Daily Racing Form Expert Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-05

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures m Consensus Show Ccmparatite Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points, 2 points for 2d, 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Blade Type. Trackman. J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Rose Ellen Mr. Minx Royal Ply er Mr. Minx Top Guy . Mr. Minx 16 1 Mr. Minx Ro-Add Mr. Minx Top Guy Mr. Minx Top Guy 7 Ro-Add Dudes Bell Ro-Add Deep Ravine Ro-Add Ro-Add 5 Sung Ki The Verb - IssyHam Cross Plains " The Verb The Verb 14 2 Cross Plains IssyHam The Verb Hyperion Host IssyHam IssyHam 9 The Verb Vans Pride Cross Plains The Verb Clang Clang Cross Plains 8 Hansum Hansum OneW. OneW. Hansum 19 3Hansum OneW. LUFrankie OneW. Hansum Hansum OneW; 15 Mighty Player One W. Lil Frankie Mighty Player Challafleet LUFrankie 3 Cap Merrick War Togs Cap Merrick Cap Merrick Page Lady Cap Merrick 15 4 Page Lady Painted Cloud c Page Lady War Togs War Togs Page Lady 10 Painted Cloud Page Lady . War Togs Main Speaker Painted Cloud War Togs 10 J. R. Jones Hello Rita Capital Ace Hello Rita Waco Girl Hello Rita 12 5 Capital Ace Capital Ace Waco Girl Redamber Hello Rita Capital Ace 10 Dim Chance Waco Girl Ocean Money Capital Ace Ocean Hop Waco Girl _8 Happy Union Prince Gala Admiral Van Happy Union Admiral Van Admiral Van 11 6 Twilight Run Twilight Run Camelback Prince Gala Prince Gala Happy Union 11 Camelback Roman Artist . Happy Union Admiral Van Camelback Prince Gala • 9 FLAMING BELL FLAMING BLUE VOLITION Flaming Blue FLAMING BLUE FLAMING BLUE 26 7 Volition High Authority Wise Paul Golden Hue Golden Hue Volition 9 Golden Hue Wise Paul Wartesia Brother Joss Wise Paul Golden Hue 5 Talent Crop Talent Crop JaxSir JaxSir JaxSir 18 8JaxSir Talent Crop Statistician JaxSir Statisticion Abla-Jay Talent Crop 13 Abla-Jay Jax Sir Abla-Jay Game Conqueror Talent Crop Abla-Jay 4 Air Out Air Out Slinker AIR OUT - Paycar Air Out 19 9 Paycar Your Health Paycar Your Health Air Out Paycar 10 Your Health Paycar Your Health Skilful Eagle Slinker Slinker 6 Trackman, J. N. Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Shannons Leap Three Bobs Steven S. Googin Commocall Shannons Leap 10 1 Commocall Mr". Action Googin Shannons Leap Shannons Lean Three Bobs 8 Three Bobs Black Mask Shannons Leap Three Bobs Three Bobs Commocall 7 Dixie Heart Julie Mac Matrix . , Chantrose • Chantrose Chantrose 14 2 Church Man Chantrose Dykhtau Church Man Church Man Dixie Heart 8 , Chantrose Dixie Heart Chantrose Dixie Heart Dixie Heart Church Man 6 Martial Treaty Stone Martial Martial MARTIAL . Martial 23 3 Mercia Park Bemenesian Treaty Stone Treaty Stone Treaty Stone Treaty Stone 12 Treaty Stone Martial Cool Customer Ocean King Mercia Park Mercia Park 3 . Golden Age GOLDEN AGE Card Trick Golden Age Barachel Bob Golden Age 18 4 BarachelBob Barachel Bob Dear John Card Trick . Commo-Lady Barachel Bob 11 j Commo-Lady Ergo Barachel Bob Barachel Bob Golden Age • Card Trick- 7 Pee Wee Pee Wee Two Six Charlie Lero Lero . Lero " 16 5 Lero Lero Lero Pee Wee Pee Wee Pee Wee 15 Two Six Charlie Little Chic Pee Wee Two Six Charlie Two Six Charlie Two Six Charlie 8 DRU AWAY Coral Key Dixie Dudley Dixie Dudley Dixie Dudley Dixie Dudley 19 .Dixie Dudley Dixie Dudley Mr Fantastic Crown Marble DruAwav DruAway 12 _; Prince Killer Dm Away Dru Away Dru Away Prince Killer Coral Key 5 Bumpy Road Bumpy Road BUMPY ROAD BUMPY UOAD Bumpy Road BUMPY ROAD 29 7 Errardslsle Red Baby Errardslsle Errardslsle French General Errardslsle 8 French General Errards Isle Bush M. French General Errardslsle French General 4 Kays Choice Kays Choice Bayou Nymph Creswood Susie Cup Moon Kays Choice 15 8 Cud Moon Bayou Nymph Kays Choice s Cup Moon Kays Choice Cup Moon 9 Halcolette Idles Baby Creswood Susie Kays Choice Movie Romance Bayou Nymph 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair . JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS - Hello Janie Scarlet Slipper SCARLET SLIPPK Hello Janie Hello Janie Hello Janie 17 Musical Star Musical Star : Hello Janie Scarlet Slipper Scarlet Slipper Scarlet Slipper 17 Scarlet Slipper Magic Number Great Party Musical Star Musical Star Musical Star 6 Scylax Connie Stella . Connie Stella Scylax 1 Scylax - 17 2Scylax Connie Stella Connie Stella Once a Year Scylax Connie Stella Connie Stella 16 Once a Year Fraluxe Fraluxe Election Once a Year Once a Year 4 Imperial Hill Hope is Eternal Imperial Hill Imperial Hill Imperial Hill Imperial Hill 21 3 Hope is Eternal OurMargobee Hope is Eternal Hope is Eternal Hope is Eternal Hope is Eternal 13 Our Margobee Imperial Hill Valgay Our Margobee Our Margobee Our Margobee - 5 Whats Ahead Whats Ahead Whats Ahead Whats Ahead Whats Ahead WHATS AHEAD 25 4 Genessian Trim Beau Devastate- Genessian Genessian Genessian 6 Globetroter John Globetroter John Trim Beau Globetroter John Trim Beau Trim Beau 4 Aces Even ACES EVEN War Command WAR COMMAND War Command War Command 21 5 War Command War Command Aces Even Aces Even Aces Even Aces Even 18 Periquest . Periquest. The Hon . The Hon Periquest Periquest 3 SPRING TRNING Guerdon Spring Training Spring Training Spring Training Spring Traiinft 24 6 Guerdon Spring Training Vengeance Guerdon Vengeance Guerdon 9 Greek Knight Vengeance Our Pally Greek Knight Our Pally — Vengeance 5 Egotistical Hastego Cohoes Portersville Egotistical Egotistical 14 7 Sids Gambol Jutland Egotistical Hastego Hastego Hastego 11 Hastego Egotistical Hastego Egotistical Jutland Portersville 5 Paint Brush Paint Brush Omer Paint Brush PAINTBRUSH Paint Brush 23 8 Scampering Fuji-Mum Post Prandial Scampering Post Prandial Post Prandial 6 Post Prandial Omer Paint Brush Post Prandial -Fuji-Mum Omer 6 Trackman. E. P. neagerty PJJMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Wide Beauty Bush Ojala City Wide Beauty Bush City Wide 12 ICity Ojala - Yew Spring Yew Spring Ojala City Wide Ojala 11 Rhy Tint Ojala This Day Rhy Tint Ojala Beauty Bush 10 .Warrantor Blenheim Time BLENHEIM TIME Blenheim Time Blenheim Time Blenheim Time 22 2 Deep River Deep River Weal or Woe Warrantor Deep River Warrantor 8 Foxey Pilot Warrantor Hit the Bit Weal or Woe Balus Banner Deep River _6 Blue Boy B. Weather Prophet Mainrock Mainrock Mainrock 16 3Mainrock Tarbloom Jumping Admiral Jumping Admiral Count Nero Jumping Admiral Jumping Admiral 7 Jamping Admiral Mainrock Tarbloom Tarbloom Tarbloom Tarbloom 5 Naughty Kate AlMowlee Etheloch ALMOWLEE AlMowlee 23 4ALMOWLEE - Red River Valley AlMowlee Etheloch. . AlMowlee Rippling Swords Etheloch 8 Rippling Swords Parti Quiz Rippling Swords Rippling Swords Etheloch Rippling Swords 5 • Admiral John " Skeptical Kid Skeptical Kid Dodger Admiral John Admiral John 16 5 Skeptical Kid Admiral John Admiral John Admiral John Dodger Skeptical Kid 13 Dodger Dodger Arch Rival Teds Joy Skeptical Kid Dodger 9 Staysail Battle Neck Staysail Staysail Staysail Staysail 20 6 Alstar Alstar Battle Neck Battle Neck Alstar Battle Neck 10 _ Royal Clipper Circle Dancer Alstar Circle Dancer _ Battle Neck . Alstar 7 Quarter Deck PINE THEME Sand Boy Sand Boy Sand Boy Sand Boy 17 7 Pine Theme Quarter Deck * Pine Theme Pine Theme Pine Theme Pine Theme 15 Sand Boy Sand Boy, Tee Shirt Arrant Bully Quarter Deck Quarter Deck 8 Triple Bells Triple Bells Triple Bells TRIPLE BELLS Ferman TRIPLE BELLS 24 8 Princeton Ferman Boyd Amour Dinner Winner Triple Bells Ferman. 8 Dinner Winner Edsun Ferman Boy d Amour Boy dAmour Boy dAmour 4 Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Dora Doll Dora Doll Black Master Lady Glade Black Master Black Master 14 Black Master Lady Glade Lady Glade Propellant Lady Glade Lady Glade 11 Propellant Black Master - Dora Doll Black Master Whril Dust Dora Doll n Jolly Rhymer Game Chance Wing Again Docteur Wing Again Wing Again lb 2 Sonabusher Docteur Summer Blues Sonabusher Sonabusher Docteur r Chuck Thompson Roseardan Sonabusher Chuck Thompson Docteur Sonabusher 7 Is Far Donitas Host Donitas Host Donitas Host Donitas Host Donitas Host 20 3 Lucky Ballot Menger My Kind Royal Garland Harvest Cutie Is Far 7 Royal Wolf Is Far Brenton Reef Royal Wolf Is Far Royal Garland 2 . CELLERO Trincomalee Cellero Dither Tin Lassie Cellero 14 IL Dancinfr Market Sun Event Dither Cellero Trincomalee Dither 9 Sir Loudon Dither Tin Lassie Quiet Boy Dither Trincomalee 7 But First New Valor But First Incaseofire But First But First 17 5 Incaseofire Incaseofire Incaseofire But First Mr. Bowes Incaseofire 12 Borje Tommy Griffin Golden Host Mr. Bowes Incaseofire New Valor 5 Slate Royal Warrior ROYAL WARRIOR King Me King Me = Royal Warrior 13 6 Quick Prince Lone Star Lolly OurTulyar Thespis Thespis King Me 11 Thespis King Me Exonerated Sir Kenny Royal Warrior Thespis 5 Brilliant Gem BRttLIANT GEM Brilliant Gem BRILLIANT GEM BRILLIANT GEM BRILLINT GEM 31 7 Star Spangle Olive Tree Star Spangle Sags Gem Real Request Sags Gem 4 _ Sunday Pitch Sags Gem Real Request Perry Sags Gem Star Spangle 4 Nijorca Borette Nijorca Nijorca Nijorca Nijorca. 22 8 Just Double Nijorca Sunny Sag Sunny Sag Sunny Sag Sunny Sag 8 Sunny Sag Sunny Sag Borette .Borette Borette Borette 8

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