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EXPERTS SELECTIONSDAILY RACING FORM Figures ki Consensus Show ComparatWe Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best n Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy LINCOLN FIELDS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS., SWEEP CONSENSUS Fleet Dream Fancy Reward Sunset Star Fleet Dream Fancy Reward Fleet Dream 15 1 Ansa Beauty Fleet Dream Fleet Dream Depth O. Depth O. Fancy Reward 10 Machigonne Sunset Star Sleepy Tigress Jetts Kiss Fleet Dream Sunset Star 6 Riot Riot Re-Shuffle Re-Shuffle Riot Riot 19 2 Roaming Oscar Roaming Oscar Riot Riot Roaming Oscar Re-Shuffle 12 Re-Shuffle Chicks Delight Roaming Oscar Russell TS Re-Shuffle Roaming Oscar 7 Jeffrey J. S. Roman Senator ROMAN SENATOR Roman Senator Roman Senator Roman Senator 22 3 Laheim Panmure Panmure Jeffrey J. S. Laheim Jeffrey J. S. 10 Mr.President Jeffrey J. S. Jeffrey J. S. Imperial Ace Jeffrey J. S. Panmure 4 Champions Boy Hard Top Ridgefleet Jo-Clare Jo-Clare Jo-Clare " 13 4 Mackinac Ridgefleet Jo-Clare Hard Top Mackinac Hard Top 9 Hard Top Jo-Clare Champions Boy Champions Boy Hard Top Ridgefleet 7 Springbuck Ladolee Ladolee Torch of Iran Ladolee 17 5Ladolee The Blue Miss Blue Lamar Torch of Iran Springbuck Ladolee Springbuck 10 Springbuck Gatlight Springbuck The Blue Miss Springbuck Torch of Iran 7 ARAB ACTRESS ARAB ACTRESS Arab Actress ARAB ACTRESS ARAB ACTRESS ARAB ACTRESS 33 6 Amphiblen The Eagle Dance Nsing Dance Nsing Amphiblen Dance Nsing 6 Dance Nsing Dance Nsing Amphiblen Amphiblen. The Eagle Amphiblen 6 Saint Sarazen Deep Wonder Second Request Pielettaway Pielettaway Pielettaway 10 7 Pielettaway Golden King Pielettaway Deep Wonder Saint Sarazen Second Request 8 Golden King Second Request Deep Wonder Second Request Second Request Deep Wonder 8 Sly Jeep Bobby-Boo Sky Jeep Bobby-Boo Sky Jeep 15 8Apasay Carls Abbie Gallant Answer Sky Jeep Apasay Sky Jeep Bobby-Boo 11 Sky Jeep Bobby-Boo Gallant Answer Carls Abbie Apasay Apasay Winnowette Master Degree Master Degree Winnowette Winnowette 19 9Winnowette Feathertouch Feathertouch Winnowette Winnowette Bestow Master Degree 10 Campesino Babs Boy Bestow Bestow Strawberrylane Feathertouch 4 Trackman, D. S. Fair , DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Ex-Gloria Ex-Gloria EX-GLORIA Ex-Gloria Ex-Gloria EX-GLORIA 27 1 Jofin Wild Heiress Lilac Fighting Annie Masterson Masterson 4 Lilac Storm Bird Masterson Masterson Storm Bird Lilac 3 Cafe-Au-Lait Cafe-Au-Lait, Blazer Hornet Blazer Hornet Tiffany Blazer Hornet 16 2 Blazer Hornet Blazer Hornet Blue Hierocles Coioc Blazer Hornet Cafe-Au-Lait 10 Grand Level Billdivi Tiffany Tiffany Cojoc Tiffany 7 SHORT SIS Short Sis Short Sis Agnes Lynn Agnes Lynn Short Sis 21 3 Billup Billup Agnes Lynn Short Sis Short Sis Agnes Lynn 13 Agnes Lynn Cotramel Billup Billup Triple Bells , Billup 6 NonnieJo Dogeiana Dogeiana Miss Jay Jay Dogeiana 19 4Dogeiana Nonnie Jo Dogeiana Miss Jay Jay Miss Jay Jay Dogeiana Miss Jay Jay 10 Miss Jay Jay Courtesy Boy Pigeon Pie Pigeon Pie Nonnie Jo Nonnie Jo 8 Cols Daughter Cols Daughter High Authority Red Sultan Eternal Frolic Cols Daughter 13 5 Motor Scraper High Authority Eternal Frolic Motor Scraper Cols Daughter High Authority 9 High Authority Make A Note Cols Daughter Eternal Frolic High Authority Eternal Frolic 8 Celtic Spirit Celtic Spirit Jimminetty Jimminetty Jimminetty 19 6Jimminetty Celtic Spirit Jimminetty Jimminetty Frabotta Frabotta Celtic Spirit 14 Touchdown Frabotta Admiralscript Celtic Spirit Celtic Spirit Frabotta 5 Mad Hare MAD HARE Dixie Flyer Black Bantam Mad Hare Mad Hare 19 7 Black Bantam Hit the Spot Mad Hare BeeArr Black Bantam Black Bantam 11 Picked Black Bantam, Black Bantam Pampas Beauty Hit the Spot Hit the Spot 3 Strato Strato Strato FERTILE LANDS STRATO Strato 22 8 Steamboat Bill Bullet Cee Fertile Lands Grey Granite Chinkapin Fertile Lands 9 Mark ONight Steamboat Bill Steamboat Bill Steamboat Bill Steamboat Bill Steamboat Bill 6 Trackman, R. A. Krancer THISTLEDOWN PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN .HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Night Boat Mr. Beau Aunt Annie Briefcase Aunt Annie Aunt Annie 13 1 Aunt Annie Night Boat . Briefcase Curve Master Briefcase Briefcase 9 General Cross Modest Mary War Cable Aunt Annie War Cable Night Boat 7 Bob Stewart Zybie Bob Stewart ZYBIE Dry Bones Zybie 16 2 Zybie Great Eagle Zybie Director Belle Mist o Dawn Bob Stewart 10 Emergency Hour King Care Director Belle Rare Jewel Director Belle Dry Bones 5 Double Hustle Son Joss Milan Man Bonny Cade tte Swords Town Double Hustle 10 3 Gee Bonny Cadette Double Hustle Double Hustle Top Distance Son Joss 7 Jetair Niembro Cue Son Joss Son Joss Double Hustle Bonny Cadette 5 Deliberate DELIBERATE Air Count Deliberate DELIBERATE DELD3ERATE 26 4 Fixed Charge Fixed Charge Deliberate Air Count Air Count Air Count 10 Tippitoes Air Count Tippitoes Be Trump Tippitoes Fixed Charge 4 . Alcova Deck Cherry Deck Cherry Alcova Alcova 15 5Alcova Snubbed RioRiba Avolate Deb Talk Deck Cherry Deck Cherry 13 Deck Cherry Snubbed Deb Talk Gilded King Gilded King Deb Talk 3 HARRYS REWRD Blue Amber HARRYS RWRD Susans Sir Harrys Reward Harrys Reward 19 6 Dark Embassy Amawalk Shady Jane Shady Jane Amawalk Susans Sir 6 Grixdale Shady Jane Susans Sir Hy Front Dark Embassy Blue Amber 5 Little Imp Little Imp Blue Shore Blue Shore Spy Defense Blue Shore 15 7 Blue Shore Blue Shore Avella Piparoo Little Imp Little Imp 14 Tin Twist Tin Twist Little Imp Little Imp Blue Shore Spy Defense 5 Belle Watling Summer Duck My Brother Joe My Brother Joe Foxy Doll My Brother Joe 12 8 BnaiBrith BnaiBrith Beirut Belle Watling My Brother Joe Belle Watling 8 Beirut Beirut Foxy-Doll Foxy Doll Belle Watling Foxy Doll 7 Trackman, J. S. Grant BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Early Foot Gallant Speed Early Foot Gallant Speed Early Foot - Early Foot 18 1 Sing and Dance Grand Find Grand Find Early Foot Gallant Speed Gallant Speed 13 Grand Find Early Foot Gallant Speed Grand Find . Sing and Dance Grand Find 6 First Libbys First Michaels Angel x LIBBYS FIRST Sheilas Double Libbys First 19 2Libbys Binscarth Indian Smoke Wilchic Wilchic Libbys First Michaels Angel . 6 Michaels Angel Binscarth Border Son Border Son Wilchic Sheilas Double 5 Cottage Flame Cottage Flame Billing Bear Crag Cottage Flame Cottage Flame 18 3 Billing Bear Billing Bear Kwango Cottage Flame Salemaker , Billing Bear 10 Kwango Trout Brook Cottage Flame Billing Bear Coup-de-Vite Crag 5 BROOKVILLE Brookville Brookville Brookville BRO OKVILLE 27 4Brookville Final Hole Italian Prince Scylax Final Pole Final Pole Final Pole 7 Goforward Final Pole Fling Adams Apple Adams Apple Adams Apple 2 Wigwam Sun Warrior Sun Warrior Muharram Muharram 15 5MUHARRAM Wigwam Freedom Parley Freedom Parley Freedom Parley Wigwam Sun Warrior 10 Bradley Muharram Muharram Muharram Giorgetti Wigwam 9 LaCorredora Home-Made Home-Made Sunshine Nell Home-Made Home-Made 16 6 Sunshine Nell Sunshine Nell LaCorredora La.Corredora LaCorredora LaCorredora 12 Atalanta LaCorredora Nothirdchance Home-Made Sunshine Nell Sunshine Nell 10 Fife and Drum Hoplite - FIFE AND DRUM Fife and Drum Fife and Drum Fife and Drum 23 7 Contribution Contribution Contribution Hoplite Hoplite Hoplite 10 Gun Point Fife and Drum Hoplite Game Chance Contribution Contribution 7 Bases Loaded Tuscania Bases Loaded Bases Loaded BASES LOADED Bases Loaded 24 8 Uncle Don Bases Loaded Im In. Trouble Tuscania Im In Trouble Tuscania 8 Im In Trouble First Wing Tuscania First Wing First Wing Im In Trouble 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS "Viva Bones Reighsign Heighsign Reighsign Reighsign Reighsign -22 1 Reighsign Viva Bones Emergency Free Viva Bones Viva Bones Viva Bones 12 Eland Halcyon Duke Viva Bones Eland Emergency Free Emergency .Free 3 Cup Man Cup Man Cup Man Cup Man Cup Man 22 2Momus Cup Man Ambiguous Ambiguous Ambiguous Ambiguous Ambiguous 8 Early Warning Early Warning Will Star Momus Momus Momus 7 War Age Jess Linthicum WAR AGE War Age WAR AGE WAR AGE 25 3 Jess Linthicum Blue Wayne Jess Linthicum Jess Linthicum Jess Linthicum Jess Linthicum 13 Bimini Bay War Age Four Chances Four Chances Blue Wayne Blue Wayne 3 Courtesy . MENOLENE Natasha . Natasha Menolene Menolene 18 4 Menolene Natasha Menolene Menolene Courtesy Natasha 13 Whitewash Sly Vixen . Sly Vixen Courtesy Natasha Courtesy 8 EN RAPPORT Delta Delta En Rapport En Rapport En Rapport 21 5 Delta En Rapport En Rapport Delta Delta Delta 16 Fanford Sorceress Smart Devil Smart Devil Fanford Fanford 2 Biloxi Vasco Da Gama Biloxi Biloxi Biloxi 22 6Biloxi Flambeau - Vasco Da Gama Biloxi Adopt Adopt Vasco Da Gama 7 Irritate Adopt Flambeau Irritate Blimey Adopt 5 Roman Tread Dry Vermouth Dry Vermouth Roman Tread Roman Tread Roman Tread 16 7 Dry Vermouth ZigAwav Disgraceful Dry Vermouth Dry Vermouth Dry Vermouth 16 Battle H. Roman Tread Zig Away Battle H. Battle U. Battle U. 3 Top Brass Bottle of Ink Ed the Great BOTTLE OF INK Bottle of Ink Bottle of Ink 20 8 Bottle of Ink Top Brass MikeOHerron Ed the Great Top Brass Top Brass 10 Ed the Great Ed the Great Bottle of Ink Top Brass Lebanon Lad Ed the Great 9

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