Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-06-09

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Points, 2 for. 2d. 1 for 3d. Days Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. S. Grant LINCOLN FIELDS at Washington Park Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Some Bid Some Bid Some Bid Some Bid Some Bid SOME BID 25 1 Mr. Zippo Sgt. Brown My Wash • Sgt. Brown My Wash Sst. Brown 7 Sgt. Brown Shaffie Set. Brown My Wash SRt. Brown ■ My Wash 5 Hasty Sun Patmiboy Hasty Sun Patmiboy Patmiboy 15 2Superwolf Patmiboy Patmiboy Hasty Sun Bit o Prose Bit o Prose Hasty Sun 13 Sultanpepper Pasha South Covert Patmiboy Hasty Sun Superwolf 5 0rmesTown Volt TIMUS Volt Volt Volt 19 3 Volt Oatburner Volt - Timus OrmesTown Timus 10 Oatburner Ormes Town Oatburner Virginia Duke Timus Ormes Town 8 Raider LaRue Flying Circle Flying Circle Royal Irish Winter Pair Flying Circle . 12 4 Silver Senator Winter Pair Silver Senator Flying Circle Punks Winter Pair 9 Winter Pair Punks Winter Pair Grace Mae • Raider LaRue Raider LaRue 6 Happy Go Lucky Happy Go Lucky Oh Leo HAPPY GO LUCKYOh Leo Happy Go Lucky 20 5 Oh Leo Oh Leo Brian Boru Briar Boru Happy Go Lucky Oh Leo 15 Old Fiddle Granite Flyn Happy Go Lucky Oh Leo Brian Boru Brian Boru 5 ROSE BED Bogalusa Bogalusa BOGALUSA Bogalusa 24 6Bogalusa LutzGirl Bogalusa Reighs Comet Rose Bed Rose Bed Rose Bed 12 Rose Bed High Carrier High Carrier Lutz Girl Spring Chimes Lutz Girl 3 Princess Lygia Princess Lygia Princess Lygia Princess Lygia Princess Lygia Princess Lygia 25 7 Fancy Step Oil Princess Amour Amour Hadnt Orter Miss Break Miss Break 4 Hadnt Orter Fancy Step Miss Break Miss Break Hadnt Orter Hadnt Orter 4 SEAWARD Ballydam Seaward Seaward Seaward Seaward 24 8 Prop Seaward Prop Sun David Sun David Prop 7 Sun David Prop Cacomo Prop Prop Ballydam 5 Mescara Mescara Mescara Mescara Mescara 20 9BethsBomb Trumpeter Leapolino Trumpeter Trumpeter Trumpeter Trumpeter 9 Leapolino Trumpeter Potentate TJ. Leapolino Leapolino Beths Bomb 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair - DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track Lucky Doo SirSpic Mr. Bull Donquest SirSpic SirSpic 12 1 Bother Main Bet SirSpic Bother Bother Lucky Doo 7 Donquest Donquest • Lucky Doo Lucky Doo Another Enora Donquest 6 Equisun Equisun Equisun Equisun wEquisun 25 2Equisun Time Eternal Delighted Bowled Over Time Eternal Time Eternal Time Eternal 7 , Dollys Image Top Valley Time Eternal Dollys Image Bowled Over Bowled Over 3 Miss Micarida MissMicarida MissMicarida Sugar Beet MISS MIC ARID A MissMicarida 24 3 Sugar Beet Sugar Beet Sugar Beet MissMicarida Sugar Beet Sugar Beet 13 Knotty Pine King Gail Play Sure Donward Mel Indian Donward 1 Late Breeze Fighting John Fighting John Late Breeze Fighting John Fighting John 18 4 Double Gift O. K. Doak Late Breeze Fighting John Wild Heiress Late Breeze 13 Fighting John . Late Breeze O. K. Doak Wild Heiress Double Gift Wild Heiress 3 Resort Glorys Chanbe Glorys Chance Glorys Chance High Test Glorys Chance 17 5 My Jam Turban - Turban High Test Glorys Chance High Test 8 Mad Cord Mad Cord High Test Brownanne My Jam Resort 5 RARE KNAVE RARE KNAVE SirCobo RARE KNAVE Rare Knave RARE KNAVE 27 6 SirCobo Creep.Mousie Grey Arrow Best of Breed Creep Mousie SirCobo 7. Best of Breed Our Sister Rare Knave Grey Arrow Grey Arrow Grey Arrow 4 Bee Lee Tee Kings Hope BEE LEE TEE Bee Lee Tee Kings Hope Bee Lee Tee 20 7 Royal Tulip Fancy Flyer Our Request Our Request Bee Lee Tee Kings Hope 11 Kings Hope Bee Lee Tee Fancy Flyer Royal Tulip Our Request Our Request 5 Limerick Boy Grey Scout Red Inquisitor Sun Bound * Grey Scout Grey Scout 12 8 LadySerenata Sun Bound Starry Cant Grey Scout Longhorn Sun Bound 8 Our Equity . Longhorn Acme Starry Cant Sun Bound Red Inquisitor 5 DanadaRed DanadaRed DanadaRed DanadaRed DanadaRed 20 9Jatak Santa Claus Soma Lad Cass Soma Lad Santa Claus Santa Claus 6 Soma Lad Santa Claus Soma Lad Santa Claus Wayne L. Soma Lad 6 Trackman, J. R. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track Title Holder Bimfort King Wilson King Wilson Bimfort King Wilson 13 1 Carry Me Back Carry Me Back Title Holder Bimfort Title Holder Bimfort 12 King Wilson King Wilson Ardoch Title Holder King Wilson • Title Holder 10 Noble Spartan Harangue Maidens Prayer Harangue Harangue Harangue 19 2 Harangue Noble Spartan Harangue Our World Our World Noble Spartan 7 Menthappy Our World Gabez Gabez Sky Witch Maidens Prayer 5 Howard Dear Demand Note Howard Dear Demand Note Howard Dear Howard Dear 19 3 Mighty Son Howard Dear Mighty Son Howard Dear Mighty Son Demand Note 10 White Flag Mighty Son Le Figaro Mighty Son Bettys Alibi Mighty Son 8 Fluid Gold Acefull Acefull . Acefull Acefull 22 4Acefull John Joseph Acefull Singapore High Dive Blue Gallant Fluid Gold 7 Blue Gallant High Dive Violinist Fluid Gold Fluid Gold High Dive _3 Vigorous Bryan G. War King War King War King War King 15 5 Sagittarius Vigorous Vigorous Vigorous Vigorous Vigorous 13 Bryan G. Sagittarius Bryan G. Sagittarius . Sagittarius Bryan G. 7 Battlefield Battlefield BATTLEFIELD Battle Morn BATTLEFIELD BATTLEFIELD 26 6 Battle Morn Battle Morn -Battle Morn Battlefield Battle Morn Battle Morn 13 Away Away Counterpoint Counterpoint Hall of Fame Counterpoint Counterpoint 3 ON THE MARK ON THE MARK Alphabetical ON THE MARK High Bracket On the Mark 25 7 Alphabetical AbbieCo On the Mark Alphabetical On the Mark Alphabetical 10 Aegina Goldjintown Midiante High Bracket Alphabetical High Bracket 6 Escrow Cat Bridge Flying Mane Flying Mane Sticker Flying Mane 13 8 Cat Bridge Flying Mane Escrow Cat Bridge JEscrow Cat Bridge 10 Frying Mane Sticker Good Story Campos Cat Bridge Escrow 9 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Muddy Track Bases Loaded Battle Cry Bases Loaded Chagin Bases Loaded 15 IChagin Bases Loaded Battle Cry Chagin Bay Creek Bases Loaded Chagin 13 Battle Cry Chagin Bases Loaded Battle Cry Battle Cry Battle Cry 10 Cactus Foot Sextant Black Pepper Cactus Foot . Cactus Foot Cactus Foot 18 2 - Transhot Cactus Foot Transhot Transhot Transhot Transhot 9 Dixie Yank Transhot Castus Foot Black Pepper Black Pepper Black Pepper 7 Nells Boy NELLS BOY . Nells Boy Sylvan Rock NELLS BOY NELLS BOY 26 3 WarPhar WarPhar Sylvan Rock Nells Boy WarPhar Sylvan Rock 7 Blue Helmet Blue Helmet Blue Helmet Blue Helmet Blue Helmet War Phar 6 Knights Reward Goyas Pass Goyas Pass Springbuck Knights Reward Knights Reward 12 Rusty Springbuck Springbuck GroverB. Springbuck Springbuck 12 Springbuck Knights Reward Knights Reward Rusty Rusty Goyas Pass 10 Postcard Royal Governor Lotowhite Sun Bahrain Cochise Post Card 13 5 Lotowhite Post Card Postcard Post Card Postcard Lotowhite 8 Royal Governor Cochise Cochise Cochise Lotowhite Cochise 8 EAGLE EYE Eagle Eye EAGLE EYE LARAN Eagle Eye Eagle Eye 26 6 Laran Toreador Laran Eagle Eye Laran Laran 14 Puppet Laran Toreador Yes You Yes You Toreador 3 Suleiman Tidy Sum Suleiman Tidy Sum Mr. Buster Tidy Sum 16 7 Tidy Sum Suleiman Tidy Sum Play Toy Tidy Sum Suleiman 13 Binky B. Mr. Buster Mr. Buster Suleiman Play Toy Mr. Buster 7 Adelphia Pennask Shadow Shot Shadow Shot • Shadow Shot 11 8Luremenow Pennask Reunion King Freedoms Reunion Reunion Pennask 9 Analii Luremenow Shadow Shot Pennask Pennask Luremenow 6 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DQWNS Selections Made for Fast Track . Split the Wind Joshua Galla Babe Joshua Galla Babe Galla Babe 16 GallaBabe Galla Babe Joshua Galla Babe Sedulous Joshua 13 Joshua Sedulous Sedulous Lady Patricia Layd Patricia Split the Wind 5 Abbes First Pegasus n. Tattoo Belrate Pegasus n. Pegasus II. ■ 12 2 Fighting Day Belrate Pegasus H. m * Mr.Dum.iohn Abbes First * Belrate 8 Belrate Mr. Dunjohn Fighting Day Tattoo Mr. Dumjohn Abbes First J Klimie IDIO Beaming light Beaming Light KLIMIE Klimie 18 Idio Klimie Klimie Klimie Idio Idio 11 False Front My Freedom My Freedom My Freedom False Front Beaming Light 10 De Luxe De Luxe PeLuxe PeLuxe DE LUXE 20 4Norwest Shadows Start "Norwest Norwest Charing Rock Norwest Norwest 12 Power Prunk Lefty Jim Shadows Start Norwest Power Prunk Shadows Start 3 Moose All At Once ALL AT ONCE Auntie All At Once All At Once 18 5Bernie Auntie Bernie Moose Bernie Moose Pukes Gal Auntie Auntie 10 Pukes Gal Auntie Pukes Gal All At Once Pukes Gal Bernie Moose 9 Whirling Bat Pictus Whirling Bat Fighting Back Whirling Bat Whirling Bat 17 Pictus Fighting Back Pictus Whirling Bat Pictus Pictus 12 Fighting Back • Blentigo Flic Flac Pictus Flic Flac Fighting Back 8 MAJOR Althor Mary Boniface MARY BOND7ACE Althor Mary Boniface 14 7CANIS Martonna Mary Boniface Well Well Well Well Quiz Me • Althor 11 - Old Burlap Canis Major Althor Old Burlap Canis Major Canis Major 9 Happy East Column Column Market Out Happy East Column 13 8 Homing Pigeon Market Out Freedom Wins Happy East Column Happy East 12 Column Homing Pigeon Market Out Shotral . Homing Pigeon Market Out 8 War Ripple Royal Scot Fighter Jack Royal Scot Fighter Jack Fighter Jack 13 9 Fighter Jack Applause Applause Applause Applause Royal Scot 11 Applause Fighter Jack Hill Flight War Ripple Royal Scot Applause 9

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