner Banner acics My Freedom My Freedom Scoop My Freedom Moon Night 7 5SunefSiC°n §?iteiu Sue " Sun Call Sun Call Blue Falcon- Blue Falcon 14 Jobie Blue Falcon Rappel Blue Falcon Jobie Sun Call 12. 0Dle ■ RaPPel Market Out Rappel Rappel Spiteful Sue 5 601?/ S?,1,01"?"6 HALORETTE " HALORETTE HALORETTE HALORETTE 31 Reigh "egnJane- JanP ftSf Billman Athlete Reign Jane Athlete 6 Athlete Infirst Billman Athlete Reigh Jane 3 7 HetoHom*. ?oeimHoine Arkmo Arkmo Raton Arkmo 18 7 Jacarariri™ Jacaranda HeimHome Jacaranda Arkmo HeimHome 10 5a - Arkmo Jacaranda Helm Home Jacaranda . Jacaranda 7 8y„y . Dry Dry Dry Dry Dry 27 Thousand Ships Vaidina Perion Vaidina Perion Flight Gal Instanter 5 Bachelor t, Boy Instanter Flight Gal Instanter Instanter Vaidina Perion 4

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