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Harvey Ames, Inc. 1674 Broadway, Corner 52nd St., New York, N. Y. We herewith list all the "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS" released by this office during the past week. MONDAY— 9-1, WON TUESDAY— 12-1, WON " WEDNESDAY— 6-1, WON "HARVEY TRANSACTION" TODAY SUBSCRIPTION, 00, IN ADVANCE, BY TELEGRAPH OR IN PERSON P. S. -During the week beginning June 17 and ending June 22, inclusive, we released six horses, FOUR of which have WON — one second, and one lost. TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Columbus 5-2428, 5-2422. 5-2415, 5-6760, 5-0995 _EX-TRAIMER1DWN« 6.TUBF PUBUSHEBTl If ff TURF 7 NEWS tr B □ 0 SEMl-w£EKLY « B J NEW ISSUE OUT EVERY SAT.mnJ WED. I t On Sale at All Ne sstands Everywhere 35 Court St., Buffalo, N. Y. Qn All Stands— J1 PRICE, , FREE CODE INFO TODAYS F.1EE CODE INFO: FOR WASHINGTON PARK PLAYERS: WASHINGTON— 15-12-7-Rock. FOR DETROIT PLAYERS: DETROIT— 8-11-21-Run. FOR LATONIA PLAYERS: LATONIA— 5-15-1-Stone. FOR THISTLE DOWN PLAYERS: THISTLE DOWN— 1-21-21-Stone. YESTERDAYS FREE CODE INFO: MISS SUBWAY, 8.60, WON MONDAYS FREE CODE INFO: GEORGE, .80, WON MORE LATE ISSUE WINNERS: EASTER HATTER, 5.65, WON MAREVE, 4.10, WON TRANSPOSE, 4.70, WON BIG FISH, 7.90, WON LAST-MINUTE INFO WEEKLY— DAILY Out-of-town clients, telegraph money via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. YESTERDAYS WEDNESDAYS: 1 MORGANS CLIENTS GOT ALL THE MONEY AGAIN EPERNAY, .50, WON ON TUESDAY: SPANISH BABE, 2.52, WON MONDAY: MASKED BELLE, 0.04, WON J SATURDAY: f HASTY PETER, $ g.68, WON , FRIDAY: UNCLE LESS, 4.84, WON | TODAY— AT WASHINGTON PARK j I positively know the best thing of the meeting. Another long distance phone conversation is the cause of my making this statement. Dont fail to back my last-minute Chicago info, every day. SUBSCRIBE— WEEKLY— SIX DAYS INFO DAN MORGAN 35 Court Street Buffalo, N. Y. i " t TMCKCJMCKS ON SALE AT ALL LEADING NEWSSTANDS— 15 CENTS PER COPY WE ORIGINATE—OTHERS IMITATE CALCULATOR 2-3-5 SYSTEM New Issue Out Today! The Talk of the Turf World! Winner After Winner! THE OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT OF THE AGE1 The MIRACLE performed by CALCULATOR with the aid of his NEW STABLE CONNECTIONS. Here is your OPPORTUNITY TO CASH WINNER AFTER WINNER ! YESTERDAYS CALCULATOR RELEASES: PLAY: PLAY: PLAY: INFIDOX JOVIUS RETTEF .10, .80, 2nd .14, Lost .00, Lost NEVER BEFORE SUCH INFORMATION AT ANY PRICE! SUBSCRIBE NOW AND GET TODAYS THREE BIG WINNERS— HERE THEY ARE: PLAY: PLAY: PLAY: AT LATONIA AT DETROIT AT NARRAGANSETT DATES PLUMS LEMONS STABLE 85— HORSE 3 STABLE 33— HORSE 7 STABLE 88— HORSE 14 Wt TODAY! WIN 00! TODAY! **■ The wagering plan is simple: On the first horse, clients wager ; on the second horse, , and on the third Horse, is wagered. This explains where we get the 2 3 5 name for this service. SIX DOLLARS PAYS FOR STABLE NUMBER CODE CARD MAILED IMMEDIATELY AND GOOD FOR SIX DAYS. Make remittances payable to— TRACK CRACKS CALCULATOR SERVICE 4 West 15th Street Suite 311, New York City 1 J f , | j i 4 wl 1 mEwk Americas Authority on Racing jj3A wPM X if THE TURFS NEWEST AND BEST MONTHLY W4j A Bi T AT ALL NEWSSTANDS F ♦ 300.00 With a Capital of YOU COULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING! POST TIME, 421 Plymouth Court, Chicago, 111. Gentlemen: Thought you might be interested to know that starting May 1 with a bill, I ran it up to ,326.40 in exactly one month by following your free code releases. Post Time for me! Keep up the good work. Signed J. R. F. Note: A copy of this original letter is on file in this office for inspection NO WONDER YOU CAN WIN, WHEN POST TIMES FREE CODE RELEASES, CHECKED OVER A PERIOD OF SEX WEEKS, SHOWED A WINNING PERCENTAGE OF 70 PER CENT! WHERE CAN YOU BEAT THAT? For 25 cents you buy POST TIME, itself more than a quarters worth, the smartest and most entertaining magazine of the turf, and you GET THE FREE CODE RELEASES WITHOUm COST! And not only the FREE CODE RELEASES, but for your 25 cents, you get the incomparable CARMAC RATINGS, which you can get nowher* € except in POST TIME. LOOK WHAT CARMAC HORSES DID TUESDAY: HASTY PETER, $ 5.84 WILD GUS, $ 5.00 / ALBUQUERQUE, 4.40 POLYPHOTE, 4.02 I EMILEO, 2.60 LITTLE NYMPH, 3.80 * ST. FRANCIS, 3-5 ANYTHING GOES, 1-3 CHESHIRE, 1-3 BELOW ZERO, 3.20 SPANISH WAY, 9-5 WHICHPRIG, 7.25 J P EASTER HATTER, 15.65 TODAYS TWO FREE CODE RELEASES: 3rd Washington Park: Sardines-Ham-Hogs-Pike. 7th Narragansett: Rye-Hogs-Shark-Barley. To decipher, see page 27, July Post Time. BUY POST TIME TODAY ;.::d ?.iceive post time free codes for one mont; : ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO POST TIME 4 421 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, DLL. " SUPREME FLASH 24-PAGE TURF WEEKLY— ALL STANDS, 35c Todays Narra. Meeting Horse: Cadillac -19-18-26-18. I W TODAYS NUMBER FREE CODE— 3 6 7 "»■ TODAYS TRACKMENS PARLAY: h NARRA.— Sheep-101-104. WASH.— Cat-98-82. TODAYS GOLD SEAL NUMBER PLAYS: s 51 PLAY— 420 PLAY— 335 PLAY— 628 SUPREME FLASH 799 Broadway Suite 407, New York City = " GET t THIS SECRET , DISCOVERY! Players for years have been locking at this and NEVER SAW IT. No complicated betting « rules — no figuring. So simple a child can pick V winners as long as horses run. Write — ADVANCE METHOD, 1611 Tyler Ave., Detroit, Mich. ■ LIVE WIRE TURF WEEKLY Sold on All Newsstands— Price, 15 Cents ■ L Live Wire Parlay Service "Recognized as the Best" TODAYS CODE PARLAY: V WASH.— Cadillac-23-77. L/ T0NIA— Hudson-23-45. pays for Parlay Code Card for six days, also for Narragansett N Clockers Code Card, one horse daily, for ; Narragansett meeting. Todays Narra. Clockers: Extra— Red-254-254. , CLOCKERS REVIEW f FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— 35c PER COPY 14648 The Monte Carlo Bankers System J$ WON PLENTY ON CAPITAL See pages 6 and 7, Clockers Review issue. TODAYS DURANTE PARLAY: N NARRA.— Packard-43-43. NARRA.— Nash-9-36. Pays for 6 Days Code Card l/J/J/ "~"t" ■ V TV" DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Two Horses a Day — In Code Form PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE FRIDAYS WIRE RELEASE: CHATUGA, .20, WON SATURDAYS WIRE RELEASE: WANOAH, .60, WON MONDAYS CODE HORSE: BREEZING ALONG, .20, WON BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR THURSDAY: WASHINGTON PARK— C-10-5-8-23. LATONIA— E-19-8-5-25. WILLIAM BURKE KELLY 731 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO. JLL. WIN 0 PER WEEK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE If you play the race* we will put you next to a little inside secret that should Rlace you above want as Ions; a* you live. Ip obligations. Juat send your name and address to — , SECOR PUB. CO. AURORA, ILL RACING WORLD 15 CENTS— Sold at All Newsstands— 15 CENTS New issue No. 37 out today. Get copy now. Todays Free Code: AQUEDUCT— Seventh-30-32-39. LIMIT PARLAY GOES SATURDAY, JUNE 29 DONT MISS IT— SUBSCRIBE! RACING WORLD 217 Centre St., 4th Floor New York City

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