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- - - ■ • -■ . - ■ .... Weekly Form THE GREATEST WEEKLY TURF PERIODICAL EVER PUBLISHED h i BOOK NO. 4 CAVE: TIMERS TIPS: j OPEN HEARTH, 5.40, WON The Admonition Here Was "Get a Load Next Time Out at Latonia:" CALUMET DICK, 1.04, WON And the Comment — "Just Needs Proper Piacing" This same issue, the one for the present week for code releases, has already j given, in addition to the above: CHINESE INDIAN, .00, WON A "RED STREAK" SPECIAL: LOTTA AIRS, . .32, WON j AL NEIMAN, 4.98, WON FLOPSIE, 4-1, WON I HILLTOWN, 6.00, WON j TRACKMENS BEST BETS: JACKFULL, .00, WON Was a Patrol Judge Tip IN ISSUE NOS. 2 AND 3: BLACKMAIL, 8.90, WON Was a "Red Streak" Special I Thus, players had no excuse for missing that fellow, which paid the longest I odds of the day Saturday at Narragansett. The last time the Whichone gelding I ran he finished LAST. j The Record in Last Weeks Book of the "Red Streak" Specials Reads: » BLACKMAIL, 8.90, WON FIELD DAY, 18.20, WON PLAY LADY, 16.20, WON GALMICA 14.40, WON KNIGHTS HOPE, 13.00, WON And Others, Not as Long in Price BOOK NO. 3, LAST WEEKS ISSUE, ALSO GAVE: |! PREFERRED PLAYS: SINGLE A., 4.60, WON HAPPY SCOT, 16.50, WON PROTEUS, 4.40, WON j ROCKINGHAM TRACKMANS BEST BET: ALL FORLORN, 6.90, WON !] MONEY PROSPECTS: JESTING QUEEN, 9.80, WON I FRIAR MARK, 12.30, WON AND NUMEROUS OTHER WINNERS IN OTHER SECTIONS OF WEEKLY FORM GREATEST OF THEM ALL ; GET YOUR COPY NOW OF BOOK NO. 4, WHICH WE PREDICT WILL BE BETTER THAN BOOK NO. 1, WHICH GAVE: FIFTY-SEVEN GOOD WINNERS HALF OF THEM EXTREME OUTSIDERS ASK YOUR NEWSDEALER FOR WEEKLY FORM NO. 4— PRICE, 35 CENTS I I Dont forget that Weekly Form has the greatest force of trackmen and dockers 1 1 ever assembled. Two Free Codes Daily — "Spot" Horses TODAYS FREE CODE HORSES: LATONIA— Sand-13-21-23. WASHINGTON PARK— Rock-ll-*:"-15. 1 "Spot Horse:" AQUEDUCT— Paving-10-13-23. WEEKLY FORM PUB. CO. 443 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. FMe After You Win! I I I BEAT THE RACING GAME EVERY WEEK! My record as one of the money riders during the past I ten years is too well known to the racing public to need elaboration. At present, I am in a position to 0 obtain real live last-minute information from sources right at the scene of action. Here is my proposition: I will wire you a two-horse parlay every day at 10 a. m. for ten days, provided you will telegraph me 0 0 out of every 00 that you win at the end of ten days by playing a win parlay each day. In other words, you pay me only 10 per cent of your winnings at the end of ten days. YESTERDAYS PARLAY: SATURDAYS PARLAY: WISE CROSS, 2.40, WON RACCOON, 2.50, WON J IMPERIAL BILL, 5.80, WON CLOUD DOR, 8.58, WON ■ j Various incidental expenses involved in giving you this information for ten days amount to a little e j ! over . To subscribe to this service, you must mail or telegraph with your name and address. This • j it to be deducted from my share of the winnings at the end of ten days. Those failing to remit my full u share at the end of each ten-day period will be taken off my books. Address JOCKEY HAROLD REMMERT 156 West 44th Street New York City, N. Y. - Free! Free! Free! 1 f | I and One of the greatest books on System Play ever written is yours for the asking. It has never sold for less than — yet you may have it now, while the remaining copies last, for absolutely nothing. The author— ELLWOOD TANSEY Recognized the World Over as Americas Leading Authority on Racing Systems, In Co-operation with the Turfs Smartest Magazine POST TIME MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO OWN THIS REMARKABLE TREATISE THERE ARE EXACTLY 750 COPIES OF ELLWOOD TANSEYS PREFERRED SYSTEM AND BETTING METHOD AVAILABLE All you need do to receive your free copy is to send in one years subscription to O POST TIME. The price, for twelve issues of POST TIME is .50. When the 750 copies ■ of the book are exhausted, there will be none available at any price, so get yours today, r, while there is still time. SEND A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR YOUR YEARS SUBSCRIPTION, AND MR TANSEYS VALUABLE BOOK, HANDSOMELY BOUND, WULL BE MAILED PREPAID TO YOU IMMEDIATELY ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO POST TIME 421 PLYMOUTH COURT DEPARTMENT R-5 CHICAGO. ILL, -■ i pMaaaHHBHManHBMM Mondays Parlay: tpgggjly IffJJ OUR REIGH, .74, $ 3.34, 3rd R fiS -wl ■ I 9 I I J CH,NESESN,Par.00, WON UTTHEY ALL COME AND GO— BUT "FIELD" GOES ON FOREVER-B There must be a reason— ask any FIELD FOLLOWER— He cant help but "enthuse" when he tells you the reason is WINNERS! WINNERS! ! JUST LOOK OVER THE BACK COPIES OF THE RACING FORM. WEVE BEEN HERE SINCE 1919 1! MT STOP GUESSING! STOP HANDICAPPING! STOP LOSING! -Ml Just bear in mind, friends, that horsemen do not race for the benefit of the "bettors." In order to beat this game — youve got to be "on the inside." Otherwise, youre just out of luck ! ! ! TUESDAY— TWO LIMIT WASHINGTON WINNERS— 0 TO I URGE YOU NOT TO MISS THESE OR YOU WILL REGRET IT MT DONT HESITATE! SUBSCRIBE NOW! TERMS, DAILY! "99 City clients, call in person or phone— FRANKLIN 3134— for messenger service absolutely no charge. Out-of-town clients, wire via Postal Telegraph or Western Union. Service wired by fast telegram. No delay! JACK FIELD, 35 South Dearborn St. Room 708, Chicago, III. I ; I I I I 0 0 J ■ j e j ! • j SWT NOW ONLY 10 CENTS -TPB Kalola, 0.40, Won Bassetts Detroit Special Prince Sulieman, $ 6.64, Won Regrens Washington Pay-Off Horse No horse player ever goes wrong following the Pointed-Out Horses of the "Pink Sheet." Many have been playing these selections for years and are never without a wager on them. The reason, of course, is that they realize only too well that they are getting the very best releases obtainable and that they cannot improve upon them at any price. Experienced horse players cannot be fooled and it is experienced horse players who follow the "Pink Sheet" daily. Saturday, Bassett released KALOLA as his Special at Detroit. This horse won at odds of better than 4 to 1, just one more proof that the Specials of the "Pink" win at all prices. Regrens Pay-Off Horse at Washington Park bowed before the judges and paid off at .64 for . The "Reading the Stars" section gave out two winners, MOLLY GREENOCK, .20, Won, and TRIUMPHANT, .50, Won. A record t of two winners out of four selections for a 50 per cent average is quite commendable, is it not? McCarty had four winners at Omaha and three at Aqueduct, while Regren named three at Omaha and a like number at Latonia. Everyone likes to pick a Derby winner, but how many are successful in doing so? You know the percentage is very low. But McCarty gave his many followers the winner of the American Derby Saturday when he selected BLACK HELEN, .96, as his pick for that great race. The "Pink Sheet" always gets the winners. It never fails. Following Are Some More of Saturdays "Pink Sheet" Winners: BLACKMAIL, Bassett Narragansett Tip, 8.90, WON ZAY, Regren-McCarty Aqueduct Tip, 10.50, WON BIBBOO, Regren Dayton Tip, 10.00, WON RUTH JELINEK, Bassett-McCarty Omaha Tip, 9.00, WON DREEL, McCarty Narragansett Tip, • 8.50, WON BILLOWY WAVE, McCarty Aqueduct Tip, 7.90, WON MANNERS MAN, Regren Latonia Tip, 7.40, WON PROPRIETOR, Regren Omaha Tip, 7.20, WON WANOAH, Regren-Bassett Latonia Tip, 6.60, WON AND MANY MORE ______ ______ *mmm*mm ——————— ——M»— TUESDAYS TWO FREE CODES: NARRAGANSETT— Purple-51-62-56. ". DETROIT— Yellow-61-51-51. — — — — ~ ——— To Decipher Above Codes Buy a "Pink Sheet" CHICAGO DAILY TELEGRAPH 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. .50 per Month by First Class Mail .00 per Month by Air Mall , u - | I 1 f and ; SUPREME FLASH 24-PAGE TURF WEEKLY— ALL STANDS, 35c TODAYS NARRAGANSETT MEETING HORSE: NARRAGANSETT— Cadillac-20-1 4-16-5. W TODAYS NUMBER FREE CODE— 3 S 2 "*■ TODAYS TRACKMENS PARLAY: NARRA.— Lion-25-18. WASH.— Tiger-16-9. TODAYS GOLD SEAL NUMBER PLAYS: PLAY— 54t PLAY— 234 PLAY— 322 SUPREME FLASH 799 Broadway, Suite 407 New York City TURF LIGHT ALL STANDS— 15 CENTS— ALL CITIES USE ISSUE OF JUNE 29 FOR CODE: February-Aqueduct-Alter-Archer-Anvil-Astound. Bi-Monthly Card Code. Ask dealer or Box 66, General Post Office, New York City. 3rd Race— Aqueduct: 2-13-25-18. O ■ r, LIVE WIRE TURF WEEKLY Sold on All Newsstands— Price, 15 Cents TODAYS CODE PARLAY: WASH— Lincoln-45-73-67-75. WASH.— Hudson-23-45. pays for Parlay Code Card for six days, also for Narragansett Clockers Code Card, one horse daily, for Narragansett meeting. Todays Clockers: NARR. Sleeper— Blue-236-284. Todays ,000 Free Code: NARRA.— Clubs-18-26. i~rr i ■■ r ■■■ i — i i— i — n — n — i — i — ■ i ■ — i_ For Free Phone Results Call Wabash 7000 1/1/1/ 1Y~1 l DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Two Horses a Day — In Code Form PAYS FOR SIX DAYS* SERVICE FRIDAYS WIRE RELEASE: CHATUGA, .20, WON SATURDAYS WIRE RELEASE: WANOAH, .60, WON MONDAYS CODE HORSE: BREEZING ALONG, .20, WON BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR TUESDAY: LATONIA— V-9-14-8-5. WASHINGTON PARK— U-23-15-8-1. WILLIAM BURKE KELLY 731 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. 1 — — WIN 0 PER WEEK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE If you play the race* we will put you next to a little inside secret that should place you above want as long; as you live. No obligations. Just send your name and address to — , j SECQR PUB. CO. AURORA, ILL. FREE DIAL-the-WINNER SYSTEM " Registered with the Library of Congress Amazing invention ! Never seen before. The worlds most logical and scientific mechanical device for the AUTOMATIC selection of winners. Indispensable to every one in racing. Send name and address for a reproduction FREE OF CHARGE. No obligations TAB0RY CO., Box 27, Gravesend Sta., Brooklyn, N. Y.

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