Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1959-05-04

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Alphabetical Index to Entries i A A Dragon Killer— 8th Pim Acceleration — 6th Jam Admiral Brush — 6th Suf Admirals Watch— 2d Jam Agathea— 4th Jam Agoura Call— 2d Spt Agricola— 1st Suf Airlong— 3d G.S Al Abrigo— 4th Spt Alert Greek— 5th G.S Alessi— 9th Spt Alfred John— 2d CD Alie-Ed — 9th Spt Ahpar— 1st CD Alomi— 3d Pim Always Around— 2d G.S Amber Fire— 4th G.S Amony-3d G.S Another War— 1st G.S Any Star— 2d Spt ARadac— 1st Spt Arctic Morn— 9th Suf Ariel Flush— 1st CD Arietta— 6th Pim At Hand— 6th Suf Atom Rocket— 6th Suf Atropos— 2d Pim Attachment— 1st CD Augustus— 3d Jam Aunt Molly— 5th CD Auriate— 8th G.S Austerlitz— 7th G.S B Back Log— 1st Jam Back Room— 8th Spt Baby Jet— 8th Spt Bal Harbour— 5th Pim Bali Hoo— 8th Spt Barachel Bob— 5th Spt Barbara Aloft — 5th CD Barbutz— 3d Suf Bartons Brook— 2d Jam Bay Bim— 3d G.S Bay wise— 8th Suf Beau Jer— 1st Spt Bells Range— 7th Spt Betsy Cee— 4th Suf Better Depth— 2d CD Better Goods— 7th Spt B:ulah Girl— 5th CD Bicky L— 5th G.S Big Fellow— 3d Spt Big Mom— 2d Pim Bill o Lading— 2d CD Bills Jet— 1st G.S Billys Best— 8th CD Blue Book— 1st G.S Blue Pad— 9th Suf Bodyguard— 7th Pim Bol Question— 1st Spt * Bold Statesman— 2d Suf Boldest— 5th CD Booming — 2d Pim Bountiful Lady— 1st Suf Bow Dero— 2d CD Brave Mio — 3d Pim Briar Stum— 5th Pim Bndlewood 2d Spt Bristling-3d CD Brother Coor— 8th CD Brother Joss— 7th Spt Bug Leon— 1st Jam Bull Bern— 9th Spt Riming Note— 8th CD c Came-ica— 8th CD Canard— 5th Suf Cvetian— 7th G.S Capital Ace--8th CD Capitol K— 4th CD Captain Charles — 4th Pim Carolina Step — 3d Jam Cas» Ic torn 8th Jam Catch Fire— 3d CD Chaliahyma— 5th Spt Challatc. v-4th Spt Chalvedee— Jd Pim Charlie Admiral— 4th CD Chasmar F«3oi — 7th Pim Ciieaien Bill — 6th Spt Checkered Flag — 2d Suf Cheryls Hero— 7th Suf Chief Cat— 1st G.S Chillie Lee— 6th Suf Chilly Co-ed— 5th Suf Choosey Co-ed — 3d Suf Chucks Glider— 8th Suf Classic Charm— 6th Jam Closed In— 3d G.S Cohoes— 7th Jam Colonel Bala— 4th CD Colony Menu— 9th Pim Combound— 3d CD Condi Lu— 5th G.S Connie Stella— 9th Jam Copper Doll— 6th Spt Corcorico — 6th Suf Corpus Kid— 3d Spt Count B.— 7th Spt Count Crisp— 4th G.S Ccup de Canon— 8th Pim Coutier— 7th CD Crack Decision — 8th Spt Crafty Count— 2d Jam Crafty Nasra— 3d Jam Cranberry Joe— 2d Suf Cranberry Queen— 3d Suf Crispi— 6th G.S Cruel Tobe Kind— 7th CD Cry No More— 1st Pim Curly Wright— 3d Spt Cut In— 1st Pim Cuvier Relic— 4th CD D Daddy Sherwood— 2d Suf Dan Mono — 4th Spt Dance and Play— 2d G.S Dancing Roman— 9th Pim Dandy B.— 2d Suf Danseur Belle— 3d CD Dark Legacy— 8th G.S Darlin Patrice— 8th Jam Dealers Choice— 7th CD Dear John— 4th Spt Debbies Pride— 1st Suf Del— 1st CD Departure— 5th Pim Desborough — 3d Pim Devilfish— 5th G.S Dinner Music— 4th Suf Dip Chick— 6th Spt Doe— 9th Jam Doll Mason— 3d CD Dont Spank— 4th Spt Doshay— 6th G.S Dotted Line— 7th Jam Dotty Redbird— 1st Spt Dr. Prisbe— 5th Suf Drum Beater— 4th Jam Duke of Noor— 9th Spt Dynamo Dave— 4th Spt E Edict— 4th Spt Eds Spy— 7th CD Egghead— 9th Jam Egotistical— 5th Jam Elahs Dream— 3d Spt Eldoit— 2d Spt Emerald Prince— 5th G.S Erlens Joy— 5th Spt Errard Lady— 2d CD Esquill— 6th Jam Ess Dee— 7th Pim Ever So Humble— 4th Pim Exhibition Run— 3d CD Eye Gal— 1st Spt Eyes Lady— 5th CD F Fabulist— 7th Spt Fair Cadet— 5th Suf Fair Herod— 3d Pim Fairway King — 8th Suf Fairway Lassie— 5th Spt Fairway Queen— 4th CD Fannys 0ne-4th Spt Finn McCool— 5th Pim Fixit— 3d G.S Flamboyant B— 5th CD Flashy Fellow— 5th Spt Fleet Moment— 2d Suf Flopnight Mere— 2d Spt Fluellen— 9th Pim Flying Mowlee — 4th Pim Fort Surprise — 2d Spt Franks Lass— 1st Pim Freighter— 8th G.S French Bleu— 5th Pim Fuddler— 3d G.S Fumigator— 4th Spt Future K.— 2d Spt G Galcir— 7th Spt Galway Bay— 9th Pim Game Style— 2d G.S Ghan Fleet— 8th Pim Good Tune— 2d Suf Gran Vino— 9th Spt Grand Total— 4th CD Gray Man— 9th Suf Great Rock— 4th Pim Greek Gal— 3d Spt Greek Valor— 1st Suf Grey Rip— 5th G.S Gulio Cesere— 7th Suf H Hail FeMow-2d Suf Haljomo— 5th CD Hand Reward— 9th Pim Happy Dancer— 9th Suf Happy Gig— 2d Pim Happy Hal— 1st Jam Happy Mack— 6th Suf Happy Tiger— 5th CD Hash Again— 6th Suf Hasty Duches— 1st CD Hatibound — 6th Suf Head Way— 2d Jam Heather Pilate— 5th Pim Helandero— 5th Suf Helio Blue— 2d CD Heres Colina— 8th CD Hermod— 1st Jam Herods Beau— 5th Spt Heros Hal— 7th CD Heros Return— 1st G.S Hi Anna— 6th Jam Hi Starmond— 6th Spt Hickory Street— 3d Spt High Tone Ruby— 1st Jam Home Maker— 3d Suf Honest Doc— 8th Suf Hopeful Lou— 7th CD Hush Man— 6th Pim Hustling— 3d Pim Hyde Park-2d CD I Ice Bin— 7th Pim II Volto— 4th G.S Indac— 3d CD Innishowen — 8th Pim Inside— 2d Suf lolanthe — 1st Pim Irene Terres— 3d G.S Irish Dash— 5th Pim Island Lad-2d G.S J Jack ODiamonds— 1st Suf Jackies First— 5th Spt Jacqueline Rose— 3d Jam Jejen— 9th Suf Jett Flame— 9th Pim Jewels Reward— 7th Jam Ji-Jo— 2d CD Jimmer— 5th Jam Joanie Z.— 7th Suf Jocular— 8th G.S Johnny Ccamp — 8th Jam Jolly Harp— 7th G.S Joyous Maid— 1st Pim Jumping Brook— 5th G.S K Ka Zee— 5th Pim Kathleen H.— 1st Spt Katys Khal— 8th Spt Kaygeebe— 4th Pim Kentucadet— 8th CD Kid Jr.— 5h G.S Kinda Clever— 2d G.S Kings Mark— 7th Pim Kno-Knox— 2d G.S Ky. Boot— 8th Suf L La Comparsita — 7th G.S Laconic— 2d CD Lady Charmer— 1st Pim Lady Devorguilla— 3d Pim Ladylmelda— 1st CD Lady Sibby— 4th Suf Land Lover— 9th Suf Land-O-Zeve— 1st Spt Lanham Lady— 3d Pim Lastinleast— 8trHJ.D L Audacious— 5th "Pirn Leap Year Maid— 4th Jam Ledlie— 7th CD Leos Town Gal— 2d CD Level Coup— 1st Jam Likely Miss— 3d Jam Linda J. A— 6th Jam Little Chic— 4th Spt Local Clover— 8th Spt Lockitup— 4th G.S Lonely— 7th Suf Lonely Robin— 8th Spt Lord Henry — 6th Suf Lord Northbrook— 3d CD Look Good— 8th G.S Loose Money— 6th CD Lost Holiday— 1st G.S Lot of Win— 2d G.S Love or Money— 3d Suf Love-A-Chance — 5th Pim Lovely Irene— 9th Jam Low Cut— 9th Jam Lukeace— 2d CD Luks Message— 2d CD M M. G. Skid— 1st Spt Magic Spell— 4th Jam Maloge— 4th Suf Mama Mac— 3d Spt Manpower— 6th Pim Marauder— 7th G.S Markai— 5th CD Massai— 1st G.S Matchless Scene— 5th CD. Mauna Loa— 5th CD McGibben Street— 5th CD McGibney— 3d Jam McDermott— 4th G.S Meadow Fox — 4th Pim MedoraLass— 1st CD Meiwaki— 2d Suf Menobuy— 8th Spt Merrie Vee — 9th Jam Meturn— 2d CD Miche Coleen— 5th Pim Michore— 8th Pim Midontrial— 8th Pim Midpassage— 9th Pim Mighty Proud— 5th Suf Mighty Tom— 1st G.S Mikes Image — 1st Jam Millys Dream— 3d Spt Milties Mite— 4th G.S Miracle Pick— 4th G.S Mischief Miss— 1st CD Miss Annie B.— 3d Suf Miss Hysition— 9th Spt Miss Matador— 9th Suf Miss Munster— 2d Spt Miss Nathaniel— 9th Jam Miss Pavot— 9th Suf Miss Pimpernel— 2d Pim Miss Twin Lane — 3d Pim Miss Woodchuck— 2d Pim Mister 0— 7th CD Misty Flight— 7th Jam Model Jeep— 6th Spt Moms Knave— 5th G.S Mon Key Do— 8th G.S Montego Bay— 9th Pim Moonlight Mist— 3d Jam Morse Flash— 1st Spt Mother Tony— 2d CD Motoramic— 9th Spt Mountain Holly— 4th Suf Mr. Tee R.-6th Suf Mrs. T.— 7th Suf Mt. Auburn— 7th CD Musical Star— 5th Pim My Decision — 1st G.S My True Love — 3d Suf Myrtle Girl— 8th CD N Nah Hiss— 6th CD Naughty Ike— 1st Spt Negro Minstrel— 8th G.S Nero— 4th CD Nervous Nell — 4th Suf Newbold— 4th G.S NightSpy— 4th G.S Nirgo — 6th Suf Nitas Joy— 3d Pim No Seats John— 3d Spt Noble Chip— 4th Suf Noble Gal— 6th Suf Noble Kill— 2d Suf Noble Toe— 1st Suf Noble Warrior— 1st CD Normas Star — 4th Spt Now Down— 3d Pim o Oclirock— 6th Suf Oil Heiress— 1st Pim Oil Wick— 4th CD Old Timer— 7th Pim Omi George — 2d Spt On the Ropes— 5th G.S One Flier— 2d CD Ophir— 8th G.S ORiley— 3d Spt Ornum— 5th Spt Osofleet— 2d G.S Our Day— 2d Suf Overtrick— 2d Jam P Page Seven— 7th Jam Palisade 1 1.— 6th Spt Pambo— 1st G.S Panegyric— 8th Jam Paris Picnic — 4th Jam Pas Desert— 2d CD Pattys First— 5th Spt Peace Isle— 1st Suf Pearliwhirl— 3d G.S Penny Circle— 3d G.S Penny P.— 5th CD Pennys Pride— 3d G.S Pepper— 8th Jam Peratrice— 7th G.S Perdulario— 1st G.S Pharis Dan— 1st Suf Picks Choice— 6th CD Playful Nurse— 2d Pim Pleasant Sid— 2d Suf Plum— 1st G.S Podarces— 1st Jam Pop Corn— 8th Pim Porter Grata— 8th Pim Powder Horn— 3d G.S Power Queen— 3d Spt Prince Bonanza— 5th Pim Prince du Houlme— 6th Pim Prince Eric— 1st Spt Prince of Paris— 7th Jam Prince View— 5th Spt Princess Julie— 3d Pim Pripoly— 6th CD Prize Day— 6th Jam Professor Jim— 1st Suf Prof izano— 8th Spt Proud Patriotth G.S Puncheon — 5th Pim Q Quinap— 7th Spt R Radiate Darby— 9th Pim Ram— 8th Pim Ramapur— 4th G.S Ramsey King— 2d Suf Rean— 5th CD. Red River Valley— 5th G.S Reds Five Aces— 3d Spt Regal Step— 7th G.S Rem W.— 3d Spt Requestfully— 6th Jam Retribution — 2d Jam Right at First— 4th G.S Ringtilian— 3d Suf Robust Fleet— 7th Spt Rock Burst— 4th G.S Romac — 1st Suf Rosys Sister— 2d Spt Roving Mary— 6th Jam Royal Betty— 4th Spt Royal Creek 1st CD Royal Float— 6th G.S Royal Marge— 6th Jam Royal Peak— 9th Pim Run Bully— 1st Jam Run for Nurse— 4th CD Running Wolf— 7th Spt s Sabena II— 6th CD Sallys Buddy— 5th Pim Same Thing — 2d G.S San Ju Lee — 7th Pim Sand Shark— 7th Spt Sarah Ellen — 3d Pim Sassetta— 6th Jam Scalp— 4th Pim Scampering — 4th Jam Scapin— 4th G.S Scotch Cross— 7th Pim Sea Dog— 5th CD Sea Trial— 9th Suf Sea Voyage— 6th G.S Secret Valley— 7th G.S Sempre— 1st G.S Senorita Rica — 1st CD Sera dEsta— 2d Pim Set Pattern— 9th Jam Shamrock Green— 6th Pim Shannons Leap— 8th Spt Shibill— 7th CD Show Bridge— 5th G.S Simon the Bold— 6th Pim Singace — 5th CD Singer— 5th G.S Sinus Rhythm— 1st Spt Sir Kantar— 4th CD Skinny Dip— 3d Pim Skippys Joy— 8th CD Sky Capers— 1st Spt Sky Mint— 2d G.S Skyled— 8th Spt Sleepy Man— 3d G.S SMthy Tove— 3d Jam Smoke-Me-Now— 6th G.S Snark Robot— 2d Spt Solar Heat— 3d G.S Solgan— 2d G.S Solid Gold— 9th Jam Son ODoge— 5th G.S Southern Blond— 1st CD Spangdahlen— 1st Spt Sparky Solero— 1st Spt Spes Nostra— 3d G.S Spondulix— 7th CD Spooky Cadet— 2d G.S Squash— 2d Suf Squid— 1st Pim Stacey W.— 3d Spt Stage Dance— 2d Spt Stan Gray— 7th CD Star Again— 5th CD. Star Blaze— 3d CD Star Ice— 4th G.S Star n Garter— 8th G.S Start Counting— 7th Jam Steel Argo— 1st Suf Stella Doll— 2d Spt Stepping V— 5th Suf Storm Warning II.— 8th Suf Stylish Lass— 2d Pim Sty runner— 6th CD Successful— 2d Jam Sun Heiress— 3d Pim Sun Spirit— 1st Jam Sunny Lil— 8th CD Sunny Stream— 2d Pim Super Dancer— 4th Pim Suzanne Gains— 5th Spt Swift John— 1st G.S Swoose— 3d CD T Taffy Brown— 6th Jam Tag and Run — 3d Jam Tamboro— 4th CD Tanfran— 2d Suf Tango First— 8th CD Tauntress— 1st Pim Taxi— 2d CD Teasette— 1st Suf Tellairs— 1st Jam Tense— 6th Suf That Scoundrel— 8th Jam The Collier— 6th Suf The Hon.— 7th Spt Thebes— 2d CD Thermo— 7th Suf Thespis— 6th G.S Thistle Susan— 8th Suf Threeo Threeco— 2d Spt Tide Table— 1st Pim Time Clock— 2d G.S Time To Sell— 7th Pim Tin Lassie— 5th Pim Tiotar— 1st Suf Tip Sheet— 5th G.S Tonys Dream— 2d Pim Too Brilliant— 2d CD Top Dude— 4th Spt Top Guy— 1st Spt Top Mark— 1st CD Torocuik— 7th CD Total Oscar— 6th Suf Trafalgar Square— 3d Pim Tribes Hill— 1st Jam Tropical Miss— 2d Spt Trousseau— 2d Pim Tru Blu Lu— 7th Spt Truro— 8th CD Trusty Miss— 3d Suf Turn Down— 7th Spt Tuscan Flash— 8th Pim Twenty Penny— 5th CD Type— 8th CD Typical— 4th Spt u U. S. Jet-1st G.S Ultra Smart— 4th Suf Up a Tree-9th Spt V V. S. 0. P.-6th G.S Valiance— 8th CD Vaults Ration— 3d CD Venturella— 3d Spt Veracity— 9th Suf Vetians Pal— 5th G.S Vimana— 4th Spt Vique— 2d Spt Viscount— 5th Jam w Wading Belle— 1st Suf Waged and Won— 1st CD Wanderlust— 2d Pim War Gang— 1st Pim Ware Sage— 1st Pim Warhead— 5th Jam Warlike— 6th Jam Warning Light— 3d CD Wat Leo— 3d CD Weather Prophet— 7th Pim West Liberty— 2d CD Whata Relief— 4th Spt Whistle— 1st Pim White Claret— 3d Jam White Horse Girl— 8th Suf White Label— 4th G.S Wild Delight— 8th G.S Willepass— 6th Spt Windborne— 3d Pim Wing Jet— 5th Jam Winnie A.— 3d Spt Wise Fleet— 5th Pim Wista— 7th Suf Woodflower— 9th Suf Woody Glen— 6th Pim Word o Warning— 3d Pim Y Young Howley— 1st G.S z Zoon— 3d CD

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