Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1959-05-08

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points, 2 points for 2d, 1 point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, C. A. Lindeman * SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS m Miss Eva JacquelinJ. JacquelinJ. JacauelinJ. HiFiGal JacquelinJ. 17 I HiFiGal Puritonion HiFiGal HiFiGal JacquelinJ. HiFiGal * 11 . Beau Amour No Pushover No Pushover No Pushover Miss Eva Miss Eva 6 Lucky William MicheB. Likewise* Likewise LIKEWISE Likewise 18 2 Actress Mar cy Thistle Star We Trust Lucky William Lucky William Lucky William 10 Likewise Actress Marcv Lucky William Bonaparte We Trust Miche B. 5 Bav Leaf Little Sweetie Little Sweetie Snow Glow Bay Leaf Bay Leaf 13 3 Joyce Roberta Mikloi JayD.M. - Bay Leaf JayD.M. Little Sweetie 10 - Shutout Sue Jav D. M. Bay Leaf Valerie Joan Bruce J. Snow Glow 5 FernB. BONITARITA LIME ROCK Mr.Beldine Mr.Beldine 12 4Mr.Beldine TaneeMarra TaneeMarra TaneeMarra Mr.Beldine Lime Rock Lime Rock 10 Epirus Night Reader Lime. Rock • GvalboWing Gyalbo Wang Bonita Rita 7 More Trouble • Hermanita Chalalor Miss Quibu Miss Ouibu Miss Ouibu 12 5 Chalalor Classic Red Miss Ouibu Classic Red Classic Red. Chalalor 9 Classic Red Chalalor Hermanita Chalalor Hermanita Hermanita 7 Kerrville Patrol Boy Rite Bold * Quail Egg Kerry ville 11 6Kerrville Quail Egg Monko Quail Egg Patrol Boy Rite Bold Quail Egg 9 Monko Rite Bold Rite Bold • Whiz Lady Kerrville Rite Bold 9 Cals Choice RETOBADOII. Cals Choice Cals Choice Cals Choice CALS CHOICE 22 7 Maribu . Cals Choice Maribu Camelback Camelback RetobadoIL 7 Camelback Rockport Neglectful Neglectful Maribu Camelback 5 Dangerous Dan Exultant Mt. Eden Mt. Eden Mt.Eden 15 8Challahyma Mt. Eden French Legion Mt.Eden Exultant Exultant Exultant 10 Exultant Mt. Eden Challahyma Miss Nina Challahyma Challahvma 7 MIGHTY ACE Sar-Har Longone Longone Longone Longone 15 9 Bills Wish Blazing Rocket Borego - Borego Borego Mighty Ace 8 Borego Irish Dream Blazing Rocket Irish Dream Mighty Ace Br~ego 7 Trackman, J. N. Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track Blarney Bill MaunaLoa Blarney Bill MaunaLoa Moms Gem Blarney Bill 13 1- Southed Ami Moms Gem Moms Gem Moms Gem Blarney Bill Moms Gem 12 Moms Gem Happy Tiger Mauna Loa Blarney Bill Mauna Loa Mauna Loa 12 Matchless Scene Caraudio * Penny P. Penny P. Caraudio 16 2Caraudjo Halfday Caraudio Penny P. , Caraudio Caraudio Penny P. 15 Matchless Scene Myrtles Boy Matchless Scene C-Stripe Beulah Girl Matchless Scene 7 Oil Rush Old Soggy Raven Wing Somaroma Somaroma Somaroma 12 3 Field Command Oil Rush Somaroma Field Command Ute Scoot Luke Oil Rush 7 Raven Wing Moss Gal . Moss Gal Gailstar Moss Gal Raven Wing 6 Mark Klaine Jens Hero Bamboo Money Mark Klaine Jens Hero Jens Hero 15 Jens Hero Mark Klaine Jens Hero Shame on You Mamboo Money Mark Klaine 14 -Jackfield Bamboo Money Mark Klaine Jens Hero Mark Klaine Bamboo Money 8 Elizabeth H. ELIZABETH H. JULIETS SONG Juliets Song Juliets Song Jurats Sons 19 5 Juliets Song Molly Molloy Susie Stockard Borgia Bull Blugging Elizabeth H. 12 Jackie Price Bluffing Bluffing Jackie Price Wee Fleet Bluffing 4 BERNMATTAR SirHawley Bernmatter BERNMATTAR SirHawley Bernmattar 22 6 That Black One That Black One SirHawley SirHawley Bernmatter SirHawley 14 First National Bernmattar First National That Black One Kathy H. That Black One 5 Mr. Lextown Mr.Lextown Big Diddles Chief Paduke Chief Paduke Mr. Lextown 16 7 Commo-Man Doubloon Mr.Lextown Mr.Lextown Mr.Lextown Chief Paduke 11 Big Diddles Commo-Man Chief Paduke Commo-Man Big Diddles Big Diddles 7 Telegrafo Telegrafo Telegrafo TELEGRAFO TELEGRAFO 22 8Polkachita Abla-Jay Swoose Abla-Jay Abla-Jay Abla-Jay Abla-Jay 8 Swoose Phoebes Babe Medora Lass Medora Lass Swoose Polkachita 5 Trackman, Don Fair _ JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track Lillian J. Vixens Joy - Vixens Joy Shady-Spot Vixens Joy Vixens Joy 17 1 ShadvSpot Lillian J. Shady Spot Vixens Joy Lillian J. Lillian J. 11 Delta Vee Delta Vee Lillian J. Lillian J. Delta Vee Shady Spot 9 Lightning Star Gemologist Lightning Star Lightning Star Lightning Star Lightning Star 20 2 Darling Linda Darling Linda Gemologist Darling Linda Darling Linda Darling Linda 9 My Janice Galavan Darling Linda— My Janice Gemologist Gemologist 8 Brief Encounter Twofold Twofold Twofold Twofold 16 3Mal-Don-D. Brief Encounter Fast Gun Brief Encounter Whose Babu Brief Encounter Brief Encounter 12 Whose Babu Twofold Whose Babu Brief Encounter Whose Babu Whose Babu -5 Happy Morning Happy Morning Count Frost Happy Morning Happy Morning Happy Morning 22 4 Run Bully Run Bully Happy Morning Run Bully Run Bully Run Bully 8 Post Five Chalme Autumn Haze Post Five Post Five Count Frost 5 0ili:ich OIL RICH OIL RICH Oil Rich Oil Rich OIL RICH 29 5 Scarlet Slipper Scarlet Slipper Spar Maid Spar Maid Scarlet Slipper Scarlet Slipper 7 War Empress Helipat Helipat Scarlet Slipper Spar Maid Spar Maid 5 Calais Dover Airstream Calais Dover CALAIS DOVER CALAIS DOVER Calais Dover 24 6 Airstream Starlet Miss • Starlet Miss Airstream Starlet Miss Airstream 10 Queens Mount Queens Mount Punta Gorda Queens Mount Airstream Starlet Miss 6 Greek Chief Saferris Greek Chief Day Court Greek Chief 12 7JeffsUhOh Village Idiot Village Idiot Jeffs Uh Oh Village Idiot Greek Chief Dav Court 7 Greek Chief Day Court Greek Chief Day Court Jeffs TJh Oh Village Idiot 6 MISS WITTY Miss Witty Hannibals.Girl Miss Witty Miss Witty Miss Witty 24 8 Superb Superb Miss Witty Superb Superb Superb 9 Hannibals Girl Hannibals Girl Superb Hannibals Girl Hannibals Girl Hannibals Girl 9 Skate Cold North Ruff ion Set the Stage Set the Stage Set the Stage 16 9 Set the Stage Set the Stage Set the Stage Skate Skate Skate v 10 Ruff ion Betsy Star Skate Ruffion Cold North Ruffjon 7 Trackman, Bob McCurley GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track Fondness Radio Rome Belf aster RADIO ROME Radio Rome Radio Rome 17 1 Sure Proof Flarespur Flarespur Fondness Fondness Fondness 9 Belfaster Belfaster Green Heels Belf aster Belf aster Belf aster 9 Ufo Ufo Persian Claw TJfo Ufo 20 2Ufo Peru Persian Claw Persian Claw Albia Albia Persian Claw 9 Albia Cureme Cureme Cureme Cureme Albia 5 Jons Mark Gay Winner Randypaar Randvnaar Randvpaar Randypaar 17 3 Mr. Snooty " Randypaar Gay Winner Gay Winner Bully For You Gay Winner 10 Drifting Flare Gran-Mar-Jo Out at Last Out at Last Gay Winner Jons Mark 5 BALLYMONEY WheatleyRoad WheatleyRoad WheatleyRoad WheatleyRoad 17 4Imapebble Ballymonev Kathy A. Imaoebble Ballymoney Ballymoney Ballymoney 14 Wheatley Road Wheatley Road Ballymoney Imapebble Imapebble Imapebble 9 May Questa Prima Quiz Mar Questa Prima Quiz Mar Quiz Mar 13 5Rhoda Double Jo Quiz Mar Questa Prima Golden Wedding Rhoda Mav Questa Prima 13 Quiz Mar Rhoda Mav Queen Yvonne Double Jo Questa Prima Rhoda Mav 8 SPIGOT- Spigot Ilea Ethel-Rita ETHEL-RITA Spigot 15 6 Ilea Hea Spigot Ilea TowsonMiss Ethel-Rita 12 Devilish Doll Towson Miss Big Business Big Business Spigot Hea _11 _ Bonzo BONZO Revolutionist Revolutionist BONZO 21 7Bonzo Fast Money Menger Revolutionist Bonzo Bonzo Revolutionist 12 Ungaya Fast Money Menger Menger Menger Menger 5 Show Bridge Camden Irish Love Irish Love Camden Camden 12 8 Detan Noble Drake Devilfish Just-a-Sec Irish Love Irish Love 12 Camden Just-a-Sec Romandale Camden Just-a-Sec Show Bridge 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track Z Fast Draw Missy-Snippy Fast Draw Fast Draw Fast Draw Fast Draw 20 I Club Night MaGinny Missy-Snippy Missy-Snippy Missy-Snippy Missy-Snippy 12 * Missy-Snippy Night Club Ma Ginny Dagworthy Club Night ClubNight 4 Pepper C. Pepper C. Pepper C. Pepper C. Pepper C. Pepper C ~25 2 Babe Page Smiler Smiler Smiler Smiler Smiler q Smiler Babe Page Babe Page Babe Page Babe Page Babe Page 6 Trobar Foxy Pat Royal Symbol Trobar Hautbois Trobar v 3 Royal Symbol Royal Symbol Cophetua Royal Symbol Trobar Royal Svmbol 19 Hautbois PnAmi Ruse de Guerre Foxy Pat Royal Symbol Hautbois 6 ~ Rustic Billy Blossom Maid Melody Jane Rustic Billy Lea Stream Rustic Billv 12 4 Ji? sir ,"*m ?enrn,arT Lea Stream Melody Jane Melody Jjme Melody Jane 11 Melody Jane Melody Jane Rustic Billy Fenmar Rustic Billy Lea Stream 9 Royal Holiday Tingaling Jim Too Hasty Star O Lee Star O Lee Star O Lea 11 5 TingahngJim Bold Hunter Royal Holiday Tingaling Jim Bold Hunter Tingaling Jim 10 Bold Hunter FmnMcCool Star O Lee Bold Hunter Tingaling Jim Royal Holiday _7 Fellow FELLOW FELLOW Anns Love FELLOW FELLOW 28 6 Anns Love Chuck Webb _ Flying Flynn Fellow Anns Love Anns Love 10 Flying Flynn Flying Flynn Anns Love Mr. Fleet Flying Flynn Flying Flynn 5 Tiffin Time Bull Hero Bull Hero Tiffin Time Bull Hero Bull Hero 15 7 Space Travel Frozen Fire Tiffin Time Fire Call Tiffin Time Tiffin Time 14 Rustoms Year Be Moderate Space Travel Space Travel Space Travel Space Travel 5 Pen Bolero Pen Bolero Pen Bolero PEN BOLERO Pen Bolero Pen Bolero 27 8 Sundown II. Riversun Riversun Mosbv Weather Prophet Riversun 5 Weather Prophet Mosby Mosby Itiversun Sundown H. Mosby . 4 GALWAYBAY Colony Menu GalwayBay GalwayBay Desert Sand GalwayBay 19 9 t !£i aW War Sally War Sally Jubilee Day GalwayBay Colony Menu 6 Jubilee Day Maragato Jubilee Day Colony Menu • Jubilee Day WarSfly 6

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