Selections of Daily Racing Form Trotting Experts, Daily Racing Form, 1954-06-07

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f " Selections of Daily Racing Form Trotting Experts- Figures in Consensus Show Comparathro Ratings, Allowing Fir Points for First Sere faints if Days test. Two for Second, One for Third, Best in Boldface Typo Trackman, M. Kurlansky MAYWOOD PARK Selections Made for Fast Track f RACE TRACKMAN DAN PATCH BILLY DIRECT WINNIPEG GREYHOUND CONSENSUS POINTS - Bridget Hal I Tryaxon Blue Blazier Quick Cash 2 Flower Grattan Roxie Dillard Trunnion 3 Leatherneck Betsy Dale French Oaks 4 Allan Chips Starbuck Topper 5 Easy Street Court Call Elizabeth Day 6 Ginger Up Gene Long MILDRED DALE 7 Court Deb John Frederick Minnie Jean 8" Lyndale Jedge Davis Doctor Topmiller 9 Senator Tell Bella Marie , Mystie Win III Bagdad . 1 v Julie Volo Jimmy Try ax Blue Blazier Betty Ann Abbedle Marcellus Victory Jo Flbwer Grattan BETSY DALE Leatherneck Mighty McKinn Pablo Colby Starbuck Allan Chips Young Miss Easy Street Doris Cash Louann Tell Gene Long Mazalia Alice Wingay Mildred Dale Widow Florence Cindy Jane Andy Brown Roddy . Senator Tell Bella Marie Doctor Topmiller Bagdad Mystie Win Mr. Money Guy Johnnie Jester Tryaxon Blue Blazier Victory Jo Flower Grattan Roxie Dillard Mighty McKinn Betsy Dale Trunnion Mr. Spud French Oaks Pablo Colby Doris Cash Young Miss Easy Street Tide Water Gene Long Ginger Up Mildred Dale DustsrRaid Alice Wingay Curly P. Grattan Jedge Davis Andy Brown Doctor Topmiller Senator TelL Roberta Darnley MYSTIE WIN .Bagdad Tsfelson K. Blue Blazier Bridget Hal Eva Grattan Flower Grattan Victory Jo Sir Edward Betsy Dale Trunnion Leatherneck Starbuck Alan Chips Pablo Colby Young Miss Court Call Doris Cash Ginger Up Elizabeth Day Fay Axtel MOUNTAIN GAL Dusty Raid Mildred Dale Minnie Jean Jedge Davis Billies Pride Senator Tell Roberta Darnley Bella Marie Bagdad Mr. Money Guy Mystie Win Blue Blazier Jimmy Tryax Bridget Hal Flower Grattan Roxie Dillard Victory Jo Betsy Dale Trunnion Mighty McKinn Starbuck Pablo Colby Allan Chips Prince Day Easy Street Court Call Gene Long Elizabeth Day Ginger Up Mildred Dale Court Deb John Frederick Lyndale Andy Brown Curly P. Grattan SENATOR TELL Doctor Topmiller Mighty Bob Mystie Win Bagdad Nelson K. Blue Blazier 14 Bridget Hal 8 Jimmy Tryax 7 Flower Grattan 15 Victory Jo 10 Quick Cash 5 Betsy Dale 21 Trunnion 10 Mighty McKinn 7 Starbuck 13 Pablo Colby 9 French Oaks 7 Young Miss 12 Easy Street 7 Doris Cash 7 Gene Long 10 Ginger Up 9 Elizabeth Day 9 Mildred Dale 20 Mountain Gal 7 Alice Wingay 6 Minnie Jean - 10 Lyndale 7 Curly P. Grattan 6 Senator Tell 21 Doctor Topmiller 13 Bella Marie 4 Mystie Win 20 Bagdad 16 Mr. Money Guy 3

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