Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-05-21

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d 1 for 3d. Days Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. S. Grant LINCOLN FIELDS at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Good Hostess Grey Scout GRAND ISLE Grandlsle Good Hostess Good Hostess 15 1 JessD. Good Hostess Grey Scout .- Good Hostess My Wash Grandlsle 13 My Wash Grand Isle Good Hostess My Wash JessD. Grey Scout 7 Henny Penny HENNY PENNY Henny Penny Kandycal Eternal Flirt Henny Penny 20 Kandycal Eternal Flirt Kandycal Henny Penny Kandycal Kandycal 12 Kapinisca Kandycal Eternal Flirt Eternal Flirt Henny Penny Eternal Flirt 9 Marie Eileen Marie Eileen Marie Eileen MARIE EILEEN . MARIE EILEEN MARIE EILEEN 29 3 Pocket All Pocket All Lous Capers Sunshine Rose Sunshine Rose Sunshine Rose 6 Sunshine Rose Sunshine Rose Our Folly Lous Capers Pocket All Pocket All 5 Hush Money GessyB. , Smart Eve Smart Eve Smart Eve Smart Eve 18 4 Sky Music Smart Eve GessyB. GessyB. Like A Breeze GessyB. 9 Smart Eve Like A Breeze Hush Money Queen Karling Sky Music Hush Money 6 Timus Swanees Penny Timus Timus Timus * 22 5TIMUS Offend Offend Offend Double Barrel Offend Offend 9 Double Barrel Flying Circle Double Barrel Offend Double Barrel Swanees Penny 5 Magnus Magnus First Security Festival II. Festival II. Festival n. 16 6 Festival II. Festival n. , Festival IE. Tax Lien Tax Lien Magnus 11 Riot Riot Magnus Riot Sugar Pete First Security 5 Bridge Bill Green Woodstone Bridge El Pair Me Bridge 15 7 El Pair Me El Pair Me Bridge El Pair Me Bridge El Pair Me 12 Bill Green Bridge El Pair Me Woodstone Bill Green Bill Green 7 Rare Bid Obstinate Si Obstinate Si Rare Bid Hare Bid Rare Bid 19 8 Tiger Tom Rare Bid Rare Bid Sabson Tiger Tom Obstinate Si 13 Obstinate Si Sabson Atom Burg Obstinate Si Obstinate Si Tiger Tom 4 Trackman, J. R. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections .Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1~ Still Gay Troia Gypsy Fiddle Unattached Still Gay Still Gay 14 Noras Bonnet Unattached Still Gay No Profit Sweet Pryme Unattached 7 Fay First » Still Gay Winola Still Gay No Profit Troia 5 SANDY ALAN Basis Cheermeup Campaigner Basis Basis 12 . 2 Holly Ridge Holly Ridge Full Measure Scotch Wine Sandy Alan Sandy Alan 10 Basis Full Measure Sandy Alan Basis • Holly Ridge Campaigner 5 El Arabi El Arabi Wenham El Arabi Jam El Arabi 18 3 Hyvania Jam El Arabi Painted Ship Wenham Jam 9 Daunton Wenham Jam Jam El Arabi Wenham 8 Adamant First Glance Darnaway Adamant ADAMANT Adamant . 19 4 Darnaway Darnaway First Glance Detective First Glance Darnaway 10 First Glance Adamant Adamant Dalpark Darnaway . First Glance 10 Eraser ERASER Sister Louise Sister Louise Belle Amie " Eraser 16 5 Sister Louise . Belle Amie Balsam Belle Amie Eraser Sister Louise 13 Belle Amie Scoreless Eraser Eraser Sister Louise Belle Amie 10 Jet Master Jet Master Jet Jewel- JET MASTER Jet Master JET MASTER 24 6 Primate Primate Jet Master Primate Primate Primate 9 Thymus Prize Ring Primate Prize Ring Prize Ring Jet Jewel 5 September Aegina September Busanda , September September 17 7 Early Heath Toto Marta Aegina AbbieCo Aegina 8 Totto September Busanda September Aegina Busanda 6 Valor H. Wild Tip VALOR n. Valor U. Valor H. Valor II. . 24 8 Goluptious Valor n. Balbec Strike Out Strike Out , Wild Tip 6 Challcote Goluptious Chitlin Switch Sky Blue Wild Tip Strike Out 4 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN . HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Rehearser Rehearser JeannieC. Rehearser Rehearser 18 IJeannieC. Half Gigger HalfGigger Bogie Man Rehearser Bogie Man JeannieC. 10 Rehearser Bogie Man Half Gigger Half Gigger Half Gigger Half Gigger 7 BROAD CROSS Broad Cross Brown Fox Bay Orders Broad Cross BROAD CROSS 21 2 Ike Junior Bay Orders Broad Cross Broad Cross Bay Orders Bay Orders 9 Brown Fox Aflame Make Hay Aflame Aflame Brown Fox 6 Detection Cavalier Trim CARMAGNOLE Detection • * DETECTION Detection 17 3 Carmagnole Wee Hal Lido Way Aethelred Carmagnole Carmagnole 13 Phoebe S. Carmagnole Cavalier Trim Carmagnole Cavalier Trim Cavalier Trim 7 Ellen Deas Fenmouse Fenmouse Ellen Deas Fenmouse Fenmouse 19 4 Fenmouse GraycesGray Ellen Deas. Fenmouse Ellen Deas Ellen Deas 14 Grayces Gray Miss C. O. D. Grayces Gray- Hy Daisy Grayces Gray Grayces Gray 5 Jungle Feast Jungle Feast Andy Handy Andy Handy Jungle Feast Jungle Feast 19 5 Cecil M. Swords Town Jungle Feast Jungle Feast Andy Handy Andy Handy 13 Andy Handy Cecil M. Cecil M. Cecil M. Prince Cole Cecil M. 5 Gumptious Infirst KouliKhan FREE PRESS Free Press Free Press 15 6 Service Pilot Free Press King Chatter Service Pilot Service Pilot Service Pilot 7 Infirst Service Pilot Free Press King Chatter Gumptious Gumptious 6 Airdrome Isocrates Flaming Lady Happy Pappy Airdrome Airdrome 14 7 Isocrates Airdrome Airdrome Flaming Lady Isocrates Isocrates 10 Happy Pappy Transhot Isocrates Transhot Transhot Flaming Lady 7 Miriams Boy BAY CREEK Bay Creek Miriams Boy Miriams Boy Bay Creek 17 8 Bay Creek Hazard Oaks Cogort Cogort Bay Creek Miriams Boy 16 Cogort Miriams Boy Thrifty-Pat Bay Creek Thrifty-Pat Cogort 5 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Suprograph Miss Gadfly Gavilan Joshua Joshua 10 IFeefifofum Joshua • Sedulous Gavilan Joshua Sedulous Gavilan 7 Big and Better Joshua Sedulous Phil Harris . Sageness Feefifofum 5 Firewood Bold Challenge Bold Challenge Queens Taste Exemplar Bold Challenge 10 2 Exemplar Exemplar Firewood Cross End Queens Taste Exemplar 10 Queens Taste Gay Gift Queens Taste Exemplar Arab ess Queens Taste 9 Galedo Lady Alexandra Wrights Wrong Brownskin Brownskin 15 3Brownskin Lady Alexandra Brownskin Galedo Brownskin Galedo Galedo 9 Annies Choice Wrights Wrong Brownskin • Blue Falcon Wrights Wrong Lady Alexandra 7 Ballast IrmasJim Dinner Party Dinner Party Dinner Party Dinner Party 17 4 IrmasJim Ballast IrmasJim IrmasJim Ballast IrmasJim 11 Dinner Party Dinner Party Ballast Ballast Old School Ballast n Dare Hope Flying Mile TEL-AVTV Bobs Ace Flying Mile Flying Mile 14 Flying Mile Hair Tonic Flying Mile Double O. Dare Hope Dare Hope 9 Bill Keef e Dare Hope Dare Hope Mr. Syracuse Bobs Ace Tel-Aviv 7 Bernie Moose Newsweekly Newsweekly NEWS WEEKLY NEWSWEEKLY NEWSWEEKLY 24 Norwest Bernie Moose Dauntedid Dauntedid Dauntedid Bernie Moose 8 Luchador Flaming Bush Vital Sun LeftyJim Bernie Moose Dauntedid 6 .Lex Jeans Jay Jeans Jay Jeans Jay Jeans Jay Jeans Jay 20 7 Column Lex Suffazon Shotral Suffazon Lex 7 Suffazon Suffazon Shotral Column Column Suffazon 6 HARD HELD NEWSPAPER Gay Courier Hard Held Hard Held Hard Held 19 8 ReighJane Hard Held Reign Jane Glaemel ReighJane Newspaper 7 Jal Jal Jal Reigh Jane Jal Reigh Jane 7 Pincers BossH. Andantino Pincers BossH. BossH. 15 9 BossH. / Pincers BossH. Siamese Pincers Pincers 15 Batchs Girl Andantino Pincers BossH. Sassy Chick Andantino 6

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