Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-05-15

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d, 1 for 3d. Days Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. S. Grant LINCOLN FIELDS at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP ""CONSENSUS Viscount Gino Normrich Just Eight Jess D. Jess D. Jess D. 13 1 Climber Phantom Heels Jess D. Reade Castle Reade Castle Viscount Gino 5 Reade Castle Jess D. Climber Raffle House Phantom heels Normrich 5 Silver Plate Junior Wolf Grand Isle Grand Isle Grand Isle Grand Isle 18 2 Evidence Grand Isle Sabson Sabson Silver Plate Silver Plate 8 Grand Isle Silver Plate Junior Wolf Kandycal Kilayr Junior Wolf 6 Kens Star Sunshine Rose Kens Star Sunshine Rose Sunshine Rose Sunshine Rose 15 3 Pocket All Goliad Scalped Goliad Scalped Kens Star 10 Dixie Talk Scalped Blanchester Heres Jack Heres Jack Scalped 5 Bramble Sun Blue Volt Happy Go Lucky Granite Flyn Granite Flyn Granite Flyn 13 4 Mr. Wiggins Granite Flvn Blue Volt Blue Volt Blue Volt Blue Volt 11 Em Happy Go Lucky Granite Flyn Happy Go Lucky Mr. Wiggins Happy Go Lucky 7 First Security Sir David Carmargo Bill Fletter Fletter 12 5Fletter Sir David Fletter Roval Helio Sir David Sir David Sir David 11 Mr. Dink Royal Helio First Securty Mr. Dink Mr. Dink First Security 6 Sabaean SABAEAN SABAEAN SABAEAN SABAEAN 31 6Sabaean Bullish Hypostvle Hypostyle Hypostyle Bullish Hypostyle Boo Boo Shoo Ruthred Owens Cuts Boo Boo Shoo Hypostyle Bullish 4 Sugar Pete SUGAR PETE Sugar Pete Deep Water Jetsam Sugar Pete 19 7 Beirut Jetsam Deep Water The Peer Sugar Pete Deep Water The Peer Deep Water Tax Lien First Tenet Tax Lien Jetsam 7 FANCY FESTIVAL Fancy Festival Fancy Festival Trumpeter Poignancy Fancy Festival 20 8 Spanaqua Poignancy Poignancy Poignancy Fancy Festival Poignancy 11 Bellbrook Spanaqua Trumpeter Fancy Festival Sun Jay Trumpeter 6 Eternal Flirt Shaffie Court Ruler Eternal Flirt Court Ruler Eternal Flirt 15 S, ii h Shaffie Eternal Flirt Shaffie Royal Luck Eternal Flirt Court Ruler 10 x*lJ* Infinity K. Infinity K. Eternal Flirt Prefer Troutt Infinity K. Shaffie 9 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Eternal Time Eternal Star Pigeon Star Pigeon Star Pigeon Star Pigeon 17 ITime Star Pigeon Fancy Food Ringador Ringador Time Eternal Time Eternal 13 Pappys Rebel Four Pets Princess Pine Time Eternal Ringador Ringador 5 Lady Bettis Miss Revoked Howdy U All Howdy U All Rugene Howdy U All 13 2 Rugene Lady Bettis Rugene Rugene Howdy U All Rugene 12 Howdy U All Rugene Miss Revoked Miss Revoked Lady Bettis Lady Bettis 8 Poplar Street That Aint Hay Poinsette That Aint Hay Poinsette 14 3Poinsette Boldger Just Fiddlin Poinsette That Aint Hay Poinsette That Aint Hay 12 Alphas Choice Free Me Just Fiddlin Poplar Street Boldger Poplar Street 6 Ballerina Girl Cyds Baby Bazaar Queen Bazaar Queen Ballerina Girl Bazaar Queen 14 4 Bazaar Queen Brown Scout Singing Jane Cyds Baby Bazaar Queen Cyds Baby 7 Twirling Girl Twirling Girl Merry Whirl Brown Scout Singing Jane Ballerina Girl 5 Foxy Liz Katvdidit Katydidit Katvdidit Ky. Hash Katydidit 17 5 Ky. Hash Christine B. Whatanurse Aldale Katydidit Ky.Hash 7 Whatanurse Hasty Bid Aldale Polar Battle Foxy Liz Foxy Liz 6 VENDOR Pnut Vendor PNUT VENDOR PNUT VENDOR Pnut Vendor PNUT VENDOR 29 6PNUT Aunt Jayne Z. Aunt Jayne Z. Rebel Raider Is There Aunt Jane Z. Aunt Jane Z. 6 My Sister Is There Is There Rebel Raider Rebel Raider Is There 4 Dollys Image Uncle Otho Danada Red Uncle Otho Uncle Otho Uncle Otho 19 7 Uncle Otho Country Editor Uncle Otho Arrested Danada Red Danada Red 9 Danada Red Mike Ehret Arrested Danada Red Dollys Image Dollys Image 9 Jay SOME BID Some Bid Some Bid SOME BID Some Bid 25 8 Joes Laddie Free Gift Joes Laddie Jay Jay Jay 11 Some Bid Jay Jay Joes Laddie Joes Laddie Joes Laddie 6 Trackman, J. R. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Spanish Cream Sky Blue Spanish Cream Spanish Cream King Wilson Spanish Cream 19 1 Challcote Spanish Cream Sky Blue Overload Spanish Cream Sky Blue 8 Howard Dear Sonny Stiefel King Wilson Howard Dear Sky Blue King Wilson 6 ~ BUSY SIGNAL Busy Signal Busy Signal Busy Signal Busy Signal BUSY SIGNAL 27 2 Battle Raider Battle Raider Joe E. Lewis Battlebuz Joe E. Lewis Joe E Lewis 7 Joe E. Lewis Joe E. Lewis Battlebuz Joe E. Lewis Battle Raider Battle Raider 5 Dik Dik Wenham Wenham Painted Ship Wenham 14 3Hyvania Fulton Wenham Hyvania Pougbay Wenham Hyvania 8 Don Jose II. Hyvania Painted Ship Mahatma Fulton Painted Ship 6 Resourceful Sea Cap Flynet Resourceful Sea Cap Resourceful 15 4 Sea Cap Flynet Resourceful Flynet Resourceful Sea Cap 14 Rub -A -Dub -Dub Resourceful Sea Cap Sea Cap War-Aster Flynet 9 Ted M. Jam Session Jam Session Jam Session TED M. Ted M. 18 5 Dart By Ted M. Ted M. Ted M. Dart By Jam Session 17 Jam Session Titien II. Dart By Dart By Jam Session Dart By 6 Crownlet CROWNLET Gallies Pride Gallies Pride Crownlet 20 6Crownlet Cigar Maid Gallies Pride Gallies Pride Crownlet Linden Lane Gallies Pride 14 Linden Lane Linden Lane Chrisinda Faberose Crownlet Linden Lane 4 MANDINGO Ham Bone Ham Bone Mandingo Mandingo 17 7Mandingo Eleven-Boy Jr. Ham Bone Dans Chance Segment Segment Ham Bone 14 Ham Bone Segment Off Line Dans Chance Ham Bone Segment 5 Killer Mac Cat Bridge Armelle ARMELLE Armelle Armelle 17 8 The Dervish Muzzle Frost Bitten Frost Bitten Frost Bitten Frost Bitten 7 Muzzle Frost Bitten The Dervish Ventolino Muzzle Cat Bridge 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Curvaceous Curvaceous Curvaceous Curvaceous Curvaceous • Curvaceous 25 1 Lucullus Lucullus Hiya Pop Charlight Charlight Lucullus 5 Useless Charlight Useless Lucullus St. George Charlight 5 Boy Boss Bennie Boss Bennie Boss Bennie Franky Boy Boss Bennie 16 2Franky Full-Fledged Last Brigade Full-Fledged Franky Boy Last Brigade Franky Boy 13 Bright Bones Franky Boy Columcille Last Brigade Boss Bennie Last Brigade 5 Nutmeg Nutmeg Indicated Nutmeg Nutmeg Nutmeg 22 3 Dr. Wright Shrewd Nutmeg Indicated Indicated Indicated 10 Make Sway Indicated Dorothys Miss Shrewd Dorothys Miss Shrewd 3 Devilkin BIG KEIS Big Keis BigKeis BigKeis 18 4Devilkin Inca For Rent Devilkin Devilkin Devilkin Devilkin 16 Big Keis Inca For Rent For Rent Inca ID0.!* 4 THIN DIME Hard to Get Thin Dime Rocklye Thin Dime Thin Dime 19 5 Surprise Girl Thin Dime Rocklye Surprise Girl Flicka Foot Rocklye 8 Rocklye Charmagnole Surprise Girl Hard to Get Carmagnole Hard to Get 6 Broken Lens Broken Lens Broken Lens Fourth Jack Broken Lens Broken Lens 21 6 Fourth Jack Dependable Fourth Jack Legs Thistle Jay Fourth Jack 10 In A Soin Thistle Jay Thistle Jay Broken Lens Fourth Jack Thistle Jay 4 June Ayr Trenton Bullhead Airdrome Plowman Airdrome 8 7 Airdrome Isocrates Isocrates Trenton Isocrates Plowman 8 Plowman Plowman Plowman Isocrates Airdrome Trenton 7 Fourteen Grand FOURTN GRAND Fourteen Grand FOURTN GRAND FOURTN GRAND FOURTN GRD 31 8 The Procurator Red Swing Night Count Safety Lock Safety Lock Safety Lock 4 Uncle Byron Experimentum Battle Cry Red Swing Uncle Byron Red Swing 3 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Mahmoud Wendigo Wendigo Picadelia WENDIGO Wendigo 21 IWise Wendigo Esta Vez Wise Mahmoud Wendigo Picadelia Picadelia 9 Picadelia Wise Mahmoud Picadelia Esta Vez Esta Vez Wise Mahmoud 8 Lynn Z. Questagain Bermar Joe Questagain Gay Gift Questagain 10 2 Hoo Is It Lynn Z. Tanador Bermar Joe Arabess Lynn Z. 8 Hash Knife Seemly Gay Gift Arabess Lynn Z. Bermar Joe 7 Papaya Rolls Nap Rolls Nap Night Again Pink Gin Rolls Nap 14 3 Pink Gin Pink Gin Pink Gin Pink Gin Rolls Nap Pink Gin 13 Rolls Nap Night Again Papa Don Rolls Nap Papaya Papaya 6 Gay Prince GAY PRINCE Gay Prince Gay Prince Gay Prince GAY PRINCE 27 4 Rissas Son Queens Taste Rissas Son Rissas Son Rissas Son Rissas Son 8 Debmode Go Between Fighting Comet Queens Taste Queens Taste Queens Taste 4 Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship 25 5 Fosters Pride Doit Easy Alsiral Doit Easy Alsiral Alsiral 6 Alsiral Alsiral Blue Falcon Fosters Pride Doit Easy Doit Easy 5 ANDYS GLORY Platform MAJOR KAY FAIR APPRAISAL Andys Glory Fair Appraisal 14 I 6 Fair Appraisal Fair Appraisal Platform Major Kay Fair Appraisal Andys Glory 12 Major Kay Major Kay Fair Appraisal Platform Platform Major Kay 11 Star of Dublin Star of Dublin Star of Dublin Star of Dublin Lazy Pat Star of Dublin 22 ; 7 Believe-In-Me Believe-In-Me Believe-In-Me Lazy Pat Star of Dublin Lazy Pat 8 Canis Major Lazy Pat Benjomike Believe-In-Me Believe-In-Me Believe-In-Me 8 1 Attention Sir Jeep Supply Attention Sir Good Sweep Attention Sir Attention Sir 19 8 Jeep Supply Attention Sir Lusmores Attention Sir Jeep Supply Jeep Supply 10 I Good Sweep Good Sweep Jeep Supply Dancing Gob Dancing Gob Good Sweep 7 i . . i i

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