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WIN FKSr-THEN PAY AFTER SIX DAYS ill * A Win Parlay Every Day Should Net You Over 00 WINNER AT THE END OF SIX DAYS YESTERDAYS TWO HORSES: 1 QUEEN HELEN, 4.60, WON I EPERNAY, $ 8.50, WON I , TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: ] BAR VITA, 2.00, WON JOLLY FAYE, 1.20, WON J | Early *ach day we will wire you two horses. You are to make a win parlay. At the end of six « days, you should have won the above amount. Then remit to us ten per cent ©f the winnings. PARLAYS PAY BIG MONEY— WE CAN MAKE YOU WIN ■ The price of this information comes high. We are in constant touch with operators who are in the "know." We have made money for others and we can do the same for you. To show us you are on the J • level and mean business, remit as deposit of good faith. This |5 can be deducted from our share of I the winnings at the end of six days. All service by fast telegram immediately. SUBSCRIBE NOW. « ADDRESS: 1 F. D. BAKER 20 West Jackson Blvd., Room 914 Chicago, Illinois * - I WIT NOW ONLY 10 CENTS K ■ h SPECIALS CONTINUE TO CLICK TUESDAYS RESULTS: KALOLA, 0.80, WON REGREJTS DETROIT PAY-OFF HORSE HASTY PETER, $ 5.84, WON BASSETTS WASHINGTON SPECIAL SPANISH WAY, $ 5.40, WON REGRENS AQUEDUCT PAY-OFF HORSE ANYTHING GOES, $ 2.60, WON REGRENS AQUEDUCT STANDOUT EMILEO, $ 2.60, WON REGRENS LATONIA STANDOUT KALOLA, , 0.80, WON ALBUQUERQUE, $ 4.40, WON FREE CODE HORSES CHESHIRE, $ 4.30, WON POLYPHOTE, $ 4.02, WON "READING THE STARS" SELECTIONS Scores of winners were given to the readers of the "Pink Sheet" Tuesday. Both Free Code Horses went over and the "Reading the Stars" section released two winners again. Regrens Pay-Off Horse at Detroit paid better than 4 to L Youll never be able to duplicate information that you receive in the "Pink Sheet" any place In the country. Bassett, better known as the long shot selector of the "Pink Sheet," gave his followers something to cheer about when he named five winners at Washington Park, one of which paid nearly 25 to 1. What a sweet profit those who followed his selections made there. McCarty picked the first five winners at Aqueduct, while Regren named the last five, to have the card between them. In all, Regren had five winners at Aqueduct, four at Washington and three at Detroit. McCarty also had four at Omaha. HERE ARE TUESDAYS WINNERS AT THE VARIOUS TRACKS: AT WASHINGTON PARK DIANE S., Bassett Tip, 1.78, WON MAREVE, Regren -Bassett Tip, 14.10, WON INTEGRITY, Regren-Bassett Tip, 7.76, WON HASTY PETER, Regren-Bassett Tip, 5.84, WON POLYPHOTE, Regren-Bassett-McCarty Tip, 4.02, WON AT DETROIT JESTING, Regren Tip, 5.80, WON RIGHT RANK, McCarty Tip, 21.00, WON KALOLA, Regren-Bassett Tip, 10.80, WON LANIER, Regren-Bassett Tip, 4.00, WON 1 AT AQUEDUCT MAXINE F., McCarty Tip, .40, WON SPANISH WAY, Regren Tip, 5.40, WON BELOW ZERO, Regren-McCarty Tip, 4.60, WON CHESHIRE, Regren-McCarty Tip, 4.30, WON ij ST. FRANCIS, Regren -Bassett-McCarty Tip, 2.90, WON ANYTHING GOES, Regren-McCarty Tip, 2.60, WON j THURSDAYS TWO FREE CODES: j AQUEDUCT— Beige-40-36-29. DETROIT— Pink-26-36-32. To Decipher Above Codes Buy a "Pink Sheet" j CHICAGO DAILY TELEGRAPH 141 PLYMOUTH COURT _ CHICAGO, DLL. j| 13.50 per Month by First Class Mail .00 per Month by Air Mail Free! Free! Free! 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When the 750 copies 8 of the book are exhausted, there will be none available at any price, so get yours today, while there is still time. , SEND A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR YOUR YEARS SUBSCRIPTION, AND o MR TANSEYS VALUABLE BOOK, HANDSOMELY BOUND, WILL BE MAULED PREPAID TO YOU IMMEDIATELY ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO POST TIME J 121 PLYMOUTH COURT DEPARTMENT R-5 CHICAGO, DLL. $ | , ... * i - - « w , . * s . -_ - ■» % . b * n . i ill * 1 I I , ] J | « ■ J • of I « 1 * - " TTT—L. I STOP FEEDING YOUR "BOOKIE" llHRJCJNAtRLr J5ING J WIN WITH FIELDS PARLAYS ■JPB3?P3PPrJ16 One Trial Will Positively Convince You That W CONSISTENT WINNING INFORMATION -W Thats what makes "FIELD" the outstanding TURF INFORMANT in AMERICA. ANYONE can stumble over a WINNER now and then— BUT THE BEST PROOF IS DOING IT DAY IN AND DAY OUT. NT STOP GUESSING! STOP HANDICAPPING! STOP LOSING! *JRfl Just bear in mind, friends, that horsemen do not race for the benefit of the "bettors." In order to beat this game — youve got to be "on the inside." Otherwise, youre just out of luck ! ! ! W WOULD YOU GIVE FOR 0-11 WIN PARLAY TODAY "M Never was I more confident than I am today, because "I KNOW PLENTY." I am only sorry MY POSITION does not allow me to tell "WHAT I KNOW OF THESE TWO PROBABLE WINNERS." WW DONT HESITATE! SUBSCRIBE NOW! TERMS, DAILY! **■ City clients, call in person or phono— FRANKLIN 8134 — for messenger service ab-S soiutely no charge. Out-of-town clients, wire via Postal Telegraph or Western Union. Service wired by fast telegram. No delay! JACK FIELD, 55 South Dearborn St. Room 708, Chicago, HI. ■ I h 1 ij Weekly Form ! GREATEST WEEKLY TURF PUBLICATION OF THEM ALL OUR PLEDGE WAS WINNERS LOOK! Traumagne, .60, Won IN BOOK NO. 3 WHICH STDLL APPLIES TO THIS WEEKS RACING ALONG WITH NO. 4 THE GROOM GAVE TRAUMAGNE AND SAID: TRAUMAGNE— TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, SEE AND GET YOURSELF A LOAD OF CARTWHEELS— IM DOWN MYSELF— CLEVELAND" MASKED BELLE, 0.30, WON Players who let this one get away, had nobody but themselves to blame, for Weekly Form, in EL-JIN MOVEMENTS, tipped them off that Masked Belle, was RIPE. OTHER EL-JIN MOVEMENT WINNERS: OFFICIAL, 0.28, WON ALL FORLORN, 6.90, WON COEQUEL, 4.00, WON TIMERS TD?S, WHICH II AS ALREADY GIVEN: OPEN HEARTH, 5.40, WON PROUD GIRL, 7.50, WON CAYUGA, 8.60, WON AND OTHERS CAME BACK TUESDAY WITH: LEMONT, 6.60, WON JUSTOLD, 4.00, WON GENUINE STABLE GAB IN BOOK NO. 3 GAVE: INTERPRETER, 7.80, WON ij We Ask Players NOW— "Have We Kept Our Pledge of Winners?" WE BELIEVE WE HAVE, BUT WE .iRE NOT SATISFIED OUR AIM IS 50 PER CENT WINNERS IN EVERY ISSUE Go Right to Your Newsdealer NOW Get f. Copy of No. 4 Weekly Form We Promise You That No Horse in That Book Is There "WITHOUT A REASON" BETTER STDLL, SAVE M CENTS AND GET WEEKLY FORM DIRECT BY J FIRST CLASS MAUL, EIGHT ISSUES FOR ONLY SUBSCRIBE TODAY Weekly Form Costs 35 Cents Each on the Newsstands Get Two Months of Weekly Form for , Two Free Codes Daily — "Spot" Horses 1 TODAYS FREE CODE HORSES: • WASHINGTON PARK— Street-9-«E-7. AQUEDUCT— Street 2 -16-1 !». "Spot" Horse: NARRAGANSETT— Sand-11-9-18. WEEKLY FORM PUB. CO. 443 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. I j j j j| I % ! j | ; i i to ■ m 8 , o J $ | t WHY NOT BACK HORSES LIKE— 5 OFFICIAL, 0.28, WON I I GREEN FLAME, 5.60, WON I T PROUD GIRL, 7.50, WON I WHICH YOU CAN DO DAILY, BY OWNING A COPY OF C jiSYSTOLOGY j THE MARVELOUS BOOK OF WINNING SYSTEMS j : Eight Complete Systems — Nothing More to Buy * I I Good for the Remainder of Your Life I I Dont Worry About Handicapping. You Can Do It Yourself; Easily, Too, Because Systology Shows You How | f THE PRICE IS ONLY t I JUST ONE OF THE WINNERS SHOWN ABOVE WOULD RETURN YOU j J THE COST OF THE BOOK— AFTER THAT, "ITS ALL VELVET" t t T ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY I USE THIS COUPON 1 PLYMOUTH SUPPLY CO., DEPT. G. G. l! J 443 Plymouth Ct_, Chicago, 111.: j 1 Please send me one copy of SYSTOLOGY. Enclosed find . I 9 NAME I T | I ADDRESS 1 CITY STATE , , B,yir,"»*fr" nVfr» MAr1 «Vt""V unfit Mfr» nji wfrl I ..... *-■ tl«J • „ 4« to I. j -iL r

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