Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1957-05-08

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings. Allowing 5 points for 1st Today s Best 7 points. 2 points or 24. 1 poi.it tor 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selection; Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS~ SWEEP _ CONSENSUS- Nostrebor Nostrebor Buster Jim Fullooep Nostrebor 16 INostrebor Miss Count wood Relet Fullopep Fat Jack Fat Jack Fullooep 8 Fat_Jack Barbara L. Fat Jack Fullopep Nostrebor Fat_Jack 6 Witch -English Nizami Lady Witch-English Argufy Witch-English Witch-English 15 2 DontMove Re Re Po Red Perfume DontMove Regis Dont Move 5 Occupado Regis Dont Move Red Perfume Red Perfume Argufy 5 " Capital Ace Ro-Add Capital Ace Sherbet Capital Ace Capital Ace 17 3 Wedding March Wedding March Fibre King Jacoladv Jacoladv Ro-Add 6 Ro-Add Capital Ace Jacolady Capital Ace Wedding March Wedding March 5 MISS JANDON Billagain Teamie Billagain Billagain 15 4Billagain MissJandon Adelene Dasher Teamie Page Two Page Two Miss Jandon 11 Little Raven Teamie Page Two Miss Jandon Miss Jandon Teamie 8 Mammas Babv Come Through Mammas Baby Spanish Trail Mammas Babv Mammas Babv 17 5 Dee Vee Tee Mammas Baby Likeness Dancing Boy Spanish Trail Spanish Trail 7 Brief Dream Picafriend Dancing Boy Come Through Dancing Boy Come Through _6 Mr. Bruce CELESTINO R. CELESTINO R. CELESTINO R. CELESTINO R. 28 6CelestinoR. Errlana CelestinoR. Will Command Fortune N. Will Command Mr. Bruce 7 Mr. Bruce Roses Gem Royal Blueiem Total Traffic Mr. Bruce Wjll_Command 4 Last and On lv Jims Whim Snoozie Snoozie Jims Whim Jims Whim 16 7 Jims Whim Last and Only Jims Whim Jims Whim Snoozie Snoozie 14 Snoozie Snoozie Last and Only Reclaim Next Page Last and Only 8 Crack Down Crack Down Laurel King Laurel King Crack Down 14 8SALLYBOOTS HostGogi HostGogi Laurel King Blazing Rocket Crack Down Laurel King 13 Crack Down Laurel King Sallyboots Crack Down Sallyboots Sallyboots 9 Blue Licks Blue Licks Blue Licks Blue Licks Taos Cross Blue Licks 22 9 French Legion French Legion Taos Cross Scairt Rabbit Blue Licks Taos Cross 7 War Tuck Smugsy Wugsy Little Boo O Hog an O Hogan French Legion 4 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections M?de for Fast Track _______ *ACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS TWEEPj ~CONSENSUS~~ m My Story Willrun WiHrun Edict Edict Edict T3 I Willrun My Story Edict My Storv Proud Wav Willrun 12 Edict Florida Brat My Story Bussy Boy My Story My Story 11 Reli, This Side Grimes Mill DICTIONARY DICTIONARY Dictionary 15 2Mahmoud This Side Mahmoud Relic Antebabe Mahmoud Relic Mahmoud Relic Mahmoud Relic 12 Dictionary Big Result Mahmoud Relic This Side BanditJohn This Side 8 Kentucadet Mighty South Greer Ruths John Ruths John Ruths John 11 3 Mighty South Subah Kentucadet Becky Sharp Kentucadet Kentucadet 10 Subah Becky Sharp Ruthjs John Kentucadet Becky Sharp Mighty South 7 Bushy Good Ballad Rippsv Bushy Good Ballad Good Ballad 14 4 Good Ballad Sugar Briar Good Ballad Luciete Apasav Bushv 10 Luciete Sonfar Apasay Chombro Luciete Rippsy ___5 Exiled Ace Combahee Sure Sweet Exiled Ace Exiled Ace Exiled Ace 19 5 Valiance Exiled Ace Exiled Ace Sophies Jov Sophies Jov Combahee 7 Combahee Pure Pleasure Grannys Will Combahee Tyus Sure Sweet 5 GOLDEN APOLLO Golden Apollo GOLDEN APOLLO Golden Apollo Golden Apollo GLDEN APOI O 19 6 Mr- G. Chanter Appease Not Appease Not Appease Not Appease Not 7 Appease Not Mr. G. Mr. G. Mr. G. Mr. G. __ Mr. G. 6 Sagacity SAGACITY Lark Sun Sagacity Lark Sun Sagacity ~ 17 7 Lark Sun My Night Out Mr. Bob W. My Night Out My Night Out Lark Sun 14 My Night Out Lark Sun My Night Out Lark Sun Mr_Bob W. My Night Out 8 XiPPi. Pigeon Xippi Pigeon Sherpa Sherpa Sherpa Sherpa 17 8 Kristi W. Sherpa Xippi Pigeon Xippi Pigeon Xippi Pigeon Xippi Pigeon 16 Whiskawave Whiskawave Kristi W. Whiskawave Whiskawave Whiskawave 4 Cold Wave Ergo Cold Wave Cold Wave ~ Ergo ColdWave" 18 9 r/ecl- Holly Bough Ergo Ergo Cold Wave Ergo 16 Myrosli. t Cold Wave Bonsand _Idle_Platter Thru Express Holly Bough 2 Soba+dā€ž , Hobad Hobad Hobad Hobad Hobad 25 S..L UD. _reat Prophet Air Pine Bull Skin Great Prophet Doll Mason Great Prophet 5 Bull Skin Four Tries Doll Mason Air Pine Great Prophet Air Pine 3 Trackman. J. N. Lyon JAMAICA Selections Mad- for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP _*N_LYST HERMIS ~~SWEEP~~ CONSENSUS- ~ Flitter Girl Flitter Girl Fresh Paint Flitter Girl Flitter Girl " FlitterGirl " ~ 22 1 J.etJSe ā€¢ Jet Set Flitter Girl Jet Set Jet Set Jet Set 9 Ardant la Fresh Paint Jet Set Ardantia FreshPaint Fresh Paint 7 South Point South Point South Point Native Son Native Son South Point 17 2 Native Son Native Son Native Son Teds Joy Teds Jov Native Son 16 Ted s Joy Hartsville Harts ville South Point South Point Teds Joy 5 Cooks Tour Cooks Tour Cooks Tour Cooks Tour Cooks Tour Cooks Tour 25 3 Good Book HozavBov Hozay Bov Inkyank Inkvank Inkyank 6 inkyank Good Book Inkyank Good Book Doctor Tonv Good Book 4 SON OF ERIN SON OF ERIN SON OF ERIN SON OF ERIN SON OF ERIN SON OF ERIN 35 4 Door Prize Mambo Dancer Mambo Dancer Massai Mambo Dancer Mambo Dancer 7 Mambo Dancer Door Prize Massai Writer Writer Massai 3 Lady Lyric Lady Lyric Lady Lyric Lady Lyric Nizami s Doll Ladv Lvric 22 5 Nizami s Doll Nizami s Doll Nizami s Doll Nizami s Doll Ladv Lvric NizamisDolI 13 Countess Marcv Countess Marcv Countess Marc v Lament Lament Countess Ma rev 3 Marullah Therapy So Chic Marullah So Chic So Chic" ~16 6 So Chic S?011,1,0*, ??ierPX So Chic Iberia Marullah 12 Therapy Marullah Marullah Therapy Therapy Therapy 10 Unleashed Poly Hi Poly Hi Poly Hi Unleashed PolyHr- ā€” 17 7 Poly Hi Hannibal s Girl Unleashed Hannibals Girl Scintillation Unleashed 14 Scintillation Unleashed Scintillation Unleashed Hannibals Girl Hannibals Girl 5 Charlies Jov Charlies Joy Blazing Home Charlies Jov The River Charlies Jov ~~17 8 The River Top Value Charlies Jov Blazing Home Vets Bov Blazing Home 8 Vet s Bov Vets Bov Top Value Vets Bov Blazing Home The River 7 Trackman, E. P. Heaeerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE _TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS ~SWEEP ~ CONSENSUS- Rapid Jim Rapid Jim Rapid Jim Columcille Rapid Jim" "~ RapidJim ~~22 1 Columcille Big Crash Well Done Rapid Jim Columcille Columcille 10 Mowleesha Mowleesha Columcille Mpwleesha Mowleesha Mowleesha 4 Trinacria Faiardo Faiardo Luck Piece Luck Piece Faiardo 6 2 Fa.iardo Proctor . Luck Piece Faiardo Faiardo Luck Piece 14 Luck Piece Luck Piece Mill Neck Proctor Powder Flask Trinacria _5 Flying Lover Flying Lover Flying Lover Hash Acres Flying Lover Flying Lover 22 3 Hash Acres Rest Stop Rest Stop Flying Lover Hash Acres Hash Acres 9 Sink Not Sunk Oh By Jimminy Sink Not Sunk Sink Not Sunk Rest Stop Rest Stop 5 PharLou Sike PHARLOl PharLou PharLou ~ 26 4PHARLOI Foamy Kenya Colony Phar Lou Foamy Foamv Foamy Kejrya Colony Foamy Hunters Dish Sike Sike sike 7 Boy Manormouse Manormouse Baroda Bov Baroda Boy Baroda Boy 16 5Baroda Alter Ego Blenheim Time Medal Man Manormouse Manormouse Manormouse 15 Manormouse Medal Man Baroda Boy Medal Man Blenheim Time Medal Man 4 Ladv Gem LADY GEM LADY GEM Lady Gem LADY GEM LADY GEM 31 6 Singing Bush Duntreath Gift Brighton Dam Brighton Dam Brighton Dam Brighton Dam 8 Brighton Dam Brighton Dam Hoptoitbov Singing Bush D_ntreath Gilt Duntreath Gift 3 Cloud Nine Ocean Gem Slipperoo Cousin Con Cousin Con Slipperoo 13 7 Slipperoo Slipperoo Ocean Gem Slipperoo Slipperoo Cousin Con Cousin Con Brandy Fib Cousin Con Brandy Fib Brandy Fib Ocean Gem 7 Old Glendale Four to Go Aegean Sea Dark Buster Aegean Sea Aegean Sea~ 13 8 Astolfo Dark Buster Kilimanjaro Aegean Sea Old Glendale Old Glendale 8 Four to Go Aegean Sea Dark Buster Old Glendale Four to Go Dark Buster 8 Trackman. W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS~ SWIP ~~CONSENSUS~ Legal Larceny Legal Larceny Our President Legal Larceny GAY MARVIN Legal Larceny ~17 1 Seftons Pick Gay Marvin Legal Larceny Gav Marvin Our President Gav Marvin 1 1 Our President Star Show Eliaka Our President Star Show Our President 9 Happy Warrior Blue Bov HELLO RITA Blue Bov Blue Bov Blue Boy 16 2 Red Chief Swoop Down Tonnia Hello Rita Tonnia Hello Rita Hello Rita Hello Rita Blue Boy Tonnia Hello Rita Tonnia 5 Bills Honey Gay Colony Gay Colony Gay Colony Rudy Could Gav Colony 17 3 Swift Wind Michael Wavne Lucky Lupe Election Gav Colony ā€¢ Rudy Could 7 Michael Wayne Rudy Could Swift Wind Rudy Could Lucky Lupe Bills Honey 5 First Cadet First Cadet First Cadet Fust Cadet First Cadel FIRST CADET 15 4 High Rebel Normas First General Dillon High Rebel General Dillon High Rebel 6 Restrained High Rebel High Rebel Tax Cut Royal Tawny _ General Dillon _ Roman Stripe ROMAN STRIPE Roman Stripe Wagon Drill Roman Stripe Roman Stripe 24 5 Wagon Drill Military Trail Rohan Roman Stripe Lindas Dream Wagon Drill 9 Right Bit Uncle Sugar Wagon Drill Lindas Dream Wagon Drill Lindas Dream 3 DANDY BLITZEN Melody Mine Craftiness Searching Wind Craftiness Craftiness 10 6 Missoula Rosie Layben Missoula Movitave Dandy Blitzen Dandy Blitizen 9 Movitave Missoula Melody Mine Rosie Layben Missoula Missoula 6 Liberty Sun Liberty Sun RICCI TAVI Ricci Tavi Ricci Tavi 16 /Fabricator Helfast Ricci Tavi Flying Chief Liberty Sun Liberty Sun Liberty Sun 14 Ricci Tavi Selinsgrove Ricci Tavi Fabricator Fabricator - Fabricator 7 Battle Talk Rich Acres Jolly Princess Battle Talk Rich Acres Battle Talk 13 8 Jolly Princess Moratorium Battle Talk Baker Street Baker Street Rich Acres 1 1 Rich Acres Ancrum Castle Ancrum Castle Ancrum Castle Battle Talk Jolly Princess 7

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