Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1955-05-10

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figurtt in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 26, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best Hi Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Tiger Harris WoodviewAce Busy Gal Grand Spice Tiger Harris Tiger Harris 13 1 Lochv Busy Gal Tiger Harris Woodview Ace Busy Gal Busy Gal 10 Busy Gal Head for Home Grand Spice Tiger Harris Grand Spice Woodview Ace 7 Ellston Ellston ParBov ELLSTON ELLSTON 24 2Ellston Shotral Hydrant Belle Freedom First Ellston Didapper Par Boy 6 Adar Mon Baiser Par Boy Didapper Shotral Shotral 3 Cow Boy Laydown French Legion Bullv Bolero Bullv Bolero Bully Bolero 16 3 Bully Bolero Bully Bolero . Bully Bolero French Legion French Legion French Legion 9 Rigolade Big Fun Cow Boy Boston Man Springlike Cow Boy 6 Fancy -Deb Miss Burke Miss Burke TuffyDoe Miss Burke 14 4Eck-Heart Miss Burke Blue. Maid TuffyDoe Fancv-Deb Miss Burke Fency-Deb 7 Homie Spin Fisher First Greek Julia Lynn Julia Lynn - Tuf fy Doe 7 GOLDEN APOLLO Franks Maude Golden Apollo Franks Maude Scairt Rabbit Golden Apollo 15 5 Knowable Knowable Scairt Rabbit Scairt Rabbit Golden Apollo Scairt Rabbit 11 Scairt Rabbit Scairt Rabbit Knowable Golden Apollo Buster Jim Franks Maude 10 Miss Night Sky Jeep Task Fleet MISS NIGHT Braseda Miss Night 13 6 Braseda Task Fleet Braseda Dangerous Dan Sky Jeep Braseda 9 Dangerous Dan Miss Night Bleu Feature Sky Jeep Task Fleet Sky Jeep 8 From Afar CLEETSIE Cleetsie Cleetsie Cleetsie 22 7Cleetsie From Afar Top News Nepal William Morton Resigned From Afar 8 Top News Nepal Resigned From Afar Top News Top News 4 Colorado Fox FINE FETTLE Quick Mission Fine Fettle Fine Fettle Fine Fettle 18 8 Gallant D. Quick Mission Starborough Colorado Fox Quick Mission Quick Mission 9 Fine Fettle Colorado Fox King Charles Wisenheimer. Starborough Colorado Fox 8 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS BALLISTA Princess Stell Princess Stell Contend Ballista 17 IBallista Cheerful Miss Cheerful Miss Ballista Ballista Princess Stell Princess Stell 12 So Quick Kenna Reward Pert Chic Pvt. Sam Ballista Contend 5 Exaggerated R. B. Run Buy Bookie R. B. Run Buy Bookie R.B. Run 14 2 R. B. Run MissTidwell R. B. Run MissTidwill Skipping Tide Buy Bookie 10 Sergeant Spook Sergeant Spook Miss Pick s Skipping Tide Mels Delight Exaggerated 5 Tasa Dotty Noble Tasa Tasa Tasa 22 3Tasa Heart of Stone Heart of Stone Tasa Royal Color Our Day Royal Color 6 Liberty Top Royal Color Royal Color Belboots Royal Color Dotty Noble 5 Donna Donna Miss Marv Anne Dum Dum Miss Mary Anne Donna 12 4 Spiriam Spiriam Donna Miss Mary Anne Dum Dum Miss Marv Anne 12 Stout Bolo Flyer Spiriam Hesitant Lady Spiriam Dum Dum 7 Music Music Bobtail Willie Bobtail Willie You Say Music 12 5 Coal Heat Coal Heat Music Joe Paglina Scarlet Jr. Bobtail Willie 1 1 Midland Trail Sephora Scarlet Jr. Sephora Bobtail Willie You Say 5 Vagabond King Vagabond King Vagabond King Vagabond King Vagabond King VAGABD KING 25 6 Lebanon Lad Ruhe Lebanon Lad Bugledrums Lebanon Lad Lebanon Lad 7 Beanir Lebanon Lad Warless Mimi Mine Mimi Mine Bugledrums 2 MIGHT Y MOMNT Mighty Moment The Prince HOKE Y POKEY Mighty Moment Mighty Moment 19 7 Dark Embassy Michael T. W. ~ Mighty Moment Dark Embassy Dark Embassy Hokey Pokey 8 Michael T. W. Hokey Pokey Blue Reward The Prince The Prince The Prince 7 Pine Theme Pine Theme FIGHTING JURY Pine Theme FIGHTING JURY Pine Theme 18 8 Sticks Sticks Harold L. Harold L. Pine Theme Fighting Jury 15 Roma Bunny Roma Bunny Pine Theme Fighting Jury Harold L. Harold L. 5 Trackman, J. S. Grant BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Velvet Velvet Velvet Velvet Prize Ring Velvet 22 1 Bubbling Gold Sir Sidney Perman Prize Ring Velvet Prize Ring 8 Fighting Wise Cosmos Prize Ring Perman Fighting Wise Perman 3 Phoebes Girl Trigaza Phoebes Girl Phoebes Girl Phoebes Girl Phoebes Girl 22 2 Berno Phoebes Girl Trigaza Trigaza Trigaza Trigaza 1 1 Hello Rita Veracity Superga Golden Zipper Duck Call Berno 2 Indian Fire Indian Fire Indian Fire Indian Fire Indian Fire Indian Fire 25 3 Templier Coit Coit Xapcourt Coit Coit 7 Mart ingle Mart ingle Jet Command Coit Jet Command Xapcourt 2 Unavailable OurFrancine Crucial Crucial Unavailable Unavailable 13 4 Our Francine Unavailable North Vixen Bold Gino Crucial Crucial 12 Bold Gino Nadina Unavailable Our Francine Our Francine Our Francine 9 Beau Fond TACTICAL Beau Fond BEAU FOND Tactical Beau Fond 20 5 Bold Statesman Bold Statesman Tactical Tactical Beau Fond Tactical 16 Oh Johnny Beau Fond Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Oh Johnny 4 Rico Reto Far Pacific RARE TREAT Rare Treat Rare Treat Rare Treat 18 6 Far Pacific Amoret Far Pacific Far Pacific Far Pacific Far Pacific 13 Gallair Rare Treat Amoret Rico Reto Amoret Rico Reto 6 VILLA Villa Roodles Villa Villa Villa 23 7 Tarquilla Grey Slipper Tarauilla Tarauilla Tarauilla Tarauilla 8 Maebliss Gay Reaper Villa Grey Slipper Gay Reaper Roodles 5 Mandingo Mandingo Mandingo MANDINGO MANDINGO 27 8Mandingo Open and Shut Quite Happy Isasmoothie War Command Quite Happy Quite Happv 5 Virginian Virginian Open and Shut Quite Happy Virginian Virginian 3 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Traek RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST KERMIS* SWEEP CONSENSUS " Cravat Miss Eyeful Case Tio Pip Loch Pip Loch Pip Loch 16 IGala Pip Loch Pip Loch Pip Loch Junior Chic Junior Chic Gala Cravat 8 Junior Chic Case Law Gala Cravat Gala Cravat Gala Cravat Case Tip 5 Little Greg Irritate In the Market Ganymede II. Irritate Ganymede II 11 2 t anymeden. Ganymede II. Shasta L. Little Greg Little Greg Irritate 10 Shasta L. Tacaro - Ganymede II. Shasta L. Ganymede II. Little Greg 9 Living High Living High Flotilla Living High Living High Living High 21 3 Decompression Decomoression Royal Bim Decompression Decompression Decompression 8 Flotilla Royal Bim Living High Grand Refrain Royal Bim Flotilla 6 0neinamillion Gaelic Gal Oneinamillion Puppet BETE NOIR Oneinamillion 13 4 BeteNoir Puppet Puppet BeteNoir Puppet Puppet *12 Puppet Oneinamillion Sea Admiral Oneinamillion Oneinamillion Bete Noir 11 YON Bingo Sagmon YON Yon Yon 21 5 Driving Yon Bingo Flag Officer Sagmon Sagmon 8 Sagmon Sind Show Boat Bingo Drivin? Bingo 8 01dGlendale Iceberg II. OLD GLENDALE Iceberg II. Iceberg II. Iceberg II 18 6 Iceberg II. OldGlendale Potpourri Potpourri OldGlendale OldGlendale 17 Potpourri Thither Iceberg II. Old Glendale Potpourri Potpourri 6 Nick Jimmie NICK JIMMIE Nick Jimmie Nick Jimmie Hangover NICK JIMMIE 24 7 Hangover Hangover Browse Hangover Nick Jimmie Hangover 12 Elberwhirl Eaton town Hangover Bushers Beam Particolor Browse 2 Black Coffee Black Coffee Four to Go Tortilla Black Coffee Black Coffee 19 8 MullvS. Tortilla Black Coffee Black Coffee MullvS. Tortilla 8 Tortilla Frosty Whirl Frosty Whirl Four to Go Frosty Whirl Four to Go 6 Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS _ Mr. Jay-Jay Mr. Jay-Jay Mr. Jav-Jay Mr. Jay-Jay Mr. Jay-Jav Mr. Jay-Jay 25 I Nabbs Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney 8 * Doctor Tony Powder Cap Nabbs Nabbs Nabbs Nabbs 5 Allegretto Turkish Isle Turkish Isle Cock Fight Royal Gang Turkish Isle 12 2 Cock Fight Carolina Rex Extra Man Reta Run Turkish Isle Cock Fight 7 Cash Request Reta Run Allegretto Marchese Allegretto Allegretto 7 Sheriff Meehan Sheriff Meehan Triplerate Sheriff Meehan Sheriff Meehan 18 3Triplerate Sheriff Meehan Triplerate Speedie Stevie Speedie Stevie Triplerate Triplerate 15 Tunshen Sure Proof Triplerate Sheriff Meehan Speedie Stevie Speedie Stevie 5 BOOK MATCH Hootsie Cover Of f Hootsie Hootsie Hootsie 17 4 Lauranne Book Match Hootsie Cover Of f Cover Off Book Match 10 Heron Lake Heron Lake Heron Lake Heron Lake Book Match Cover Off 9 The Fixer Boy dAmour Boy dAmqur Boy d Armour Slim Boy dAmour 15 5 Aware Aware Roman Fair Fleet Argo The Fixer The Fixer 7 Fleet Argo Fleet Argo Aware Wise Doge Fleet Argo Fleet Argo 5 TD3ERIAN SOME QUESTION TD3ERIAN TD3ERIAN TIBERIAN 28 6Tiberian Early Warning Tax Cut Tiberian Some Question Some Question Some Question 11 French Nightie French Nightie Early Warning Tax Cut Gay Marvin Tax Cut 3 Resilient Resilient Rock Cottage Resilient Resilient Resilient 22 7 Blimey Gainsboro Girl Resilient Gainsboro Girl Gainsboro Girl Gainsboro Girl 6 Punkin Vine Mr. First The Posse Blimey Blimey Rock Cottage 6 Toy Fox Dover Dam Brassfield Toy Fox ValsKid Toy Fox 16 8 Fugitive Toy Fox Toy Fox ValsKid Toy Fox ValsKid 7 Brassfield Grandpas Sue Grandpas Sue Fugitive Jerrys Best Brassfield 6

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