Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1955-06-28

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IDAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points. 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy ARLINGTON PARK - Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS - Another Page Royal Product Royal Product Royal Product. Roval Product Royal Product 20 I Madeira Shano Another Page Another Page Another Page Another Page 12 Blue Domino , Another Page Blue Domino On Stanley On Shano Shano 3 Yellmantown Yellmantown Yellmantown YELLMANTOWN YELLMANTWN 27 2Yellmantown Real Sir Babys Pal Arete Babys Pal Arete Arete 5 Arete Chance Alarm Chance Alarm Chance Alarm Duke of Chi. Babys Pal .. 4 Miss Hedgewood Miss Island Queen Hedgewood Miss Hedgewood Miss Hedgewood Miss 22 3Hedgewood FleurdAmour Next Option Hedgewood Miss FleurdAmour Billigal Fleurd Amour 6 Billigal Fleur dAmour Billigal Parthenia Fleur dAmour Island Queen 5 Skeptical Kid Plain Chance JovialJove Skeptical Kid JovialJove Skeptical Kid 13 4 JovialJove OlympiasAce Skeptical Kid OlympiasAce OlympiasAce JovialJove 12 Top Mark Skeptical Kid Top Mark Top Mark Top Mark Olympias Ace 6 Devilment Montenegrin DEVILMENT DEVILMENT Montenegrin Devilment 23 Montenegrin Devilment Smokelore Montenegrin Devilment Montenegrin 15 Platan Platan Montenegrin En Fleur En Fleur En Fleur 2 BY ZEUS RUHE By Zeus By Zeus By Zeus By Zeus 22 King Scotsmans Bond Ruhe Ruhe Scotsmans Bond Ruhe 13 Ruhe Oriental Spring King King Ruhe King 4 Daylight Express Royal Briar Tollesboro Royal Briar Roval Briar Royal Briar 17 7 Tipoauill Retract Royal Briar Tollesboro Roman Senator Tollesboro 9 Tollesboro Roman Senator Roman Senator Roman Senator Tollesboro Daylight Express 5 Three Cubs Force of Arms Idle Platter Idle Platter Idle Platter Idle Platter 18 8 Mock Battle Idle Platter Bumper Crop Mock Battle Mock Battle Mock Battle 7 Idle Platter For Free Mock Battle Farjac Farjac Three Cubs- 5 Trackman. D. S. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP . CONSENSUS Son Doc George Doc George Doc George Tango First Doc George 16 IPiets KingMoud PietsSon PietsSon PietsSon PietsSon.. PietsSon 13 Powder Blue Why Step Savate Dumplin Creek Doc George Tango First 5 Diamond Laddie Diamond Laddie Blunder Mr. Duty Mr. Dutv Diamond Laddie 15 Ding How Monroe County Mr. Duty Diamond Laddie Diamond Laddie Mr. Duty 13 Mr. Duty Pris Diamond Laddie Red Bud Lane Red Bud Lane Blunder 5 Brief Brand Bold Fox Lone Pilot Bold Fox Rebounder Bold Fox 10 3 Lone Pilot Rockabye Mary Rowdy Boy Miss Kirk Brief Brand Lone Pilot 8 Miss Kirk Miss Kirk Rebounder Rebounder Lone Pilot Rebounder 7 Dear Tint Fan Flight Pecks Reward DEAR TINT Chipawood Dear Tint 15 4 Chipawood Dear Tint Chipawood Pecks Reward Pecks Reward Pecks Reward 10 Packs Reward Chipawood Fan Flight Fan Flight Dear Tint Chipawood 10 Dangerous Dan Dogeiana Dangerous Dan Jofield Jofield 12 5Jofield Countess Drum Nepal Countess Drum Countess Drum Sun-Song Dangerous Dan 11 Dangerous Dan Sun-Song Jofield Jofield Countess Drum Countess Drum 7 GREATER CHIC WAVE Greater Tiffany GREATER GREATER 19 6 Tiffany Tiffany Misty Style Misty Style Chic Wave Tiffany 11 Misty Style Mark Klaine Tiffany Chic Wave Tiffany Chic Wave 10 Americal Crown Winner RSE AND HOUSE Rose and House Rose and House Rose and House 18 Crown Winner Americal Americal Crown Winner Americal Americal 12 Heres Rucks Rose and House Yankee Ace Americal Crown Winner Crown Winner 10 Little Don G. Far Son Trout Lure . Donnas Fox Little Don G. Far Son 11 Far Son Trout Lure FarSon Ear?on Trout Lure Little Don G. 11 Rushing Beryldon Little Don G. Beryldon Donnas Fox Trout Lure 9 Trackman, J. S. Grant , AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE- TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS . SWEEP CONSENSUS Hello Rita Hello Rita Hello Rita Hello Rita Hello Rita Hello Rita 25 1 Minute Hand Miss Atlas Minute Hand Minute Hand Minute Hand Minute Hand 8 Wings of Egypt Karen Girl Merlee Miss Atlas Miss Atlas Miss Atlas 4 Teds Jeep Dusty Drive Perfect Power Teds Jeep Teds Jeep Teds Jeep 18 Perfect Power Lot-A-Filly Teds Jeep Perfect Power Dusty Drive Perfect Power 10 Border Son Teds Jeep Lot-A-Filly Dusty Drive Perfect Power Dusty .Drive 8 Oneida Rythminhim Oneida Rythminhim Rythminhim Rythminhim 16 Caste Danny Boy II. Danny Boy H. Oneida Danny Boy II. Oneida 13 Danny Boy IT. Khumbaba Rythminhim Khumbaba Oneida Danny Boy II. 7 Old Prospector Talking Mamie College Chum Talking Mamie Talking Mamie Talking Mamie 17 Talking Mamie Mantelpiece Old Prospector Sheepskin Old Prospector . Old Prospector 11 Ripshot Old Prospector Ariel Review Old Prospector Mantelpiece College Chum 5 Bob-O-Bob Bob-O-Bob Gun Shot BOB-O-BOB Bob-O-Bob Bob-O-Bob 24 Tulchan Half Minute Bob-O-Bob Black Emperor Black Emperor Gun Shot 5 Fluctuating Black Emperor Tulchan Tulchan Fluctuating Black Emperor 5 : Brown Hackle Brown Hackle BROWN HACKLE Brown Hackle Brown Hackle Brown Hackle 27 Tremor Hotel Man Tremor Tremor Hotel Man Tremor 8 King Ruff Tremor Blanquita King Ruff Tremor Hotel Man 4 CEDAR JUNGLE CEDAR JUNGLE Cedar Jungle Cedar Jungle CEDAR JUNGLE CEDAR JUNGLE 31 7 Regal Favor Mufti Platterpuss Mufti Mufti Mufti 8 Mufti Platterpuss Mufti Regal Favor Regal Favor Regal Favor 4 Bravely Waving Galarch Bravely Waving Galarch Galarch Galarch 18 Smoked Ham Spy Encore Galarch Spy Encore Bravely Waving Bravely Waving 12 Galarch Smoked Ham Smoked Ham Gold Pass Spy Encore Spy Encore 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS " Muscovado Next Best Bolder Bolder Bolder Bolder rf I Bolder Muscovado Kum-on-m Kum-on-in Kum-on-in Muscovado 7 1 Kum-on-in Sir Stake Sir Stake Sir Stake Sir Stake Kum-on-in 7 Bail Out Bail Out Carol Ann C. Carol Ann C. Bail Out Bail Out 19 Carol Ann C. Trillium Bail Out Bail Out Carol Ann C. Carol Ann C. 14 Maid o Athens Bunny Lea Maid o Athens Clover Jewel Trillium -Trillium 3 Banner Waves Monkey Wrench Billing Bear Banner Waves Repose , Banner Waves 14 3 Moot Billing Bear Banner Waves Billing Bear Banner Waves Billing Bear 11 Billing Bear Flaw ; Repose Palaja- Billing Bear Repose 6 GeneLemay GeneLemay Bombdra Bombdra Bombdra Bombdra 17 4 Bombdra Keelhaul Soundproof Doctor Leo Soundproof GeneLemay 10 Soundproof War Moot Big Bunk Soundproof Big Bunk Soundproof 6 Jock Scott Jock Scott Jack Scott . JOCK SCOTT JOCK SCOTT JOCK SCOTT 29 Starecase Starecase Starecase Starecase Starecase Starecase 10 Midstream . Mully S. Mid Stream Pass Bon Pass Bon Pass Bon 2 Dozo Jolt Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat 16 6Koko jolt Vieux Carre KokoDozo KokoDozo KokoDozo KokoDozo 11 Chit Chat Tribune Jr. Admiral Jolt Jolt Jolt 9 EARLY WARNING IDEHI Early Warning Early Warning Early Warning Early Warning 22 Dr BenR. Dr. Ben R. Last Fox Bal Harbour Idehi Idehi 10 Idehi Last Fox , Quite Fancy Dr. Ben R. Bal Harbour Dr. Ben R. 5 Mongoose Confuser MONGOOSE LilsJoy Mongoose Mongoose 21 8 Peace Pilate Mongoose Confuser Mongoose Razzberry Confuser 8 Razzberryv Razzberry Razzberry Adrastus Confuser Razzberry 5 Trackman, J. R. Batty THISTLEDOWN Selections Made tor Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS June J. MissTetra Scarlet Jr. Lees Unknown Bold Blue Lees Unknown 7 1 Turf Money Tartan Sue Bold Blue Florelle Lees Unknown Bold Blue 7 Tartan Sue Sure Try Tartan Sue Patty Lou Valentinois Miss Tetra . 5 Chime Ring CHIME RING Chime Ring Chime Ring CHIME RING CHIME RING 29 2 Zybie Eagle Speed Eagle Speed Top Form Appearance Eagle Speed 6 Eagle Speed Ethel Stone Zybie Ethel Stone Eagle Speed Zybie 3 JOSTEEVA Roman Battle Living High LIVING HIGH Living High Living High 19 Living High Josteeva Archie Boy Tasa Josteeva Josteeva 11 Going Easy Going Easy" Flying Redbird Going Easy . Archie Boy Roman Battle 5 Arthur Charles Arthur Charles Crystal Magic RobbysMiss Crystal Magic Arthur Charles 11 4 RobbysMiss Jolly Dolly Contend Contend Contend Crystal Magic 10 Kates Rebel Swick Robbys Miss Barge In Arthur Charles Robbys Miss 8 Jack Tyrie Lady Bent Jack Tyrie Carnival Kid Wee Moon Jack Tyrie 12 Sea Weather Sea Weather Gemboy Lady Bent Jack Tyrie Lady Bent 7 Carnival Kid Fiddleflash Sea Weather Best Dream Gemboy Carnival Kid 6 Rayson Jett Shining Jeff RAYSON JETT Rayson Jett Rayson Jett Rayson Jett 24 6 BumpsyUp Rayson Jett BumpsyUp Cassia BumpsyUp Shining Jeff 6 Shining Jeff Nother Speech Broken Shedrow Broken Shedrow Cassia Bumpsy Up 6 Great Fun Play Request Roadrunner Roadrunner Great Fun Great Fun 14 7 Maraud Maraud Great Fun Great Fun Roadrunner Roadrunner 13 Roadrunner Bayou Rose Airtroop ; Maraud Airtroop Play Request 5 Indian Guide Twintone Twintone Bakers Raider Twintone 14 8Roseborougli Bakers Raider Twintone Bakers Raider Bakers Raider Twintone Bakers Raider 12 Montaera Bakers Raider Chiloe II. Rough Cookie Sheriff Bracey Roseborough 5

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