Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1955-06-09

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures hi Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points. 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Today s Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy BALMORAL AT WASHINGTON Selections Made for Heavy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS ~ SWEEP - CONSENSUS Reno Le Sabre Le Sabre Dax Le Sabre Le Sabre 15 1st. Cotton Top. Dax LomitasTime Market Tip Dax Dax ~ «11 Dax St. Reno Dax - St. Reno Market Tip St. Reno 7 BAB MARGIE Bad Margie Flag Fox Bad Margie BAD MARGIE BAD MARGIE 25 2 Teddys Review Teddys Review ImperialJay Teddys Review Teddys Review Teddys Review 8 Springback Gammaw Bad Margie Springback Gammaw Flag Fox 5 - Antebabe Antebabe Saragino Antebabe Antebabe 18 3Saragino Kings Men Kings Men Saragino Antebabe Saragino Saragino 14 Antebabe Many Faults Many Faults Kings Men Many Faults Kings Men _5 Asking Springlike / Springlike Big Step Springlike Springlike 16 4 BigStep • Sky Capers * SmugsyWugsy SmugsyWugsy SmugsyWugsy Big Step 8 Cow Boy Big Step Mighty Tom Springlike - Cow Boy Smugsy Wugsy 6 Debbie-Ann INTELLIGENT Intelligent INTELLIGENT Intelligent Intelligent 24 5v Conns Tiger* Debbie Ann Debbie Ann Ten Lies Ten Lies . Debbie Ann 10 • LeilaJean Medico Ten Lies Debbie Ann Medico Ten Lies 5 Valaire Lowill Alibilt Lowill Lowill - 19 6Lowill Snort Boots Lowill Alibilt Lowill Alibilt Alibilt 9 Sisters Alibi HLJet Sport Boots Valaire Sport Boots Valaire 6 Pussy Cat Pussy Cat PARIS FLEET Just Judy Just Judy Just Judy 15 7 Pasatiempo Just Judy Just Judy Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Pussy Cat 15 Just Judy Pasatiempo Pussy Cat Cullerton Cullerton Paris Fleet 7 Mr. Boots Nells Boy Blue Fay Mr. Boots Blue Fay Mr. Boots 14 8 Nells Boy Mr. Boots Mr. Boots Nells Boy Nells Boy Nells Boy 12 Attavar Challcote Nells Boy Challcote Challcote Blue Fay 10 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Free Lunch -Free Lunch - B. Prompt Perfect Stone Some Friend Free Lunch 13 1 Perfect Stone Perfect Stone Some Friend Free Lunch Silence Perfect Stone 9 Speedy Van Some Friend Silence Speedy Van Free Lunch Some Friend 8 Son Jtfiss Skidmore Piets Son WHY STEP Piets Son Piets Son 15 2Piets Why Step why Step Man of Quest Man of Quest Why Step Why Step 14 Man of Quest Just a Moment Why Step Roseflare Man of Quest Man of Quest 6 In Deep Jean the Joker In Deep * In Deep In Deep 18 3JayCee In Deep Landmark Gal , Freedom First Freedom First Jean the Joker Jean the Joker 7 Freedom First High Lama In Deep High Lama Freedom First Freedom First 6 Game Prince Game Prince Pickmen Tricky Homer "Pickmen Pickmen 13 4 Miss Eternal Tricky Homer. Miss Eternal Pickmen Tricky Homer Game Prince 12 Pickmen Miss Eternal Game Prince Game Prince Miss Eternal Tricky Homer 9 Chic Wave CHIC WAVE Chic Wave Xippi Pigeon Chic Wave . Chic Wave 24 5 Rico Vino Big Cat Xippi Pigeon Chic Wave Big Cat Xippi Pigeon 8 Boss John Rico Vino Great Habit Boss John Xippi Pigeon Big Cat 4 CLAMOR Clamor Clamor So Bet Me CLAMOR CLAMOR - 26 6 Tile King Early Foot So Bet Me Clamor Svidhod So Bet Me 9 So Bet Me So Bet Me . Chic Devil Svidhod Tile King Svidhod 3 Tiger Toi Reveille REVEILLE Tiger Toi Tiger Toi Tiger Toi 19 7 Reveille Tiger Toi Tiger Toi Reveille Reveille Reveille 18 Alloyed Alloyed Alloyed Alloyed Alloyed Alloyed 5 OReigh OReigh Cherry Stone Avenida Avenida - OReigh 13 8 Holly Mac Avenida Peach Blossom Holly Mac OReigh Avenida 12 "Cherrystone Cherrystone OReigh Cherry Stone Hollv Mac „ Cherrystone 8 Trackman, J. S. Grant . BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Take Two Take Two Take Two Take Two Fleets Choice Take Two 22 I" Batavia Belle Batavia Belle Simple Batavia Belle Take Two Batavia Belle 6 Simple Fleets Choice Fleets Choice Fleets Choice Simple Fleets Choice 5 Talking Mamie Olay Talking Mamie Olay Olay Olay 19 Olay Talking Mamie Olay Pet Reward Gallant Fanar Talking Mamie 13 Modish Air Bunny .Nadina Elliotts Doll Talking Mamie Pet Reward - 2 Hadhramut Big Clown Hadhramut Big Clown Big Clown Big Clown 19 3 Big Clown Pine Shot Big Clown Hadhramut Hadhramut Hadhramut 15 Whiskey Sour Hadhramut Pine Shot Pine Shot Barclay Joe Pine Shot 4 Minute Hand Aiming High Navira Aiming High Aiming High Aiming High 18 4 Aiming High Levee Levee Minute Hand Levee Minute Hand 8 Pro Bono Teri Aiming High Levee Minute Hand Levee _7 Big Switch Big Switch - . Jamaica Rose Circline _ Short Skirts Big Switch /ll Jamaica Rose Jamaica Rose Halter Lace OiseauBleu Apophasis Jamaica Rose 10 Apophasis Halter Lace .-Big Switch Bernmore Jamaica Rose Short Skirts 5 CAUSTIC CAUSTIC CAUSTIC CAUSTIC CAUSTIC CAUSTIC 35 Elenem Searching Elenem Elenem Searching Elenem 8 Searching Elenem Royca Searching Elenem Searching 6 Willow Wind Willow Wind Willow Wind Willow Wind Willow Wind Willow Wind 25 7 Augusta Maritza Maritza Hot Blood Hot Blood Maritza 6 Golf Gal Hot Blood Hot Blood Maritza Maritza — Hot Blood _6 Stone Saucer Stone Saucer Big Mister Big Mister Big Mister Big Mister 16 Sallyboots- Royal Castle Stone Saucer Mr. Gray . Stone Saucer Stone Saucer 14 Royal Castle Big Mister Putney Binscarth Binscarth Royal Castle 3 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty "~ DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS - SWEEP CONSENSUS Hauteur EppaJeppa Scintilla ArdanLark Right Star EppaJeppa 10 1 Scintilla Right Star Still Hoping EppaJeppa EppaJeppa Right Star 7 Eppa Jeppa General Mack Heros Reward Still Hoping Ardan Lark Scintilla 7 Allegretto Allegretto * Allegretto Allegretto . Allegretto Allegretto 25 ReineLea Cleves Dream ReineLea Cleves Dream Reinelea ReineLea 7 Hidden Power ReineLea . Cleves Dream Hidden Power Cleves Dream Cleves Dream 6 Mindful North Vixen A Bit East • North Vixen North Vixen North Vixen 18 A Bit Fast Kapador North Vixen Kapador Mindful Mindful 9 North Vixen Mindful Mindful A Bit Fast A Bit Fast A Bit Fast 9 Doctor Leo CAROL ANN- C. Bombdra Carol Ahn C. Carol Ann C. Carol Ann Cj 21 Carol Ann C. Bombdra Carol Ann C. Violino Grand Opera Bombdra 7 8 GrandQpera Doctor Leo Crann Bombdra Doctor Leo Doctor Leo _7 PRIZE STORY Prize Story Prize Story Prize Story PRIZE STORY PRIZE STORY 29 5 Sun Worshipper Dorsair . Dorsair Dorsair Marian Belle • Dorsair 7 Gay Life Marian Belle Sun Worshipper Marian Belle Dorsair « Marian Belle 4 Aeschylus Aeschylus • Ournav Aeschylus Aeschylus Aeschylus 21 6 Ournav Ournav • Peggys Brandy Ournav Ournave Ournav 13 Coalpbrt Peggys Brandy Aeschylus Peggys Brandy Peggys Brandy Peggys Brandy 5 Nival Pundonor T NIVAL NIVAL Pundonor Nival 23 AkbarKhan Nival Pundonor AkbarKhan Nival Pundonor 14 Pundonor . Lord o War Akbar Khan Pundonor Akbar Khan Akbar Khan 6 Carolina Rex Carolina Rex Carolina Rex Noble Partner Noble Partner Carolina Rex 19 8 Joe Judge Noble Partner Darlin Betty Carolina Rex Carolina Rex Noble Partner 12 Darlin Betty Darlin Betty Joe Judge Darlin Betty Darlin Betty Darlin Betty 6 Trackman, J. R. Batty THISTLEDOWN . Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP • CONSENSUS Appearance Top Form Scarlet Jr. Top Form - Top Form Top Form 19 Top Form YockJim Top Form Ruth Herself Scarlet Jr. Scarlet Jr. 8 Ruth Herself Tourlanx Appearance Scarlet Jr. Ruth Herself Appearance 6 Fleet Cross Revenger Kum First Gemboy Ballyneety Gembov • 9 2 Nice Try Gemboy Ballyneety Fleet Cross Gemboy Ballyneetv 9 Ballyneety Jett-Belle Nice Try Ballyneety Kum First Fleet Cross 7 Jo-Ene Mighty Keen My Schwester Mighty Keen My Schwester My Schwester 14 MySchwester Weepers Girl Tariff My Schwester Tariff MightvKeen 12 Mighty Keen Crystal Skies Mighty Keen Tariff Jo-Ene Jo-Ene ; 6 t pps Unknown Warehouseman / FIVE PASSES Tamale Tamale Tamale 12 4 Warehouseman Tamale Lees Unknown Five Passes Five Passes Five Passes 12 • TMypPasses Uplifting Almo City WoodviewAce Warehouseman Warehouseman 8 Short Cable Shellmar Anne Bonny SHORT CABLE Short Cable Short Cable 19 5 Anne Bonny Helforhay Short Cable Black Fancy Black Fancy Anne Bonny 9 Ala Pam Anne Bonny Helforhay Ala Pam Anne Bonny Shellmar 5 Northauest Sports Play Beautiful Lady Beautiful Lady BEATIFUL LADY Beautiful Lady 19 Beautiful Ladv Northquest Northauest Djeddahs Star Northquest Northquest 12 • U Lovely Miss Halcolette Sports Play - Northquest Djeddahs Star Sports Play 6 THE VEEP THE VEEP Lord Louis Firey Adel The Veep THE VEEP 20 7FireyAdel Skin Junior Skin Junior Bountiful Miss Firey Adel Firey Adel 9 Pearl Diver Mr.Alside The Veep Pearl Diver Lord Louis Lord Louis 6 Sainte Odette Helstar Flambeau Ethel Stone • Flambeau Flambeau 10 Helstar SirWesten Rough Candy Aconite Rough Candy Sainte Odette 7 Sir Westeri Sainte Odette Ethel Stone Sir Westen Sainte Odette Helstar 7 9

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