Nagler on Racing: Jockeys Valet Dubois Orates on His New Riding Find Soirez, Daily Racing Form, 1957-06-06


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: , Nagler on Racing Jockeys Valet Dubois Orates On His New Riding Find Soirez By BARNEY NAGLER BELMONT PARK, Elmpnt, L. X, N. Y June 5. Leroy Dubois is a jockeys valet who graduated from Dale Carnegies course in contemporary civilization. He received his diploma after speaking off-the-cuff on a subject picked at random out of a hat. Dubois does not remember the size of the hat from which his topic was drawn, but he does recall that a five-minute-long oration on the life of a tar-paper salesman comes hard, especially from a standing start. "Man, a man can get stuck in two minutes," Dubois exclaims at the drop of a tar-paper salesman. "Aint a man in this room can talk five minutes on a subject and make sense." The room in question is the local jockeys quarter, where Dubois and other sun-tan clad citizens work as valets. His colleagues are, bright, articulate, combative, but not one rose to challenge Dubois the last time he invoked his glibness. Dubois was not discouraged by this display of silent indifference. He picked a subject himself and delivered himself of an oration: "Remember I told you about the kid I found in Louisiana, Sidney LeJeune, and how hes going to be a great jockey? Well, hes doing all right again, out in Chicago, winning races like I said he would, and Im not surprised because hes only 21 and he is going to be a real great rider. Hes going to take care of I himself, but Ive got another kid now I think is going to be just as good. "This new kids name, its Steve Soirez. S-O-I-R-E-Z. Whats the matter, cant you spell? This kid I found in a funny way. Im in this town, Abbeville, Louisiana, and I find him working on cars, helping out at a little roadside joint called Shortys Drive-in. You know I come from Louisiana so it isnt hard to figure out how come Im in Abbeville. Thats Cajun country. "This kid Soirez, hes about 18 years old then, maybe half a year older, and hes small and the first thing I do when I see him is ask him if hes interested in riding. He says he hasnt been around horses much, but hes ready to try. So I get him up here, where he is now, living in a barn, doing alj right as a beginner. Hes going to get to ride in a race before long. Like a Baseball Scout "Want-to know why I go out looking ffli- a kid whos goirig to be a great rider? i guess its like a baseball scout. I guess a baseball scout thinks hes going to discover a Babe Ruth. I want to discover a real great rider. I hope some day to get a real good one and then therell be something in it for me.. "This- is the way I feel about it. A kid goes to school and when he gets out he stands behind a plow. This way, the way Ive got Soirez, he at least is going to get a shot at something good, if hes got it in him. I think hes got it good. Besides its good for my business. My business is being a valet and-if I keep bringing boys around to ride Im not going to run out of jockeys to valet for, you understand. "If you think Im just high on this Soirez myself, lets call this fellow over. You know him, dont you? pretty good rider himself. Say, isnt that kid Steve Soirez good? I knew youd say hell do it. Sure. See, you heard it yourself. My kid cant miss becoming a rider. No, I dont know about his family. Hes got a, father and a mother, both living. Theyre going to hear-about their boy one of these days. "LeJeune was different when he came up here. He rode those quarter-horses before he came on the track and he knew his way around horses, so I wasnt surprised. But this kid Soirez didnt have that kind of experience. I told you he wasnt around horses, but picked it up real quick. "Hes got all the qualifications. Hes quiet. Doesnt say two words, which is good for anybody, but especially for a kid coming up. He has a good head on him. He was as green as a sour apple, but he wanted to learn. I knew that, like I said, the first time I saw him. He isnt living off the fat now, but if he makes it hell make it big and thats what a smart kid shoots for. "My kid LeJeune hasnt made it real big yet, but hes a pretty good jockey, youve got to admit. Last year he won 86 races and thats pretty good, I think. He had about 700 mounts last year. Youll see, therell be a day Soirez has as many mounts. "You bring a kid on the track and hes the one you watch. Thats how I am about LeJeune, but right now, here at Belmont, the one Im thinking about is Soirez. Its going to be nice if he makes it, considering I got him out of a little roadside eating joint. But thats how it is in racing. Good riders come from funny places. Thats how it is, and I like it." DR4 LEON LEVY His Jaclyn Stable homebred, Lil Fella, accounted for the Juvenile Stakes at Belmont Park.

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