Experts Selections Daily Racing Form, Daily Racing Form, 1954-06-07

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4. tat EXPERTS SELECT10NSDAILY RACING FORM Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing S points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy LINCOLN FIELDS Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS - SWEEP CONSENSUS Watch Toy Truly Pair TJ. Fairn Sauare Truly Fair IX Fairn Square Truly Fair II. 13 1 Our Gift Watch Toy Truly Fair II. Our Gift Our Gift Fairn Square 11 Fairn Square Our Gift Our Gift Wrack Play Truly Fair II. Our Gift 8 Miss J. George Schreck Miss J. Burstin Bubble George Schreck Miss J. 14 2 Deep Margie Miss J. George Schrek Sylvan Grown Darlin Ann George Schreck 12 Darlin Ann Deep Margie Deep Margie Miss J. Miss J. Burstin Bubble 5 MyEtheyln EZEye MyEthelyn Royal Charge EZEye 16 3EZEye Feather Touch EZEye Royal Charge EZEye EZEye MyEthelyn 11 My Etheyln Clairbeau Clairbeau Clairbeau Haps Reward Royal Charge 7 BLACK GALLANT Speed Rouser Black Gallant Black Gallant Black Gallant BLCK GALLANT 22 4 Freedom Lane Peggy C. Freedom Lane Freedom Lane Freedom Lane Freedom Lane 8 Round Seven Sky Hall Indian Light Indian Light Indian Light Speed Rouser 5 LOVIN LADY Snow Sox Alles Kaput Tenacious Ace LovinLady 14 5LovinLady Oh Sweetheart Worthy Sis Tenacious Ace Snow Sox Lovin Lady Tenacious Ace 8 Lady Dekover Lady Dekover Alles Kaput Tenacious Ace Oh Sweetheart Snow Sox 7 Bugle Corps Cow Town Bugle Corps Barbara L. Barbara L. Bugle Corps 12 6 GusFan GusFan Cow Town Cheriful Cow Town Barbara L. 11 Cow Town Cheriful Barbara L. Bugle Corps Bugle Corps Cow Town 10 Vigor Bull Hierocles BULL HIEROCLES BULL HIEROCLES Mimada . Bull Hierocles 19 7 Fleet Reward Cajun Queen Cajun Queen Cajun Queen Faithful Ring Mimada 7 Mimada Woodfellow Faithful Ring Mimada Vigor Cajun Queen 6 Mystic Chief Mystic Chief Secret Impulse Secret Impulse MYSTIC CHIEF Mystic Chief 21 8 Rivas Als Bourbon . Mystic Chief Mystic Chief Secret Impulse Secret Impulse 13 Alhampered Secret Impulse Rivas Rivas - Rivas Rivas 5 Trackman. D. S. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS v - Paddy Lane Boos Comet Phantom Heels Boos Comet Franks Maude Boos Comet 12 1 Boos Comet Phantom Heels Franks Maude Paddy Lane Royce Paddy Lane 9 Royce Franks Maude Paddy Lane FranksMaude Paddy Lane Franks Maude 7 Shamrock Lad Wicked Girl Shamrock Lad Shamrock Lad Melvyn Gary Shamrock Lad 19 2 Wicked Girl Shamrock Lad Melvyn Gary Melvyn Gary Shamrock Lad Melvyn Gary 9 Flash Red Short Cable Opolis Wicked Girl Wicked Girl Wicked Girl 9 Exaggerated Col. Con Exaggerated Billie-Anne Col. Con Col. Con 15 3 Col. Con Exaggerated Col. Con Tiny Heart Exaggerated Exaggerated 14 Tiny Heart Cherry Bull Cherry Bull Col. Con Tiny Heart Tiny Heart 4 Possess Brooky - Brooky Nepal Hopeido Brooky 16 4 Brooky BlenSand Hopeido brooky Brooky Possess 7 Nepal Possess Nepal Blen Sand Possess Hopeido r7 Uncle Eddie Sheriff Grosch Free Lunch Sheriff Grosch TomiBlu Sheriff Grosch 11 5 Free Lunch Uncle Edide - TomiBlu Free Lunch Sale Price Free Lunch 11 Sheriff Grosch Free Lunch Halrack Tomi Blu Free Lunch Tomi Blu 8 KissinKate KissinKate KIS SIN KATE KissinKate MoietToi KissinKate 22 6 MoietToi MoietToi Angledozer Angledozer KissinKate MioetToi 11 Angledozer Angledozer Moi et Toi Moi et Toi Angledozer Angledozer 7 HI BILLEE HI BILLEE Doctor McCabe HI BILLEE v HI BILLEE HI BILLEE 30 7 Blenfly Blenfly HiBillee Doctor McCabe Doctor McCabe Doctor McCabe 11 Doctor McCabe Doctor McCabe Greatest Vie Blenfly Blenfly 5 Royal Bones Royal Bones Gambler Gambler Winning Gambler 11 8 Hasty Sun Hasty Sun Winning Great Parham Like Hover Royal Bones 10 Fertile Lands Calm Bay Hasty Sun Fertile Lands Gambler Winning 7 Trackman, R. A. Krancer THISTLEDOWN PARK Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Fancy Deb Micville Fancy-Deb Miss M. D. Fancy-Deb Fancv-Deb 17 1 Micville TuffyDoe Lilo Fancy-Deb MissM. D. Miss M. D. 8 Lilo Ulna Miss M. D. Our Only One Donna Capri Micville 7 Arthur Itis Arthur Itis Cubist Jimmys Doll Swords Town Arthur Itis 13 2 Tonys Trouble Bravo Jimmys Doll Arthur Itis Sam McAfee Jimmys Doll 7 Reinspect Reinspect Arthur Itis Old Limber Tonys Trouble , Cubist 5 Coruscate DaingerRing DaingerRing CORUSCATE Ocee Coruscate 18 3 DaingerRing Coruscate Coruscate Lochwin Coruscate DaingerRing 13 Lochwin North Clark North Clark Dainger Ring Braseda Ocee . 5 Bob-Ed BUBBLESTREAM Wind Tunnel Bob-Ed Bonrilla Bob-Ed 12 4 Bubblestream Billy Clifton Billy Clifton Wind Tunnel Bob-Ed Bubblestream 9 Apache Lady . SignorSam M. Apache Lady Billy Clifton Billy Clifton Billy Clifton 6 War Fighter Brief Dutch War Fighter War Fighter CHARLEY FOY War Fighter 15 5 Birdie Lully Charley Foy Speedy Jet Brief Dutch Golden Tempest Charley Foy 9 Anne Bonny Birdie Lulley Brief Dutch Anne Bonny Speedy Jet Brief Dutch 8 MISS CROSS Country Gossip MAHPLAY Miss Cross Mahplay Mahplay 16 6 Maholav Royal Charles Ky. River Country Gossip County Gossip Miss Cross 12 Ky. River. Mahplay Country Gossip Mahplay First Verse Country Gossip 10 Teenabee Teenabee Teenabee Lucky Thirteen Teenabee 15 7Demfleet Boiling Spring AlaPam LaPam Lucky Thirteen Demfleet Demfleet 7 Royal Rock Carlyn Frame Work Frame Work Carlyn Lucky Thirteen 7 King Chico King Chico King Chico King Chico KING CHICO 25 8KingChico Forest Knight Digit Stargard Stargard Spring Frolic Stargard 5 Stargard Battle Day Nerve Nerve Nerve Nerve 3 Trackman, J. S. Grant BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS , BabvSpot Rum Bumble Dream World Emotion Rum Bumble Dreamworld 12 1 Dreamworld Contour Tetu Dreamworld Dreamworld Rum Bumble 11 1 Flat Side Dream World Contour Rum Bumble Baby Spot Baby Spot 6 Fleece Fleece Singing Girl Fleece Saflo Fleece 17 2 Tourlanx Lecount The Straw Tourlanx Fleece Singing Girl 9 Singing Girl Singing Girl Pinch-Hit Singing Girl Singing Girl Saflo 5 Bennet Nairn Bennet Bennet Bennet 22 3Bennet Bombez Nairn Bennet Pine Shot Mielaison Nairn 8 Pine Shot Mielaison Hush Hall Nairn Pine Shot Pine Shot 4 Free Stride FREE STRIDE FREE STRIDE FREE STRIDE Free Stride FREE STRIDE 31 4 Hartsville Hartsville Hartsville Lenny Gale Hartsville Hartsville 9 Lenny Gale Lenny Gale Lenny Gale Hartsville Lenny Gale Lenny Gale 6 All is Well Elias G. All is Well ALL IS WELL All is Well 24 5AlfisWell Elias G. Elias G. All is Well Elias G. Elias G. Elias G. 13 Bleu Feature Hasty Boy Bleu Feature Dash for Cash Dash for Cash Bleu Feature 2 Master Ace First Glance " Master Ace First Glance Master Ace Master Ace 16 6 Jamie K. Jamie K. First Glance Jamie K. First Glance First Glance 15 First Glance Chief Fanelli Chief Fanelli Master Ace Jamie K. Jamie K. 7 STONE SAUCER Lone Eagle Stone Saucer Stone Saucer Ginger Boots Stone Saucer 21 7 Saxony Stone Saucer Ginger Boots Principio Stone Saucer Ginger Boots 7 Seventy Five Principio Principio Midyear Saxony Lone Eagle 5 ft Regal Favor Lovely Eadie LilsJoy Cherry Branch LilsJoy LilsJoy 14 X Yang-Ke LilsJoy Regal Favor LilsJoy Regal Favor Regal Favor 11 v Lovely Eadie Regal Favor Sam Park Regal Favor Yang-Ke Lovely Eadie 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST , HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Wings of Gold Kays Children Wings of Gold Wings of Gold Sans Egal Wings of Gold 19 1 Air Rocket Wings of Gold Sans Egal Air Rocket Wings of Gold Sans Egal 8 Jersey Devil Sans Egal Cable Bug Direct Tint Air Rocket Air Rocket 5 Prowl Seer Dandy Wag Our Folly Seer Seer 12 2 Puppet Our Folly Our Folly Seer Our Folly Our Folly 11 Verna Lee Prowl Rock Pigeon Puppet Prowl Prowl 7 Double Dealer Devastation Peaceful Solution Double Dealer Peaceful Solution Peaceful Solution 14 3 Peaceful Solution Double Dealer Hauteur Peaceful Solution Double Dealer Double Dealer 14 Rico Casino Rico Casino Double Dealer Devastation Devastation Devastation 7 Happy Is Sonfar Happy Is Happy Is Happy Is 22 4HappvIs Sonfar . Picot Happy Is Sonfar Sonfar Sonfar 11 Rosehue Rosehue Picot Rosehue Evening Ray Picot 3 Perfect Gem Uncle Todd Perfect Gem Texan Sigh Texan Sigh Perfect Gem 13 5 Evening Song Texan Sigh Evening Song Uncle Todd Evening Song Texan Sigh 13 Texan Sigh Perfect Gem Happy Rhythm Perfect Gem Perfect Gem Uncle Todd 7 REPETOIRE Repetoire REPETOIRE REPETOIRE REPETOIRE 31 6Repetoire Tahiti Tahiti RosClag Roman Rocket RosClag Tahiti 4 Roman Rocket Be.vlerbey Jeannie C. Jeannie C. Jeannie C. Ros Clag 4 Gro-Up GRO-UP Gro-Up Gro-UP Gro-Up 27 7Gro-Up In the Market Noras Watch Noras Watch Rozs Folly Rozs Folly Noras Watch 5 Vals Kid Vals Kid Rozs Folly In the Market Noras Watch Rozs Folly 5 LARAN Laran Laran High Trend Laran Laran 24 8 High Trend Jet Joy Jet Jay Laran High Trend High Trend 10 Reproduction Reproduction High Trend Reproduction Reproduction Reproduction 4

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