Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1949-06-04

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, J. R. Batty LINCOLN FIELDS at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS ITreeland m Chillee Knight Ever On Dr. Rush Dr. Rush Dr. Rush 12 Contortionist GiftMaedic Dr. Rush Larran Larran Chillee Knight 5 Swell Chance Contortionist Chillee Knight Full Cry Gift Maedic Tree Land 5 Sunny Boo , Jal Jal Roman Victory Roman Victory Jal 13 2 Lady Greenwood Roman Victory Sunny Boo Tobeshined Jal Roman Victory 12 Jal Racso Lady Greenwood Bel King Lady Greenwood Sunav Boo _7 Miss Stone BIG PING gigPing Big Ping Big Ping BIG PING 22 3 Gold Eagle £odne,r, Podner Roundeleer Gold Eagle Miss Stone 8 Podner Roundeleer Miss Stone Miss Stone Miss Stone Podner 5 Swing Again Tea Deb Rag Doll Star Swing Again Tea Deb Swing Again 15 4 Lady Marauest Swing Again Lady Marauest Tea Deb Swing Again Tea Deb 13 Tea Deb Lady Marauest Swing Again Lady Marauest Lady Marauest Lady Marauest 8 Vendor No Strings PNUT VENDOR Zoom NO* STRINGS Pnut Vendor 18 5Pnut Eagle River Pnut Vendor Union Joe Pnut Vendor Pnut Vendor No Strings 12 Zoom Little Bobbles Eagle River Union Joe Union Joe Zoom 6 Gangway Gangway Gangway JACKS.L. Good Story Gangway 15 6 Whirling Dough JackS.L. JackS.L. Superwolf JackS.L. JackS.L. 14 Jack S. L. Whirling Dough Caillou Rouge Good Story Approval Good Story 6 LATE THREAD Puddle Jumper Showdown BodensPal Late Thread Late Thread 14 7 Showdown Boat Man BodensPal Boat Man BodensPal BodensPal 10 Mae Agnes Bodens Pal Late Thread Late Thread Showdown Showdown 8 Wise Tiger Elcan Wise Tiger Prepotente Wise Tiger Wise Tiger 16 8 Phantom Heels Valdina Infant Elcan Elcan Ante Light Elcan 10 Elcan Phantom Heels Prepotente Wise Tiger Prepotente Prepotente 7 Overtake Legislator Legislator Legislator Legislator Legislator 22 Si UD.£efflilator * Overtake Overtake • Ess Kay Lady Lassator Overtake 11 Ess Kay Lady Lassator Lady Lassator Overtake Overtake Lady Lassator 4 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Charivari Victor Nance NoLeddie Victor Nance Victor Nance 12 IPercieve NoLeddie No Neddie Charivari Charivari NoLeddie NonLeddie 11 Victor Nance Percieve Lady Nina Victor Nance Charivari Charivari 10 Miss All Sweep Erinsville Erinsville Erinsville Erinsville 22 2Erinsville Alrusha Erinsville Potsey Swift Town Miss All Sweep Miss All Sweep 8 Potsey Toleca Miss All Sweep Potsey Glider Pilot Potsey 4 Gomel Gomel Gomel Gomel SomaLad Gomel 21 3 OleosStar Lees Summit BoloPat BoloPat BoloPat BoloPat 8 BoloPat Bolo Pat On the Way Big Ditch Gomel SomaLad 5 Second Avenue High Freauency Second Avenue High Frequency HIGH FREQNCY High Freauency 18 4 Minnesota Second Avenue Mr. Pilate Balladette Second Avenue Second Avenue 14 United Nation Minnesota High Freauency Minnesota United Nations Minnesota 4 Syndicate Frere Jacques Childeric Syndicate Childeric Syndicate TI 5 Mayram Mayram Mayram Frere Jacques Frere Jacaues Frere Jacaues 11 Frere Jacaues Syndicate Frere Jacques Blue Badge Mayram Childeric 10 Miss Mommy Brownian MISS MOMMY Sweet Dream Sweet Dream Miss Mommy 16 6 Brownian Miss Mommy Sweet Dream Blue Helen Miss Mommy Sweet Dream 13 Sweet Dream Lithe Sequence Sequence Blue Helen . Brownian 7 PORTERS BROM PORTERS BROM Porters Broom PORTERS BROM Porters Broom PORTERS BRM 31 7 Sun Herod Big Story Sun Herod Sun Herod Sun Herod- Sun Herod 8 Touch Control Tidy Bid Big Story Touch Control Big Story Big Story 4 Charles City Old Bet Old Bet Marksman Military Sir Old Bet 12 8 Military Sir Pompagle Pompagle Old Bet Bel Stock Military Sir 8 Bel Stock Baumbach Military Sir Pompagle Charles City Charles City 6 Trackman J. N. Lyon# Jr. BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Navy Award Custody Fleet Command Count Did ♦ Fleet Command Fleet Command 13 1 Rmgoes Fleet Command Navy Award Navy Award Navy Award Navy Award 12 Custody Navy Award Count Did Fleet Command New Challenge Count Did 6 Set Aside SET ASIDE Set Aside Next Move Set Aside Set Aside 23 2 Next Move La Nappe RedCanna La Nappe Next Move Next Move 10 Red Canna Chanceling Next Move . Set Aside Chanceling La Nappe 4 Schoharie Charioteer Gates Mills Gates Mills Gates Mills Gates Mills 19 3 Gates Mills Gates Mills Charioteer Charioteer Charioteer Charioteer 11 Rosmante Scarlet Thorn Tallyman Sky Scraper Tallyman Schoharie 5 More Sun More Sun MORE SUN More Sun MORE SUN MORE SUN 29 4 The Diver The Diver Mr. Trouble Mr. Trouble The Diver The Diver 8 Blue W. Mr. Trouble The Diver The Diver Mr. Trouble , Mr. Trouble 6 KEEP WATCH Leading Home Leading Home Mayes Riley Birdie Lulley Birdie Lulley 11 5 Birdie Lulley Mayes Riley Birdie Lulley Birdie Lulley Keep Watch Keep Watch 11 Sickle Sue Keep Watch Keep Watch Wilhemine Roguish Mood Leading Home 10 01dRockport Ponder Capot CAPOT Capot Capot 21 6 Capot Capot Ponder Ponder OceanDrive Ponder 11 Ponder Old Rockport OldRockport OceanDrive ~ Ponder Old Rockport 7 Irish Witch Impudence Irish Witch * CeeAndyT Irish Witch Irish Witch 17 7 Impudence Irish Witch Impudence Admirella Admirella Impudence 11 Hickory Lea Hickory Lea Blue Thanks Impudence Impudence Cee Andy T 5 Tick Out Newsprint Pheecia Rough Ordy Pheecia Pheecia 12 j 8 Pheecia Tick Out Rough Ordy Comic Ann Newsprint Newsprint 9 I Newsprint Foxy Jack Newsprint Willing Hand Willing Hand Rough Ordy 7 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track ~ * RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Pouting Mac Sunshade Tom Ferris Languid Lady Milk Pact Milk Pact 9 1 Fire Raider Fire Raider Languid Lady Milk Pact Sunshade Sunshade 8 Sunshade Milk Pact Milk Pact Call Violet Fire Raider Languid Lady 7 First Command GAY FRANKA Balladante Balladante Balladante Balladante 16 2 French Lure Sweep Down GayFranka GayFranka GayFranka GayFranka 13 Dodos Girl Balladante French Lure Undertow First Command First Command 6 Gladys H. Theodore Theodore Respire Respire Respire 14 3 Kilayr Respire Respire Super Foot Theodore Theodore 14 Theodore Liza Lee Super Foot Theodore Gladys H. Gladys H. 6 - Sorority GOOD EGG Good Egg KLIMIE Good Egg 16 4Klimie Streak of Dawn Good Egg White Hawk Klimie Sorority Klimie 14 Good Egg Streak of Dawn Top Honors Cafe Singer Good Egg Sorority 7 Best Doings One Hitter Best Doings HALT One Hitter Best Doings 15 5 Halt Best Doings Sneak Best Doings Halt Halt 12 Var Boo Boo Shoo Halt One Hitter Best Doings One Hitter 11 i 0IDENASAI Oidenasai Flag Drill Flag Drill Mr. Buster OIDENASAI 18 6 Daddy Joe Scinio Oidenasai - Oidenasai Oidenasai Flag Drill 11 Flag Drill Gee Whiz Scipio • Mr. Buster Scipio Mr. Buster 6 Sun Ember Happy Smiles Warrior Prince Warrior Prince Happy Smiles Warrior Prince 14 7 Split the Wind Warrior Prince Sun Ember Happy Smiles Sun Ember Happy Smiles 13 Warrior Prince . Sun Ember Happy Smiles Split the Wind Warrior Prince Sun Ember 10 Old Union The Wing NenePobre The Wing The Wing 14 8NenePobre Flaming Dance The Wing Old Union The Wing Away NenePobre 12 Lesinian Nene Pobre Nene Pobre Lesinian Gold Bart Old Union 7 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP " SWEEP CONSENSUS Crystal Pass Plumelette Grenade Plumelette Plumelette Plumelette 15 1 Even Later Crystal Pass Even Later Considered Even Later Crystal Pass 8 Weather Deck Jericho Orthopedic Crystal Pass Weather Deck Even Later 6 Plebiscite Plebiscite Gallant Bull Plebiscite Gallant Bull Plebiscite 19 2 Gallant Bull Miss Gossip Plebiscite SoleParate Plebiscite Gallant Bull 12 Gray Chief Elbow Room Elbow Room Miss Gossip Elbow Room Miss Gossip 3 Delta Queen DELTA QUEEN Delta Queen Undercurrent Delta Queen Delta Queen 24 3 Why The Rush Undercurrent The Mater Delta Queen Undercurrent Undercurrent 10 Undercurrent Why The Rush Cannobie Lee Cannobie Lee The Mater Why The Rush 3 Chloe It Girl It Girl Chloe IdaC. Chloe 16 4 My Rose Chloe Chloe It Girl Chloe It Girl 13 It Girl My Rose White Bones IdaC. Airolo Ida C. 6 BED O ROSES Bed o Roses BED O ROSES BED O ROSES BED O ROSES BED O ROSES 33 5 Bridal Shower FaneuilMiss FaneuilMiss Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Bridal Shower 8 FaneuilMiss Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Faneuil Miss Faneuil Miss Faneuil Miss 7 Coincidence Coincidence Hash Night Tide Rips Coincidence 15 6TideRins Coincidence Service Pilot Ocean Front Woodford Sir Coincidence Tide Rips 12 Basis Tide Rips Tide Rips Coincidence Hash Night Hash Night 6 Miss Finale HiyaPop HiyaPop HiyaPop HiyaPop 22 7HiyaPop Balliol * HiyaPop Glacial Run Mugs Game Glacial Run Miss Finale 6 Subdue Glacial Run Balliol Dove Shoot Miss Finale Glacial Run 5 Smoke Puff Cab Sir The Kicker Cab Sir Cab Sir Cab Sir 17 8 The Kicker The Kicker Cab Sir -The Kicker Smoke Puff The Kicker 12 Prancing Ted Smoke Puff Browntint vBrowntint The Kicker Smoke Puff 8

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