Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-05-07

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS - Kenayr Reade Castle Kenayr Reade Castle Reade Castle Reade Castle 18 Reade Castle Als Bourbon Als Bourbon Kenayr Netcherette Kenayr 13 Oklahoma Time Beths Bomb Reade Castle Oklahoma Time Kenayr Als Bourbon 4 0atburner OATBURNER Copper Cud Oatburner OATBURNER Oatburner 24 2 Kathleen R Red Frances Johline Kathleen R Jeanie Drew Copper Cup 7 Copper Cup Copper Cup Firstling TiDm? Red Frances Kathleen R 4 Emory A. Yale Royal Luck YALE Phantom Heels Yale 17 3 Yale Phantom Heels Yale Phantom Heels Johns Date Phantom Heels 10 Phantom Heels Fun Quest Fun Quest Johns Date Yale Royal Luck 5 Equisun Ray Brown Equisun Royal Challa Equisun 18 4Equisun Royal Challa On the River Equisun Eternal Za On the River Royal Challa 8 On the River Royal Challa On the River Ray Brown Equisun Ray Brown 6 CROSS RING Cross Ring Cross Ring Cross Ring Cross Ring CROSS RING 27 5 Fussy C. J. White Blaze White Blaze Fussy C. J. White Blaze Fussy C. J. 6 Whirl Off Fussy C.J. Panade Panade - Fussy C.J. White Blaze 6 The Peer The Peer Son Charlie Son Charlie Aurora Deb Son Charlie 16 6 Son Charlie Son Charlie Aurora Deb Aurora Deb Son Charlie The Peer 12 Aurora Deb Deep Water The Peer Non Ferro The Peer Aurora Deb 10 Brave Lt. So Fair PARK PIGEON GraMd Isle Grand Isle Grand Isle 12 7 Grand Isle Called Kaslick So Fair So Fair Park Pigeon 10 Park Pigeon Park Pigeon Brave Lt. Park Pigeon Brave Lt. So Fair 9 Icanc Icanc Coquinet Helentown Icanc 16 8Icanc Coquinet Coquinet Helentown Mescara Coquinet Coquinet 11 Mescara Superwolf Mescara Helentown Icanc Helentown 8 Air Commander Air Commander Osculady Donna Brand Air Commander Air Commander 16 Si l|b ProTanto ProTanto Nedford Nedford Osculady Osculady 8 __* Squint Osculady ProTanto Air Commander Nedford Donna Brand 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Pouting Mac Pouting Mac Star Pigeon Pouting Mac Pouting Mac Pouting Mac 20 1 Star Pigeon Star Pigeon Actnice Star Pigeon Star Pigeon Star Pigeon 13 Fair Arab Toleca Verano Toleca Verano Actnice 2 Texas Coin Jultis Hobad Hobad Hobad Hobad 19 2 Hobad Hobad - Texas Coin Texas Coin Tommy Alan Texas Coin 10 Tommy Alan Tommy Alan Tommy Alan Tommy Alan Texas Coin Tommy Alan 6 Delighted Pappys Rebel Delighted Manitowoc Delighted Delighted 17 3 Johns Pride Siddons Delinda Siddons Pappys Rebel Pappys Rebel 7 Siddons Delighted Siddons Delighted Manitowoc Manitowoc 6 " " Ballyheather Bally heather Ballyheather Bally heather BALLYHEATHR 27 4BALLYHEATHER Trim Bull Wise Smug Wise Smug Wise Smug Wise Smug Wise Smug 9 Wise Smug Trim Bull Trim Bull Lady Bettis Trim Bull Trim Bull 5 TIA Arrested Tia Tia Tia 24 5Tia Deerf ield Miss Quinlan Tia Mendv - Arrested Arrested 8 Drake Widgeon Arrested Miss Quinlan Miss Quinlan Deerfield Miss Quinlan 4 Baluster BALUSTER JENNIE LEE Jennie Lee Baluster 18 6Romanda Baluster Jennie Lee Romanda Baluster Baluster Jennie Lee 16 Jennie Lee Holly Sweet Jennie Lee Romanda Romanda Romanda 9 Gay Liberty Never in Doubt Big Road NEVER IN DOUBT Neve* in Doubt 15 7Alun Jimpin Weep No More Big Road Never in Doubt Big Road Big Road 9 Lucky Dog Never in Doubt Weep No More Chow Line Gay Liberty Gay Liberty 6 Festival n. Fresh Breeze Fresh Breeze Fresh Breeze Saint Nicholas Fresh Breeze 18 8 Saint Nicholas Saint Nicholas Saint Nicholas Saint Nicholas Fresh Breeze Saint Nicholas 13 Fresh Breeze Festival II. Festival II. Festival II. Festival II. Festival II. 9 * - Trackman, J. R. Batty JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Goluptious Goluptious Goluptious Goluptious King Wilson Goluptious 21 1 Star Prince Mighty Son Howard Dear Howard Dear Howard Dear King Wilson 7 King Wilson Howard Dear Star Prince King Wilson Goluptious Howard Dear 7 Dickie Bird Fancy Talk FANCY TALK Battle Raider Battle Raider Fancy Talk 16 Battle Raider Battle Raider Battle Raider Fancy Talk Fancy Talk Battle Raider 16 Blue Danube Blue Danube Dickie Bird Dickie Bird Dickie Bird Dickie Bird 8 Sandv Alan NAVY FLASH Navy Flash Navy Flash NAVY FLASH NAVY FLASH 26 Navv Flash Miss Detroit Sandy Alan Mossy Face Sandy Alan Sandy Alan 11 Mossy Face Sandy Alan Mossy Face Sandy Alan Miss Detroit Mossy Face 4 Trompeta Trompeta Trompeta Tut-Tut-Tootie Trompeta 19 4Tut-Tut-Tootie Trompeta Tut-Tut-Tootie Tut-Tut-Tootie Tut-Tut-Tootie Trompeta Tut-Tut-Tootie 16 Sirtema June Kaye Goddess June Kaye June Kaye June Kaye _3 Nothirdchance Sweet Talk Sweet Talk Vulcania Sweet Talk Sweet Talk 17 5 Vulcania Self Assurance Nothirdchance Sweet Talk Nothirdchance Nothirdchance 10 Signal Gorgeous Reded Gorgeous Reded Nothirdchance Vulcania Vulcania 8 Sheilas Reward Sheilas Reward Piet Sheilas Reward Sheilas Reward Sheilas Reward 22 6 Piet Magic Words Sheilas Reward Tea-Maker Piet Piet 11 Tea-Maker Piet Call Over Piet Tea-Maker Tea-Maker 4 Overload Segment Novel Request Novel Request Novel Request 15 7Tufferoo Novel Request Tufferoo Novel Request Tufferoo Tufferoo Tufferoo 11 Segment Novel Request Dans Chance Dans Chance Dans Chance Segment 6 CAT BRIDGE Approval Escrow CAT BRIDGE Mop Up Cat Bridge 16 8 Vertigo II. Vertigo II. Vertigo U. Vertigo II. Escrow Vertigo II. 9 Escrow Cat Bridge Cat Bridge Mop Up Vertigo II. Escrow 8 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Keep Busy Billie Dorothys Miss Billie Billie Billie 19 1 Billie High I. Q. Billie Dorothys Miss Dorothys Miss Dorothys Miss 11 Dorothys Miss Dorothys Miss Poule dEau High I. Q. Keep Busy Keep Busy 6 Blue Rhymer Stans Helen BLUE RHYMER Big Sweet Blue Rhymer Blue Rhymer 21 2 Stans Helen Blue Rhymer Stans Helen Blue Rhymer Big Sweet Stans Helen 11 Big Sweet Big Sweet Big Sweet Stans Helen Stans Helen Big Sweet 10 Extra Points Extra Points Flaming Comet Genancoke Genancoke Genancoke 14 3 Genancoke Genancoke Extra Point Rank Hampton Roads Extra Points 12 Hampton Roads Flying Wing Hampton Roads Hampton Roads Flaming Comet Flaming Comet 6 Nutmeg Nutmeg LadyAlquest Orb Nutmeg Nutmeg 15 4 Millys Filly Hazard Oaks Orb Alquest Millys Filly Orb 7 Hazard Oaks Fenmouse Hazard Oaks Hazard Oaks Hazard Oaks Lady Alquest 7 Blue Fedora Blue Fedora Marengo SINGING DOLL Marengo Marengo 15 5 Weatherman Marengo Mad Hare Marengo Blue Fedora Blue Fedora 12 Marengo Mystagogue Weatherman Mystagogue Mystagogue Singing Doll 7 00M PAUL Maryland Day OomPaul Maryland Day OomPaul OomPaul 20 6 BinkyB. OomPaul Solicitor Binky B. BinkyB. Maryland Day 11 Maryland Day Binky B. Binky B. Oom Paul Solicitor Binky B. 8 Fourteen Grand Gallant Jake Comely Belle Fourteen Grand Fourteen Grand Fourteen Grand 17 7 Pirate Gold Fourteen Grand Gallant Jake Bullhead Gallant Jake Gallant Jake 10 Gallant Jake Roy O. Colelco Country Boy II. Roy O. Comely Belle 5 Excel Lad EXCEL LAD Mr. Tuck Mr. Tuck EXCEL LAD EXCEL LAD 23 8 Mr. Tuck Idle Mr. Excel Lad Excel Lad Nickie C. Mr. Tuck 13 Idle Mr. Nickie C. Snowstorm Stroll Mr. Tuck Nickie C. 3 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS - Portentous Rudys Star Portentous Rudys Star Rudys Star Rudys Star 17 J Rudys Star Portentous Yazdegerd Pitfall Yazdegerd Portentous 13 Yazdegerd Yazdegerd Dancing Gob Yazdegerd Portentous Yazdegerd 7 JOBIE JOBIE Jobie Jobie JOBIE 29 2Jobie Locks Locks Locks Time Roll Time Roll Locks 8 Lady Patricia Wrights Wrong Dimit Locks Locks Time Roll 4 Im Sandy Im Sandy Im Sandy Service Service Im Sandy 19 3 Service Marphil Service Im Sandy Im Sandy Service 15 Wolfcamp Service First Moon Wolf camp Wolf camp Wolf camp 3 Mestiza Miss M. T. Mestiza Talltown Mestiza 14 4Kingfish Mestiza Talltown Talltown Talltown Miss M. T. Talltown 12 Talltown Gay Leader Mestiza Gay Leader Mestiza Miss M. T. 7 Flaming Bush Klimie Roy ROY ROY Rov 22 5 Roy Flaming Busy Dockstader Dockstader Klimie Klimie 9 Klimie Roy Lookout Son Klimie Flaming Bush Flaming Bush 8 AUNTIE Auntie Power Drunk Auntie Auntie Auntie 22 6 Bated Breath Bated Breath Bated Breath Bated Breath Power Drunk Power Drunk 9 Power Drunk Power Drunk Princeling Charing Rock Bated Breath Bated Breath 9 Eternal Brief Fulgura Fulgura Ballast Eternal Brief Eternal Brief 14 7 Lusmores Eternal Brief Air Gee Eternal Brief Ballast Fulgara 11 Ballast Ballast Ballast Fulgura Lusmores Ballast 10 Desert Code Red Tag Quatrefoil Mr. Beiltro Verona Sands Quatrefoil 11 8 Quatrefoil Quatrefoil Hibernian Hibernian Hibernian Hibernian 7 Hibernian Desert Code Batchs Girl Quatrefoil Quatrefoil Desert Code 6 Column Dashing Count Glaemel Jal Jal Jal 13 9 Jaialia Jal Daring Mate Glaemel Jaialai Glaemel 7 Daring Mate Jaialai Jal Jailai Daring Mate Jaialai 6

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