Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-04

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, J. R. Batty SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP . SWEEP CONSENSUS - Hasty Victory Chance Bea Tootsie McCabe Hasty Victory Sweet Irene Hasty Victory 11 I Sweet Irene Tootsie McCabe Sweet Irene Wasp Waist Chance Bea Sweet Irene 11 * Chance Bea Sweet Irene Hasty Victory Sweet Irene Tootsie McCabe Tootsie McCabe 8 Winning Hand Winning Hand WINNING HAND Winning Hand Winning Hand WINNING HAND .27 2 Ruths Vacation Tea Dance Ruths Vacation Miss Sigh Ruths Vacation Ruths Vacation 6 Miss Sigh Miss Sigh Tea Dance Tea Dance Miss Sigh Miss Sigh 5 Genies Mate Little L. Prince Joy Grandpa Max Genies Mate Genies Mate 13 3 Cascadian Prince Joy Genies Mate Little L. Richwall Prince Joy 8 Navajo Trail Genies Mate Little L. Richwall Prince Joy Little L. 8 Star Call Joyce W. Border Man Joyce W. Joyce W. Joyce W. 15 4 Border Man Feffie Donna L. Gray Marvel Border Man Border Man 10 Laroc Star Call Star Call Border Man Feffie Star Call 7 JIMBOY-H WIIAMMO Gray Chief JIM BOY-H JimBoy-H JimBoy-H 21 5 Whammo Magnus Whammo Whammo Diamond Lake Whammo 13 Beverly Burks Jim Boy-H Jim Boy-H Big Inch Big Inch Gray Chief 5 Little Bobbles Little Bobbles Little Bobbles Little Bobbles Play Again Little Bobbles 22 6 Play Again Penniless Penniless Penniless Little Bobbles Play Again 8 Jimminy Gosh Roman Road Play Again Little Flower Jimminy Gosh Penniless 6 Blank Dismay Miss Mary Kay Altuce Miss Mary Kay ALTUCE Altttce 16 7 Altuce Beneelobe Miss Mary Kay Altuce Clyde M. Miss Mary Kay 13 Miss Mary Kay Blank Dismay Blank Dismay Blank Dismay Blank Dismay . Blank Dismay 9 Wise Tiger My Grace Toonard Topnard Topnard 14 8Kistan Wise Tiger Topnard Wise Tiger Wise Tiger Wise Tiger Wise Tiger 13 Topnard Kistan Topnard Kistan Kistan Kistan Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made tor Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP -■ ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS One Twelve One Twelve One Twelve One Twelve One Twelve One Twelve 25 1 If and When Miss Mim Jr. Creep Mousie Gemco Gemco Gemco 6 Gemco Gemco Teddy Chick If and When Miss Mim Jr. If and When • 3 Brush Mouth EXCITABLE MARYCarryall CARRYALL Carryall Carryall 19 2 Excitable Mary Lucky Dog Cold Spy Excitable Mary Excitable Mary Excitable Mary 14 Carryall Carryall Excitable Mary Cold Spy Lucky Dog Brush Mouth 5 Shorty Spunky Spunky- Tricky Maud Spunky Spunky 18 3* Spunky Tricky Maud Berkeley Slamming Slam Slamming Slam Tricky Maud 8 Awakened Slamming Slam Shorty Spunky Tricky Maud Shorty 6 Good Heavens Watch Andy Good Heavens MasicoLad Hadhamaut Good Heavens 13 4 NoLeddie First Pal Watch Andy Good Heavens Flash Flood Watch Andy 7 Tree Tot Flash Flood Masico Lad First Pal Good Heavens Masico Lad 6 Pussywillow Brownstown Lambent Lambent Bad Play Lambent 14 5 Lambent Alphara Brownstown Bad Play Lambent Bad Play 8 Flying Raid Pussy Willow Bad Play Flying Raid Flying Raid Brownstown 7 Squared Away Squared Away Squared Away Rodrigo Squared Away Squared Away 22 6 Rodrigo Go Jeep Go Djymy Squared Away Best Degree Rodrigo 8 Go Jeep Go Rodrigo Donke Serenade Best Degree Go Jeep Go Go Jeep Go 4 MOUNT MARCY Mount Marcy MOUNT MARCY Mount Marcy MOUNT MARCY MOUNT MARCY 31 7 Ol Skipper Halt- Dart By Ol* Skipper Dart By Ol* Skipper 6 Sun Herod or Skipper Sun Herod Sun Herod Ol Skipper Dart By 4 Empty Sea Star Pigeon Star Pigeon Empty Sea Star Pigeon 14 . 8Kalimera Star Pigeon LeoP.McL. Bogalusa Mr. Joe Puck Star Pigeon Empty Sea 10 Compare Bogalusa Kalimera Bogalusa Mr. Joe Puck Kalimera 6 In Command Roman Holiday Baguio Baguio Baguio Baguio 16 9 Do-Do In Command June Ayr Settoo Roman Holiday Roman Holiday 7 June Ayr Baguio Settoo Richwood Boy June Ayr In Command 7 Trackman, J. J. Murphy JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Tunic Librab Librab Librab Librab • Librab 21 1 MaryB.L. Tunic Regal Glad MarciaD. Tunic Tunic 11 Librab Regal Glad Tunic Tunic Cockpit Regal Glad 3 Wise Jury War Blues War Blues War Blues Zero War Blues 15 2 Zero . Wise Jury Star Date Zero Wise Jury Zero 11 Alwhirl Zero Zero ✓ BlueDazzler Star Date Wise Jury 9 Jolirab Dawty Jolirab Jolirab Jolirab "* 21 3Jolirab Dawty Thendara Thendara Pomola Pomola Dawty 7 Thendara Pomola Jolirab Master Man Thendara Thendara 6 Fiddler Hackensack. Air Rocket Fiddler Air Rocket Air Rocket 16 4 Air Rocket Air Rocket Fiddler Air Rocket Hackensack Fiddler 14 Hackensack Fiddler Master Mariner Hackensack Fiddler Hackensack 9 Dagna HYVANIA Royal Mint Hyvania Hyvania 21 5Hyvania Royal Mint Hyvania Royal Mint Hyvania Royal Mint Royal Mint 12 Magister Royal Mint Maglster Trancer . Magister Pagna 5 MAGIC WORDS Magic Words Buzfuz Magic Words MAGIC WORDS MAGIC WORDS 25 6 Buzfuz Newsweeklv Newsweekly Reveille Buzfuz Buzfuz 10 Mr. Ace Mr. Ace Magic Words Buzfuz Mr. Ace Newsweekly 4 Major Kay MARK HIGH San-Chu MARK HIGH Mr. Jay Mark High 15 7 Sunsation Major Kay Mr. Jay Major Kay Major Kay Major Kay 12 Fourteen Grand Adamant * Major Kay Mr. Jay Mark High Mr. Jay 8 Hopefully Sails Sails Hopefully Sails Sails 18 8 Anshirl Ball Hawk Anshirl Sails Hopefully Hopefully 13 Sails Hopefully Ball Hawk Plumelette . Plumelette Anshirl 4 Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Mary Boniface Intermittent Mary Boniface Intermittent Inaname Mary Boniface 15 1 Inaname Mary Boniface Tempting Mary Boniface Intermittent Intermittent 12 Shy Bim Kontinu Inaname Tempting - Mary Boniface Inaname 8 Vera Connelly Regalon Glitter Gulch Soriskv Sorisky Sorisky 12 2 Chevy Bones Glitter Gulch Sorisky Glitter Gulch Glitter Gulch Glitter Gulch 11 Regalon Stepinthdark Prince Tread Prince Tread Vera Connelly Regalon 6 May First Lotoftown- Lotoftown May First Lotoftown 19 3Lotoftown May First Lotoftown Sir Sweep Gay Ten Lotoftown May First 13 Sir Sweep Eternal Danger May First Petition Major Play Sir Sweep 3 Tease Me Not Numbers ElPacho Lackey Numbers Numbers 11 4 ElPacho Lackey Lackey ElPacho Tease Me Not ElPacho 11 Rare Knave ElPacho- Tease Me Not Numbers El Pacho Lackey 9 litis ILTIS ILTIS Valuta litis Htis 26 5 Enticement Kit Bag Valuta litis Enticement Valuta 9 Jaleen Valuta Indian Crest Enticement . Valuta Enticement 5 DANHERST Danherst Danherst DANHERST DANHERST DANHERST 31 6 Energetic I Will I Will I Will I Will I Will 8 Cutting Edge Energetic Energetic Cutting Edge Energetic Energetic 5 Operator Good Copy Good Copy Operator Grand Mars Operator 12 7 Count Off Operator Count Off Dorada Dorada Good Cony 10 Graymar Roval Dorada * Jacopoly Pam Light Jacopoly Grand Mars 5 Bobs Birthday Adelnhia Viva Teddy Chips Down Adelphia 11 8Adelohia Bobs Birthday Viva Teddy Bobs Birthday Jacopoint Jacopoint Bobs Birthday 9 Viva Teddy Adelphia Jacopoint High Peak Viva Teddy Viva Teddy 9 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Brief Whirl Brief Whirl Repand Brief Whirl Brief Whirl 16 IRepand Flamare Renand Flamare Some Fool Repand Repand 15 Brief Whirl Flamare Repand Barolo Flamare Flamare 6 Rough Cloud RoyO. RoyO. Tarnan RoyO. RoyO. 19 2 RoyO. -Tarpan Night Count Roy O. Tarpan Tarpan 9 Composer Rough Cloud Rough Cloud Abiel Rough Cloud Rough Cloud 8 Mr. Greenwood Bye Bunny Sag Swing Mr. Greenwood Mr. Greenwood 13 3KeeDee Tamale KeeDee KeeDee Mr. Greenwood KeeDee KeeDee 12 Mr. Greenwood Tamale Enjoyment KeeDee Soundings Sag Swing 5 CeeVee DUTEL Dutel Dutel Dutel 23 4Dutel CeeVee The Orphan Fancy Answer CeeVee Hy CeeVee 10 The Orphan Dutel Cee Vee The Orphan Queen May The Orphan A Robber Robber SirJacomar LadyJacopo- Robber Robber . 17 5 SirJacomar LadvJacopo Fetch-It Robber SirJacomar • SirJacomar 11 Gillie Young Sir Jacomar Tipstaff Sir Jacomar Lady Jacopo LadyJacopo 8 Retintin Wohneda MARCH CHICK Retintin Rentintin 17 6RETINTIN Wohneda March Chick Tink Grand Barter Wohneda March Chick 10 Grand Barter True Dream Cedric Tink March Chick Wohneda 9 Red Poppy RED POPPY Red Poppy Red Poppy Red Poppy RED POPPY 27 7 Flight Nurse Flight Nurse Flight Nurse Mamaloi Mamaloi Flight Nurse 7 Mamaloi End town Mamaloi Speaker Flight Nurse Mamaloi 6 Helen Dear Harem Harem Harem HAREM Harem 24 8 Harem Bad Light Bad Light Helen Dear Helen Dear Helen Dear 9 Playagi Playagi Playagi Ante Maker Playagi Bad Light 4

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