Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1949-06-04

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A Admirella — 7th Bel Africaine — 2d Bel Air Commander — 3d Oma Airolb — 4 th Del Alexis— 6th Del Alldepends — 2d Det Alrusha — 2d Det Alsim — 2d Oma Amberley — 8 th Oma Annies Choice — 7th Bel Ante Light— 8th L P Approval — 6th LP Apron Face— 1st Suf Arklow H. — 4thSuf Art Brown — 7th Del Ataman — 8th Del Atomic Energy — 9th L.F Aunt Ruth — 4th Oma Aurora Deb — 4th LP Autumn Eve — 3d Oma Away— 8th Suf Azure — 1st Bel B Bad Light— 2d Del Balladante — 2d Suf Balladatte— 4th Det Balliol— 7th Del Bare Cupboard — 8th Del Barnacle — 8th Suf Basis — 6th Del Battle Scarred — 2d Oma Baumbach — 8th Det Bay Leaves — 5th Del Bear Claws— 1st Oma Bed oRoses— 5th Del Bee Hills— 3d Oma Beg — 1st Oma Bel King— 2d LP Bel Stock— 8th Det Belle Equip— 7th Del Belle Mimi — 5th Oma BenB. — 7th Oma Best Doings — 5 th Suf Better Bet Jr.— 6th Suf Biffema — 1st LP Big Ditch— 3d Det Big Ping— 3d LP Big Story — 7th Det Big Teddy— 1st Bel Binky B.— 6th Del Birchie — 4th LP Birdie Lulley— 5th Bel Black Knight — 8th Del Black Tweetie— 3d Det Blessette — 1st Del Blinks Boy— 6th Oma Blitzen Due — 5th LP Blue Agent — 7th Oma Blue Badge— 5th Det Blue Fawn — 6th Oma Blue Heart— 2d Bel * Blue Helen— 6th Det Blue Thanks— 7th Bel Blue W.— 4th Bel Boat Man — 7th LP Bobolina — 7th Bel Bodens Pal — 7th LP Bold Dandy— 6th Oma Bolo Pat— 3d Det Bonnie Sandra — 7th Bel Boo Boo Shoo — 5th Suf Bouncing -Boots — 7th Bel Boy-Plin— 5th Det Bridal Shower — 5th Del Brolite— 6th LP Brown Clipper— 1st Det Brownian— 6th Det Browntint — 8th Del Bullgar— 8th Del Buster Hope — 3d Suf C Cab Sir— 8th Del Cafe Singer— 4th Suf Call Violet— 1st Suf Caillou Rouge — 6th LP Camolino— 2d Suf Cannobie Lee — 3d Del Cannoneer — 3d Oma . Capbt — 6th Bel Cat Bridge— 6th Del Cee Andy T— 7th Bel Chaflan— 9th LP Chance Morn — 8th Suf Chanceling— 2d Bel Charioteer— 3d Bel Charivari — 1st Det Charles City— 8th Det Checkers— 4th Oma Cherokee V. — 1st LP Chevalier— 7th Suf Childeric — 5th Det Chillee Knight— 1st LP Chips Up — 2d Oma Chivalry— 2d Del Chloe— 4th Del Cloudy Rumor — 2d Det Clyde G.— 8th Oma Coalybay — 8th Oma Cochise — 6thBel Coincidence — 6th Del Col. Wiggins— 8th Bel Colleen Sue — 8th Oma Colonel Mike — 6th Bel Combine — 8th Bel Comcatchme— 9th Oma Comic Ann — 8th Bel Considered — 1st Del Contortionist — 1st LP Cora Time — 8th Oma Count Did— 1st Bel Crafty War— 8th Oma Cromagnon — 1st Det Crystal Jay — 9th Oma Crystal Pass — 1st Del Curandero — 6th Bel Custody— 1st Bel D Dad— 7th Oma Daddy Joe — 6th Suf Dark Zac — 6th Oma Delf eb— 8th Det Delta Queen — 3d Del Dever Miss — 6th Oma Dicks Agent — 9th Oma Doc Adams — 2d Det Doc Wagner — 2d Oma Doctor Roy — 9th Oma Dodos Girl — 2d Suf Doris H. — 2d Oma Dove Shoot— 7th Del Dr. Cricket — 1st Del Dr. Rush— 1st LP Dreamer — 1st Bel Dry Belt— 8th LP Dunces Cap — 3d Bel Dunde — 8th Del Dust Screen — 3d Suf E Eagle River— 5th LP Eastonian — 8th Bel Easy Please — 8th Oma Echo Beach— 9th LP Elbow Room — 2d Del Elcan— 8th LP Engel Man — 5th Suf Erinsville — 2d Det Ess Kay— 9th LP Evanstep — 6th Det Even Later — 1st Del Evening Rose — 6th Suf Ever On — 1st LP F Fame— 2d Bel FaneuilMiss — 5th Del Fantom Venture— 3d Suf Farm Maid— 2d Suf Feather-Bob — 1st LP Fileeta — 8th Det Fire Raider — 1st Suf First Command — 2d Suf Flag Drill— 6th Suf Flaming Dance — 8th Suf Fleet Command — 1st Bel Fleet Vixen— 5 th Bel Flying Alice— 5 th Del Foxy Jack— 8th Bel Foxy No Mark — 7th Oma Frankie D. — 3d Oma French Lure — 2d Suf Frere Jacques — 5th Det Prio Quest — 8th Bel Full Gry— 1st LP G Gaff er— 7th Bel Gai Propos — 6th Del Gallant Dot — 8th Suf Gallant Bull— 2d Del Gangway — 6th LP Gates Mills— 3d Bel Gay Franka — 2d Suf Gay Gloria — 4th Oma Gay Hi— 5th Oma Gay Kay — 6th Oma Gay Patty— 2d Del GeeTeecee — 8th LP Gee Whiz— 6th Suf Gemet — 2d Suf Gerrys Bud— 1st Det Gift Maedic — 1st LP Gilded Fox — 4th Del Gino Gold— 8th Del Glacial Run — 7th Del Gladys H.— 3d Suf Glen Arvis — 4th Del Glider Pilot — 2d Det Going Away— 5th Suf Gold Eagle — 3d LP Gold Jintown — 4th Del Goldbart — 8th Suf Gomel — 3d Det Good Egg — 4th Suf Good Story— 6th LP Grados Last — 1st Oma Gray Chief— 2d Del Grenade — 1st Del . Ground Signal— 8th LP Gunnery Gal — 7th Bel H Hairan Best — 8th Oma Halt— 5th Suf Hannah B. — 8th Del Happy Smiles — 7th Suf Hash Night— 6th Del Hasty Chance — 4th Oma Hasty Freedoms — 5th LP Head Show — 1st Suf Heesadate — 2d Oma Helen Pat — 6th Oma Hickory Lea — 7th Bel High Frequency — 4th Det Hilda— 6th Det HiyaPop — 7th Del Hobcaw Barony-— 7th Bel Honest Engine — 1st LP Hoseah— 8th Bel . -31 tfoK o oand CS-S «i 1 3: Hyhustle— 1st Suf I Icy Stare — 1st Del Ida C— 4th Del Idle Prattle— 9th LP Illstay — 6th Oma Impudence — 7th Bel Inseparable— 6th Del Intaglio — 2d Bel Irish Witch— 7th Bel Iron Don — 9th LP Ironsweep — 8th Oma Irridescent — 7th Bel Isle of Mist— 5th Del It Girl— 4th Del J Jack S. L.— 6th LP Jal— 2d LP Jaleen — 5th Del Jean Jean — 1st Bel Jericho — 1st Del Joans Joy — 9th Oma Jodas Joe — 3d Oma Joe-Pharos — 1st Oma Joeval — 4th Suf Johnies Bobbie — 4th LP Jolly Up— 2d LP K K. Doe-Doe — 7th Suf Kansas Koed — 9th Oma Kansas Titus — 8th Oma Keep Watch— 5th Bel Khabula — 3d Suf Kiev Lee — 4th Oma Kilayr— 3d Suf Kingbolt— 4th Det Kittyhawk — 3d Del Klimie — 4th Suf Koscentive — 1st Del Krippo — 2d Oma L La Nappe — 2d Bel Lady Greenwood — 2d LP Lady Kress — 8th Oma Lady Lassator — 9th LP Lady Marquest — 4th LP Lady Nina — 1st Det Lady Pam — 2d Del Lakeview Ace — 1st Oma Lallyhoo — 8th Suf Languid Lady — 1st Suf Laramie Sting — 9th Oma Laran — 6th Del Larran — 1st LP Late Thread— 7th LP Leading Home — 5 th Bel Lees Summit— 3d Det Legislator — 9th LP Lesiniah — 8th Suf Lido Way— 2d Del Lieut. Ben K. 3d Oma Lithe — 6th Det Little Bobbles — 5th LP Little Geromo — 5th Oma Little Morsel— 3d Oma Little Orchid— 5th Del Liza Lee — 3d Suf Lookout Son— 6th Suf Lotof town — 2d Del Lover — 5th Suf Lucky Harp — 1st Del Luther B.— 1st Oma M Mae Agnes — 7th Det Magna Charta — 5th Suf Maid of Kent— 1st Bel Making Merry — 8th Det Marengo — 1st Del Margaret T. — 9th LP Martharine — 1st LP Marksman — 8th Det Mary Heathen — 1st Oma Matchup — 2d Oma Mayes.Riley — 5th Bel Mayram — 5th Det Mene Pobre — 8th Suf Micmac — 8th Suf Middle Man— 2d Suf Mightiest — 3d Oma Military Sir — 8th Det Milk Pact— 1st Suf Minnesota — 4th Det Mislead — 2d Bel Miss All Sweep — 2d Det Miss Finale — 7th Del Miss G. G.— 9th LP Miss Gay — 6th Oma Miss Golightly— 8th LP Miss Gossip — 2d Del Miss Mommy — 6th Det Miss Neleen — 2d Det Miss Pagan — 4th Del Miss Prospect — 9th LP Miss Stone — 3d LP Miss Texas — 1st Det Monkey Wrench — 3d Bel Mor Hope — 7th Bel More Sun — 4th Bel Mossy Face — 7th Bel Mr. Buster — 6th Suf Mr. Pilate — 4th Det Mr. Trouble — 4th Bel Mr. Tuck — 5th Det Mugs Game — 7th Del Musician — 2d Del Musketeer— 4th Suf My Nell— 1st Del My Pop-r7th Oma My Rose — 4th Del Mystagogue — 1st Del N Namur — 7th Oma Navy Award — 1st Bel Neat and Tidy— 1st Det New Challenge — 1st Bel Newsprint — 8th Bel Next Move — 2d Bel Night Count — 2d Del No Leddie — 1st Det No Strings— 5th LP Northern Fox — 1st Bel O O. G. Kelley6th Suf Ocean Drive — 6th Bel Ocean Front — 6th Del Oh Boy— 9th LP Oidenasai — 6th Suf Old Bet— 8th Det Old Rockport — 6th Bel Old Union — 8th Suf Old Westbury— 2d Oma Olos Star— 3d Det On the House — 2d Bel On The Way— 3d Det One Hitter — 5th Suf One Rose — 4th LP Open Question — 5th Bel Orthopedic — 1st Del Our Request — 6th Det Overpower — 1st Suf Overtake — 9th LP Oxford Blue — 8th Bel Oyster Loaf — 8th Oma Pair H. — 8th Oma Papila— 3d Suf Parico — 2d Det Pashito — 9th Oma Penny Hill — 1st Del Penny Reward — 2d Del Percieve— 1st Det Perllna — 7th Del Persiflage — 9th LP Phantom Heels — 8th LP Phantom Peter — 5th Oma Pheecia — 8th Bel Pibroch — 6th Bel Piccadilly — 9 th Oma Picketwire — 5th Oma Pilayya — 5th Del Play Wise — 1st Det Plebiscite — 2d Del Plucky Marge — 8th Oma Plumelette — 1st Del Pnut Vendor— 5th LP Podner — 3d LP Polo Poof— 2d Oma Polonius — 8th Det Pompagle — 8th Det Ponder — 6th Bel Portal— 7th Del Porters Broom — 7th Det Possingworth— 5th Bel Potsey— 2d Det Pouting Mac — 1st Suf Prancing Ted — 8th Del Prepotente — 8th LP Pronto Wash — 6th Oma . Puddle Jumper — 7th LP Q Queens Chance — 2d Det R Rag Doll Star— 4th LP Rasco — 2d LP Ration Coupon — 2d Oma Rectify — 8th Oma Red Canna— 2d Bel Red Horizon — 1st Det Red Mist — 6th Oma Reddy Boy — 7th Oma Reighs Comet — 6th LP Rekrab — 4th Oma Respire — 3d Suf Reveille— 6th Bel Rich Relic — 1st Del Right Jab — 7th Bel Ringoes — 1st Bel Risky Hash — 7th Oma Roguish Mood — 5th Bel Roman Victory — 2d LP Rosalu — 8th Bel Rosinante — 3d Bel Rossie Prince — 6th Oma Rough Ordy — 8th Bel Roundeleer — 3d LP Rubans Flash— 2d Oma S Safety Catch — 4th Del Sailors Choice — 2d Bel Santa Fe — 6th LP Saxon Door — 6th Oma Scarlet Thorn — 3d Bel Schoharie — 3d Bel Scipio— 6th Suf Scotch Plains — 7th Del Second Avenue — 4th Det Senor — 6 th Oma Sequence — 6th Det Service Pilot — 6th Del Set Aside — 2d Bel Seventeen Guns — 7th Oma Seventy-Seven — 4th Det Shivaree — 7th Det Shock — 4th Bel Shockoe — 1st Bel Showdown — 7th LP Shrewd Roamer — 2d Oma Sickle Sue — 5 th Bel Sidney Sue — 9th LP Sir Date — 8th Bel . Sir Gallascene — 1st Bel Sir Gorhill — 2d Del Sir Nitro — 1st Oma Sky Wolf— 1st LP Skyscraper — 3d Bel Smoke Puff— 8th Del Sneak — 5th Suf Sole Parate — 2d Del Soma Lad — 3d Det Sons Twinkle — 8th Det Sorority— 4th Suf Split the Wind— 7th Suf Spring Thaw— 1st Det Star Baby — 2d LP Storm King — 7th LP Streak of Dawn— 4th Suf Subdue — 7th Del Success — 2a Oma Sugar Drop — 8th Bel Sun Ember — 7th Suf Sun Herod — 7th Det Sunny Boo — 2d LP " Sunshade — 1st Suf Super Foot — 3d Suf Super Valley — 7th Oma Superdeluxe — 8th Oma Superwolf — 6th LP Sure Girl — 8th Oma Sutton Place — 1st Bel Sway Again — 1st Det Sweepdown— 2d Suf Sweet Dream — 6th Det Sweet Ida — 1st Oma Swell Chance — 1st LP Swesteel — 9th LP Swift Town — 2d Det Swing Again — 4th LP t Syndicate — 5th Det . * T Tally— 9th LP Tallyman— 3d Bel Tea Deb— 4th LP Teammate — 3d LP Teddysun — 7th Oma Telbeda— 7th Suf Temeru — 7th Del 1 The Diver — 4th Bel The Kicker — 8th Del : The Mater — 3d Del j The Wing— 8th Suf Theodore — 3d Suf ; Tick Out— 8th Bel Tide Rips — 6th Del ! Tidy Bid— 7th Det • Tobeshined — 2d LP • Toleca — 2d Det Tom Ferris — 1st Suf ! Tony Leo — 2d Oma : Top Honors — 4th Suf Top Valley— 2d Det ; Touch Control-;— 7th Det : Trance Sleeper— 3d Det Tree Land— 1st LP , Tribal II. — 8th Det True Time — 9t LP : Tuned Up — 3d LP 1 Turn Back — 5th Oma U Uncle Rob — 9th Oma ] Undercurrent— 3d Del 1 Undertow — 2d Suf Union Joe — 5th LP United Nation — 4th Det V Valdina Infant — 8th LP Valdina Seer — 8th Det Vamp — 3d Bel Var— 5th Suf Vermont Son — 2d Oma Vero Lumen — 1st LP Vi-Bud— 3d Oma Victor Mac — 8th Oma Victor Nance — 1st Det Vivian C. — 9th Oma W War East — 5th Del War Hal— 3d Det Warmoud — 2d Del Warrior Prince — 7th Suf Wasp Waist — 2d Oma Wassermatter — 1st Bel Waverly— 3d Suf Weather Deck — 1st Del Whirling Dough — 6th LP Whissendine — 2d Bel White Bones — 4th Del White Hawk— 4th Suf Whitef ord Bud — 4th Oma Why the Rush— 3d Del Wilhemine— 5 th Bel Will I— 2d Del Willing Hand— 8th Bel Wise Dottie — 1st Oma Wise Tiger— 8th LP With Ease— 4th Suf Woodford Sir— 6th Del Woodsman — 1st LP Y Yareboy — 4th Oma Yogan— 5th Bel Z Zacaplay — 8 th Bel Zoom — 5 th LP

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