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DAILY RACI N G FORM EXPERTS4 SELECTIONS Fleurcs in Consensus Show Comparative Rating. Allowing S Points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points. 2 for 2d. I for 3d. Todays Best IB Black Typr Trackman, J. R. Batty SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Young Geordie Young Geordie Flying Sandy Young Geordie Big Casino Young Geordie 18 1 Big Casino Big Casino Big Casino FlyingSandy Young Geordie Big Casino 11 Duolc Four-Thirty Young Geordie Roman Grace Flying Sandy Flying Sandy 8 Hold the Dice Uncle Rob Hold the Dice Hold the Dice Hold the Dice 15 2Baciagalooo Uncle Rob JessD. " Topnard Blank Dismay JessD. Uncle Rob 7 Blank Dismay Wood H. Cascadian Cascadian Albulil Baciagaloop 5 The Blue Hen GessyB. GessyB. GessyB. GessyB. GessyB. 22 3 Barbies. The Blue Hen The Blue Hen VinitaWar The Blue Hen The Blue Hen 11 Gessy B. Frozen Dainy Barbie B. Auto Message Barbie B. Barbie B. 4 4Cresson Miss PEACEFUL GENIE CRESSON MISS Border Man Peaceful Genie Peaceful Genie 14 Eternal Dream Eternal Dream Eternal Dream Peaceful Genie Border Man CressonMiss 12 Border Man Border Man Border Man Eternal Dream Eternal Dream Border Man 10 Bully Gusher Donna L. Bar Pool Bar Pool Donna L. Bar Pool 11 5 Genies Mate Timmy Genies Mate Gray Marvel Bully Gusher Donna L. 11 Brill H. Bar Pool Timmy Donna L. Brill H. Bully Gusher 7 False Move False Move False Move False Move False Move False Move 25 6 Good Hostess Siddons Siddons Siddons Good Hostess Siddons 7 Debby J. Debby J. Good Hostess Good Hostess Siddons Good Hostess 6 DA DO Da Do Da Do DA DO DA DO DA DO 31 7 Straeth Venture On Golden Thorn Golden Thorn Equisun Golden Thorn 4 Venture On Straeth Royal Pigeon Straeth Venture On " Venture On 4 Can Step Autumn Eve Can Step Hadamar Grand Prospect Can Step 10 8 Journal Hadamar Martharine Autumn Eve Challeport Hadamar 7 Grand Prospect Challeport Challeport Challeport Free Transit Autumn Eve 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Calm Bay OATBURNER Howdy U All Oatburner Oatburner 20 IOatburner Howdy U All Howdy U All Howdy U All Oatbumer Howdy U All Howdy U All 13 Dixie Mae Oatburner Miss Jane B. Double Barrel Calm Bay Calm Bay 6 Black Larkspur Time Eternal Time Eternal Kindly Miss TIME ETERNAL Time"Eternal 19 2 Brown Clipper Mio Lips Mio Lips Time Eternal Richwood Boy Black Larkspur 6 Medina Boy Black Larkspur Lady Jo Mio Lips Mio Lips Mio Lips 6 LillL. Buds Pride LillL. Big Girl LillL. 12 3Bilronette Brain Sprain Buds Pride Big Girl Buds Pride Buds Pride Buds Pride 11 Big Girl Big Girl Lill L. Big Girl LillL. Big Girl 10 Bull Man Invercork Invercork Invercork Invercork Invercork 22 A Invercork. MasicoLad MasicoLad MasicoLad Marltown MasicoLad 7 Wild Heiress Toleca Corner Star Marltown MasicoLad Bull Man 5 Concrete Sir Sprite Lambent LAMBENT Concrete Lambent 17 5 Sir Sprite Lambent Concrete Flying Raid Lambent Concrete 14 Lambent Concrete Flying Raid Concrete Dicks Gal Sir Sprite 7 Sky Ranger FancyFood Blue Fox Blue Fox Blue Fox Blue Fox 17 6 Lou Sallv Blue Fox Poltroon Poltroon Poltroon Fancy Food 6 Golden Reaper Dogs Up Bird Brain Fancy Food Sky Ranger Sky Ranger 6 TAKE WING Take Wing Take Wing Stefan Take Wing TAKE WING 24 7 Night Crawler Director - Night Crawler Take Wing Old Iron Stefan 6 Old Iron Old Iron Stefan Night Crawler Night Crawler Night Crawler 6 Sun Umber SUN UMBER Sun Umber Sun Umber Bold Mate Sun Umber 23 8 Bay Acre Bold Mate Bay Acre Bold Mate Bay Acre Bold Mate 9 Miss Golightly , Bay Acre Malvern Malvern Sun Umber Bay Acre 7 Trackman, J. J. Murphy BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS - Hopefully August Folly Hopefully Mislead Hopefully Hopefully 18 1 Mislead Mislead Empty Talk Hopefully Mislead Mislead 12 August Folly Hopefully Mislead Almeria August Folly August Folly 7 Ham Bone Lovely Hardie Lovely Hardie Lovely Hardie Lovely Hardie Lovely Hardie 22 2 Lovely Hardie Ham Bone Eternal Herb Ham Bone Ham Bone Ham Bone 11 Muckalea Fuel Muckalea Muckalea Cathy Jo Muckalea 3 War Blues WAR" BLUES WAR BLUES Champion Liar War Blues WAR BLUES 26 3 Rosebowl Rosebowl. Brown Brutus War Blues Champion Liar Champion Liar 8 St. Ram Champion Liar Rosebowl Brown Brutus Rosebowl Rosebowl 6 Queue Windflower Queue Toto W-indflower Windflower 13 4 Blue Whirl Fiorentina Toto Windflower Spinstress Queue 11 Toto Queue Windflower Ocean Lass Gay Springtime Toto 8 Wunderprinz Wunderprinz - Rialto . Wundernrinz Rialto Wunderprinz 18 5 Boom Boom Rialto Wunderprinz Rialto Boom Boom Rialto 14 Crown Royal Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Wunderprinz Boom Boom 7 La Nappe Betsy Marie Sunday Evening SUNDAY EVENINGSunday Evening Sunday Evening 17 6 Renew - La Nappe La Nappe Supersonic Three and Two La Nappe 10 Drakensberg Busanda • . Renew La Nappe Fa Is Do Do Betsy Marie 5 Lawful Importation Ethel Terry IMPORTATION Importation 21 /Importation Evans Mountain Importation Ethel Terry Importation Ethel Terry Ethel Terry 9 Lawful Jam Peace Mission Peace Mission Peace Mission Lawful 6 Eb" Eb Eb Eb Eb 22 8PRECEDER Eb Preceder Preceder Preceder Shoes Preceder 14 ■ Farmington Shoes Shoes Shoes Preceder Shoes 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty — PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Dee Kee Dee Kee Dee Kee Dee Kee Dee Kee Dee 25 IKee Forever Soundings Knight Errant Soundings Soundings Soundings 7 Heres Rusty Forever Soundings Forever Heres Rusty Forever 4 Nerve Numbers Nerve Nerve Nerve Nerve 22 2 Numbers Nerve ■ Numbers Big Straight Numbers Numbers 12 Final Drive Cub _ J RenaHill Numbers Cub Big Straight 2 Abbey It Girl PEAZY Peazy Peazy Peazy 21 3 Peazy Peazy » Salaza » Salaza It Girl It Girl • 7 Salaza Salaza Happy Count Happy Count Happy Count Salaza 6 Grab Bag Penny Hill Penny Hill Penny Hill Grab Bag Penny Hill 17 4 Penny Hill Grab Bag Grab Bag Grab Bag Lady-Ridgewell Grab Bag 16 Lady Rldgewell Aflame Bonnie World Lady Ridgewell Aflame Lady Ridgewell 4 Retintin Retintin RETINTIN RETINTIN RETINTIN 29 5Retintin Sandlot Island Hop Mamaloi Fair Vision Island Hop Island Hop 7 Island Hop Mamaloi Island Hop Island Hop Fair Vision Fair Vision 3 Kinsman Arcave Kinsman Kinsman Kinsman 19 6Arcave Kinsman Arcave Kinsman Arcave Arcave Arcave 16 Dooly Dooly Dooly Dooly Dooly Dooly 5 Red Ned Hy Queen May Eddieow Eddieow Eddieow 14 7 Eddieow Red Ned Wily Hy Hy Hy 10 Hy Eddieow Eddieow Queen May Queen May RedNed 7 CAPE COD JR. Chanteuse Cedric Cedric Going Airy Cedric 12 8 Black and Blue Cape Cod Jr. Black and Blue Best Trick Black and Blue Cape Cod Jr. 10 Cedric Best Trick Curiosity Cape Cod Jr. Cedric Black and Blue 6 Flight Nurse FLIGHT NURSE Flight Nurse Flight Nurse Flight Nurse Flight Nurse 27 9 MattieGirl CapeHatteras Queen Chatter CapeHatteras Queen Chatter CapeHatteras 6 Scotch Plains Queen Chatter Cape Hatteras Queen Chatter Cape Hatteras Queen Chatter 6

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