Inside Hollywood, Daily Racing Form, 1957-05-08


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■;:;, ."... INSIDE HOLLYWOOD By Herb Stein HOLLYWOOD, Calif., May 6.— CREAM OP THE CROP: Three TV writers, Hal Kanter, Seaman Jacobs, Charles Isaacs, were lunching the ■ other day when Milton Beile came over to , their table. Kanter j greeted him with, "Do you have any good jokes of ours to tell? Sidney Skolsky . . . In The Girl in the j j Kremlin,- Zsa Zsa Ga-bor 1 has a dual role, • playing twin sisters, one for each Zsa. George E. Phair . . . ■ Pamela Mason told us: "Were not of the i English set. Were Americans. The English set is dying in Hollywood. Leo Guild . . . Bobe Hope re Dick Powells producer-director-actor deal at 20th : "What a j sneaky way to get parts. Mike Connolly" | . . . The sign outside the Bob Crosby office in Television City shows the usual CBS eye — except that it is completely bloodshot. Sheilah Graham . . . The reason ! | many a girl pads, compresses or otherwise [ camouflages her figure is that she knows figures naturally dont lie, and she doesnt 1 want hers to tell the truth. tOlin Miller I j . . . You heard, no doubt, about the mil- lionaire who gave away his Cadillac be- j j cause the ashtrays were full. Now comet Shirley Adams, pretty American Airlines stewardess, to report that one of her passengers t from Texas gave away his Lincoln ■ Continental because it was facing in the wrong direction. Bill Kennedy* | AAA Its Walter Slezaks story about the Russian inventor who shot his wife— caught : : ■ , j j j 1 • ■ i j | ! | [ 1 j j j t ■ | : : her talking on the telephone a week be-I fore he was going to invent it. Army JArcherd . . . Two actors talking in front of Schwabs drug store; "I wish I knew what kind of a role Im best suited for," muttered one. "then Id know what kind of a job Im out of. Jimmy Starr . . . Observation of Vick Knight, who disap-| proves of record ratings: "How monot- onous the sounds of the forest would be if the only songs came from the Top Thirty birds. i Matt Weinstock . . . Actor Jimmy Fairfax saw a film the other night, so old that Barry Fitzgerald was playing an altar boy. Lowell E. Redelings . . . With Elizabeth Taylor announcing that shell tie away from Hollywood for a while, joining the ranks of Marilyn Monroe and Grace , Kelly, Jackie Kannon commented: "Its those darn happy marriages that ai-e ruining Hollywood and the movies. Skolsky AAA The gown Marie Wilson wore — in Las Vegas — was a 1957 convertible with the top down. Melvin Durslag . . . Fan asked Tallulah Bankhead if Jasper, her home- town, is in northern or southern Alabama. Roared she: "The impertinence — NO part of Alabama is northern!" Connolly . . . Abe Schiller, who has booked Jack Benny for his first Las Vegas appearance soon at the Flamingo, was out front the other night Benny played the violin with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Alfred Wallen-stein conducting, and Dorothy Kirsten as the other soloist. "If I like it," cracked the big operator. "I might book the whole deal for a lounge act!" Kennedy . . . Esther Larsons Manchester terrier, Fritzie, likes to sleep beside the television set but he always springs instantly into action and gets his leash when she says, "Lets go for , a walk.* The other night someone on a religious program on TV said, "Lets take a walk with Jesus," and Fritizie leaped up and got the leash. Not wanting to disappoint him, Esther took him for a stroll! • Weinstock AAA There is a local joke about the Vegas Tropicana. First guy: Do you know the Tropicana has wall-to-wall carpeting? Second guy: Whats so unusual about that? First guy: In the swimming pool? I Durslag . . . Columbias The Giant Claw" is a science-ficion picture — not, as you may have suspected, a story about the Income Tax. Phair . . . How swanky can you get? When Saks Fifth Avenue on Wilshire Blvd. wants a quick delivery, they stick on a tag which reads: "Haste." Kennedy . . . Mr. and Mrs. Presley are living in a Memphis home Elvis had built for them. Says Elvis , "I made my father retire. There isnt much sense in his woiking because I make more in a day than he can in a year." Annie Lee AAA Herb Sheldon believes the movie about Artie Shaw wont be strictly formula. Itll be sort of "Boy Meets Girl, Girl. Girl, Girl. Girl. Girl" story. Skolsky . . . Suggested use for old, torn trousers: Dont throw them away, sell them to Calypso singers. Kennedy . . . "Short skirts make girls look taller," says a dress designer. They also make men look longer. Miller . . . With all the different laws we have, practically the only way a fellow can do any real gambling is by endorsing notes for his friends. Starr . . . Gale Robbins told Art Ryon shes found a sure way to avoid parking tickets. She just removes the windshield wipers.

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