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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings. Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points. 2 points for 2d. 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type Trackman, J. J. Murphy BALMORAL AT WASHINGTON Selections Made- for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS - LEJO Lejo Clifton Road Le.io LEJO LEJO 26 I Greenacres Tom King of Chi. Lejo Salmative Salmative Salmative 5 On Tour Salmative Entertain Greenacres Tom Greenacres Tom Clifton Road 5 Nantucket Flaming Blue Local Clover Flaming Blue Flaming Blue Flaming Blue 16 2 Local Clover Cebette Cebette Bandit John Cebette Local Clover 7 Rudys Valley Hasty Freedoms Flaming Blue Rudys Valley Blue Licks Cebette 6l Mangam Mangam Balmacara Advancement Mangam 12 3Balmacara Advancement Advancement Shirk The Verb Mangam Advancement 10 The Verb Gray Trust The Verb Advancement The Verb Balmacara 10 Trading Free and Busy Free and Busy Trading Free arid Busy Free andBusy 17 4 Nyach Trading Feature Double Feature Double Trading Trading 15 Free and Busy Feature Double Trading Free and Busy Feature Double Feature Double 6 Oiir Country The Posse The Posse Ebony Beauty The Posse The Posse 17 5 Ebony Beauty Scarlet Flash Our Country The Posse Die Valkyrie Our Country 10 Scarlet Flash Our Country Miss Crow Our Country OurCountry Ebony Beauty 7 First Lap DARK TOGA Dark Toga Obair Fighting Jury Dark Toga 16 6 Dark Toga Fighting Jury Fighting Jury Two Fisted Dark Toga Fighting Jury 10 Fighting Jury Two Fisted First Lap First Lap First Lap First Lap 8 Top Mark French Bleu All Comers French Bleu French Bleu French Bleu 15 7 Martial Martial Outfielder Top Mark AHComers Top Mark 10 Betsy T Top Mark Top Mark- All Comers Top Mark All Comers 8 "Cotton Top Ocean Hop KING KING King King 22 8 King Cotton Top Cotton Top Ocean Hop Cotton Top Cotton Top 12 Royal Pursuit King Theatricalady Cotton Top Ocean Hop Ocean Hop 8 Trackman, J. N. Lyon HAZEL PARK . Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS LaTurbie LaTurbie BushersDove LA TURBIE LA TURBIE 26 1LATURBIE Running Rein Running Rein,. Running Rein LaTurbie Movie Romance Running Rein 7 Pete the Great Pete the Great Movie Romance Running Rein Bushers Dove Bushers Dove 6 Lieber Bruder Wise Traffic SkyBim Wise Traffic Wise Traffic Wise Traffic 19 2 Wise Traffic Lieber Bruder Wise Traffic Lieber Bruder SkyBim Lieber Bruder 9 Miss Archway Miss Archway Enterpriser Sky Bim Lord Johnny SkJSini 8 Johns Bid Jan-Apache Quick Dollar Quick Dollar Vacuum-Packed Johns Bid 12 3 Jan-Apache Johns Bid Johns Bid King Putnam Johns Bid Quick Dollar 11 King Putnam King Putnam Vacuum-Packed Johns Bid Quick Dollar Jan-Apache 7 Good Times Rays Pride Rays Pride Eternal Shock Eternal Shock Rays Pride 16 4 Rays Pride Good Times Eternal Shock Rays Pride Rays Pride Eternal Shock 14 Eternal Shock Eternal Shock Jolis Choice Jolis Choice Jolis Choice, Good Times - 7 Moon Love Noble Dragon FUTURE REWRD Noble Dragon Noble Dragon Noble Dragon 18 5 Noble Dragon Moon Love Pit Away Uncle Pete Moon Love Future Reward 9 Uncle Pete Gray Gown Noble Dragon Future Reward Future Reward Moon Love 9 Intelligent TRIP LIGHTLY Intelligent Trip Lightly Trip Lightly Trip Lightly 20 6 MarkKlaine Paris All Trip Lightly Paris All Intelligent Intelligent 13 Trip Lightly Mark Klaine Paris All Intelligent Paris All Paris All 6 Golden Apollo Saracen Devil Golden Apollo GOLDEN APOLLO Saracen Devil Golden Apollo 20 7 Saracen Devil Golden Apollo Saracen Devil Milady Mowlee Milady Mowlee Saracen Devil 14 Sherpa. Milady Mowlee Milady Mowlee Sherpa Golden Apollo Milady Mowlee 6 Heir of Pines HerbiePat Ergo Ergo Auriesville Ergo 13 8 Ergo Heir of Pines Auriesville HerbiePat Heir of Pines Heir of Pines 10 Herbie Pat Ergo Heir of Pines Spy Lady Herbie Pat HerbiePat 9 Trackman, D. S. Fair BELMONT PARK Selections M?tle for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Tutor Tutor Remus Tutor Tutor Tutor 02 1 Remus Remus Tutor Remus Remus Remus 13 Wing Jet Nights Foray Wing Jet Carrara Sue Flame Flier WingJet 2 Alpine White Alpine White Charlanx Alpine White Alpine White Alpine White 22 2 Felicitation Charlanx Alpine White Felicitation Charlanx Charlanx 11 Charlanx Felicitation Felicitation Charlanx Felicitation Felicitation 7 Court Planting Court Planting Court Planting Court Planting Court Planting CRT PLANTING "5 3 Jenorse Longford Sequoia Longford Longford Longford 8 Longford " Change Girl Longford Jenorse Jenorse Jenorse 4 Hartsville Night Bell Night Bell Hartsville Hartsville Hartsville 18 4 Stumpie Hartsville Hueso Stumpie Night Bell Night Bell 13 I Dare Hueso Hartsville NightBell Stumpie Stumpie 5 Outer Space So Chic v Outer Space OUTER SPACE OUTER SPACE Outer Space 25 5 So Chic Ripper-Do Forward Look Prophets Bell So Chic So Chic 11 Ripper-Do Outer Space So Chic oCl;nc Ripper-Do Ripper-Do -4 Gav Warrior Mr.Hawley Mr.Hawley Mr.Hawley Mr.Hawley Mr?Hawlev 22 6 Mr.Hawlev Gay Warrior Gay Warrior Gay Warrior Gay Warrior Gay Warrior 13 New Holland New Holland New Holland New Holland NewHoIland New Holland 5 COUNTERMAND GROVERB. Countermand GroverB. GroverB 18 7Mr.A.L. GroverB. GroverB. Countermand GroverB. Countermand Countermand 17 Countermand Mr. Al L. Mr. Al L. MrAlL. Mr. A. L. Mr. Al L. 9 Bayluc Blue Circle antua Nantua Nantua" 20 8NANTUA Blue Circle Nantua Bayluc Blue Circle Blue Circle Blue Circle 11 French FoiL Casual Friend Nantua Bayluc Bayluc Bayluc 9 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty - DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Z. Imperative Imperative Imperative IMPERATIVE Eljaka Imperative 94 1 Eliaka . Brother Beans Eljaka Eliaka Imperative Eliaka 11 War Biscuit War Biscuit Blazing Comet Flower Picture War Biscuit War Biscuit 3 Flag Officer Slide Apart Cape Point Cape Point Cape Point Cape Point : 17 2 Cape Point Flag Officer Bull Skin Slide Apart Bull Skin Flag Officer q Bull Skin Sun OLure Flag Officer Corpy Flag Officer Slidp Apart 7 Saragossa Ziggling Ziggling Saragossa Saragossa Saragossa" fa 3 Ziggling Saragossa Bold Hunter Ziggling Ziggling Ziggling ir Bold Hunter Honalong John Saragossa Bold Hunter Bold Hunter Bold Hunter 5 Bushers Beam Voyaging Some Tan Uncle Sugar BUSHERS BEAM BushersBeam 17 4 Uncle Sugar Hanwar Bushers Beam Bushers Beam Hanwar Uncle Sunr o Hanwar Bushers Beam Uncle Sugar Hanyar Uncle Sugar Hanwar 6 BUDDY POPPERS Buddy Poppers Buddy Poppers Buddy Poppers Buddy Poppers BUDDY PPFR? 91 5 Sausage Sausage Midway Point Midway Point Midway Point Midwav Point s Midway Point Midway Point Sausage Sausage Alcohol Sausage 6 Sunny Kim SUNNY KIM Madok Banned Sunny Kim SunnvKim oi 6 Colony Menu Colony Menu Sunny Kim Sunny Kim Madok Banned 7 Banned Banned Jolly Rhymer Jolly Rhymer Jolly Rhymer Madok 7 Air Party Ancrum Castle ROYAL PEN Ancrum Castle RoyafPen RovalPen To 7 Kenya Colony Air Party Kenya Colony Air Party Battlement Ancrum CasH in Maple Shade Pittsburgh Gus Air Party Kenya Colony Kenya Colony Air Party 10 Comes a Tide Chicago Style Chicago Style Comes a Tide Comes a Tide Comes a Tide 17 8 Stout Fellow Fenmar Comes a Tide Chicago Style Chicago Style Chicago Stvle i4 Chicago Style Pistol Shot Fenmar Superb Fenmar Fenmar 4 Trackman, E. Chiat . SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Mad" for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Clear Sweep Cash Me In Natural Speed Natural Speed Natural Speed Natural Snppri Tr 1 Cash Me In Off We Go Clear Sweep Clear Sweep Tint Straw Clear Sweep 10 Natural Speed Clear Sweep Cash Me In Cash Me In Cash Me In Cash Me In 10 ZIPPER Texas Dream Linn L. LYNN L. LYNN L. LYNN L 9? 2 LynnL. LynnL. Bullets Little Ferd Zipper Zipper in Bullets Little Ferd Little Fred ZiPfiPI Little Ferd Little Ferd 5 Tap Dancer Buzzie Quadrille Buzzie Quadrille Quadrille 12 3 Admiral Rose Beeleek Take the Prize Quadrille Take the Prize Buzzie 10 Sister Bear Tap Dancer Sister Bear Take the Prize Another Heart Tap Dancer 6 Blue Jim Canina Rose MERRY WIFE Blue Jim Canina Rose Blue Jim 16 4 Flaster Blue Jim Blue Jim King Koch Blue Jim Canina Rose 12 . Canina Rose King Koch Canina Rose Colonel Pat Colonel Pat Merry Wife 7 Big Bronze! Walpa Big Bronze Early Hours Big Bronze Big Bronze 16 5 Tanker Naval Strategy Rush for Gold Naval Strategy Tanker Early Hours 6 Earl Hours Big Bronze Mr. Melpet Mr. Melpet Mr. Melpet Walpa 5 SNOW MON Bobby My Boy Mull-Ryan Mull-Rvan Mull-Ryan ri2 6Jiouenetta Little Jr. Little Jr. Mull-Ryan Moontown Bobby My Boy SnowMon 7 Nirgal Prince Moontown Moontown Little Jr. : Little Jr. Bobby My Boy 7 Pinky Jo Pinky Jo Pinky Jo Pinky Jo Beau Bond Pinky Jo 22 7 Mike Barry Beau Bound Beau Bound Beau Bound Pinky Jo Beau Bound 11 Iona Jane Iona Jane Mike Barry Jean Adair Jen Adair Mike Barry 3 Fairmont Lance High Plateau High Plateau High Plateau High Plateau 17 8 High Plateau OKeegan Marys Chic Fairmont Our Jim Fairmount 9 Our Jim Fairmount Fairmont OKeegan OKeegan Lance 5 Platterpuss Platterpuss Folly Mills .Folly Mills Follv Mills Folly Mills 16 Sheila Susan Sheila Susan Platterpuss Track Star Platterpuss Platterpuss 15 Track Star Folly Mills Speedy Foot Platterpuss Track Star Track Star 4

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